The Meaning of a Feast in a Dream

The meaning of a feast in a dream is often associated with abundance and celebration. The dream may include a table laden with food as for a banquet, or many dishes being served. You may dream of a great many people sharing with you, or may discover the feast is for you alone. It is not unusual to dream of strange settings, such as castles, halls or strange long rooms. Other dreams will feel more familiar, perhaps at a family table, gathered outside or in a community space.

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Feasts as a Special Occassion

A feast or banquet is a somewhat more specific symbol than general food. To feast is to mark a change, or recognise the significance of a certain time. Feasts and banquets fall out of the realms of normal eating, and elevate it to something sacred, symbolic and even mystical. Feasting celebrates the relationship between the physical body and the divine spirit. Feasting enhances emotions and brings people together.

To have much food in dreams can be a symbol of abundance, of achieving a degree of material security that can now be celebrated.  Dreams of a feast may come after a period of struggle, financial hardship or difficulty.

Feasts Relating to Spirit and Body

Food in dreams often relates to spiritual nourishment. You may notice a feast in a dream comes after a time of emotional struggle, loneliness or isolation. This dream may may appear to reveal the personal growth you have ben through. The wide offering of food on the table can symbolise the hard-won access to abundance you now have within yourself. This can be a time for joyous celebration. You have earned this!

Dreams are sometimes a kind of wish fulfilment, so when you are missing friends or family, you may have a dream like this. If your heart’s desire is to be close to those you care for, your subconscious may be exploring these feelings. To dream of a family gathering may soothe a soul that is longing for love connection and belonging.

To feast in a dream can be a symbol of indulging, or enjoying, of giving into sensuous pleasures.  It can be a sign that you are celebrating abundance, but can also warn against over-indulging.  Along with an appreciation of abundance must come an understanding of what is wasteful.  Feasts and banquets by their very natures are meant to be shared. If there is something that you are enjoying with abundance in your life but not sharing with others, feast dreams may remind you that what is not distributed can be spoiled. Feast dreams may remind us to consider generosity and humility. These dreams can warn that overindulgence or selfishness can make us unwell. A feast in a dream may be encouraging you to consider how you can contribute to your family or community.

Celebrational Feasts

Feasts may not be entirely about food and consumption, but also about marking an occasion and celebrating.  Feasts and banquets are usually inherently social occasions.  In a dream then, a feast can represent the marking of a great personal accomplishment.  If you feel you have achieved something profoundly significant that the world has not recognised, you may dream of a feast as the various aspects of your own psyche join in celebration. Special culturally significant times may give rise to feast dreams. These can help forge a connection with your people, place and sense of belonging.

Some feasts occur at weddings in a dream. If you dream of a wedding feast, consider the role you play. If you are groom or bride, concepts of self-integration and personal growth are likely to be important. If you are a caterer or help, you may wish to look at what projects or other relationships in you life you play a supporting role for. You may be an essential help for someone right now.

The meaning of a feast in a dream may also be a sign of giving thanks or appreciation for what is good in our life. We often hold feast for occasions such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Ramadan and other significant times. A feast can represent gratitude and an awareness of what is valuable and special in life. Feasts elevate the basics we need to survive into something special, making life greater than the everyday or mundane.

Feasts with Music

Feasts are often accompanied by music and dancing. In dreams, the music you hear and the kind of instruments that are played can reveal more layers of personal meaning.  Are the instruments ones that your grandparents listened to?  This may indicate a connection with your past, culture and ancestors.  Is the music and dancing exotic or foreign?  This may be a dream about growing in new and unexpected ways, taking on new challenges and even travel.

The meaning of a Feast in a Dream

Feast and banquets in dreams remind us that both the physical and the spiritual are important and should be celebrated. Feast dreams urge us to share what we have, to remember our friends and family and neighbours, and to sometimes step outside the day to day pattern of existence to enjoy the magic of what being alive is all about.

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