The Meaning of Being Pregnant in a Dream

The meaning of being pregnant in a dream is not always a literal one.  It is a concept that can be delighting, concerning or downright bewildering when it appears in dreams, you may dream of yourself or someone else being pregnant.

To dream of being pregnant can be a bit of a shock to the system – but remember that most dreams work on symbolic levels.  Yes, some women do dream of being pregnant and then go on to discover that they are actually expecting.  But for many others, the meaning of being pregnant in a dream has nothing to do with actually having a baby.

In a dream pregnancy can symbolise the concepts of potential and expectation.  In particular, we can dream of being pregnant when growing and nurturing a new creative project, such as writing a book, producing a piece of music, or even building our own home.  Being pregnant in a dream may also occur when we are considering embarking on a new life direction, such as taking up a course of study, changing careers or yes, even starting a family.

Pregnancy is one stage of the creative process, that starts with conception – the origination of the idea, then comes the pregnancy, the growing and evolving stage, finally culminating in birth – the bringing forth of the idea, or releasing the final project into the world.

In a dream then, pregnancy can be a sign of turning inwards, or connecting to our own divine creative powers.  Pregnancy dreams can encourage us to recognise the sacred feminine in our lives, to focus on the qualities of being receptive, intuitive, nurturing and attentive, but they can also be a sign of becoming expansive, of growing into power and feeling a sense of celebration and fullness in life.

To be pregnant in a dream, whether male of female, can be a symbol of as yet unrealised potential.  We use the phrase “pregnant pause” to indicate a moment when so much is indicated, implied or hinted at… yet not stated.  In a dream, this can refer to a secret we are nurturing, an unexpressed wish or a desire to pursue a way of life that we have not yet achieved in the “real world.”

Dreams of pregnancy can also encourage us to consider the role of motherhood, and how we are mothered, and how we mother those around us.  This is relevant regardless of gender.  How to we support and nurture growth and development in those around us? How do we receive support and honour our own beginnings?  A pregnancy dream can can ask us to connect with Mother Earth, the source of all that sustains our existence.

Being pregnant in a dream may startle us as we do not expect to be expecting, but this may be a very necessary shake-up to remind us of what we are capable of and to re-examine our potential.  To dream of being pregnant can ask us to consider what we are carrying inside us that is precious and to reconnect with our own divine creative natures.

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29 thoughts on “The Meaning of Being Pregnant in a Dream

  1. I had a dream that I was pregnant but I felt like I was waiting for someone. Moments later I woke up crying because I had such a horrible feeling that I lost the baby. What’s weird is I’m 15 and still a virgin so I know for sure that I’m not pregnant, can it mean that I’m infertile or something?

  2. The night before last night, I dreamt that I was pregnant and this guy at my church that I like a lot was rejecting me but at the same time accepting me.

    Last night, I dreamt of a banquet with my companies customer’s, we were having a banquet of fish tons of different types of fish. Baked, fried, steamed, broiled, packaged. At one point, I was taking a small fish out of a bag and I ate it. Another time, I opened a small bag expecting one fish and a lot of fish came out. Then I ate a fish, but I was too full to finish it so I took it out of my mouth. Then I looked out the window we were in San Francisco, across the street there was a church but it was a different denomination and there were lots of cars parked. There were a lot of different educated, intelligent and influential people in the room eating at the banquet of fish.

  3. This is the second time I’ve dreamt that I was pregnant, possibly because my brain likes to tell me that “now’s my only chance to be sixteen and pregnant.” In my most recent dream I was preparing to give birth surrounded by my family and friends.
    The funny thing about these dreams is that I really do want to be pregnant, however only as a surrogate. I just want to experience pregnancy.

  4. I had a dream that I was in a church. I was happy and talking to a lady. I looked down and I was pregnant. In my dream I was probably like 4 1/2 maybe 5 months. In my dream I looked at my belly and would just smile I was so happy. In my dream though I could not remember who the dad was. I am a virgin still in real life, and in my dream I could not remember ever doing anything to get pregnant. Any idea what this means? It seems in any dream I have of being pregnant , I am most always in a church.

  5. My mother in law to be dreamed of me being pregnant…we not yet having a baby me and my I really want the meaning of some one else dream of you being pregnant.

  6. This was my first dream that I was pregnant. In my dream I was in the hospital with my grandmother, I think I was laboring and there are two nurses prepping the operation room while they are debating with my grandmother of what drug they will give me. I was so sure that the baby will come out healthy and I will die giving birth, I found the picture of the man I was very attracted to under the bed and I was crying and looking for a place to hide it so they won’t see it when I die. Creepy, what could this mean?

  7. Last night was my first dream of being pregnant but I’m 16 and I’m a virgin so I know I’m not pregnant and I was crying when I told my mom in the dream and I want to know what this dream means

  8. “Can also be a sign of becoming expansive, of growing into power and feeling a sense of celebration and fullness in life”

    I been thinking alot of my next move in life I just wasn’t sure if I should an finally, I received this dream!!! I’m so glad I look this up something I definitely needed to know!


  9. In my dream, i was driving down a highway that was very very wide, with maybe 8 lanes, where there was lots of stores and places to eat. But for some reason i kept getting into the farthest left lane but i just wanted to get to the one next to eat and casually drive so i can see the shops and stuff with my mother. We pulled over at a banks atm so i can take money out and thats when I felt my tummy tighten like it did when i was pregnant with my own son. I asked my mother to feel my belly, so she did. She looked at me and i said am i really pregnant? She laughed as though I obviously knew the answer and said, you have a son, you know how it feels. And indeed it felt like i was pregnant. She congratulated me and i was euphoric. I am not trying to get pregnant, but the idea of another baby wasnt recieved as a bad thing, quiet the contrary. I woke up thinking i was still pregnant.

  10. I am going into the army.
    Which makes me not only super careful with my boyfriend but also super nervous about my future and what it has to hold. In the dream I’ll just be doing things id normally do but I’m pregnant and about a week or so goes by in the dream. It feels so real that when I wake I put my hands on my stomach to find out “oh yea I’m not pregnant” last night though at the end I threw up blood and was mortified that if lost it only to wake up relived that I wasn’t actually losing my baby to realize I didn’t actually have one. It leaves me pretty sad to be honest, but like i said in going to the army and I couldn’t support a child anyways.

  11. I had a dream I was pregnant but in my dream i dreamt that the baby was fully developed but i didn’t have a baby bump, the my skin was actually around the baby and you could see her little figure outlined. She talked to me and told me she loved me and couldn’t wait to get out to see me for the first time. I was pretty freaked out about the whole thing and didn’t know if it had any meaning?

  12. I had a dream of and old friend had twin girls but she have twin boys and they ten… Do that mean I’m pregnant

  13. I’ve had several dreams the past few night of being pregnant and getting positives on my pregnancy tests, I am currently ttc.. Could this just be because I’m wanting to get pregnant so badly?

  14. I dreams that I’m pregnant at at morning was thinking I’m pregnant but after I tested I was really prevent some times the dream shows a true way

  15. Last night I had a dream I was pregnant. In the dream I was already 9 months and I was hanging out with some peers from college. We had plans to do something but I remember saying I couldn’t because I was so far in my pregnancy. I’ve been trying to get pregnant for years now but idk what’s going on. Hopefully this is a sign that I really am pregnant

  16. I had a dream of being pregnant but in that dream I feel something moving around my stomach, am not expecting any baby, I need a reply please.

  17. I just got put of the hospital i jave a viral infection and bronchitis….last night i dreamt my husband took me to the hospital for pain and ended up giving birth to a beautiful baby boy i didnt even know i was pregnant…i was so happy but crying bc i didnt know i was pregnant and he was born with no name….when i woke up i cried bc i have pcos and was told i can never have children……im so lost right now what could my dream mean???

  18. Last night I had a dream about being pregnant. In the dream I was having the symptoms that you have during pregnancy, so I went to the doctors to see if I actually was and it came out positive I was so happy. Later on in that dream, my sister was in labor and I was in the room with her while she was giving birth and yeah. But I’m not active in the stage…And this isn’t the first time I dreamed of being pregnant. I’m so confused and kinda of worried about it (BC I’m a teen) what could my dream mean???

  19. I dreamed my mother and i was both pregnant and i clearly remember my mother’s due date is the 26 September what does this mean?

  20. I had a dream that I won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes, paid all the bills, figure out on somethings, had help on getting my dream house and then the part of my dreams of me getting pregnant with the ivf treatment, and got pregnant with triplets. I’m 36 years old and still a virgin. can someone please tell me what the hell does all of this mean. cause tell you the truth I’ve been having these dreams for a couple of nights. and seriously I would love it if all of this come true for me.

  21. As a biological male who identifies as genderfluid, to have a dream of being pregnant (whether I’m male or female in the dream) represents an urge to express ones’ self as a woman at times, and my dreams exhibited a soul who has a female identity. I had many dreams of being pregnant with the large protruding belly, to feel an unborn child I long for to move rapidly and strongly, and to have family and friends gathered around me to feel my belly to wish me and the baby best of luck. The most recent one I’ve had back in October is I was 46 weeks pregnant with a 15 pound baby girl, I looked down on my bare belly and noticed the belly button resembled a handle, so I opened the belly like it was an oven and there! a beautiful baby daughter! It was strange but a feel-good dream.

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