The Meaning of a Wedding in a Dream

Wedding dreams can vary greatly. The dream may be of a spectacular celebration; of a strange cast of characters, maybe dressed in surprising outfits; or we perhaps of small intimate occasions in unlikely places.

Understanding all the different elements at play can give us insight into what our our personal wedding dream may mean.   It is not unusual to dream of weddings when we have been to one, are planning one, or intend to go to one.  Even if a friend or relative is getting married and we can’t attend, we may still dream of weddings.  But we dream of weddings even when none are physically occurring as well.

One of the reasons for this is our subconscious picks up this external symbol and uses it to communicate back to our conscious mind.  Weddings resonate with us at a very deep level as they are profound rites of passage in our lives.  No matter what culture we come from, a wedding plays a very significant role in a person’s life.  It marks a change from childhood or adolescence to true adulthood.  For some people this can translate to a loss of innocence.  It often indicates the acceptance of responsibility, the giving of commitment, the promise of fidelity.  A wedding of course also is a moment of unity, of joining – this can be when people commit to share property, wealth, burdens and joys, and of course the marital bed.  On a more profound level it may also be a sacred unity of love, of spiritual alignment and the twining together of souls.  We all react to the symbolism of weddings in waking life, so what does it mean when we dream of weddings?  Dreams of weddings may be about romance and love, but often they ask us to look at the relationship we have with ourselves, and to find the deep love and connection inside us.

One place to start to understand this dream is to recognise that we all have different “parts” to our selves.  At times different parts of our personality seem stronger than others (such as the part that decides to watch TV beating the part of us that wants to go to the gym, or the part that says we must stay and finish that report instead of the part that wants to go home and see the kids.)  At times like these it can seem like our different parts aren’t actually getting along very well.  We know this when our life feels unbalanced.  A wedding dream can be a way of understanding how to bring those different parts together in a happy balance – to create internal unity.  A happy wedding dream may even indicate that our male and female sides (the Jungian anima and animus) are in harmony, without one side dominating the other.  This is a great achievement, and should be enjoyed!

Weddings can ask us to reflect on all the things they symbolise, and to understand what is going on in our own lives.  Do we need look at how committed we are to something or someone in our life?  Would it be helpful to think about how responsible we are behaving, or are there things we are sharing that need a closer look?  Wedding dreams may also come when a new phase of life is beginning, and we are leaving behind an old one.  Sometimes a wedding dream may indicate we have recently met or started to know better someone with whom we just “click” – this does not have to be in the romantic sense, but can indicate a “marriage of minds.”

Wedding dreams, especially if they have strong religious symbols, may be a powerful indicator of our own spiritual nature.  These kind of dreams may typically occur when we have been focussing on prayer, meditation, compassionate deeds, maybe even dream work or some other form of self growth.  Such dreams may be intensely moving, or they may contain strange images that drive us to explore our nature and our relationship with the divine in greater detail.  To pursue these confusing symbols is often very rewarding!

To some, weddings are essential in order to have a family.  To dream of weddings in this context may ask us to look at what we need to “get in order”, to formalise, so that we may move on to a new creative stage in our life.

To look a bit deeper, we can look at the characters who appear, and consider what they may represent in our lives.  Carefully identifying important elements such as colours, the weather and any plants or animals that appear may also provide more clues as to what this dream may be saying (see other posts for more information.) Sometimes wedding dreams are because we are actually getting married, or will be involved win a wedding.  This event is likely to cause us to think about all sorts of things we haven’t thought about previously, and to feel a range of often conflicting emotions – excitement and anticipation, mixed with apprehension, even fear; a sense of gaining something new as well as of giving up something important.  Dreams at times like these are ways to help us sort through these thoughts and emotions.  By understanding our dreams we can not only cope with the situation better, but we also have a wonderful opportunity to learn something new and helpful about ourselves.

Finally, it is worth remembering that weddings aren’t just about the two main parties of bride and groom.  Weddings are about families, long lost relatives, friends and friends of friends.  Maybe a wedding dream is asking us to look more closely at our relationships, both close and those further afield.  Weddings are, at the end of the day, usually a happy and celebratory affair.  Wedding dreams may sometimes come to celebrate a special event in our lives – either in the waking world, or maybe even, a special an significant event that has occurred in our own mind – in our subconscious.

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55 thoughts on “The Meaning of a Wedding in a Dream

  1. I dreamt that I was getting married to the guy I’m with but we went dressed in wedding clothes and people were there but I was crying cuz I was scared it wasn’t gonna work out with us then my mom told him I was still married to my ex which is really true and the groom cancelled the wedding n I left crying

  2. First off, I have never been married and I’m a woman. However, about once a year I will dream that I’m going to a church to get married. Once I arrive, in my dress and everything, I realize that I have NO IDEA who I am marrying. And suddenly I’m totally freaked out, ashamed, confused, scared and really angry because no one will tell me who in the world the groom is. I spend the rest of the dream trying to convince everyone that I have no clue who I’m marrying and no one seems to think it’s a big deal, they just brush it off. I feel absolutely sick on my stomach to realize that I am getting ready to commit to spending the rest of my life with a stranger. I also feel trapped and super curious as to who the guy is. I never get to find out.

  3. I have dreams where I’m marrying a man I love and I’m ecstatic about it, even though when I wake I realize I have no idea who this man is. I’m usually getting ready for the wedding but never actually get to the wedding part itself so I have never seen my groom’s face. If he appears, he looks shadowy or just a silhouette. The dreams usually make me feel happy for a moment until I realize I’ve never had a person make me feel this happy in waking life. I’ve somehow thought those dreams represent my longing for companionship as I’ve never had a boyfriend in my 21 years. I’m glad I read this page. I know now that it has little to do physical relationships as I thought it did. When I come to think of it, I am in midst of a ‘growing up’ period and my life is taking a new direction.

    1. Hi read your comment and I had to reply.I used to have dreams about a particular ting can’t say what it is lol. My Dreams were similar to yours I would always wake up before getting that particular thing . this went on for years until I finally got that particular thing in real life . then I became sick of that thing because I was getting too much of it. So just be Careful because your dream may come true but it might not be what you expect . rember this saying be careful what you wish for because it might come true.

  4. My dream was about me getting married dressed I white gown made by my fiancé mother. All tables where layered in white with avase at centre wuth red roses. My fiancé was dressed in black suit and white shirt with a red tie. My fiancé is in hospital and I cant talk to him bcos of his sisters who does nt like me.

  5. I dreamnt of a guy i liked in highschool was getting married and the bride was very beautiful and i was just back a foward everywere

  6. My dream that I was getting married with the man in Jordan but I didn’t saw his face and I dressed the white wedding gown and many people around gave a some of gifts for my wedding. What is the meaning of my dreams?

  7. I lost my love ,my partner Angel To suicide in 2012 after i threatened to leave him.i have a beautiful 5yr old from him but i have been dreaming of him and his preparation for a wedding .i meet his fiance who suprisingly is unattractive but sweet. it was awkward although humbling when she asked me to help her chose her dress after he introduced me. I suggested victorian my dream wedding and she was ecstatic,she loved the idea of cream colors and red roses .while he appeared to be happy and i for him he would smile and say “this should be you” or he would bring up our fondest intimate moments when we had a minute alone.i am currently married and crazy as it sounds my husbands name is Angel as well marriage ?not great but i woke up at peace after the dream for he did not appear angry but extremely happy to see me but it scared me as well for he appeared to want to have a meeting of souls or its a sign that my marriage might fail because it should have been him 😓 i guess i will never know

    1. sorry reading your dream and got the feeling you feel guilty subconsiously and thats why you are dreaming about the wedding just my thought …and all the emossions from loosing him and all still inside and when you think about it alot i think it will appear in your dreams

  8. I dreamt wearing Makoti clothes n merid to a man m nt dating. was seeing him for the first tym in a dream bt I was so happy on my dream …wat culd this mean????

  9. I dreamt, I attended two wedding ceremonies, the first wedding went well all the guests and wedding party were happy there were smiles everywhere. The bride and groom suddenly disappeared. This all takes places in a Registry Office! The second dream is quite different, tables and chairs are set, guests are seated, cutlery, plates, glasses and flowers are all laid out on each table, its the ‘reception area’ but in the registrar’s office, who is standing in front of the second bride and groom. The registrar asks the bride “do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband” the room falls silent the bride looks around with a terrified look on her face, says nothing but runs off. I have no idea who these people are or what this dream means?

    1. Apart from giving us pointers as to what may happen to our waking life, dreams are usually a reflection of our inner subconscious thoughts, and what feelings we may actually be having about certain things.

      In your case, seeing a bride and groom at the registry office signifies that you yourself want to get into a committed and recognised relationship. Perhaps members of your family have never thought you would ever get married? But the fact that the bride and groom have both run away means that while you want to get into a relationship, you are scared about making the actual commitment – hence the running away.

      As to the second dream, it would closely relate to the first one. It seems there’s a part of yourself that may be scared of commitment (to a single person), hence the bride is flustered.

  10. Nka wedding gown daw ako naglalakad sa aisle. Tapos habang naglalakad ako yung iyak ng iyak… scary kasi may casket ang nagaantay sa altar! Katabi nung casket andun kami marami tao puro taga fetch umiiyak din.. may hawak kami lahat ng white roses… walang pari pero si sir bert nkasuot ng pang pari yung over all na white. Nung malapit kna sa altar nagging black yung gown mo. Pero white pa rin yung veil mo..
    what is the meaning of this dream??? please help

  11. I dream about wedding celebrati0n,in which I am the bride and my gr0om was a prince ,hear face was n0t familiar to me.
    We are celebrating our wedding in his palace,with matching carousel and in thousand of people.It seems like I am very happy.
    What does it mean?

  12. i had a dream i married someone whose love i rejected. i still have feelings for this person, and still very much attracted to them after quite a few years. I made a decision not to go with it because I was afraid.
    what does this dream mean?

    1. The dream seems to suggest that this other person is someone is on your mind in your waking life, could potentially be your Mr Right or that of yourself you’ve always wanted to be with. But the fact that you decided not to marry them in the dream suggests you have insecurities of your own you have to deal with, and that you have not been honest or upfront with your own feelings about them – hence you felt afraid and didn’t marry him in the dream. But dreams aren’t always symbolic of what really might happen, only possible outcomes (which are subject to change). If you really have feelings for this person in real life, then you should get in touch with them once again.

  13. i had a dream that i was gettinmarried..n when i was at teh alter, the groom was taking pics, n i was asked to sit aside n was not wanted in the pics by teh grooms family more specific, by his mother, i n i was told something offened…so i got voilent n walked out of the church…meaning i walked out of marriage…what does it , mean?

  14. I dreamt that I was getting married to my current boyfriend- which I dearly love, but the day of the wedding he just doesn’t pitch and my nephew which is already married stands in for me. And this just breaks my heart and I just kept asking my mother where he is and she just continuesly told me she doesn’t know. If anyone knows what that dream meant I would honestly accept your opinions. #Scared. #Afraid

  15. hello i dream of my mom in a wedding dress like she is gonna get married again? what does that mean? thank u!

  16. I dreamt I got married to my fiancé but my mother never turned up at the wedding…….she never approved of the marriage but my dad did all my siblings did they were there I was very happy but it scares me that my mom didn’t approve……what does this mean? I’m scared!

  17. I dreamed I was getting married but before I could everything that could possibly go wrong did. The hair dresser didn’t curl my hair,I was picking out bridesmaids and flower girls out of a line, my uncle was chasing an old dog of ours who was being harassed by another dog, and then a little boy had a seizure. Going towards the end of the dream I became happy but still never stood in front of the alter. What does this mean?

    1. Sometimes dreams represent our inner insecurities about the real waking life we experience, and I think this is what your dream means. The goal of your dream is to get married (which represents a new beginning for yourself), but though happy you never got to the altar at the end. Why is this? Perhaps there are a number of things you haven’t ‘completed’ in your waking life, hence you don’t reach the altar. The dream may mean there are adjustments you need to make that would help lead you towards making it come true in waking life. For instance the hair dresser represents your own thoughts about your own appearance and presentation. The fact that they didn’t curl your hair means you probably haven’t spent enough time on yourself to make yourself look good to find a potential suitor. While it is positive, the picking of the bridesmaids suggests perhaps you’ve been very selective in your relationships with others, especially your social relationships with close friends or relatives. Perhaps you need to expand your social circle to find your suitor? The uncle with the dogs…while dogs are symbolic of having loyalty/family and protection/safety, they are also symbols of potential problems that may crop up ie. being dogged. The fact your uncle was running after dogs means that you may still have some problems in your waking life with family/loved ones you need to identify and try to solve or try to settle before you can make your marriage a success. As for the little boy with a seizure, that could be related to something about your own health? Children represents youth, vitality and progression in life and the fact a little boy had a seizure means you may need to look after your body or health. Perhaps you need to get it in shape?

  18. These days I am dreaming that my aunt is giving me news of my sisters or neighbors are getting married.


  19. I was getting married l found my self running to down street to a hairdresser l said l want my hair curly with red roses l was half hour late for wedding then woke up.

  20. Please I dreamt my ex getting married to a girl…the girl was so excited but my ex was looking towards me…and I cried with my head down.what is the meaning of this dream.

  21. I had a dream where it was my wedding day. Bear in mind that I am only 14 and I am currently not dating anyone. In the dream I was in a hotel, running around in my wedding dress trying to get ready and sometimes I would see a shadow or my groom. I never really saw his face but throughout the dream I just assumed he was the guy I’ve liked for years. When I saw the shadow of him I put on a oversized sweatshirt and sweatpants over my dress and I also put on a SnapBack?? I went into a room then to get ready, passing all off my family. I was panicking getting ready as I had no makeup done, my hair was a mess and I only had a half hour to get ready. The weird thing was that no one was helping me, my bridesmaids weren’t helping me get ready. So then my hair wouldn’t straighten and it was just all messy and frizzy. And when I took off my sweatpants and sweatshirt, my dress which was before a well fitted bodycon, was very loose on me and hung down like a curtain on me. I tried to give as much as possible detail there because I’ve never had a dream like this, does someone know what any of it means?

  22. I had a dream of getting married to my childhood girlfriend. She came late to the altar. The Pastor almost ecided to do the marriage in her abscnce.
    Fortunately she appearedand th wedding went ahead. It was in a church and people were dancing with the bride.

    Overall i was happy but my brother and some family friends did not attend.

    Whats the meaning pls???

  23. I get married in 3 weeks my mam passed away 10 months ago my dream was so real as i walked into the room to be married my mam was say ther does this mean she is happy for me and she will somehow be with me on my weddig day

  24. I had a crazy dream that felt absolutely real in every way. I don’t know exactly what all of it means, but I know that I didn’t want it to end (and it didn’t end in a weird place- in fact it ended when I felt like I fell asleep in the dream). I don’t know if this is significant or not, but the dream didn’t actually have the actual wedding ceremony in it.

    The dream opens up in Hawaii in Mid-November. Its the morning of my wedding and I have to travel about where my fiancé may see me so I was wearing a formal dress but not my white wedding dress- this “other” dress was a really pretty deep purple. As we were walking down a raised path in the middle of a town overlooking a volcano and some water, we started hearing sirens signaling a significant storm was brewing. Literally everyone was supposed to take cover. I found an overstuffed chair in the back of the shelter to sit in and started crying because this would mean that my wedding was canceled completely and everyone was in danger- a bridesmaid overlooked not knowing how to comfort me just a few feet away. I kept thinking “if somebody dies because of me I’ll never forgive myself” and “What if I never see him again”? She kept saying “why is this happening? She’s never hurt anybody in her life, and this was all that she’s asked anyone for”. I was facing into the chair so that my face was covered even though I was very obviously crying. Not much time passed and my fiancé fights through the crowd to find me. When he finds me he crawls into the chair with me to comfort me- his arms around me felt like a very heavy, extremely comforting blanket. I didn’t have to look to know who it was. Without saying anything he just sat there holding me as close to him as possible. It was the kind of hug that said “you’re not going to get hurt”. I don’t know how long we were there-maybe an hour, maybe more. I just know that later that very same day we were all relieved to hear that the storm did not strike us after all and we must have been spared by the grace of God because not a single thing was touched. We were a couple of the last to leave as we were in the back and not willing to fight the crowd. Once outside we saw that the sun was shining and it still looked like the picture perfect paradise that it did when we entered the storm warning. We found a section of empty rail overlooking the water and just talked. We talked about how sad we were that our wedding was canceled, how scared we were that we would be separated, and what we were going to do about the entire situation. Finally we came to a solution- we agreed that we would get married a month later at another location with gorgeous ocean and cliff views. He also awkwardly announced to our families later that night when we all went out to dinner that because “Sam is so sweet and upright, she has agreed that we will continue to wait until our official wedding”. Id never been so embarrassed in my life because I’d told him I really wanted to spend some time with his mom and nieces to get to know them better in that month that we would wait. SO AWKWARD. How was I supposed to be with them now without blushing? But he is a much more open and forwardly vocal person than I am. No secrets. From ANYONE.

    It was the reception following the wedding. I was in a wedding dress that is so hard to describe- absolutely me in every aspect: Modest, pure white, some sleeves, satin, plain in one aspect (but completely elegant and sophisticated in the other). The dress was absolutely perfect. I was also happy because it was a December wedding which I’d wanted in the first place (and compromised on a November wedding originally because thats what he wanted save a little bit of money). I was sitting at a table with my family and we were talking about SOMETHING, but out of the corner of my eye I notice him getting a bottle of lightly spiked lemonade. I don’t drink. He discretely pours me a FULL glass of it and pours the remaining little bit into his cup. My cup is full of alcohol and his has just a little bit and then was filled with like 75% non-alcoholic lemonade that we were giving the children. BAHAHA. But I drank it anyway because I was so completely in love with him- I knew in my heart that he wasn’t really trying to be deceitful, he was only trying to get me to take a notch off of my normally high anxiety. Obviously the wedding day made me more anxious than I normally was. Anyway, I trusted him whole-heartedly so I drank it.

    A short while later I find him sitting at the kids table with his nieces (he had no nephews) and a few of the young girls invited to the wedding. I don’t know what they were talking about, but my heart melted because he truly loves kids the same way that I do- I could tell I married a man that was going to be a FANTASTIC father. I sit next to him, across from the children and we all start talking about random things: how the party was, how school was, what crazy stories they had with their crazy uncle. CONTINUATION OF THE MELTING HEART. Then he asks to excuse himself.

    (*This part I don’t understand because I was in two places at the same time. BUT the first story starts and keeps playing as the second story starts, and then the second story ends before the first one so the whole “segment” starts and ends with the first story*)
    Place ONE
    I was sitting at the kids table and they all started asking me how I met their uncle and how I realized what it felt like to truly be in love. I don’t remember what I told them, but I knew it came out like a storybook because they looked like kids sitting around someone on a carpet reading a book. He comes back near the end of my story, grabs me sideways around the waist, and kisses me on the cheek. I start blushing like crazy because all of these kids are watching me with googly eyes after just having told that story. He then says- “this is where the prince grabs the princess and they walk away happily ever after”.

    Place TWO
    He leaves the table to sneak off to the completely over-the-top and way-too-elaborate hotel next door. This place is like nothing i’ve ever seen before. One room was like the size of a house. It had three sides that were completely glass- it was almost like the room was protruding from a cliff over the ocean- and it felt like the only room in the entire hotel because it was the top floor and you couldn’t see anything below you from the room. He pulled open all of the curtains to get a feeling for the lighting in the room. Then he started moving the bed all around the room. I felt like I was there, but I really wasn’t so I couldn’t say anything, or do anything, or interact with him in any way what-so-ever. He finally finds the perfect place to put the bed so that it overlooks the best view in the room. Then he came back to the reception for me.

    We leave the reception together- grabbing more lemonade on the way out. Gosh I love lemonade. HAHA! When we get to the hotel we realize that its that perfect time of day where the sun has already gone down, and its dark, but there is just a small bit of light on the horizon.
    (Then the next part is SO CUTE, X-rated, very personal, and will probably go in a journal instead here. 😉

    In real life I am completely single and am striving to be the best Christian I can be. I do not know the person I married in this dream. I’ve never loved a man in waking life as much as I loved being with this man in my dream. I’d always written off marriage anyway because I was abused by my biological father and I don’t want the kids that will eventually be in my life to know the pain I had growing up. But here, everything was going to be okay. I also didn’t think I’d be as happy with certain things in the dream as I was. I don’t like purple, but I loved that purpled dress-it made me feel pretty. I didn’t think I’d agree to a November wedding but in the dream I did because I loved him so much that it truly didn’t matter. I don’t drink alcohol- more out of fear than anything else. But I didn’t feel tricked in the dream- I knew, and he knew I knew and it was just all of the sudden okay. I also wouldn’t have ever imagined having a destination wedding in a tropical place- I’d always pictured a church wedding in the snow. I don’t know where all of those things came from. I also don’t know why I’d have a dream where my wedding got canceled, and rescheduled because of a storm (not actually either of us getting cold feet). It was like God was saying “Today just isn’t the perfect day”. Through the whole thing we were so strong, and so in-love. We talked to God the whole time, including the wedding night where we thanked God for giving us the privilege to experience something new and personal as we were about to consummate our marriage (that wasn’t included in the dream description above). I don’t know why I’d have a dream this detailed about my own wedding when I’m not in a relationship and can’t think of anyone I could be in a relationship with right now. It was so detailed that it was like I could literally feel every little touch and feeling happening in that entire dream. SO BIZARRE.
    Literally everything was going to be okay. We were so happy, our families were happy, even the disaster the morning of the original wedding turned out to be just fine. No secrets, no hard feelings. Just perfection as I’d never thought of it before.

    Okay, so am I crazy?

  25. I had a dream that I was looking at myself in the mirror wearing a wedding dress, getting ready to walk down the Isle, and my friend was helping me find a veil. Once we found one my dad called me to the door of this room we were in and said not to step past the door frame. He said that “nick” wanted to pray with me before we were to see each other at the altar. We prayed, he kissed my hand then went about his way.
    I’m so confused on why this dream was so realistic and what could this all mean?

  26. Hello, I Dreamed Of Being A Big House Like A Modern Stadium. Out Side This House There Were Portions Of Gardens With Beautiful Flowers And Trees Of Their Various Scientific Names Lable By Way Of Planks. I Even Went Inside I Found Women Watching The Flowers. Every Time I Wanted To Get A Photo, Unknown Women Dressed In Wedding Attire Would Come To Disturb Me And I Would Walk Away Giving Them Space. Finally A Group Of Unfamiliar Friends Invited Me To A Meal And Ate With Them Hapily.And Then I Woke Up. Any Meaning To All That.

  27. I had the weirdest dream last night…smh. The guy that i was with left me for someone else, and he was about to marry her, but then he left her right before the wedding…for me….and then everyone was against us especially me..of course…it was more like a nightmare the feeling were so real..smh







  29. I had a strange dream that I was tricked to go to the courthouse by my ex to get married. I was wearing sweatshirt and sweatpants, and there we are filling out paper work and for some reason I was unable to refuse. After leaving the courthouse, I immediately needed to an annulment because I was going to marry someone else who had a surprise proposal and surprise wedding that followed after. I even had a beautiful dress awaiting me, all I had to do was sign the papers for an annulment but I was torn because even if I had, i would still have to explain to the man proposing and giving my dream wedding that I married my ex right before the proposal. Then I realized I didn’t know the man that was proposing to me, his face was a blur….then the dream is foggy from there.

  30. Thanks I know about all these explanations and I appreciate your confirmation but still didn’t get the part of someone restling my wedding dress with and asking for a piece of my hair to survive.

  31. I just had this dream like today and I woke up to it. Like we were in a supermarket and two guys (GuyA n GuyB) were talking to my father and one of them (guyB) pointed and me and kinda smiled(?) But then I got a strange shy-embarrassed feeling. Then at home my dad gave me two packets (that sort of look like those you get in the mail) from the two guys. I opened GuyA’s packet and it had several small pendants and a ring (idk maybe it was a way of proposing idk ). And I didn’t like them and I thought how I didn’t even want to get married(I assume I rejected him idk 😂) Then opened GuyB packet and I just had this though that I didn’t want to get married. But then looking at each pendant and the ring I surprising really like them all. Like I was surprised how it all matched my taste. There was no wedding scene. But I felt like I had gotten married. We were again in the mall and my mom was choosing things to get while talking bout how our wedding were. And I stilled didn’t know what he looked like. Seemed like we got married and were not living together and I didn’t even know him at all. Then we left the shop and walked inside the mall in the hallways. And I was talking bout where was HE. Felt like dad was going to introduce us. But then a dude passes by, he was on his phone, and looked at me while walking, ‘is it him’ popped in my mind but he just walked away without stopping but he smiled at me like that wait-im-busy-rn-but-i-love-you-youre-so-pretty smile. Then we walked further and were reaching a store which seemed really classy and expensive. ‘Is it here?’ My dad answered ‘if Im not mistaken it must be him’ he talked while a figure walked from the other side to us. We were in fornt of the shop and he stopped a few metres away and it was the phone. I mentally said I knew it. He was still on the phone but ended it quickly and professionally (?) (Seemed like he was on a business call) and smiled at us. He greeted us and was like all smilly that smugish smile lol but cute. He was real classy (but fAR form my ideal type.) He said ‘You see how we met. (I think he made reference bout how I saw him pass by) I wanted it to be subtle so we could get closer. I know its been weeks but I want you to feel comfortable. I don’t want to rush things.” Then my mom asked something and he answered, “yes. we will ‘Play’ hard after three-four weeks. I wont do anything without your consent.” And I got what he meant and lol I wa blushing like cray. And yeah I woke up and damn I thought wow I could actually love this guy and he seems real genuine and I was so freaking happy idk why lol

  32. I always dream of going to someone else’s wedding (never my own). Either getting ready for it, or at the wedding. Different people, some I know, Some i don’t. I dream this at least once a month or more, for the last 5 years. I have never been married. Not really sure I want to be. But Out of all of the dreams I have, this one I Remember the details so vividly, like I was really there. Not sure you can help me figure this out??

  33. I had a dream of getting married but a man didn’t want me too so I escaped to get married and when I woke up from my dream I saw the TV and guess what there was a soap opera with someone getting married I couldn’t believe it what a coincidence.

  34. I had a dream that I was getting married to someone but I wanted to walk out because I loved someone else and that person was at the wedding and I felt really bad for inviting him but it felt like I needed him there to go through with it but now I want to leave with him. I also know that person I wanted to leave with in real life however I didn’t know the groom.

  35. I dreamed of getting married to the person known from childhood. Everything was till before wedding time out of the blue some person came and questioning “why you both getting married, you don’t love each other and I’m here to kill you.” then it got settled down.
    I’m looking for groom before marriage to have a conversation someone told me, he left after seeing something.

  36. I dreamt that I was getting married and everything went wrong, from not having shoes to staining my dress with my period. I am 48 in a couple of days, divorced and single for 3 years with no interest in dating and definitely not marrying.

    We did say our I do’s and kissed but I never seen he’s face but it felt like my ex – husband, with whom I cannot not even stand the sight of after finding out he had been cheating for 2 years with his ex – girlfriend that was before me.

    I have never dreamt of marrying or wanted to and never married my ex, we lived as de-facto husband and wife for nearly 29 years.

    My life is falling into place and I have never been happier, with an excellent job, money. My kids are adults, which now allows me the freedom I haven’t had since I was 16 years old.

    Can you help me understand what my subconscious is trying to tell me?

  37. I dremt of my ex getting was a African traditional wedding…the funny part about it is that my family was there we were all dressed up in traditional the dream I was confused 😕 that is this guy really getting married or is it my wedding or is he getting married again..please help

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