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The Dream Well is one of the most in-depth websites to help you understand your dream meaning. Established in 2009 and read by millions, The Dream Well encourages you to become the master of your own dreams. Through developing a deep self awareness and profound connection with both inner and outer realities, The Dream Well can guide you towards a life of greater meaning and seemingly magical synchronicity.

The Dream Well is informed by variety of approaches including Jungian, Gestalt, traditional symbology, contemporary neuroscience and psychology. I appreciate that many cultures have their own approaches to dreams and the art of dreaming, and acknowledge my limitations in writing about them. As I honour the variety of human experiences and diversity of understanding dreams, I also seek to continually improve my understanding about them.

May you dream well.

What’s on The Dream Well

Old vintage keys with the word dream and hearts for the Dream Dictionary

Dream Dictionary

This is your traditional “Dream Dictionary”, a selection of symbols that commonly occur in dreams. Search here for the meaning of your dreams.

Dreamcatcher in sunlight at sunset for Weird and Special Dreams

Weird & Special Dreams

Here is where you find an exploration of what is going on in those more unusual dreams. This includes false awakenings, “Big Dreams” and Sleep Paralysis

Green butterfly image on yellow, white and gold plate with real green butterflies around it for Dream Courses

Dream Courses

I run special courses through-out the year. This includes The Magical Month of Synchronicity, Understanding Your Dreams Basic and Advanced, Sacred Dreaming and more


Back by popular demand! I am now offering tailored, personal interpretations of your dreams. My unique approach will not only help you understand the meaning of your dream, but give you practical, real life advice you can implement.

“The interpretation gave me huge insight into things that I had felt intuitively but hadn’t been able to properly pinpoint within myself. It unveiled much about my current journey and carefully pinpointed the symbols my psyche was using to communicate to me. Immensely clear and I have been left with a real gratitude.” – Laura

Follow this link for more information on tailored personal dream interpretation.


The Wellbeing Dream Decoder by Amy Campion Book Cover

I am thrilled to share that my book “The Wellbeing Dream Decoder” is now available in online and in stores in Australia. Published by Universal Publishing under the “WellBeing Magazine” banner, it is a beautifully illustrated magazine style book full of information about dream symbols.

Available online here

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