Amy Campion: Author and Founder of The Dream Well

My name is Amy Campion, I am the Founder of The Dream Well and author of “The Dream Decoder”. I started The Dream Well around 15 years ago. Driven by a deep intuitive urge to write about dreams, I held the absolute conviction that exploring our inner worlds, reflecting and attempting to understand what drives us are essential to human growth . It seemed to me at the time most dream information I could find lacked the depth to explore the range of our unique human experiences. I created The Dream Well to offer a deep and more detailed understanding of the meaning of your dreams. Since then The Dream Well has been viewed over 12 million times! So it seems that many of you agree with me!

Beyond this site, I am a dreamer, blogger, writer, poet, radio-host, communications consultant, researcher, speaker, activist and mother. The unifying themes in my work and life are to build awareness, develop connections, enhance meaning and create positive change with organisations, communities and individuals.

My goal here is to work with self-reflective processes to help you to gain awareness of your own motivations and challenges, then to create actions leading to more meaningful experiences and a deeper appreciation of life. I hope that by understanding your dreams better, you are able to understand your own life, and the lives of those around you to form deeper, more peaceful and more meaningful relationships. And to find personal peace and acceptance.

My educational background is includes an Honours Theatre and Communications degree, Strategic Planning Post Grad and other study including Psychological Anthropology, Poetry and Creative Writing. My work has bee varied too, including a career as Brand Marketer, Consumer Insights Researcher and Futurist. Now my focus is more on working as a Consultant, Editor, Writer and Radio host.

I have written for WellBeing Australia blog and The Art of Healing Magazine. I am an active member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams.

Driven by curiosity, a need to better the world we live in, to connect and help the people within it, my sincere hope is that when you leave here, you take away something new and valuable that you may not have found anywhere else, and of course, a more detailed understanding of the meaning of your dreams.

May you find deeper connection and meaning here at The Dream Well,

Amy Campion

The Dream Decoder by Amy Campion Book Cover