Personal Dream Interpretation

I am pleased to announce that due to popular demand I am resuming my offer of in-depth personal dream interpretation.

Do you have a dream that really resonates with you? Or that confuses you? Perhaps you have had a dream that stands out from others and just seems to be begging to be understood. Or you may have had recurring dreams. You may even have had a really disturbing dream or nightmare.

If you have looked around The Dream Well Dictionary and feel you still need some help, or that yours is a dream that warrants extra special attention, I can help you reach a new understanding through a personal dream interpretation. If you want to know what your dream means, why you are having this dream, and most importantly, what to do about it, read on.

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Why a Personal Dream Interpretation?

My interpretation will give you much more than the generalised meaning of the symbols you see on this site.

I will help you understand what your dream means to YOU and where you are in your life right now. This interpretation is uniquely tailored to your own unique dream, and your own unique life.

Understanding your dreams can help you reach deep insights about your Self. Using the information from dreams can be a powerful tool for transformation and inner growth. As messages from our subconscious, dreams can guide us towards making better decisions in life. Understanding your dreams can create profound healing, support your mental health and create a sense of inner peace.

Dreams are one of the most intimately personal ways to grow your inner wisdom. The more you understand your dreams, the more you understand your Self. And the more you understand yourself, the kinder you will be to yourself, and to others. And the kinder you can be, the better the world will be. Self knowledge is a radical act of empathy to help everyone you interact with – beginning with you!

My interpretations may help you:

  • understand how different symbols of your dream relate your specific life situation
  • release any pain, anxiety or fear that your dream is working to resolve
  • gain insight to relationships and help improve them
  • give early warnings of your physical health
  • make an important decision with confidence
  • resolve a particular problem
  • gain insight into your own motivations
  • work through any conflict you may feel
  • understand your own hidden gifts and potential
  • develop your connection with the natural world
  • gain spiritual insight or a greater understanding of the divine
  • enrich your sense of meaning in life
  • level up your manifesting
  • accelerate personal growth and transformation

What You can Expect from a Personalised Dream Interpretation

What makes my personal dream interpretation so unique and helpful is that I go beyond just describing how the dreams relate to your present life situation. Crucially, I also include suggestions on how to implement the advice your own dreams are giving you. My interpretations do not tell you what you must do, I simply listen to the language of your own inner wisdom to guide and support you.

Each personalised dream interpretation will include:

  • Dream Analysis of key symbols: this segment will explore the key symbols and themes in your dream and what they represent to you
  • Big Picture Summary: This segment pulls together the different themes and symbols to explain the story of what is happening in your life right now. This is the “birds eye” view of what your dream means
  • Waking Steps: his segment highlights what the dream may teaching, warning or suggesting. It also includes some steps you may take in your waking life to honour the dream and to bring about personal transformation, putting the dream advice into practice

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What Others Have to Say About My Dream Interpretations

“The interpretation gave me huge insight into things that I had felt intuitively but hadn’t been able to properly pinpoint within myself. It unveiled much about my current journey and carefully pinpointed the symbols my psyche was using to communicate to me. Immensely clear and I have been left with a real gratitude.” – Laura

“Thank you so much for the interpretation… What you say makes perfect sense. My best to you! Really appreciate your time and insight!” – Angela

“Thank you so much for the dream interpretation. I know that it all resonates with “so true” for me.
I appreciate the time you have put into this in depth interpretation. It has given me hope whereas I can see a light at the end of the tunnel which is an indication of a breakthrough.
I too believe there is more work for me to do, however I feel safer now, and I feel I will experience a favorable outcome.
Forever grateful,” – Eileen

“I feel much better… and much more healed 🙂 thank you you’re the best!!!” – Raven

“I have been having nightmares for sometime and I sent a request through for assistance. Amy assisted me with all the questions I had and helped me understand what the dream meant.
Thank you for the prompt response and excellent service.
I will definitely refer friends to dreamwell. ;-)” – TD

“The more I read your response, the happier I feel! at least I am not alone, and there is someone who can shed some light in my searching. I now know that I have the power to bring more truths into my life… thank you so much Amy, I have been wondering for a long time about the world of dreams and how I can learn and apply the lessons from them. at long last someone is providing me some fresh insights and I am incredibly grateful” – AY

How to Request a Personal Dream Interpretation

I will email a PDF of my personal dream interpretation to you within 2 working days of you completing the request form.

I like to take a night so I can “sleep on it” and gain insights for you from my own dreams. Learning dream interpretation is a fascinating and enriching practice that I encourage everyone to do, but I have been doing this for most of my life and appreciate how difficult it can be to get started.

Using one of my dream interpretations is likely to not just give you insight to the one dream you request from me, but also the very powerful tools available to understand future (and past dreams) of your own.

Are you ready to unlock the deep wisdom within your own soul?

How Much Does it Cost?

AUD $95 for your unique personal dream interpretation in PDF form

I can’t wait to hear from you!

May you dream well,