The Meaning of a Bell in a Dream

In dreams we may see bells, or hear them, or both. Bells are important to many religions and cultures around the world. They may be deep and resonant, light and joyous, sad or celebrational.

Bells are not things we see or hear as often as we might have in previous generations, but their symbolic significance still holds a profound sway over many of us. And while we may not see actual bells so often in day to day life, we still have more abstract bells around us in many forms – door bells, the “ring tones” on our phones, the alarm clock and so on.
So what does it mean to dream of bells? Bells call us to prayer, so in a dream they may symbolise a spiritual calling, or even a special message we are about to receive. Bells are used by town criers to announce important events, so in a dream we may hear bells when our subconscious is trying to ensure we pay attention to an important piece of information it is trying to impart.

Bells at their most celebrational signal an end to war, the highest of holy days or a wedding. To dream of such joyous bells as this is a wonderful sign of exceptional and blessed transition. It may be an end to waring parts of our own personalities, a sign that we are reconciling deeply held internal conflicts. Dreams of such celebrational bells may signify a sacred union, a merging of our opposing male and female sides. These dreams can remind us of the very best that being alive is about.

Other bells are happy but more frivolous, such as the bells on sleighs, horses, costumes and so forth. Those kinds of bells are intended to induce a light-hearted mood, to dispel gloom and encourage cheerfulness. This can be especially important in the midsts of dark winters, difficult times such as financial hardships, relationships stresses and so on. Dreams of cheerful bells remind us there is light and laughter to be found even in the darkest coldest times.

But bells can also be warnings. We use the alarm to wake us, and bells also toll for funerals. Bells are used by ships to alert their presence when in the fog or dark. To dream of an alarm bell may be a sign that we need to take action, calling us to our work, our education, or even our greater purpose. To dream of funeral bells may be a sign we are mourning a loss in our life, it may be an actual death, or it may be more symbolic such as the end of of certain life stage, the finishing of a relationship or the letting go of a youthful dream in order to embrace a new adult approach to life. To dream of bells in the fog or dark may be a sign we are feeling lost and seeking guidance, it may symbolise that we feel alone and are reaching for another to share our journey with, or may be that we hear this call from another. It is up to you how you choose to respond when you hear a lonely cry in the dark, but imagining how we would feel ourselves in such a situation is a good place to start.

Bells in dreams can be joyous, celebrational or even sacred. But bell dreams can be warnings, a call to action, a call for help or a symbol of passing. Bells help communicate between the world of matter and the world of spirit. If we dream of bells we would do well to heed their message, whatever it may be.

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8 thoughts on “The Meaning of a Bell in a Dream

      1. Me too. This morning I was awakened early with the sound of a bicycle bell. Is that the joyous?

  1. Hi this is Elizabeth …So I woke up all scared. . I dreamed that I was carrying this bell to a choir concert from my school since I’m in choir …and that I started seeing things right after I held that bell …this girl from my choir group had told the other girls not to get that bell or that will happen I guess but can someone please get back to me ? I’m so scared I don’t know what to think right now ….

  2. Hi, My name is Ashley…. So my dream was about me and another person getting chased by an angry mob of people, of the olden days. We were hiding in this place that kinda looks like a bathroom stall and he had a magical book that had a start with a circle around it but it was a white book with brown writing inside, The boy said some words then we went to this place that looked like a mountain that we were standing on, Off the mountain was nothing but clouds. I looked over to see a Old cabin, pick-nick table then a Bell, The bell was attached to a wall of rock and had grass growing around it…..I looked at it more and more while the boy was running to the cabin because something had to be done fast, But I didn’t go I was staring at the bell and I don’t even know why I was but I soon woke up… What dose my dream even mean?…

  3. I dream I was giving a very big bell as a gift the handle was like a light was so beautiful. What that mean

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