The Meaning of a Tidal Wave in a Dream or Tsunami Dream

A tidal wave, tsunami or a simply massive wave is a common, yet often terrifying or disturbing dream symbol. You may experience the tidal waves dreams in your dream from the viewpoint of watching it approach, either on shore, from a hill or some other near-by vantage point. Or you may be close by, under it or in the water with it. This dream may often be accompanied by a sense of fear or panic.  To understand the meaning of a tidal wave in a dream, it can help to start by understanding the symbolism water and the sea. 

Water in Dreams

If we look at water in our dreams as a symbol of emotions and feelings, part of our inner world, then tidal waves can be like emotions welling up and getting a little out of control.  One of the advantages of being on shore watching the wave approach is that it gives you an opportunity to step outside yourself and look at what you are feeling. This is usually a helpful thing to do when your emotions get so strong that they well up into a massive wave!

Tidal Wave Dreams and Anxiety

Tidal waves may appear in dreams when you are under a lot of pressure, or when significant change is occurring. They may be a an indication that you are feeling a little overwhelmed. Or that maybe you fear you won’t be able to cope or adjust with what you see in your own future. These dreams may be recurring dreams, with the wave getting bigger or closer over subsequent nights. This may correspond to an increasing sense of anxiety. You may be worried about a deadline, with the looming date growing closer. Or you may be anxious about escalating events in your work or relationships.

It is worth recognising that if you have a tidal wave dreams there is often an area of life that you are not seeing clearly, or that you are avoiding. Fear and anxiety can cloud issues, making things seem worse than they may actually be. Tidal wave and tsunami dreams remind us that if we don’t confront and deal with things that are out of balance in our life, then they will confront us first. There are fewer clearer signs of confrontation than standing right before a towering body of surging water!

Tidal Wave Dreams and Change

The things that you aren’t confronting may be easy to identify. There may be a test you are afraid of failing, a deadline you feel you won’t be able to meet, or a location or job move you don’t feel ready for. But the meaning of a tidal wave in a dream may relate to a more general sense of procrastinating, or feeling unprepared. 

You may dream of a tidal wave if you secretly wish to change careers, or make a life choice that seems somewhat radical for you. “Impostor syndrome”, the feeling you can’t be what you wish you to be, can inhibit any of us. The fear of success, and what it will mean to existing relationships and lifestyle, may also be an internal roadblock. Tidal waves can appear in dreams as an expression of unfulfilled ambition or desire. These dreams may also relate to the fear of what living out that other life may mean. Tidal wave dreams can herald deep internal change. They may symbolise the great cleansing needed to clear out the old to make way for the new.

Tidal Wave Dreams and Emotions

As water relates to our emotions, the meaning of a tidal wave in a dream can symbolise the beginning of a new relationship. You may feel overwhelmed at how much you feel for someone. New relationships also often raise emotional issues from the past, and can relate to trust and vulnerability.

But like most dreams, dreams of tidal waves often work on many levels.  Whether external pressures are dominant in your life or not, a tidal wave dream will often indicate a period of internal change. The sea is often a symbol for the subconscious. A giant wave in the sea then can be like the subconscious rising up, making its power is felt through-out waking and conscious life.

Tidal Waves Dreams and the Subconscious

This need not be such a scary or intimidating thing. By working with our dreams, we can come to feel comfortable in the realm of the subconscious. Those big, powerful, unknown forces exist inside us all. They drive us and sometimes feel like they are going to overwhelm us. But they become far less terrifying when we are familiar with them. When we realise these deeper forces are simply a part of our own inner self, and that they can be managed, tidal wave dreams no longer seem so urgent or terrifying.

How to Deal with Tidal Wave Dreams

To deal with tidal waves in dreams we can apply the same technique that we use when fleeing anything that scares us, and that is to confront it. You may think, how on earth do I confront a a tidal wave?  It is so big, it can’t be killed or negotiated with, so how can it be beaten? But just as all things in our dreams are part of us, so too are tidal waves. And if tidal waves are a symbol for our subconscious, this is not something I would suggest we should want to beat into submission or seek to tame. 

The approach then is to merge with it. Tidal wave dreams and tsunami dreams invite us to dive into our subconscious. To look within. To reflect on what we are really thinking and feeling. To do the work to really know ourselves.

Then perhaps you will learn to swim or surf in your dream, and enjoy the experience of being at one with your self. If you are lucky, you may even learn to breathe under water. Some people are able to use diving into tidal waves as a trigger for lucid dreaming. Like flying then, swimming underwater or surfing a tidal wave can become one of the most exhilarating dream experiences, rather than one of anxiety or fear.  Just one of the many rewards of working on our dreams and coming to know your own subconscious mind better!

The Meaning of a Tidal Wave in Dream

A tidal wave dream may seem threatening, but it is often our own feelings that terrify us. Dreams of tidal waves can relate to a sense of pressure or anxiety. Recognising this and confronting the things you are avoiding may be the message of the dream. Tidal wave dreams invite us to reflect on our own inner state, and to take steps in waking life to live as our most fulfilled and authentic self.

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339 thoughts on “The Meaning of a Tidal Wave in a Dream or Tsunami Dream

  1. Great article! Thank you! I have reoccuring tidal wave dreams…
    This is the most thourough explanation I have ever seen.


    1. Great, glad you found it useful Jen, and thanks for the feedback. Please free to let me know if there are any other topics you would like me to write about. Dream Well! DW

      1. My tidal wave dreams are never located at the beach or coast. The waves always appear and are approaching in locations where there is no natural water source, for example, coming towards my house, or in the city centre.

        Does this have any relevance?

      2. This was a very helpful interpretation.. I have had these ‘large/tidal wave’ dreams twice.. however.. in the first dream.. I am wanting to get to it.. to just be IN the large waves.. and in the one last nite.. I was just ‘keeping an eye on it’ but was not afraid or alarmed.. just acknowledge that it was there.
        My youngest in graduating high school in 3 days and will start college in a couple of months.. so the first wave was me ‘wanting to embrace her, be there with her’ and perhaps the second dream was to mean that i am ‘aware’ that i can only ‘keep an eye out for her’
        What do you think?
        — I am curious as to the significance of wanting to run TO the waves instead of FROM them..
        I didnt clarify that in the first dream.. I was trying my hardest to run to get to the waves. but was blocked by rows of houses.. their yards had fences and dog houses ( no dogs?)… and on the other side of the fences.. was the large waves that i so desperately wanted to ‘get to’ not away from.. strange twist on the others i have read here

    2. hey, I have been having the same dream and variations of it for a while now and i cant find anything to help, in the dream I’m at a beach with family or friends and then out of no where a wave is coming closer and bigger towards and we all start climbing to get to safety and as I make it to the top my loved ones don’t and I watch them drown. sometimes I don’t make it to the top and drown as well, but I’m not entirely sure what my dream means. could you help me out?

      1. Sidney I have the same interpretation of the dream sometimes we are safe but this time it was the worst. I looked out our home window, I see it coming and say to my husband and daughter and for some reason I am holding a new baby we have had. The water from the surge from the ocean has reached our house and upto the windows, the house is moving the walls a creaking and about to burst, we have no way out. I scream come together we have to stay together and we all pray cuddle knowing we are all going to die together. It happens I’m holding my daughter and can feel I’m crying in real life. I’m holding my husband and crying I love them both so much. We are underwater I can’t see them. Then all of a sudden the water is gone, I’m safe, my husband is safe, I find the new baby but I can’t find my daughter I’m hunting and hunting but I can’t find her I’m broken. She’s gone I wake up for real and i have tears and I’m shaken by the dream it’s the worst one so far of all my tsunami dreams.

    1. Thanks Anna, glad you found this helpful! Let me know if there are any other particular topics you would like me to write about.
      Dream Well, DW

      1. Hi, in my tidal wave dream it started with massive waves of sand coming over us on the beach. I got my children to the house then huge waves came in from the the sea and crashed into my home. I saw it coming and managed to get my parents to the back of the house but only one of the children. The other was missing for a while but we did find him. After the storm was over I went out to look at the destruction but I couldn’t find my way back home. When I finally found my home it was nothing but a shell made of wooden beams. What could it mean??

      2. Wow, I had one last night, first ever dream like this. I’m used to fairly vivid dreams, but this one scared me. I woke up crying. In the dream, I’m with my husband and two sons ( mine from my previous marriage). We are at a beachy area, resort of some type, very beautiful, when for some reason my husband says we have to get to the top of a building, a wave is coming ( we live in Texas and inland, so the probability of this actually happening is small to say the least). We get to the top level and I see the wave coming and it topples the building, completely, into a smaller lake of water. There’s a little bit of air before the windows crack. I’m trying to get my oldest son out of the building, pushing him ahead of me. My husband and youngest son got out, but my oldest son and I did not. I felt the water in my throat, choked, then died. It was very vivid and very disturbing. I don’t know what to make of this.

  2. The wave dream has been a reoccurring event for me for the past ten years or so. I found this explanation to be spot on. Procrastination, fear, and anxiety are all words that I can relate to. In my most current dream I was walking down the road towards the beach. Between me and the ocean was a row of beach houses (I guess to give perspective). As I was walking, this giant wave rises up and towers over the houses. At this point I’m overwhelmed with fear and excitement. Fear because I know the wave is going to consume me and I cannot escape it. I’m not sure why I find the dream exciting. I think it’s because I am awestruck by the power of the wave. I want to be the wave!
    Thanks for the article.

    1. Hi Brian and thanks for your comment! What a positive response to become excited about your tidal wave dream! I know of people who have learned to embrace their tidal wave dreams, by diving into the water which they find invigorating and cleansing, by surfing the wave and feeling a sense of great freedom, mastery on “at one-ness” with nature (or their spiritual selves) or even by learning to breathe under water and swimming with a similar sense of freedom to those who fly in dreams. But you are the first person who has mentioned they would like to become the wave! I find this inspirational. The Gestalt approach to dream understanding teaches us that everything in our dreams is actually a part of us, so in effect you already are the wave, it springs from your own mind and deeper self. As you pay attention to these dreams, and learn not to fear but rather welcome them for teaching experience they can offer, I am sure you will be able to achieve this switch in perception. Some activities that might help would include a process where while awake and you have control, imagining yourself as the wave, effectively “training” your mind to create the dream image you aim for; also, visiting the sea if you get a chance (especially in winter) and watching the waves roll in as you calmly contemplate them from a place of safety can help stimulate your senses to program your deeper mind as well. Good luck Brian! I would be interested in hearing how this dream develops for you. Dream Well!

      1. Ive had severel tidal wave dreams my first dream was wen i was driving passed a beach with my family and a huge big tidal wave the size of the skye into the clouds was coming our way . it was strange because theses people cam i with big hoses and froze the wave so it was still . It was very scary becasue i saw my friend frozen into the wave so i punch into the wave and rescued her but wen i punched the wave in un froze and it cam for me it split in half and went around me it was like this wave didnt want to hurt me and theres other dreams were i just swim in huge waves like really big one and ther was one dream that our house was in the middle of the ocean and big waves came our way but it weired beacuse every time the wave hits mer in my dreams it doesnt dunck me or hurt me its like i controll them and wen they com to shore i stop them and push them into the water im very concernd about theese dreams because iv had over 15 and its really starting to worry me its like i dream about it every night on going

  3. I wanted to thank you so much for the dream interpretation of Tidal Waves… It is 3:45 am and I just awoke from a dream with a massive tidal wave.

    I was with my brother.. a huge wave was coming and it got bigger and bigger and I always seem to be close to shore trying to get in more so I don’t get sucked in but then I barely make it and I just end up holding my breath until it passes. I wasn’t as scared this time though.. it’s as though I knew. But I was worried about my brother and when I looked up he was struggling a bit but he was okay.

    What does it mean when you just hold your breath and you wait for it to pass ans the fact I wasn’t as scared?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Susana and thanks for sharing your dream here. As we learn to face up to our fears, and develop the skills to deal with threatenning situations, they become less terrifying to us. Maybe learning to drive, or public speaking are scary things, but as you learn how to do them, they can become not only less stressful, but even enjoyable and bring their own rewards. Addressing issues in our subconscious mind is much like that. It sounds to me like this is what you are going through. While you may not feel in control yet, you are learning that things pass – if you hang in there you know things will get better, or calmer. This is a great step towards feeling totally positive! In fact, your own unique approach may be to learn to ride the wave, which may indicate there are areas in your life where you are learning to let go, and just “go with the flow,” particularly in areas related to emotions or your spiritual nature. This is a very encouraging dream Susana, and I hope you continue bravely and calmly along your journey of self discovery. Please feel free to let me know if your tidal wave dreams change,a and how you react to them. I learn as much from your sharing as you do from mine! Dream Well Susana!

  4. hey, thats a great explanation. I often have tidal wave dreams and ive always wondered why. In hindsight I guess its kinda obvious:p thanks for the enlightenment:)

    1. Hi Kathleen, and happy to be of help! My belief is that if something sounds obvious when you hear it, but you hadn’t heard or thought it before, that is a sign of it “ringing true” for you. This is when we really communicate! Thanks for the feedback! Dream Well….

  5. Hi! A friend of mine has been having recurring tidal wave dreams and this article was quite good in helping me understand what she must be going through subconsciously.

    I have similar dreams from time to time. But not quite tidal waves. Recently I was in a warf and on a foreshore… lots of man made concrete walls that seem to contain the ocean. Previously I’ve been on a long beach which only has a little bit of sand but heaps of earth and grass, like a campsite by the ocean.

    The waves in these dreams are MASSIVE but do not sweep onto the land like a tidal wave. They are like massive breakers. They rise slowly and become massive, then just like a real dumper wave in the ocean, it breaks harshly and usually effects those random people in my dreams in or near the water.

    I find these waves scary and usually take a few steps back to make sure I’m not getting smashed by their extreme force.

    What are your thoughts? Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Froberg, and thanks for your comment. I think from how you describe your dreams, much of the information on tidal wave dreams can apply even though yours are more the massive breaker type. An interesting distinction may be that where tidal waves breaking onto the shore could imply a breakthrough of emotions/spirituality (water) “breaking through” to practical or conscious life (the land), your dreams may indicate more of an upheaval that is occurring internally, leaving your external, day to day world relatively unaffected. One reason may be that you are growing and learning at a deep level, but this is not causing you stress or anxiety in your daily life, or it may be that you have powerful feelings inside that you are not expressing to the world beyond. Maybe you could try some creative endeavour, such as painting or writing, and see if you can unleash this great potential inside you. The fact that you step back from these waves may indicate a reluctance to “dive deep” into your emotions, and as a consequence, they effect people nearby you without your involvement. You may have strong feelings or beliefs you are hesitant about unleashing or sharing, or a creative desire that remains unexpressed. You might also wish to try experimenting with ways of expressing your feelings, maybe through dance, listening to music or even talking with a trusted friend. I am confident though, that you are subconsciously in touch with your deeper side, and your dreams are inviting you to explore this side of your nature more fully. Good luck Froberg, and dream well!

  6. Thank you so much for your interpretation on the tidal Wave. I had one this morning and it was very disturbing. I have never dreamed it before and I’m 52. I was on the coast in a very large building with lots of other people . The tidal wave was approaching, we all could see through a very large window. Everyone was screaming with panic, although I was afraid I was not screaming. I am a christian so my response in the dream was for God to take me up, I raised my arms surrendering my life to him. I was terrified that the wave would consume me and he wouldn’t take me and I would drown. I could see the wave clearly come right up to the window and knew that was the end and I was accepting of it with fear. but it didn’t actually break the window yet it surrounded the building. I will know now that perhaps I need to look inside my subconsciousness and try to figure out what is bothering me. Thanks again and would appreciate any input you might have.

  7. Thank you for this great explanation, and to everyone for sharing. I have had 3 wave dreams so far. The first I was off the ocean coast in a paddle boat with a stranger, a large wave came towards us from down the coast and the boat got caught in it. I held on tight and flipped around in circles inside the wave. Then the wave passed and we survived and I thought, what a rush! The next dream I was in a small cove with Robert DeNiro and an army. The wave was coming in from the horizon, and I explained to Bobby that I had been through this before, and we would survive. My third was this morning. I was sitting on a raft with a roof over it floating in the ocean and a wave that I had to tilt my head back to see how tall it was, was moving in from the horizon; getting bigger by the minute. People started to swim to shore and I pulled up a young boy by grabbing his hand and then he grabbed the lady behind him. We were all safe, I thought to myself once again in the dream, just hold on tight and you will be fine.

  8. Hi Dreamwell – I had my email incorrect – can you kindly reply notifications to the one on this post – I am including my dream again below:

    Thank you for this great explanation, and to everyone for sharing. I have had 3 wave dreams so far. The first I was off the ocean coast in a paddle boat with a stranger, a large wave came towards us from down the coast and the boat got caught in it. I held on tight and flipped around in circles inside the wave. Then the wave passed and we survived and I thought, what a rush! The next dream I was in a small cove with Robert DeNiro and an army. The wave was coming in from the horizon, and I explained to Bobby that I had been through this before, and we would survive. My third was this morning. I was sitting on a raft with a roof over it floating in the ocean and a wave that I had to tilt my head back to see how tall it was, was moving in from the horizon; getting bigger by the minute. People started to swim to shore and I pulled up a young boy by grabbing his hand and then he grabbed the lady behind him. We were all safe, I thought to myself once again in the dream, just hold on tight and you will be fine.

  9. Powerful interpretation & summary … Thank you for the abundance of guided thoughts & impecable variations in terminology … This piece has and surley will help many people of all different mind sets get a grasp on meanings coupled with knowledge to overcome their obsticals and gain power/understanding to conquer their dreams 🙂 nga mihi thank you 🙂

  10. Thank you very much, your informative description has helped cleared a lot up for me, I have moved across the world from Australia to Ireland to live with my husband and miss my family dearly, and in my Tidal Wave dream I am always trying to run to save them from it, this also occurs in another dream I have with a Tornado. Can I ask, is it the same meaning behind this as well?

  11. My dream last night: I was on vacation with my husband I believe it was supposed to be Hawaii…we were sitting on the couch and I could hear the waves crashing. The shore line was a bit of a walk and I didn’t think that I should be hearing the waves. There was nothing between the older home and the waves but sand. I turning around on the couch and looking out the window. There it was; the tidal wave was forming and coming right at us. I knew we didn’t have time to leave. So I yelled out to get in a smaller room. I ran to the bathroom and I heard and felt the wave crashing into the small house. The rest of the house seemed fine, but the bathroom that I was in was being pulled back out with the wave. I could see wood pieces of the house all around me. The odd thing is that; my husband was there with me to start the dream and after the bathroom had broken away from the house it was my X-boyfriend who was now there and I was trying to get him to help me up this huge hill of sand. In the dream, they were the same person. The X was scared, but frantically trying to get me to safety. I woke up before the dream finished. Odd thing is that I haven’t spoken to the X in years, but he often shows up in my dreams. Usually when he does show up in my dreams they are very sexual.

  12. This was a very insightful post that has helped me understand a bit better the recurring tidal wave dreams I’ve had the past few weeks. This morning though, I dreamed of a massive tidal wave, I watched in awe until it hit land taking down a large hotel, that left me feeling helpless because I was far enough away, only a few feet of water arrived. In a previous dream a few nights back I was with family, and the wave hit. It wasn’t as large, and I rode it out, only to find that when the water receeded my daughter had been injured badly. I’m not sure what all of that means subconsciously. Any comment?

  13. Thank you, this was very helpful. I dream often of tidal waves, but I am always OK and rarely even get wet. This last one was different.. I saw it approaching- it was huge and I just curled up in a ball on the beach to wait for it to crush me, but it didn’t, of course. I stuck one arm out of the water and felt air so I stood up and was up to my thighs or so in water. I looked up and saw 2 men, one of whom was my brother briefly, and then – ? I looked to my left hoping there was a way out and saw only 5 or 6 more tidal waves coming at different angles! “Nope, guess not” I said, and then saw a really nice, cozy white house at the top of a hill and went, still in water, toward that with these 2 other people. We thought we would have to break a window or something to get in (it was empty), but I was surprised at how easy it was to open the window. Meanwhile, my brother/other person just opened the front door! I closed the window again and we all went inside. It was dry and I felt reasonably safe. Then I looked down and saw my landlady’s cat (of whom I am very fond) at my feet, totally soaked but OK. That was the end of the dream. ?? Any ideas as to what the house represented, and the ease of entering/the safety found there?

    Thank you!

  14. Hi! I found this really helpful thank you! I’m fifteen and I’ve been having the same recurring dream about tidal waves and me, my friends and family drowning for 2 years now.
    Thanks for putting this on 🙂

  15. Hello — I found the tidal wave dream interpretation, as well as the comments from dreamers, very interesting and helpful. Thank you all for sharing. I have had so many tidal wave dreams since I was a young girl. Now, 30 years later, I am 43 and still sometimes struggle with these vivid dreams. I wanted to contribute two points.

    1) One is that finally, after 30 years, I was able to transition in these dreams from “running from the inescapable tidal wave” to actually “helping others escape the wave.” This was a big and very welcome shift from someone who really dreaded these recurring dreams.

    2) Isn’t it interesting that probably none of us writing these comments has actually witnessed (or probably even studied) tidal waves… However, all of us here understand and somehow know what this force of nature is, what it looks like, what it feels like, and in some way, what it symbolizes about other processes in our daily life. I find that fascinating…

  16. Thank you for this dream interpretation. I’ve also had tidal wave dreams for as long as I can remember, and this is the best explanation i’ve found.
    Sometimes the wave breaks and washes down, sometimes I wake up before it happens. But there is always this waiting and inevitable period of time, watching the swell grow in the distance. Very scary, and lately for some reason the ocean is red, it’s this deep maroon color in my nightmares, and the sky goes black/dark during the storm that builds the wave.
    Anyways, just wanted to say thanks for this interpretation.

  17. i dreamt that waves were increasing in size pouring in closer and closer until the seas were rushing into our house. i was with all my relatives who live in a city 3000 km away, with no coastline. they were afraid, i was worried but calmer than everyone else and wanted to reassure them it would be ok. then dream then changed and before the sees over took us a bomb was sent from the sky and exploded – pushing the tide back the other way- noone hurt- just everything destroyed.
    leading up to this dream i have been feeling stuck in a situation where i am ready to move onto the next adventure but am finding it hard whilst staying in the same place to finish study and pay bills. i have an intuition telling me to go for it and my head telling me to wait and finish things here.

    thanks for the interpretation it has significance

  18. I have tidal wave dreams all threw out my life and i can say that ive jumped in the wave and rode in it and also i have seen the wave over the hill and ran for my life and held on to something and the wave just dropped in and since i was holding on it didnt take me away ..let me tell u while i find it exciting i also find it scary since i know its coming and im going to have to deal with it…

  19. I have had dreams of tidal waves for years. Each dream was less scary. My last one, two nights ago, involved me standing on the top deck of a cruise ship (that’s another recurring dream of mine – cruise ships?) with a lot of people. Everyone knows that this huge tidal wave is coming and is panicking, I am trying to gently tell everyone to relax and enjoy the ride to come. Almost no one listens. When the wave finally comes I seem to know how to rise to the top of it and enjoy the ride. In years past the water was first cold then it flucti=uated. The other night was the first time it was warm and actually looked nice and light green (non-threatening). I guided some folks on how to ride it out until the wave eventually lets us off gently on land. I wonder what the next dream will be like???

  20. Tidal waves are the most recurring and frightening dreams I have. The waves always come from a long distance away and are upon me before I can get away, frozen with fear. As soon as the wave reaches me I am scared awake crying with fear. Your explanation is very helpful as I do not deal with my emotions very well and have always buried a lot of feelings.

  21. Wow, great tidal wave dream explanation.. So I’ve always had these dreams about being on the beach, and the waves keep getting bigger and bigger and I’m running away for my life. Last night, I had a very different tidal wave dream. I was walking on the beach and there was this pipeline kind of surf event going on, and the first wave I see is this massive wave that actually goes over the entire beach, and I look up, get sprayed by its mist and think of how beautiful it is(I wasn’t scared at all). The wave never collapsed on the beach, and the waves after that weren’t as huge, but still big.. After watching some surfers, I realized I was dreaming, so I decided to jump in the water and swim in the waves, very invigorating like u said

  22. Thorough explanation, but I have to wonder what you make of a dream where I’m sitting watching the waves get bigger and bigger. They start off like the ones where you’re sitting too close to the shore and you get soaked, and then when I move back, I watch them towering and then crashing over everyone, but no one is ever hurt, no one panics, they just continue to watch with me. I’m usually standing with a person I really care about at this stage, but last night I was watching the waves form giant sand dunes.

    Quite freaky, but at the same time it was exhilarating and I never felt any fear, just a little out of breath when I woke up, since I always hold my breath just before the waves crash over me in my dream and I think that might be transferring to my real actions.

  23. My tidal wave dream was very different. I was on a massive yacht or cruise ship with my family and fiance. There was another ship, exactly the same as ours ahead of us and off to the left. We were moving from east to west and when the first of many tidal waves (more like tsunami’s) approached I would gauge what we would have to go through based on the damage done to the first boat. After what felt like hundreds of waves we finally made it to a city port. There the waves kept coming but after we faced all the waves the ocean eventually calmed and the sun pierced through the clouds before the day cleared in all. We did some clean up of the damage that was done, and eventually I found my self walking home with my family, it ended with a clear blue sky and green pastures as far as we can see. I can still smell the saltwater and the fresh cut grass! All in all, it was awe inspiring and I had a more positive feeling when I woke up…

  24. Really enjoyed this article. Great point of view….a nice balance of facts and interpretation that added new dimensions to the topic. Thankyou

  25. The tidal wave dream that I have I am on the shore wanting to find sea shells but I can never get there becasue the swells become so big. I don’t turn away I just stay there and hold my breath and wait for the next one. This has been happening for alomost four years and I always wake up feeling like something is missing, that I’m still searching for the shells. Crazy I know. Any advice please let me know. It would be alot of help for my mind.

  26. I’ve been getting a lot of pressure from my work and my boss so I think that’s why I’m dreaming tidal waves. Mine was rough tidal waves like when there is a storm, it really hits the shore so hard but it does not swallow me. I’m just in front of the shore watching it. It doesn’t seem like a normal wave, and it comes bigger and bigger. This explanation helped me clear out what the meaning of the tidal wave dream, I’ve been dreaming of it thrice already. I wondered what does it mean, this is the explanation that cleared it all out. I have misinterpreted it as big problems coming in so I’m worried, but its not.

  27. Hi,
    I read the article and it somewhat made sense to me. i am 21 years old and i have had a recurring dream for about a year now, of me running along the beach while the waves keep getting bigger and bigger and crash near me and sometimes on me as im trying to run along the beach to get away from them… i don’t know why i run along the beach to get away. What does the running part mean? Sometimes i’m alone running and sometimes im with other people that i know. I hate these dreams i feel destressed as im sleeping because of them.

    1. I’m not sure what the running means but perhaps it means you’re running away from your problems? In my tidal wave dream I jump into the damn thing instead of having it crash down on top of my head. Perhaps its a sign of how we deal with things. In my case if I feel cornered I just go right at the thing that is tormenting me. I do this in fights and with music. I’m willing to go mad diving into music if it releases my demons. I’ll note that I only do this when its the last resort. Often times I’m too complacent to chase my problems. My guess is that’s what the tidal wave is. It’s the problems that I ignore coming back and saying, “Look, I’m still here and since you’ve been ignoring me I’m coming for you”. I guess I better get motivated to find my purpose before it comes to find me. That’s how I interpret it. Bye 😀

  28. This is maybe the 3rd or 4th tidal wave dream I’ve had over the last several years. Today I woke up from a new one. I was downtown at the old movie theater and from nowhere this giant wall of green sea water just came forth. The size of it was immense perhaps the size of the former world trade center (sorry for the reference but its just to point out how tall the wave was). It was very frightening. The only thing I could think to do was to run into the base of the tidal wave instead of having it crash down on top of me (something I used to do as a child at the beach). So in I went. I dove into the base of the enormously humongous tidal wave of green sea water. This is all I really remember. I remember some chaos afterward but I must have stopped myself from dreaming anymore or perhaps I’ve just shut out any horrible aftermath from my dream. These dreams are very very peculiar to me as they are horrifying by just the sheer size of the wall of water. I guess I am at a point in my life where I’m trying to find out what I’m doing in life and not sure where to go.

  29. I am looking up tidal wave dreams because my dream has been recurring for ten years or so, maybe only a few times a year that I can remember. I am always sitting on a hill on a cliff face when I see huge waves approaching, then suddenly the cliff wall will be behind me and the waves are right infront of me. I have time to hold my breath as they crash on me. They keep hitting me against the rocks. Its not a dream of any physical pain. All I can concentrate on in my dream is to hold my breath and then catch it again before the next wave hits. Then I wake up, weird huh?

  30. Hei.
    Good article.
    I’ve been searching about this huge waves on dreams, but don’t find quite something that resembles mine. All is about panic, fear and so on.
    I have a lot of dreams with the ocean, and that was the first time that I actually dreamt about the waves.
    In my dream I was at the beach and many big waves were breaking at the beach. I wasn’t afraid. I felt glad to be able to see that. So close, big, strong, but at the same time innoffensive. They were beautiful and blue! For a moment I though: maybe I’m too close. But I felt safe where I was and fascinated by the view. It made me calm and peacefull. I woke up with a huge smile on my face, and even today, 3 or 4 days after, I can still feel the joy when I remember the dream.
    I normally dream with the ocean. I am uasually over a rock mountain and just look to the ocean that is usually very calm but dark. Sometimes it can have a bit more movement, but I never feel afraid. I just want to jump in! And I’m really respectfull and a lil’ bit afraid of the ocean when awake. And I can’t swim!
    So, do you have any idea about dreams with big waves but no fear or chaos of any sort? Just peacefull.

  31. Someone that I know from church — but not close personal friend, had a dream of my husband and I standing on the beach and then a large black wave came over us.

    What do you think this means?

  32. hi this article is very usefull…im having this dream of a tidal wave for two days now,first i was in a hill and with my relatives one perfect day,then suddenly a huge wave came i can see the wave coming from a distance and i saw surfers enjoying it,once it slash down water rises and i started to swim and dive in it,second night i was walking in a desert place then i saw a beach kids are plating with their ruberboat then a big tidal wave came and they surf with the wave and ended up safe in the sand and start playing again in the wave then suddenly it became dark and my dad and one of my friend are chating and i saw a giant sting ray coming out from the sea and flying and he just showered the beach with water and he comes back to the sea and the sting ray has its lightning under him and comes back to the land and shower again some water in the land…….can you please help me and understand my dream???…..thank you so much!!!!

  33. I noticed how you mentioned “Dreaming of a tidal wave, or any massive wave, is usually experienced from the viewpoint of watching it approach, either on shore, from a hill or some other near-by vantage point.”
    In my case the tidal wave engulfs me over and over again : ( until at some point I am able to get out of it, usually by climbing some kind of mountain but only after a strugle. Last night I had this reoccurring dream. It leaves me with an awful feeling.

    1. I had a tidal wave dream last night. I am currently off work due to stress and can see the link between pressures I am currently under and my dream. I actually survived the tidal wave and guess this must be a sign that I can overcome these pressures and go forward with my life…is this a just assumption? I also managed to save one of two people I was with – my mother. Unfortunately, one of my best friends was lost – do you think there’s any significance in this part of my dream?

  34. Wow, what a fantastic resource this site is for me. I want to share a dream i had today while it is fresh in my memory, hope this is usefull for others…. I was looking at a huge square mining pit that had become FULL of water from recent rains. This pit was now a dam and I was in a sort of control room that regulated the dam wall pressure. Because the dam was too full, it was going to break the dam wall and flood so I ran out of there as fast as i could. Now I was on the beach in a suburb my family went for holidays on the coast. The house we used to stay at was on a hill so I made a run for it, thinking I could out run the fcoming flood. As I ran I looked behind me and saw a tidal wave generated by the dam wall breaking. I ran uphill, past a few people (one of whom was physically unwell like myself) and told them they better run as a tidal wave was coming. I also saw a powerfull 4WD car and considered asking them for a lift up the hill, but didn’t want to bother them. I ran past the local graveyard, looking for the street and house we used to stay in. I found the street and ran up but the hill was getting steeper and required more energy to keep going higher, away from the water. I passed a lovely tree and kept struggling higher up the hill, then awoke….. In my concious life I am looking for change in many areas of my life but unsure how to move forward.

  35. Hi. just have read the article and printed for a copy. What would be the interpretation of my dream? I dreamt of a sea that turns into a tidal wave.. I was rushing for a child went to the shore and I embrace that child.. waiting for the wave to approach us.. but never did the wave hits us.. thanks for the feedback

  36. This has been a very thorough interpretation, and helped me a lot. I dream often of giant waves(which don’t bother me); its when they start overflowing and the water starts to rise, that’s what scares me. I never see a huge tidal wave, its just suddenly all of this water starts to rise and I have to keep climbing higher and higher to get away from it. Last night I dreamt that there were 100’s of people watching these waves on bleachers. I kept telling everyone how dangerous it was and how they needed to get out; but no one listened. At one point while I climbed to safety, a man yelled at me to “stop whining”.Eventually the water covered the bleachers but no one seemed to be hurt; they all just continued to watch as if they were at a baseball game. What does this mean? That I feel my fears aren’t substantial as others are? I’m confused.

  37. Hi just wanted to say I am extremely interested in dreams mainly becuase I have alot of very strange ones and last night I had my first ever dream envolving a tidal wave.

    I was outside my house and I suppose I was on a beach cant be sure then the sea just slowly rose up and turned into a monstrous tidal wave a good 100ft easy. I stood there watching it in amazement then I suddenly felt the urge to run and went inside my house. Whilst I was in my house the wave smashed against it and the windows were leaking. I felt a strange feeling of anxiety waiting for the next wave to hit but I was also strangely intrigued to watch the waves too. And obviously it scared me when the wave came considering how big they were lol.

    Im so happy I found this article its helped explain alot and im glad other people have had simmilar dreams to me. Thanks

  38. what i can remember.. from my dreams are such terrifying results, example after everytime the tidal wave hits me i wake up breathing heavy.

    1st dream, well i didnt write this one down, but i have small visuals once i think about it, I walk out of my house look high in the sky and i see a huge wave come out of nowhere, i look back at my door realizing that my grandma and sister are still inside, Instead i decide to run (what was i thinking haha) and if i can estimate the areas in my reserve to where i walk except i was running, i ran about 20-30 seconds down 4 houses i look back and i wake up to heavy breathing and realize that i overslept for my step granpas funeral, i felt bad.

    my 2nd dream… now this dream struck me! i wrote this one down, but what i saw was what happened in about only 30 seconds of the dream.anyways were at our local beach, at night Full Moon pointing to the south east, with Dark clouds to the East of the moon, well somewhere around South, east anyways, i was with a couple of friends of mine i can remember them there was 6 of us together, 4 boys and 2 girls laying down on 2 cars chilling the night away the next thing just left me speechless, i couldnt believe what i saw, i thought i saw a angel floating up to the dark clouds white light was emerging down from the dark clouds and it was shining on the far end of the beach, after that i saw sparkles from the sky, my friends were floating towards the white light almost like they were forecd in, Then the worst happens, A HUGE Tidal wave appears as im staring at my friends going up, I See it coming….. it hits me! then i wake up breathing heavy.. August 9 2010 was the date of the second dream i had. im sorry for my bad grammar. from now i always record my dreams in a dream journal. what does this mean?

  39. Just last night I had a massive tidal wave, huge wave dream, well nightmare. At first I was in a small cove while my son was playing with other people at a different …cove just a few feet down the beach. It was a place we visited this summer and I clearly remember how rough the surf was and that we could not swim in the water. Well, in my cove a shark surfaced and started swimming with the folks at the beach, I started telling people to come look at the shark who did not seem hungry or angry but I think he was eager to change his mind if he could find what he was looking for…me. I went to the cove where my son was to tell him to come and see this shark just lazily swimming in the cove, and to see how am amazing this was. As I went to his cove the waves changed and started to become huge storm waves breaking on the shore and getting bigger and bigger. I had to go through a stone cave opening to get to my son and tell him to now come away from the big waves, he seemed to hear me, as I went back through the stone opening the waves crashed over the passages and I realized my son must have been swallowed by the tidal waves, I looked back and couldnt find him and I didnt want to go ahead to see if he already left the cove to look at the shark in the case I needed to rescue him..but how….was he already lost, I was so afraid and paralyzed by fear and then testing my faith in the possibility that my son was okay…the waves kept coming bigger and the weather harsher….i woke up very disturbed and went back into my dream while awake to visualize that my son had indeed made it out of the cove and onto safe ground….I found this website because the dream….really a nightmare, begged me to find significance in the symbols. I now see that the fear I have of an upcoming job and the long hours I have coming may leave me with less time with my son, who has asthma and special needs at school, so I am freaked out by the time pressure and how I can keep my household running….so I figured after reading this that all of these emotions and anxiety is really overwhelming me…I am now trying to seek peace that all will be okay and that my son will be fine and that at least the shark didnt eat us LOL:)!!!! I will visualize us both riding the wave or letting other magical elements keep us safe within or under and through the wave. I have had tidal wave nightmares for years and it is just now that I realize it is a theme for me. What a beautiful website. Thank you.

  40. Thank you so much for a thorough explanation to what was an intense dream. I had a dream that I was in a large glass house. A few of my friends and my recent exgirlfriend and I were sitting in one of the rooms. One friend and the exgirlfriend retire for the night and I am talking to the remaining people. As I look outside through one of the rooms, I see a large wave hit the outside windows. It looks like a large finger and it taps the glass. The next wave swells up from the ocean and we all watch with some fascination as it crashes in to the house. We are kind of laughing and are amazed until I ask “did that wave just break through?” Panic follows. I run into the bed room which is right off the room we are in. There there is one huge bed and all glass walls facing out of the house. I rip the covers off and am sreaming at my friend and my ex to get out of the room. I grab her and drag her into the main room and turn around to see my friend climbing onto a fallen rafter to face the waves. A massive wave had just hit and there were strangers on the wave and some hit the house and died and some were dancing while he was climbing up. I watch as another wave rises up and slams into the room. When it subsides, my friend is gone from the rafter and I cry out. The only people left in the house are me and the ex. Here I wake.
    I believe it is important to say that the ex was a long relationship. Though not overly filled with emotion, it was good. It recently ended and Ihave been having feelings of regret and have comtemplated expressing these to her. I feel that I have an idea of the internal meaning of the dream, but could you perhaps give your feelings and thoughts?
    Thank you so much.

  41. I have had dreams for years of looking out of the window and seeing a rough ocean( which btw is usually the end of another reocurring dream i have about being in these houses i have never seen which are huge and all these rooms.. the only scary part is when I go to a room with no lights and an indoor pool in the dark and there is usually like floating things in the pool ) but it ends with me seeing this feirce ocean right out the window , crashing waves feet from the place i am standing . Last night the waves were immense and a few crashed into the house damaging the wall … I have never thought of trying to run outside in my dream and jump into the water .. the end

  42. Thank you so much for posting this! I have had recurring nightmares of tidal waves, since I was a little girl. I actually had thought I’d kicked them altogether, and then recently had another. They are definitely the scariest dreams I’ve had. This article helped a lot. I’ll try and merge with the wave next time around =).

  43. hey, thanks for putting this up, tbh i thought id be the only 1 who has repeated dreams about tidal waves and its been happening for years. well since you have put this post on i can finally put together why these dreams keep happening, thankyou and i’ll defo be looking into this some more. 🙂

  44. Thank you so much for the best interpretation of a “Tidal Wave dream” I have ever read or heard. I’m a beach person and particularly love the ocean and waves…Last night I had a dream of my favorite beach and I was with my two brothers exploring a new spot at the beach. I remember it being a beautiful sunny day with people scattered around but enjoying the day…The ocean water was a beautiful aqua-marine color which was unusual because the beach I love to go to is in the eastern cost of New Jersey and we don’t have that beautiful blue…However, I remember being in the ocean and enjoying the beautiful waves and then all of a sudden this huge wave is coming towards me and I can see the top of the wave start to curve over me. (The wave was a beautiful teal-green with white water spray color) And as it was coming towards me I was scared and anxious but didn’t move—almost like I was expecting it—and then I woke up…

    What was really strange that after this dream I woke up to the news of the earthquake and Tsunami that happened in Japan today 3-11-11…

    I feel strange writing this (Like some Kind of quake) but many of times some of my dreams are premonitions of some sort…This past year I dreamed of my sister and sister in-law becoming pregnant before they new they were expecting…I mentioned it to them and they freak-out when it came true…Another premonition-dream is when I dream of someone in my family dying—I dreamed of my Grandmother having a heart-attack before it occurred almost exactly like it was in the dream…(Totally freaky—she had the heart-attack but thankfully survived)

    Do premonition dreams exist? How do you explain them coming true—I have family members validate these dreams—I don’t support the idea when people tell me that I imagined it, because I know it’s not the case…

    Anyway, some enlightenment on this would be greatly appreciated..

    Thank you,

  45. I have tidal wave dreams but if often starts as small waves that I am body surfing on, then it’s like someone gives me a board and I see the swell of the tidal wave and rather than fear it, I swim for it, trying to get to the crest. I don’t always make it to the top but when I do I often just ride the wave to the shore. If the wave takes me under I don’t fear or panic. I let the wave take me and find myself onshore. Wet, but not harmed.

    Is there any signifcance to this?

  46. Thanks! Having read this, it makes sense with certain events in my life. I literally have Tsunami dreams where im either in the water or on the beach. Last night I just had one where I was scaling a cliff to escape!

  47. It was such a relief to find this article. The last couple of nights have been horrible because of my scary tidal waves dreams. Every time the wave settled down a new and bigger one occurred – and I was so afraid when I woke up and I couldn’t find anything in the dream dictionary about waves. This article really helped me understand, especially because I’m starting a new chapter in my life and the way you describe it, it all makes sense. Thank you so much!

  48. I had a dream last night where I was overlooking the ocean and a huge snow tidal wave was coming in.. several of them. while the ocean was blue, the waves were made of snow and ice and absolutely beautiful, about 3 stories high at least. I was holding onto something that was a kind of transport…similar to a helicopter/boat thing (no propellers) with windows, and I could look through it at the oncoming waves. i would watch each one swell up, turn to snow, and fall over top of me but because I was holding on, it didn’t touch me. While I was in fear, I was also in awe… I sensed the danger, but knew I would be ok.
    Any suggestions what this could mean? It was very graphic and interesting!

  49. I actually definitely like anything you place here. Rather insightful plus intelligent. One dilemma however. I’m operating Chrome by using Debian plus parts within your current format types absolutely are a minimal wonky. I actually realize it’s not much of a usual put in place. However it’s a specific thing so that you can preserve in mind. I actually hope not wearing running shoes will certainly enable plus continue to keep up the top level of quality crafting.

  50. I just woke up from a Tidal Wave dream pretty scary, one where you die and wake up….I was alone upstairs in my town house apartment I just heard heavy rain fall and thunder storms, hitting the house, I ran out my room to look out the stairway window to see what the hell was going on out front, and saw a big ocean wave dominating the skyline and rushing towards my home…ran back in my room and saw another ocean wave moving faster rushing towards me…began to panic heavily, thinking there’s no time to save anything… head for the roof top… as the wave started smashing through the windows and doors…thinking am going to die in here.
    as true as the article is…I guess In many ways it holds true to how I feel inside… it’s funny how we are all prone to very similar dreams its is if they are little mind movies, pre programmed into us.

  51. I have been having recurring tidal wave dreams for maybe more then 20 years now, I am now 31, Its always when I am at the beach or a building at the beach, restaurant, store. etc. Huge waves form in the ocean and come up to shore and leave me running for higher ground or farther away. But yet the water keeps coming. And it keeps happening over and over again in the dream. I never do get into the water, I am always running away from it.

    I don’t know what this means, or why it always keeps occurring, at least a dream like this every 4-5 mths.

    I don’t have any stress in my life that isn’t normal. I am not facing a big decision. So I don’t know what this means.

    If you have any insight please email me.

    Thank you.

  52. This was a very helpful interpretation.. I have had these ‘large/tidal wave’ dreams twice.. however.. in the first dream.. I am wanting to get to it.. to just be IN the large waves.. and in the one last nite.. I was just ‘keeping an eye on it’ but was not afraid or alarmed.. just acknowledge that it was there.
    My youngest in graduating high school in 3 days and will start college in a couple of months.. so the first wave was me ‘wanting to embrace her, be there with her’ and perhaps the second dream was to mean that i am ‘aware’ that i can only ‘keep an eye out for her’
    What do you think?

    1. I am curious as to the significance of wanting to run TO the waves instead of FROM them..
      I didnt clarify that in the first dream.. I was trying my hardest to run to get to the waves. but was blocked by rows of houses.. their yards had fences and dog houses ( no dogs?)… and on the other side of the fences.. was the large waves that i so desperately wanted to ‘get to’ not away from.. strange twist on the others i have read here

  53. Thank you for this it was very helpful. I have been having a recurring dream about a HUGE tidal wave that is just terrifying. I had no idea what it meant but I’m in the middle of exams and I’m guessing it’s related to that. Although I haven’t been feeling stressed consciously I must be stressed subconsciously.

  54. Thank you so much. This was very helpful in me understanding why I kept having this dream over and over periodically from the age of 21 until now at 40. Never understood what it meant, but knew I woke up feeling very uneasy and bothered after. Now I will search or pay closer attention to my stressors in life to see what might be overwhelming me and how I can better prepare myself to handle the situation at hand confidently.

  55. This article was so helpful and I can see a lot of things in the explanation that really apply! In my dream last night – I was with a guy (someone who I knew in high school but was never close to – he’s married to one of my friends but we don’t even socialize so I have no idea why he was in my dream) and we were talking and walking down a road because we had to get somewhere specifically. As we continued walking we realized that the pathway was narrow and on a steep cliff with a steep cliff above us too but it wasn’t scary it was actually “normal” in the dream. We were holding hands and walking and talking and this HUGE (Movie massive size) tidal wave building and we just stopped and stared at it Awestruck and a little pensive but not scared persay. We did start running to make sure that we could get to the other side before it hit us but then I realized that it was going to hit anyway so I dug into the wall and grabbed on which a part of me thought (as it was happening in my dream) “how is this going to possibly help me when this washes over me” and another part thought “It’s ok I can hold on and I will be ok” I am not sure where my friend was at this point.

    Suddenly the water was gone – but I was completely dry (which struck me as odd even while i was dreaming) and I continued on my way down the path. When I got to the end – my friend was suddenly there again as well as a girl I worked with (she was an employee of mine) that I hadn’t thought of in years. She and I started talking excitedly about the wave and how she held up her phone and sang to make it go away and somehow this seemed normal. Nobody else walking around even seemed to know that the tidal wave happened (we were now in a tiny village that I have no idea where it came from..)

    The dream was especially odd because I remember it so completely and even while it was happening I was actually noticing things were odd which I rarely do.

    This comes right on the heels of a dream two nights ago where my teeth were crumbling and falling out and no matter what I could do I couldn’t stop them from falling out… (I’ve only had the tooth dreams while pregnant – but I’m not pregnant)

    Other then that I rarely, and I do mean rarely remember my dreams but these two were so powerful they stuck…

    Very odd… Any thoughts?

  56. That was extremely interesting and I can relate to some ideas. In my tidal wave dreams I am just standing up throughout the whole thing, never get knocked down or take away and never feel like I’m going to drown. The wave just crashes over me and then leaves but I have the dream every single night. I can’t really work it out.

  57. Hi,

    Thanks for the info. It helped make some sense of my dream. However, it still troubles me. I was in a house that was floating in the ocean with a group of women and we were trying to catch two criminals that were somewhere on the house/ship. I went to the front door to see if I could see our friends out in the water and thats when I saw a gigantic tidal wave headed straight for the house. I yelled for everyone to grab something and I proceeded to push the door closed as the wave hit. It was strange but I knew that i just had to keep the door closed as best i could and we would all be fine. I was not paniced at all, it was like I had done it before. Water came throught the cracks but after it passed we were all fine but then we choose to jump into the water and swim out where we found a ship that was out looking to rescue us. I have my own loose idea about what this could mean but Im assuming you have better insight.


  58. hi

    yesturday was the first of my tidle waves dreams, i was with my boyfriend, and we were sitting by the beach, suddenly it became all grey and the waves started picking up, the one huge wave was coming towards us, then it disappeared. i remember shouting to my little sisters who were on my right sitting on a hill telling them to move, but they didnt even notice me, next thing my boyfriend and i are walking on a paved road, approaching more waves, but whats diffrent now is that the waves cant reach us becuase there are walls where they are crashing, its much more peaceful there. please help in analysing this, its been bothering me.


  59. Been having recurring dreams about tidal waves for about 6 years. I have about 1 to 3 dreams every year and it’s always the same- I’ll be in a town or even inside a building, and a wave comes out of nowhere and floods everything. Sometimes I drown, other times I manage to escape while everyone else around me dies. I think I’m having them because there’s something I’ve been repressing for a long time now that I don’t want to face and it’s wrecking me emotionally.

  60. I had a dream last night about a wave. I was on the beach and I looked into the ocean and there was this huge wall of a wave but it didnt move. it stayed in midair. i backed away then i noticed there were thousands of snakes on the sand trying to bite at me. the people at the beach did not seem bothered by them at all. What does this dream mean?

  61. This explanation fit the puzzle for me, for sure. I frequently have dreams of the sea and big waves, but last night I had the most intense and vivid dream about enormous and powerful waves coming at me that I’ve ever had in my life, so much that It made me search the web for a meaning and here I am. Like I said, I’ve had these kinds of dreams before, and I’ve searched their meaning those times as well, but this explanation has been the one that I have found with the most sense. These last months have been tough for me, I’m unemployed, gained quite a bit of weight and these past days I’ve been doing some soul searching about my future and so, last night I went to bed thinking that today I was going to start taking care of myself and maybe start looking into doing some freelance work, I was thinking in all the things I had to change as I went to sleep and now, reading this interpretation of my dream, it really does make sense. Thanks.

  62. Thank you very much fo this article. My father passed away three months ago and my mother, brother, sister in law and baby niece have all came to visit for the first time since the funeral (I live in England and they are all in Scotland). Lastnight I had possibly the most vivid dream I have ever had of being in an empty room of what seemed like a large building with my mother watching a storm through a very large window. As the waves got larger I realised that we may be in danger. They then started to hit the large window harder and harder. They became huge and really quite frightening. Eventually I hugged my mother very tightly and told her how much I loved her and then the room started spinning as if the storm had took over and I woke up. Much of this article has made some sense of it so thank you.

  63. Hi i have always had a tidal wave dream ever since i was a kid.. pretty much staight after my uncle/stepdad assualted me. i have tried to deal with these issues but they always get away from me.. in my dream i am standing in a cave overlooking the beach in the middle of summer and there are thousands of people there. out of no where comes a massive tidal wave what seems like 600 meres high.. i have my 2 children there with me and am scared for them. i pick them up and try and run but the wave hits and just washes over my feet. then it builds up again even bigger. i am scared because i can feel that everyone that was on the beach is dead. women and children men grandparents everything that was in its path. as it is about to crash down again and i can feel the water hit me on the face i wake up. i feel like i am an inch from death and when i wake i hyperventalate and am sweating. like i said it has happened since i was a kid maybe 6.. but obviously i didnt have my kids with me.. but i did have 2 kids there not sure whose they where but i still felt the need to protect them.. could that have something to do with my siblings? my mother has always been a bitch and even went back with my uncle/stepdad afetr she knew.. and i have always been a mother to my brother and sister. what does all this mean is it the same as what is written above? or is it different?

  64. i like observing and feeling the tidal waves in the dream, i really enjoy it and not afraid at all, which is counter intuitive. For some reason during torndao and tidal wave dreams colors disappear and everything is tritone with black white and dark green

  65. I recently had a dream where I was on the beach with my best friend and some other friends. We were having fun, then I heard this great of waves. Everyone in the dream excepting my best friend and I ran towards it. Everyone took they’re swim gear out and was actually riding the waves.
    I was scared at first but as the water hit the shore it was not frightening at all. It was refreshing.
    I don’t know the meaning of this but I would love if you can help me understand this more.

    Thanks a lot

    – Annay

  66. hi, thank you for your article. Ive a had few of these lately and I think its relating to me trying to kick a certain addiction, it seems overwhelming and I feel like if I dont quit, I’ll pay for it big time. I think this is where these dreams are coming from, thanks again for confirming that for me.

  67. Thankyou, I found this article very useful. I dreamt it twice already. I was on a fence up high in hills and mountains when the wave came. At first I tried climb away along the fence, but I knew I could not run any longer. I turned and faced it and saw a huge massive wave. I was scared but before it consumed me, I woke up. I am a college student and I think it is a huge step in my life. I am learning new open minded things and spiritual apsects of life. I guess this could be a key factor.
    Thank you..

  68. thank you… I’m from india, a first time mother with a beautiful baby… Going back to full time work tomorrow. Your interpretation of my dream helped me understand and accept that as brave as I may try to sound to myself and to others, I am really scared of being separated from my baby. I hope I will soon have a dream where my baby and I are unhurt and are not separated by the wave, and are having lots of fun together. .

  69. Hi, I was trying to find an answer to why I had this horrible dream. After reading your article I can understand my dream alittle better. Just don’t under why god told me to hold on . I had the dream last night it wome me up instantly. All I can remember is that I was standing in a parking lot with my three children and my mother . As we were standing there a vision of god approached me. He said its coming . You will get through it if u hold on. Then he was gone. When he disappeared a massive wave taller than a mountain came right at us. I held my children with all my might. I could see my daughters face under the water. All I could think of us all drowning and watching my children die in front of me . Right as I was thinking that the water passed and we could breath again. I grabbed them and hugged them and told them I love u . Then a second wave came . I almost gave up until the vision of god came again and said u will make it just hold on. So I did. Finally there was a third wave that.was the most powerful. It almost took my kids from me but managed to pull them back. When we stood up the sun was shining bright . There was no one. Everything was gone . It was just me and my kids. It felt like it was the.end of… I have been under alot of stress . My husband works way to much. Im thinking I had it bc I feeling lonely thats probably why hes not in it but then I dont know what happened to my mom in the dream ? And was there 3 waves?

  70. Thank you for this interpretation. I am relieved to see that I am not the only one who dreams about huge waves!! In my “wave dreams” I am alone – no other people around. Previously, there would be more than one wave, I would be on some high vantage point and just before the waves reach me, they would simply merge into the surroundings (buildings, or hilltops). In the last dream, I was on the ground, the wave was bigger than any of the previous ones and it was about to break, when I saw a swimming pool and decided to jump into it. I woke up with a semi-anxiety attack!!

  71. Amazing. The other day I friend phoned; she dreamed that I am drowning in a bath of water. Today I had this tidal wave dream. Initially I was scared and then remembered what she said about water.

    She said I should go and read about the symbolic meaning of the pelican. I also found reading about the cormorant helpful.

    The above was also helpful to understand this episode in the dream. I will try and become the wave as I get into my new business challenge.

    BTW: I friend is psychic and had the dream a day before I learnt about my new challenge.

  72. The interpretation of tidal wave dream was great, your suggestions of exploring subconscious mind is great. Can you suggest a book or a way to do this?

  73. My tidal wave dream is pretty odd. I am in a tropical locale and am on the shore of what seems to be a lagoon. I am with a kangaroo, one which is about my size. I am carrying the kangaroo, my arms are around his chest and facing away from me, and I enter the water. The kangaroo does not struggle or try to get away from me; he is just very passive. As we walk further out into the lagoon, a tidal wave begins to fill the lagoon. It becomes so deep that I am unable to touch the ground and I’m riding on the top of the wave. I have no fear of the water. I look at the kangaroo and notice his head is beneath the water. I reach down and lift his face up out of the water. I do not remember any more of the dream after this point…

  74. This really helped! I think my dream has something to do with a new relationship and overwhelmed feelings. I keep having this dream of finding a jet ski with a childhood friend and deciding to take it our into a very rocky ocean. When we get into the water we am no longer on the jet ski and we are swimming in the ruff ocean. The waves are over powering and we keep having to dive through them. Eventually more and more people are with us and we are diving through them and then I wake up.

  75. I was home for the holidays when my dad told me the news of the tsunami in Thailand a few years ago. I proceeded to tell my Dad of my recurring tidal wave dream. Five minutes later my brother who is 13 years older than me came downstairs. He had overheard me talking about my dream and he started asking me questions about it. He tells me that he’s had the same exact dream! The details that match are uncanny-the perspective is even the same.

    Basically, I’m standing on the shore at the beach, the sky is dark stormy blue, the beach is deserted. I see 2 or 3 waterspouts (water tornadoes) form in the ocean and it’s really scary and ominous. I know something bad is about to happen. Then, a big wave (30 ft high) starts coming my way and I turn to run towards the beach house and the sand dune is so high and I’m running as hard and as fast as I can but I can’t make it up to higher ground. I’m pretty sure the wave always gets me although I never feel it because that’s where the dream ends.

  76. A Dream About My Parents And Me, Going To California, I Think, And A Big Wave From The Beach, Knocking Me Over Onto The Ground, yikes!
    Yes, I Think That My Parents And Me, Were Going To Go Visit California, I Guess, And A Big Wave From The Beach Came Over The Tiny Little Hill, That Was Between The Beach And Us, Or Us And The Beach…..I Also Kind Of Remember, That We All Were Supposedly Driving From The Midwest, To California, I Think So Anyways….Yes, All Three Of Us Were Driving From The Midwest, To California, I Guess We Were Anyways……;) and it was way warmer there in the dream, i remember it being way warmer in the dream! warmer than the midwest we were taking off from, anyways, it was way warmer than the midwest, for which we all were taking off from, hee hee!;) from elise renee gingerich age 39 in Lawrence Kansas Usa yay!

  77. Very helpful interpretion. Was curious as the waves I dreamed of were as tall as skyscrapers and were not even near an ocean. But I’d just duck under water that came out of nowhere & go limp; when it crashed down i’d just feel a tap on my head. You may have stopped reading these comments but I’m glad you shed some light on the subject. Thank you

  78. Excellent post. I used to be checking constantly this weblog and I’m impressed! Very helpful information particularly the last part 🙂 I handle such information much. I used to be seeking this certain information for a very lengthy time. Thanks and best of luck.

  79. I’ve had this reoccurring dream but it doesn’t happen every night. It like happens either three or two times a year. And it’s about me on the beach having a good time and then it’ll all of a sudden become cloudy and rainy and then the waves would become huge. I’ll either be in the water or on the sand and the wave would try to suck me into it so I would drown. I would always have to run up a very steep sand hill and every time I do I would end up falling into the waves but then I would get back up and escape and then I would wake up after I’d escape. But now it would continue and I would escape to like a nearby place where it’s taller then the wave but somehow the wave would always end up taller so I would get into a higher place and then I would wake up when I was safe from the wave.

  80. I’ve had this reoccurring dream but it doesn’t happen every night. It like happens either three or two times a year. And it’s about me on the beach having a good time and then it’ll all of a sudden become cloudy and rainy and then the waves would become huge. I’ll either be in the water or on the sand and the wave would try to suck me into it so I would drown. I would always have to run up a very steep sand hill and every time I do I would end up falling into the waves but then I would get back up and escape and then I would wake up after I’d escape. But now it would continue and I would escape to like a nearby place where it’s taller then the wave but somehow the wave would always end up taller so I would get into a higher place and then I would wake up when I was safe from the wave.

  81. Thanks for the interpretation! I have had tidal wave dreams for years now and they vary often. Almost always, though, I am caught up in the wave and I always end up landing on a rooftop or something like that. The waves aren’t usually on the coast or around a body of water. In the dream I had last night, the tidal waves kept coming and coming and I remember we all were scared, but most people were surfing or playing around in the waves. I was with my little brother, trying to protect him and hold on to him, but the wave safely carried me away to an upper level deck of a building and I lost my brother. I tried and tried and tried to find him, but I couldn’t…which was the scariest part of the dream help interpreting would be so much appreciated! Thanks!

  82. Great informative article.
    I’ll share my dream/interpretation.

    On the beach, huge beautiful wave. Solid and singular as far as the eye can see – one huge wave, like a singular row. Not crashing just at its peak – and water dripping from its tip. Kinda Moses like, but I wasn’t the one controlling it – I don’t think.
    But I did walk up close to see it, to observe it. I was awe-struck by its beauty. Its power.
    It was beautiful. In my dream I thought, “wow, if my friends could see this.” But I was alone, and not scared one bit. I was mesmerized by its beauty.

  83. Hi, I have had too dreams involving tidal waves, in the last month,

    In the first I was walking in a town by the sea when suddenly a tidal wave hit, at first I didnt think the water level would rise that high, but it kept increasing and I had to run from my life, I managed to swim hard and get on a building then I had to run from rooftop to rooftop and barely escapd the wave.

    On the second dream, I had met a young boy without a family or home, and I was giving him advice of where he can find shelter for the night so he had somewhere to sleep, A tidal wave came again. I got the boy safe and told him to stay there and then went running for my surfboard, I got it from a flat that was still being constructed.

    In both dreams I didnt really fear the wave, however in the first one I was scared when the wave surprised me and made me fight for my life.

    I wonder if I will have anymore.

    Its been fascinating reading about some of your experiences, I always have had some extremely vivid dreams and find the whole subject fascinating.

  84. Great Article!!

    I dreamt I was sat on a beach last night and the waves kept coming. Very weird! I rarely remember my dreams but keep thinking about it (hence looking up it’s potential meanings).

  85. Thank you for such a thorough interpretation of tidal waves in dreams. I have had tidal waves in my dreams since I was a child and have often wondered what they mean. I usually have them when I am under some sort of stress so I figured stress had something to do with them. I have had them every night for the past week and they change slightly. In the first one I was actually consumed by the wave and died. I kept trying to talk to my children from the other side and no one could hear was so frustrating. In the dreams since that one I am saving someone. Last night it was a strangers baby. I usually get away from the wave. I used to be terrified of them but, somehow now in my dreams I end up being some sort of hero by saving people. I don’t know what it all means but, your interpretation was the best one I’ve seen so far.

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  87. I just want to say thanks. To me dreaming is something that the human race still has to learn to use. To me each dream is awsome, just because of it being in another world, a world where im free, cant be hurt or controlled…its awsome, so what is the best way for me to start to learn more of it?

  88. I have two dreams based on natural processes. One is tornados and the other is tidal waves. All of the time, the tornados are around me but never strike exactly where I am. With the waves, usually I am at a beach and I see the wave building and I’m telling everyone to leave the beach but nobody listens to me. Recenly, I had a tidal wave dream but I was already in the water and this giant wave was coming so I dove into the base of it and I survived it. Not sure what these strong and devastating natural process mean but I have been having these dream since at least my teen years and I am now in my 40s.

  89. I found this all to be very helpful!! I have had the same dream at least 4 nights a week for well over 3 years, it wasn’t until the other night that something had changed in the dream, my oldest son was with me and I grabbed his hand and basically drug him up the hill on the beach in a state of panic… And as usual that is when I always wake up, right before the wave crashes. Can anyone make sense of this?

  90. I’m out surfing and all of a sudden I feel as if thers something large behind me. I can just feel it. I look back and see a large wave ..its massive. And everyone that was surfing paddles to shore and runs but I head for the wave. Feeling calm and very peaceful. Just like a bug flies to a light. As I get to the top my dream ends and I never get to see the other side

  91. Really glad to find this article and hear that so many oher people have had the same type of dream.

    I’ve been dreaming of tidal waves intermittently for about 10 years and, as many others have said, it makes perfect sense that they correspond to times of emotional stress and cumulative self-denial.

    Where mine differ from other descriptions though is the sheer scale of the wave ; appearing to be literally thousands of feet tall – so vast that the curve of the earth can be seen in them, even at a great distance.

    The dream that stayed with me most was a follows (and I’ll describe it in the present tense, as I feel that it helps to give better perspective) :

    I’m standing in a wide, high glass-fronted room – part of a large beach house. However, it’s not a sunny scene – in fact, quite the opposite ; the atmosphere is oddly otherwordly and claustrophobic, with vivid but dark red/sepia colours dominating. As I look out of the window, the tide is extremely far out, with sand stretching for miles under a dark, ominous sky. At first the distance is almost imperceptible, but as I struggle to focus, I realise that the skyline is not in fact sky, but instead the immense, coruscating crest of a wave so large, words fail to adequately describe it. It inspires accute awe and dread in me, to the point that, even thinking of it now brings the fear back strongly. I wait, as the wave builds and builds, until I can hear the deafening churn of what seems to me to be hundreds of thousands of tonnes of water. After a long, agonising wait, it eventually obsures all light and, finally, crashes through the glass and envelops me. Then I wake up.

    Sorry for the long post, but I needed to get that out of my system! Thanks,


  92. I don’t know if you still read these or not, but I had a dream about a tidal wave coming in the direction of my house from across the road (there are no natural water sources here). I saw it coming and tried to slam the front door but the water ended up gushing in my house, with big dark fish in it. But, after it stopped gushing in, my house wasn’t flooded. I’m terrified of natural water, so it was a big relief in my dream that my house remained empty of water even though all this water had gushed in…

    Could you please let me know what this means? I’m in a very complicated and difficult time of my life, on the verge of a big decision, so I’d love to hear what this all could be representative of.

    Thank you!

  93. thanks for this article it helps me understand my dream and 80% true for me especially the” the things that we aren’t confronting may be as easy to identify as a test we are afraid of failing, a deadline we feel we won’t be able to meet, Tidal wave dreams may come because we are procrastinating, or simply don’t feel prepared. “.. thank you

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  95. I have recurring Tidal Wave dreams. Today I woke up from one. I was in a city, in my dream it was Los Angeles, and from what I can remember from all sides waves where coming. I could see them forming from a far off distance and they came fast upon me. I remember somehow jumping from one building to the next just trying to get to higher and higher ground. Each building leaped from was immediately engulfed by waves. I remember finally getting to the tallest building, panicking as I tried to scale it and get to the top, and when i got there I looked around me and the sea had risen up to just below the edge. I think I woke up at this point, because i can’t remember anything else.

    This is consistent with my other tidal wave dreams. the themes usually are overwhelming fear and a refusal to give trying to escape the wave. And though I usually avoid getting sucked into them I end up in a location where I am stranded and surrounded by a raging sea, that looks deep and unforgiving.

  96. Hi this site is great thank you, very descriptive. I am not one for dreaming, but recently have been having very vivid dreams of varying nature. Last night I was surfing and dancing in some amazing multi-coloured and azure blue sea……..I didn’t want to wake up it was wonderful……I under estimate the mind! Thanks again, your descriptions match up to what is happening in my personal life right now……

  97. I had the most fearful tidal wave dream. I had always heard these wave dreams had meaning and in your article my life,at this moment, is described perfectly in paragraph two! Very enlightening! Thank you!

  98. Reading Froberg’s dream of “lots of man made concrete walls that seem to contain the ocean”. my wall is black and bumpy that reaches the sky but not intimidating, The water is securing and the dream is recurring in the past 5 years.Most of my dreams contain water in some way. Last night a big hole blew open in my wall and a tidal wave came crashing through it flooding my house that magically popped making me climb to the top floor for safety. I watched a woman try to put the crumbled rock back in the huge wall twice. The next day, I was fired from my job.

  99. I’m greatful for this article but my tidal wave dream doesn’t really match up to the few that I read below and I noticed the dates on them and realized that these were posted a few years ago but this dream has been bothering me since I’ve had it so I’m going to tell you it.

    I was in Mexico, I believe, with my family (little brother, mom, and step-dad). Nothing was out of the ordinary and everyone was happy. For some reason throughout the beginning I felt that someone in my life (a friend or my boyfriend) wasn’t wanted on the trip, but no friend or my boyfriend came along with me on the trip. After that I just remember everyone in the town standing behind the row of hotels by the beach. They were all looking at the waves, including me, and I noticed that the waves were larger than normal. When I turned back around to see what they were saying, I noticed everyone including my family sprinting as fast as they could to get away from where I was standing. When I turned around to see what they were running from, a HUGE wave was towering above me. I started running as fast as I could go towards my family but ended up not being fast enough and got tackled by the wave. Instead of panicing and tensing up, my body was completely relaxed and I held my breath without panicing and I let the wave just take my body. When I finally got out of the wave I ended up at my mom’s feet. We ran back to the hotel to see what was going on and noticed that there was a boat out in the ocean. In my mind I’m terrfied to be those close to the water just in case a tidal wave would happen again but my mom makes me stay. Then the boat just blows up! And all the men are jumping out trying to survive.

    This dream left me so confused and I just want to understand it.

    1. Serena. Sounds like to me a dream about your relationship with your mother. She’s your anchor while you ride the waves of life.

      1. Thank you Rebecca. That does seem that’s what my dream is telling me. (:

  100. Thank so much, it was right on the money! I just woke up from a similar dream, and started to google about it and came across yours 🙂
    This as my 2nd time dreaming of water. I don’t remember much of the first time but this second time around, I do! Okay, so my girlfriend and I were at the beach just stopping. I saw the level of water is higher than normal but calm, and the water is covered the entire sand area… And in an instant, I think it was either tsunami or tidal wave rush towards us so rapid and we both were scared and ran toward our car to escape. The water is as high as the top car windows but she was calm and started to drive as I hopped right in the car after her… I felt that either or let’s just stay at the close by hotel as whatever may come will come, so why run?
    So that was that and I woke up…
    **so here’s the thing, I just moved here to Puerto Rico from the States. (my gf lives and from here) I’m about to go back to college to get a degree of which I will able to use it for great warning in the future. School was something I never thought I would go back and quite frankly, I didn’t like it at all… We also have had some ups and downs in our relationship and been on a 3 different moves already (in Cali, NC, Mass and now Pr)…
    Please give me your feedback on what you think about my reoccuing dreams.
    Many thanks!

  101. This was my first tidal wave dream. I had a dream last night that me and my brother were on a boat off the coast on something like a fishing trip. It was a big charter boat and we were standing towards the back of the cabin as the boat was traveling when all of a sudden a massive wave (2 1/2-3 stories tall) appeared out of nowhere and was headed right for us. The wave rushed the boat and took it verticle as my brother and I acted quick to jump in the water and swim as hard as we could to get over the wave. We both surfaced and were alone but relieved. I remember it being dawn or dusk outside.

    Riding it sounds like a lot more fun 🙂

  102. I get the tidal wave dreams on occasion, but it usually wipes everyone else out and I keep escaping them. But, in the dream, I can’t help but watch the waves cover the beach and go into buildings and ships. In the dream, I’m fascinated with it, and it’s always my husband and I doing this together, and sometimes I’m carrying my little dog.

    After reading your article, it dawned on me what it means.We don’t have any children and prefer to be that way. We’re happy with our lives as it is now. But I nearly got pregnant recently but it turned out to be a false alarm, and know that I’m not ready to be. The thought terrifies me.

    Reading your article made me laugh. The tidal wave has to be pregnancy and the people on the beach are probably how my subconscious perceives other parents… ha ha.

    1. And let me add, the people on the beach who are taking these waves have no panic. They just take them with stride. Just like the parents I know.

      But, even though I like to watch the waves, I’m still not ready for one. ;op

  103. This was really interesting literature…. I dreamed that two tidal waves came at me and I dived under it and ditched it but the third one was a big one with a frozen tip an I dived under it an some how was able to take baby breaths under water to survive it and I did but right before it family members, strangers and I where in the ocean all the way to the chest fetching for boats as to any sane person would do to a taxi can on the street. What does that mean I’m confused

  104. I’ve had a dream just this morning that I was black, even though I am Asian along with my boyfriend and we went out on a boat in the ocean. We had to attend a graduation of some sort and whenever we tried to get back to land an old lady kept saying, “you forgot this, or you forgot to do this.” a little while after a wave came and was about to crash on me andy boyfriend in the boat, I then woke up. What so you think this dream means?

  105. Thanks for the information. I almost thought I was having a premonition, I have been worried about the next earth quake and waiting for a huge wave to come over the mountains. Now I can step back and think about whats going on in my life, with a lot less fear.

  106. so, what about when you dream of a flood and two days later you see the exact same image on TV in Japan?

  107. Thanks for your interesting article. I wonder if you could comment on this dream I had recently. I hardly ever dream about water. I was on the deck of a ferry which was nearing the harbour. Suddenly, a huge wave rose out of the water on the seaward side, where I was facing. It curved upwards into the air, maybe 30 metres above the boat and then continued over the other side, making a perfect arc. I and the people on the boat just laid down on the deck in awe, so we could watch that amazing blue wave arching above us – we didn’t feel afraid at all. It was continually in motion, and when it reached the harbour side, the part of the wave on the seaward side lifted up and moved the whole trajectory of the arc until the last part poured back into the sea on the harbour side. It was really stunning. In everyday life I’m not comfortable with water or even swimming, so this was a really interesting dream. Maybe I felt fine because not a single drop of water landed on me during the wave’s arc.

    I’d really appreciate any comment you could make on this dream.



  108. Amazing. Had my first tidal way dream… But it hit me and I fell in. But climbed out..
    It kept coming back but I was avoiding it and then finally just drove straight in.

    Guess I know what it means now.

    Thank you!!!

    1. But also my family was in it (sisters and female cousins), usually never dream about them…. Iono what that part means …

  109. last night I had a dream inwhich i wanted to go swimming i was on this huge platform with a couple other people.Huge waves kept on getting nearer and nearer.i would call them tidal waves.all of a sudden the platform moved and i got tossed into the water. i remember swimming under water and looking up through the clear water to see the sky up above .I contiued to swim up until i was above water. i swam to the platform and got on it and told the others i did’nt want to swim anymore. Any idea what this could mean?

  110. I have this as a recurring dream.the latest ones I’ve been trying to save people before it hits.. I feel like I’m sluggish as the wave begins to crash in. But i feel like I’m the guy who is in charge of saving the town, because I’ve lived through them (only in dreams).

    1. To dodgersdog.
      Your dream reflects your need to be a protector yet sometimes it gets overwhelming. Some People have a natural instinct to protect the ones around them but we are not always equipped to handle every situation alone and feel weighed down. Let the people in your life save themselves. Give them a rod and teach them to fish if need be. Sometimes, the only one who can hurt you is yourself while your trying to help others.
      Be in peace and let go to ride the wave instead of struggling against it.

      1. I really appreciate this interpretation. Thank you

  111. I have had tidal wave dreams frequently over the past 10 years. This interpretation has really helped me to understand better the feelings I have long been pushing aside. I see the wave coming, getting bigger and bigger – I struggle up an impossible incline, sometimes sand, sometimes steps. The wave always wins, but strangely, I don’t panic but still try to fight it. If I can, I will endeavor to go with it when next the dream comes to me. I’ve never had much control over my dreams in the past. Here’s hoping!

  112. Just woke up from having a awful nightmare of waves crashing into a place that could have been my home. My trailer looking house was located somewhere out on the ocean as I remember seeing water on both sides. Waves started to form and the sky started getting darker, lightning appeared into the back ground. At the time my 4 yr old daughter was sleeping in her crib. Both my sons were in the living room and my wife was in the room ironing. I noticed the waves getting bigger and the waters were destructive. The waves began to hit my home with more power and with each passing second they began to get bigger. The storm began to get worse that no matter which side of the house front or back the waves were swelling up 10 to 15 feet high. Within a few seconds the waves were so powerful they began to move rocks from near by. When looking out the front window I noticed a house size rock, black in color with sharp edges being pushed towards my home. I ran to get my daughter from her bed and ran back to the living room. With my boys looking on and fear and panic setting in I did not know what to do. As the huge rock hit my home it scraped and tore a hole in my kids room, the weight of the rock pushed my home clockwise and ripped the right side. As that happened my trailer home flipped upside down and we began to go underwater. Holding my daughter I did not know what to do as both my sons now had to face death. I told my self this was it and we were all going to die as I saw no way of helping my sons and getting my daughter to safety. I remember calling out my 9 year old sons name knowing he would have a hard time swimming out of this. I felt so helpless and the feeling was horrible. I woke up breathing hard and glad it was dream but I hoped the meaning wasn’t death.

  113. Last night I prayed to god asking him to show me what my purpose in life was, in my dream I was standing in waist deep ocean water in California and I saw 3 dolphins swimming one came up to me and put its tail to my chest instantly I felt more love than I had ever felt in my life the dolphin then spoke to me and said December 21st there well be a tsunami in California and the world well go through a huge change then it ended. A few years ago I had a dream of god coming to me telling me I was part of his prophecy and I would play a huge part in the end of days!! Interrupt this how you well but me and my dad are buying guns and supplys and moving to some mountains until next year please take warning in this!

  114. This helped me alot… I had a dream a couple nights ago that was ominous and disturbed me. I saw one person from my former job and a few from my current I just started. We were in a building in a city I’d never been in. Suddenly, a huge tidal wave gave and I was probably 2 or 3 floors up and it was higher than that. Now, recently, I felt like either I’d quit or get fired from my new job because its too much pressure. Its new to me being my first full time job, and I never did the type of work it is before. Its more overwhelming than I thought. I’ll be in a hard place if I quit (and I don’t really want to), and I thought if I can’t handle it I’d get fired at some point (even though they’re very supportive). Its possible that I hit my stress peak and thus this dream… Thanks for the article.

  115. Hi, I dreamt I was in a high building and the waves were crashing on the windows of the building. I was inside with people, 1 familiar face only. The waves sumhw did not seem to affect anyone though.

  116. Hi,

    I’m still at a bit of a loss, my dream which happens very regularly is always that the wave comes out of nowhere and I have to try and either run for higher ground or cling on to something as it comes at me. Tonight and very often it involves me trying to make sure I have each of my three children with me and the panic that they won’t be able to hold on. Or I can’t find them in time.

    I would be so so grateful if you could explain this as I have had varying versions of this dream for years.



    1. I have had tidal wave dreams for years. I believe that they are directly related to strong events – both good and bad – occurring in my life or events that are in the near future – that I am trying to deal with – control in a way. Some of the tidal wave dreams have been scarey and some have been exciting. I think it depends on the circumstances in my life that my subconcious is dealing with, but I’ve never been able to tie them to any particular event. I’ve had tidal waves that approached that I dove through and was able to breathe while in the water….ones that were approaching as I was on the beach and as I turned to warn everyone — the only people on the beach were small infants — this was a complete panic where I was trying to pickup and carry as many babies as I could to escape the wave…having to leave some behind (this one was awful)…another that I waited for and rode the wave through the beach into a town that was more of a big inner city and I continued to ride the wave around building and through tunnels….(this one was kinda cool).ones where Im in a glass structure and the wave approaches and I go to the roof to “ride it out”….and others that approach and right as they hit, I wake up….usually very upset…I havent had any recently….but was floored when my daughter mentioned that she has been having some “crazy tidal wave dreams”…I couldn’t believe it! I never mentioned my dreams to her in the past -so its not because of that…What do you make of the fact that my daughter (17) is now having these same dreams??

  117. I had a crazy dream last night. and your blog helped me understand it better so thank you! this is the dream I had….at first I was in this house in a harbor somewhere, I was playing this game with a large bouncy ball and I was bouncing the ball on a table to some guy on the other side of it and the game was to try and keep perfect fluid motion, we played for a bit and then the guy left and another very tall man came in the room and stood quietly looking at me and then suddenly there was a massive earth quake and it lasted for like 5 min it was not too harsh more like a vibration from the depths of the earth but did not cause the house to fall just a few things knocked off shelves. After it was over the man did not move but I did. I ran outside and looked at the ocean and realized a massive wave was going to hit, it was the start of a tsunami. I had only a few hours to get to high ground so I got my mom and we went to my sister’s house and for some reason I man I had been dating was in the dream standing by my sister, I told my sister and him that we must go but they had to wait for something before they could go so I told my mom I would stay with them to keep them safe until they could go and the she should go on to safety without me, my mom said no and then she said “ if they are not willing to go now it will be too late and you must make the choice to save yourself”.. I realized she was right so we started driving but for some reason she thought taking PCH was a good idea lol not sure why? I saw the waves getting bigger and bigger until they started to take overtake the roads. I told her no mom no we must go inland and head for the mountains so she turned north and we started to drive up into the mountains and the whole time we drove there was stormy weather and the land was in upheaval. We kept driving and then came to house built on the side of hill and it was mess but we needed to stop and sleep so we climbed up to the house and dropped in through a window.. Once in the house we heard a sound of a woman screaming help me please help me so we quietly walked to the place we heard her and I saw her in the kitchen of the house with a man on top of her raping her violently. I wanted to help her but did not think I could take that man on in a fight so I grabbed a kitchen knife on the counter (one for cutting turkey) and walked softly behind him and then stabbed him in the side to hit his kidneys and then when he lurched back I pulled him by the hair on to his back cut through his throat…. so yeah that was my dream…. so what do ya think? lol

  118. Omg, I always get these dreams. Defiantly to do with me having a hard time.Last nights was really frightening, so I think next time I’m going to have to face the wave…

  119. I got a tidal wave dream 5 years, I watched it from shore often,it will raise up and gone,but not striking me. My mood was in fear and confused on what it means while I was dreaming. Yesterday night I got a dream,its beautiful calm blue sea(like hawaii).playing with waves. (it seems tidal waves but I feel it as ordinary wave and enjoying in it ). I saw a big waves , show that wave to my mom happily by saying ,”see mom,its coming,i say so”. Its big one ,its not hitting us,its above us in still motion,above that another big wave in still motion, its so beautiful ,i wonder how lovely it is. Suddenly it disappears,again suddenly I dont see any waves,but splashed by water, I fell down and says happily “awesome”. What it means? Resolve my dream confusion soon

  120. “tidal wave dreams will often indicate a period of internal change”….I had a dream last night that I was suddenly confronted with two huge tidal waves. I was no where near water when the tidal waves showed up. I had mixed feelings of awe, excitement, intrigue, and a bit of fear. I held my breath and closed my eyes. Next thing I knew I was in the ripple of the wave, safe and sound. I made it through the wave!!! Then I woke up. I felt different when I woke up. I can’t stop help thinking about this dream. So I Googled it & found this blog. Makes sense to me because I just started my own personal recovery from alcohol and I’m sober 7 days now. I’m SURE this is the sign I needed!!! Thank GOD!

  121. Hi, I agree that this site gave me the best explanation so far. I just woke up at 5 because I dreamt of a tidal wave. The tidal wave look like the tsunami of Japan –strong and muddy.It is not my first time to dream of it but today it wasn’t really that scary — . I saw it coming (and I never saw it coming from the sea – it was set to engulf a city with building and then lots of cars) and then I run away to a place that is high – I’ll go from houses to houses and then I saw it coming again wanting to engulf me and then I run away climbing to a high place because people are going there. Funny that I felt not really that scared but I feel a bit panicky – it’s as if that the wave is really coming for me but I’m running away from it because I am protecting someone – it was a baby. I don’t know whose child is it (I’m single and I don’t have any boyfriend for the time being. I am like single for almost 4 years). I don’t remember carrying a baby but I was really running because I have to protect that baby. I don’t know why I am protecting the baby but I felt that the baby is really important and then I saw the waves again and it was the dead end. Then, I saw three people – one woman , a guy and a child. The wave is a bout to engulf us (I wasn’t afraid that the water is about to engulf me and weird that I really felt no water and don’t see any –just a feeling that it was about to engulf us) and I was looking at them. The last thing I remembered, I felt that I was protecting the wrong baby and it was the child with them that I should protect. What do you think is my dream about ? Lately, I am starting to get to know more of myself both emotional and spiritual side (I am a Roman Catholic and I am getting to know more about Jesus with the help of people that are Born -again Christians.) I always have this fear of the future. It is as if , I don’t know what will I’ll be and I don’t know on where will I’ll be going and I planed that to know where I’ll be , I need to more about me. Amidst all I am certain of one thing, that I am in search myself my life and Jesus. Does it sound to confusing ?

  122. In my dream my friend was having a party on a dock so long it goes way out deep. Then theres a bridge that you have to cross. It is all ugly amd broken
    It is dangerous but everyone crosses it. So i start walking on it then a little jump comes ahead soon and just as im about all these tidal are HUGE they go under the bridge and they lift the bridge up as high as it can go. Mostly over the size of a house. Then o fell in the ocean. And i woke up.
    I dont know what it can really mean. But i FEAR the ocean due to the fact you never know what its the water either a shark or some electric eel. I never go to the beach and if i do i dont get in the water.

  123. hi, my name is michelle and this is a great article although istill have some problems interpreting my dream, ive been to a couple of website but, this one interested me the most.I had this dream about a big clear blue tidal wave coming at me. I started running away from it but then it caught up to me. I ran towards this pole that was jus there in the middle of the sand and grabbed on while all the water was rushing towards me iwas sort of flying and grabbing on as hard as icould but then the water disappeard and everyone around just kept walking and i just started picking up seashells with other people. what does this mean?.

  124. Througout my life, I’ve often had dreams of the ocean and of waves, often huge ones, often unexpected. I’d get in the water, and the waves would get bigger. Sometimes, there would be a tall wall out on the shore, separating the beach from the boardwalk, and I’d run back towards the wall, away from the waves, until the waves would crash right up against and over the wall and take me with it. These were quit horrifying for a time, and just like your article says, seemed to occur when I was under a great deal of stress, particularly when I was in the throes of a severe addiction and terrified to being found out by family.

    As my dreams became lucid (I now have lucid dreams more than half the time) I bagan riding the huge waves, and breathing underwater. Last night, one threw me right over the wall I mentioned earlier.

  125. In my dream I saw the tidal wave approaching, but I wasn’t frightened of it. I think I was inside a house, and was working on a model ship (I’ve never done this before). The wave got closer, and enveloped where I was, though it didn’t get me, and ruined the ship. I got upset about the ship and kept crying out loud that it had gotten ruined. (The next two parts I don’t remember which order they came in.) I was standing on a bridge (?) and saw a family, who had passed away because of the wave, in a flatable raft, floating above the wave.. I was thinking to myself wondering what it would be like to be in their place, to be dead. Along with this family, I saw couples, naked, holding each other, floating as well, and thinking that I liked the look of skin. The other part, the wave enveloped me. I was looking straight, and it almost looked like the water had made a wall. I got a bit scared because I couldn’t see the way up (which did happen to me when I was a teen). Next thing I knew, I was out of the water.

  126. WOuld you believe that it was yesterday when i broke up with my boyfriend.and i just dreamed about big waves last night.the interpretation is true.honestly i dont believe that dreams have meaning.but this one is really related to my situation.

  127. In my dream, im on the beach trying to run away from the waves and they keep catching me and dragging me in and im in a struggle to get out

  128. This was very helpful and informative. Other dream-related websites just say “you will be unhappy in love”, or similar nonsense. Thank you!

  129. I have been having terrible tidal wave/ tsunami/ uneasy water/ violent wave dreams for what seems like a lifetime, I find that when time progresses they seem to be changing a lot. The first one was so traumatic that I can still remember it, it happened when I was 8yrs old (17 yrs ago) since then I will have a couple a year every here and there, but when it’s come to making big desicions, making a massive change in my life they become more reoccurring and vivid.

    I have been dreaming as of late about a GIANT! Tidal wave taking loved ones from me. I have come to the realisation that it could be because I spend a lot more time away from them (family), with the role that I have only recently taken on at work. I know that your dreams reflect your life, but could they do it in a less scary way?

    That aside, this has been extremely useful, I’ve never been the type to search for answers about these dreams, but now that I have an understanding of why they’re here I will use it as a tool to push forward, and not be so anxious about things and work with it, perhaps I can surf the tidal waves in the near future 🙂

  130. I just had a nap dream in which i was floating in Toronto’s harbour (i live in Toronto) and out of nowhere a 200+ foot giant wall like wave was towering above me and i started screaming in fear while debating whether to dive underwater but i woke up then and there. I have issues with anxiety, lack of assertiveness, procrastination and fear and resentment towards “badmind” people both real and imagined

  131. i have recently started having tidal wave dreams every single night. i guess for about 3 weeks to a month now.. i am usually standing on the shore, watching the beautiful beach, and then all of the water goes away. its nothing but sand as far as the eye can see. i am pretty sure i saw this in a movie before, but in my dream i know this is a tidal wave coming. other people are just looking around wondering where the water went. but i run for my husband and my son, constantly looking for some safe, high place to go. because i know its coming and we are going to not only drown, but probably be crushed into buildings or crushed by cars and debris that are swept away in this wave. i always look back and see the wall of water as high as a sky scraper coming. in some dreams i try to tie us together with a rope, but i am not great at the knots. other dreams i just hold them as hard as i can with my hands so that when the wave hits, i don’t lose them.. i know in my dream that all my strength is probably not going to be enough. but i still try.. and then the water hits and i wasnt high enough or safe enough. and when it hits i wake up…
    so thanks for the interpretation. my husband, my son and i recently had to move to mexico, where my husband is from because of immigration issues. i am now living in a villiage in mexico. the culture, the family, money and language barriers have been my challenges. we are faced with the decision of staying here or coming back illegally (both very hard choices especially since we have a 4 year old.) make it work there, but illegally, facing deportation, but a better life for all of us, education etc…or make it work in mexico, where it isnt really the best life but we are together legally…
    today i was lucky enough to get out to a city that has internet…and this is really the first time that i have been able to talk about what is happening to us, because i dont speak enough of the language to even have a friend like that here yet. i think after this my dreams could become awesome. at first i just wanted them to go away. but now i want them to be fun. after reading here, i think i can make this work. and stop being afraid of the tidal wave.

  132. Last night I had a dream of a tidal wave. Everything around me was white, like I was on a salt flat or in a snow covered field, and I turn to see a massive wave coming at me. I decide to try and go over the top of the wave, knowing that there is deadly debris churning underneath a tidal wave, and the force of the wave launches me in to the 40-50 feet in the air. Once i reach the appex of my launch, i accept that I will not survive the fall. As I’m falling, I feel as though I’m falling in real life. I remember thinking “Ok. This is it. I am going to die”, and inwake up just as I hit the water. I’ve been going through some pretty serious emotional issues for over a year, but I don’t understand why now im having this dream. Any ideas?

  133. In my dream, my husband and I were about to go for a swim at the beach. He was ahead of me and I saw him dive into a large swell. Gradually as I was swimming towards the swell, it turned into a gigantic glistening, white crested tidal wave, which appeared to be moving in slow motion. There were others on the beach and I knew I couldnt out run it. I saw someone holding onto a pole of some sort and I tried to make it to them but knew I couldnt, so I crouched down and I told them to crouch down too. I could see the wave coming closer and closer until I could actually feel it’s spray, hitting my back. I thought I would hold my breath and just go with what ever happened. I was scared and wondering if my husband was alright. I woke up before the wave consummed me. This dream was very vivid and in colour. I only had it the once. Thanks to your interpretation, I now feel it was probably because I have just lost my job and am at a crossroads in my life.

  134. I found this very useful and comforting , these dreams worry me . Last night my dream was that I was on a boat in the middle of the ocean the waves were coming towards both sides of the boat when the wave it the boat filled with water but we was all ok and the water left ?? What does it mean by actually getting hot by the water

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  136. now i know the meaning. iv’e been dreaming ocean waves for quite a long time now. thank you for your article it now make sense to me.

  137. So my dream was that there was gigantic tsunamis coming from two angles and everytime I would grab my son and cling to him hoping and praying we would survived when the hit down. it was fine until I seen after one hit that it swept him away and I was panicing trying to find him. I found him giggling in the next room but I kept clinging to him waiting for the next one. my heart was racing in this dream it was scary

  138. Great article which answered a few of my questions as to a specific dream I had. In ny drean, a massive tidal wave occurred in a different occasions, with the same person too, my significant other. First off a beach house, I had the perfect view of it coming allowing me to brace for the impact, instructing my girlfriend. My dreamed then followed by us being at the moie theater, and wave reached there too and it starts to flood, I instruct her to take my hand not let go as the water is about to sweep us and does. Third scene, we are in a downtown metropolitan area, I see the huge apocalyptic wave come towards us but mange an escape via my instincts. Last, no longer and fear, but we are driving and end up near the coast, realized it was the wrong direction upon seeing the aftermath of the “wave” which did damage, and then drive in the opposite direction.

  139. Thanks so much. I was in so much panic. I couldn’t shake that dream off. Even though it happened a couple nights ago. I’m glad i finally looked it up. 😀

  140. I don’t understand my tidal wave dream, it’s repeated itself many times over The years as almost always starts with me and my family playing in and around the shoreline of the beach. Because This is my most familiar dream, last night I must have remembered in my dream, because as soon as I saw the scene in front of me, the two familiar things, a large wall that u can’t climb behind the sand dunes, and my kids playing happily in the beach. I couldn’t see directly at the horizon for some reason, so I had to run all the way over to the side, to where higher ground and the cars and essentially safety was. Once I confirmed what I already knew, I then had to run back and save my two kids. I was woken up before this dream ended. Other times it has ended with me getting the girls to higher ground, another I held onto the girls as we were flattened by the tsunami against the wall. It’s such a scary dream! It leaves me shaking, and before I had kids, I would have it just about myself.

  141. I had a dream last night about me and this guy I really like. recently I told him how I felt and he told me he dosnt really feel the same way, although he used to.
    In the dream we are in a boat driving around the shoreline of a lake where I used to go to as a kid. I’m showing him all the places I used to camp at. we stop about 100 meters from the shore and the boat starts rocking as some rough waves hit. we stand up and look behind us. I can see a dark thing rushing towards us and it’s getting bigger. I realize it’s a tidal wave and I get scared. it’s comming fast, then all of a sudden the water calms and it goes away, never hitting us.
    could it mean some sort of dying love or emotions we had? the night before I had the dream I told myself I need to move on.

  142. You nailed it in my case:) it’s exactly what’s happening in my life – repetitive tidal waves because I am negotiating a new job that requires a life change and a big move and I am really not ready but have to do it! Very smart article – it kinda relieves 😉

  143. Hi, I do not remember much of my dream but I was pretty deep in the ocean with my Mom who can not swim and waves were passing and all of the sudden a hide tidal wave was forming and I was holding my moms hand and she was telling me everything was going to be ok and all of the sun we were hit with the wave and I remembered she was the knee scared if the water and I felt guilty because I did not want to hold her hand I think we both survived but I do but remember the ending

  144. My waves seem to have very little water, in fact the waves are all concrete buildings and just ripples of earth. I always seem to be consumed with the rubble and trapped in buildings. Sometimes Im in the building looking at the wave of buildings coming towards me. Im in the building the whole way down to collapse. Last night I was directly under the wave of buildings. I remember looking up and saying “This is going to hurt” but I put my hand up and the wave paused enough for many of us to get out of its way…. I kinda understand it but, geesh the fall and the vividness is too much sometimes..

  145. This was most helpfull but what will it mean if i dreamt that this huge tidal wave pass by me at both sides without harming me

  146. I haven’t had this dream in a few years, but it was a “reoccurring” dream for awhile. It started when I was very young. I was fearful in my dream, as it was coming right towards me. I had no escape… Behind me was a giant rock wall. The dream was exactly the same every time. I never knew what it meant and cannot remember what was going on in my life when I dreamt it. I do love this description though!

  147. In my dream the first giant waves sucked me in and the second wave sucked three other people in a killed them one being my closest friend and I was l learning how to survive and I had some type of pot with hot grease and I was frying fish and I think I was giving it to someone/something

  148. In the dream I felt like God was protecting me getting sucked in on the first giant wave from the second giant wave where it killed three other people and I looked back to the shore and I saw people get sucked and killed

  149. I look forward to a dream like this but it scares me at the same time. its always me in front of a door or window, i dont like the door one as much because i cant see the wave hit but in the window dream i see the wave rush and hit the window and the water wash off. It scares the hell out of me but i like it and i never move even though i feel the danger.

  150. I have been haunted all day by a very scary dream I had last night of a looming wave. This has helped me to see it a different way that doesn’t instill a sense of panic and overwhelm! Thank you!

  151. I had a dream last night where I was standing in the house and could feel the pressure of water building up under the floor. I held onto a rail and the pressure of water came again and pushed through the floor lifting me and the five other people through the glass window. Outside was a front yard of big rocks and then the ocean. As I was about to go through the window, I knew the glass would cut me but it didn’t. As i was flying through the air, over the rocks toward the ocean my thoughts were that of I am going to die now and will I be landing on the rocks or into the water. All of a sudden I was being cradled in the air. i did not see anyone but figured it to be an angel. I was carried slowly and safely to the edge of the water and placed there. I was not hurt at all. I looked up and saw the other were in the water and okay. What does this mean?

  152. Had a dream of a tornado coming and a tidal wave it was scary and the wave scared me and its a horrible dream. After reading ur article I can learn to try to control my dreams. Very awful feeling dreaming that im gonna die. But I did breath under water once nothing happen in my dream.

  153. Lastnight i was dreaming a pleasant dream and out of no where came this gigantic tidal wave, I watched from the side as it come in. It was vertical and very high (like 200 meteres) and very straight with small swirly wisps behind It. As I was watching, it came toward me then passed me to crash on the shore. Once it crashed it went right down just like any other wave crashing on the shore. I don’t remember much else in the dream but have a clear memory of this tidal wave and what it looked like. Thankyou for this post it has been helpful. Though I’m wondering if there is any significance to it being so straight and tall?? it was like watching a building slowly moving past me. Amazing to watch but felt slightly scared nearing the crash?

  154. Hi, this helped me with my recurring big wave dreams to realize even though I don’t feel anxious at the moment, I must be. But my two most recent ones, the first I was like flying over the wave just barely over the top of it, and in the second I was in the ocean, in a boat going somewhere. Is this me getting more built up emotion? Or closer to the date/event I’m anxious about? I always wake up before the wave crashes down. I just see this huge wave come up out of no where, start to panic in the dream, and then wake still panicky. There’s also many other very odd things going on in the dreams (like what I’m doing or who I’m doing it with or where I’m at) but the same person is in most of my dreams and appears in the wave dreams as well. Is this person part of my anxiety? Then, my recently passed father was in the later one, is he a part of the anxiety too? (Neither of which I’d be surprised about)

    Thank you, it is quite scary waking up in a panic over these and then not knowing why it’s happening.

  155. Hello there, I used to have a tsunami dream that was coming back to me for four months. The dream stopped two weeks before Christmas of 2004 and then tsunami hits Thailand. I’m dreaming about tsunami again in New York City and I’m being terrified. Any explanation, help? thank you

  156. My dream involved being with my nephew, who lives abroad with my parents, where I will notice the behavior of dogs throughout the day. In the late evening I notice a low tide and I am on alert. I always rush to the nearest high point, usually a hill, I then proceeded to watch the oncoming wave as it hits my nephew and I… I struggle to keep him safe at times, but will sometimes risk myself to save him. It may also be worth note, based on what I read here, that I have university deadlines, I don’t see my nephew a lot, and I am making the move into a graduate roll position and need to relocate from Edinburgh to London in a few weeks…
    The description was great above, I sometimes struggle with the anxiety of saving my nephew, why he is with me and the terror these dreams cause once I wake up. Like sleep paralysis, I never awake from this dream state until it has passed.
    What significance could my nephew be?

  157. Just had a dream about a being at the beach just rite at the shore and saw the tsunami coming towards land very fast. Waves were very large tall as a skyscraper.

  158. Thank you for your explanation. Since I was a child I have had very vivid dreams in emotional distressing periods. Many of them were about water and tidal waves. I was searching for their meaning, thank you for your explanation.

    When I was a child I experienced a period of distress. I was sexually abused and suppressed what happened and my feelings of anxiety and anger. In this period I had recurrent dreams of tidal waves causing enormous fear. Sometimes I managed to dive into the wave and it would enfold me, surround me, and I could breathe under water. It gave me a great feeling of safety, as if I was in a mother’s womb, the surrounding wave was no longer causing fear, but giving a feeling of safety and protection.

    Many years later I finally confronted what happened, opened up about this and acknowledged my own feelings of anger and fear. I finally felt safe and at home inside myself.

    Your explanation makes sense.

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  160. Up until now, I just thought that God was shoeing me how I was going to die. Silly, I know. But, this interpretation is so on point that I never leave a comment anywhere and found it extremely necessary to do so here. Thank you SOOOOOO much for this explanation. I am extremely overwhelmed and can’t seem to find a way out. Thank you once again!

  161. Thank you so much for this article!…I was having that dream since I was a child up to now! I am really terrified everytime..i actually developed a fear of big waves after that! I panicked every time I see one may it be in the movies or in reality…every time I dreamed of it I thought it’s a bad omen or something! Good to know that there is an explanation about that! I am so relieved!!

  162. There is no fear in these dreams but a sense of majesty. Fascination for awesomeness. I stood under a wall off water concerned for my friend I have not met yet..who was sitting with me. As the 20 foot wall of water curled over us I loved the echo as my voice carried through the pipeline. I was upset that my phone got wet and oh well the cigs. We moved up wooden stairs as water was rising. Funny how I have just moved and am looking for a partner. Knowing my move is not permanent.

  163. Hy, i’ve just had a dream with a tsunami, meaning i was in a hotel room with other people, at floor 22 cuz i’ve asked them in my dream, and a tsunami started and some small waves came, then a big one, after that some small waves again, then a bigger one, almost at our window, then everything is normal, a friend of us tolds us there was an earthquake, after that Ive seen some people on the beach (the hotel was near the beach) and they were some natives from somewhere i dont know from where, they were like doing some rituals with fire, asking gods for protection i guess, i didnt hear anything in my dream, and after that a super huge wave came and it hit the hotel, and the water entered our room, the wave was higher and ive felt like how it is to drown and ive said in my mind in the dream so this is the end, please god help me, and after that im not sure, but i think when i was about to die from lack of air, the water retreat and i suddenly woke up from my dream…i want to say that exactly today i was at a church and bought a bracer and a neckless to wear, aldo i wasnt in a long time at the churc but im a religious person, and exactly today i bought some little rocks/minerals to wear, they give you all types of energies etc. And i want to say that in numerology my life path is master number 33 if you know what i mean…waiting for a reply, thank you !!!!

  164. Hi I have been having this dreams about tsunami for the 8 years. The thing is that i see family members and friends in this dream. In those years i can have the same dream reoccurring probably twice in a month.

    I dream of giant black waves. i would dream that i am with friends and relatives and then suddenly these black waves would come rushing, we would all run to higher grounds. the thing is that i would watch my friends and family washed away by these waves. i would be standing at a spot together with them, but these waves would stop right in front of me and recede back to the sea.

    i am confuse and at times scared because i kept dreaming of the same thing. please i await your reply.

  165. the thing is my worst fear is a tsunami. i will be at shore my feet touching the water and the water will be a beautiful blue. Not crystal clear but not cloudy either. A tsunami will come, I panic so I just go into it. I hold my breath and wait to overcome it. it goes by but then a second one comes. I hold my breath once again and this ones longer than the first. I begin to panic because I run out of air. I run out and there’s nothing left to do then to just breathe in. I begin breathing under water and am completely fine. It’s actually refreshing. It ends. I go over to tell everyone I can breathe under water and no one answers. I was dead. I died. From the second tsunami. What does this mean?. It got to the point where I could breathe under water. I read when you get to that point it means you are overcoming your anxiety or fear you’ve been having for a while. But when I breathe under water I end up dying in the end. sorry if this doesn’t make sense im just confused.

  166. I just had a wild tidal wave dream. I was enclosed in a glass building that was shaped on a slant almost like a flat triangle. I felt safe and was able to watch the power from all sides. The waves were getting closer and closer and more powerful and higher. Then the waves went over the building I remember the feeling of wondering if the structure was going to hold, it did…but people inside the building acting like it didn’t. I started to look aroundand all the way in the back upper left corner there was a breach. And the water started to come in and flood on top of people but we were still safe where we were and then I woke up. I would love your interpretation of this… I was not fearful even as the water rushed in. In my conscious mind I saw the water as flowing abundance. What do you think each part represented? Thank you

  167. I have these tidal wave dreams quite often except I’m not on the shore watching. I’m always actually in the ocean getting caught in the monstrous waves. I never drown but I always have trouble breathing. What do you think this means?

  168. I was paddling with d tide until I met d tide against me and could not paddle out of that point where d two opposing tides met I kept on going round as I tried to go out untill I was assisted by a woman who paddled me out of the opposing tide in d dream. This same scenario occured at d other side of the river it was my pastor who helped me and paddled me out of the tide pls reply to my dream what’s d meaning. From tdo

  169. I was with quite a few people in my dream, people I haven’t met before, the experience was exactly the same but, there was something different about it. What does it mean when I don’t experience the tidal wave in my dream just once? Like, after the first tidal wave, I would look out to the shore and I could see it was coming again. By then I told everyone it was coming, so we would either run, or hold onto something. I somehow managed to grab onto something as I could feel the rush of water hit me, and everything time this happened, I was alright in the end. Is it normal? This wasn’t my first time having this sort of dream, I remember having almost the same one a few weeks back.

    1. My family and I were on the beach, as I turn to look out to the ocean I saw a tsunami roaring towards to shore and I wasn’t afraid just concern for my kids on how quickly I can protected them but in that second we were in the tsunami, and we were breathing in the tsunami but my 2 young kids were scared and I was trying my best to soothe and comfort them but I awoken before I could comforted them

  170. Ill be honest I’m normally skeptical when it comes to these things but you definitely made me question my own criticism. I searched for an explanation to my dream i just had. I was trapped in house on stilts in the middle of the sea, the people accompanied were not anyone i knew but somehow had a sense of family and stranger to them. A storm came and i remember the water level rising all the up next to the windows, water cascading down from the top of the cracks of the walls. I saw an image of a giant wave quickly rush through and take people off into the abyss before calm set and i looked out into the ocean that looked like a mirror. It was evening i believe as the haze of the horizon resembled a setting sun. Right before i woke up, two figures that were part of the ones that accompanied me here at the house on stilts told me ‘its about time the storm to come.’

    you ‘hit the nail on the head’

  171. Im 20. ive had dreams tsunamis since i was a kid and as long as i can remember. i just stand there and watch the waves come. most of the time i am never hit, although i have been hit in recent one. i watch as it crashes around me. these dreams are very common. i have many throughout each year. i hate it. i am scared of the ocean, i live very close to the coast, i can see the water out my window across the street. i have developed a phobia and sumtimes at the beach espically at night if i hear waves i freak out and wont calm down until i leave. its impacted my life and wish i could figure out why i dream them so often.

  172. Intersting. I think a dream I had last night might be related to my subconscience but still not sure what to make of it (its true meaning) and the lesson I need to take from it (actions).

    I dreamt that I relocated to NYC, to a high rise apartment building near the ocean. It seemed beautiful, and like the perfect location (a dream) and it seemed that I had moved there temporary for a specific purpose/assignment.

    Inside the apartment building, where a mix of people. People that were rich and educated, people that were there only temporary as well, possibly students or foreigners, and I also came to see people that were struggling….but trying to make a better life (live the american dream). Within the building, I also came across like what seemed like orphans…. in particular… there was one girl who caught my attention… who I would see occasionally in the background… and I would find myself wondering about her…. possibly wanting to help her.

    This building was also interesting in that the building that faced the ocean was made of all windows….. floor to celing large glass windows…. with the amazing view of the blue ocean…it was majestic. I lived alone, and found myself lonely. My apartment itself was a nice size…. all white, with white furniture and white walls and doors. It was clean and organized and well lite. My boyfriend came to visit me one day with his dog, and he made himself comfortable. He seemed to love my place, and I thought he would decide to stay with me, but he didnt.

    As the days went on, the large ocean waves were crashing into the building windows… these were tidal waves that reached up to the floor I was on which was very high….maybe 40th floor. It was mesmerizing…scary… beautiful…enchanting …. and a little nerve wrecking. I remember feeling like we were almost in an aquarium tank when looking out the ocean side of the building. But It wasnt menacing…. just a lot of water crash into the windows like the tide crashing onto the beach coast. And I remember thinking how beautiful it felt to be in such close presense to the ocean… scary because the waves were slamming against the window…but I was calm. I had heard what seemed like a property manager, reasurring a tenant that it was ok… that the windows were strong enough to handle the waves and nothing would happend, and they stood admiring the waves.

    Every day I would check the mail looking and waiting for something to come, but it would always be empty. Then one day, I got a lot of mail. I took all this mail and began sifting through it. There a couple of red envelopes and lots of paper. It seemed like I was looking for something, for an answer or message…. like I was trying to solve something. I decided to go for a walk with some of this mail to try look for what I was looking for. But when I was done with my search and walk, I wasnt able to return back to the building. The building had been condemned as it was unsafe and was on the verge of being taken by the ocean and collapsing.

    I was standing outside, and could see the people in the building unable to get out. And I wondered about those people…. and could inane the terror they were feeling. And I thought about the orphan girl… and wondered if she was still in the building. I wanted to help her without knowing if she was still in the building or not. I wondered about her… and felt like somehow, I had let her down, and therefore part of my purpose, whether or not that was my purpose of relocating to NYC or not.

    What does mean and signify? Any interpretation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  173. Tidal wave dreams occur often to me but theyre never scary, I mean, they make me nervous but I’m never panicked. It starts with the wave coming at me but it goes over me and I am under the wave. Not under water but under the wave like it didn’t want to drown me. But this last tidal wave dream I had, the water was coming for me.
    I now know what the water and the wave means to me. It’s my anxiety and sudden change. My best friend is no longer my best friend. But the dream wasn’t about my best friend, in fact, I was with my family.
    We were on a beach when the wave was approaching. My first instinct was to save my family but more prominently my mom. No matter what, my mom had to survive. after we see the wave my family and I link hands and start running inland. We see a building and immediately start going up the stairs. We reach the top but the wave manages to reach us. My mom sees the wave and she panics because she doesn’t know how to swim so I lift her up to see can breathe.
    The dream ends with us waiting to see if the wave was going to recede or continue to rise.
    What did my mom mean in this? I had to save her, my family too, but more importantly her.


  175. I often dream of huge tidal waves, but for some reason instead of being drowned in the waves, they throw me up high into the air and I fall back down into the water over and over until I wake up. I wonder what that means..

  176. i have had tsunami dreams for 2 years now. In all my tsunami dreams, i am in the beach/nearby the beach with someone i know and there is a large wave coming toward and i try to climb the highest point to save myself.
    I just had a tsunami dream some minutes ago.

  177. Hi, I am so thankful I found this article. And thankful even more when I read the comments and found out that the author accommodates and responds questions. I hope you can also help me interpret my dream last night. This was all about tidal waves.
    In a clear sky sunny morning, I was standing in a kiosk built within the sea, surrounded with people that are not known to me. Then tidal waves came. The first batch of waves was so big, then the sea calms afterwards. That’s the time that I had the chance to run towards the seashore then suddenly, another batch of waves approached. Then I had I think 3 companions (I didn’t know who they were) and one of them is pregnant. Then I told them to climb the mountain then we run before the sea level rises. The mountain was so tall and when we reached the top, I instructed them to settle on the shallow hole. Suddenly, the night come as the sea level reached us, up until above us that we were drowned already. I swam up high so I can breathe until I reached the top where I saw a house where there are group of people there. Then I swan back in to the water. Upon swimming, I encountered some creatures underwater who tried to axed me, then I fought them back. That scene repeated twice and then the last part of my dream was, I am with people whom I can’t recognize who. Some of them were old.
    I hope you can help me enlighten with these. Btw, in my waking life, I experienced a lot of confusions and tribulations. And I came into a point that I can hardly perform effective and efficient decision making.

    Thank you!

  178. WOW!! This was a great explanation. I have had this dream for years It would be nice to rid myself from it. This really helps me, however;
    I am curious why in my dreams of waves coming towards me I always have glass windows or a sliding glass door in front of me. Sometimes my family are in my dream? This past dream my dob was running in and out I used to have a tidal wave dream on a beach. In this last dream my dog was running in and out?
    Thank you

  179. Oh my goodness! Amazing article dude! Thank you,
    However I am encountering problems with your RSS.
    I don’t know why I can’t subscribe to it. Is there anybody else getting the same RSS problems?

    Anyone who knows the answer can you kindly respond? Thanx!!

  180. I had a tidal wave dream for 2 consecutive nights, in one dream, i dived into the wave and held onto an underwater structure until it passed, the second one I hid in a beach side cave (not the wisest idea!. We have recently been blessed with a child and she is 3 months old today. Vivid dreams have never been this vivid!

  181. I had a wave dream last night. I was at school, in the ceramics/3D art room, which is where my favorite class is. This was during the day. I looked out the window and a tidal wave was coming towards the school. We have woods and hills all around the school, but in the dream there were none to be seen. The land was flat. The wave crashed on the school and water filled halls and rooms. We were all forced to swim out of the school. I discovered that I could breath underwater as I was about to reach the surface and escape. When I got out, I looked back into the water and it was just a pond or small and deep pool of water. At the bottom was the doors to the school and students were still swimming out of them. When I looked up, it was night. There were only stars in the sky. The only light was coming from a few crashed and flaming cars (not quite sure why those were put there). Surrounding me and the few dozen other students who escaped the school with me, was a deep and very dark forest. I woke up as I was beginning to walk to the edge of the forrest. I was so scared and confused because I have never had that sort of dream before. This article gave a very thorough and in depth explanation to that dream, although I still haven’t found an explanation to the whole dream yet. I’m really trying to figure out why the crashed cars where there. Maybe it meant nothing or maybe it holds some meaning. Why would there be crashed and flaming cars in the middle of the woods?

  182. this article was very comforting, especially after recently waking from a dream where i was in the middle of a tsunami–me, who has always been fearful of large bodies of water. thank you.

  183. This was very helpful. The last two weeks I’ve had 3 of the same dreams. The first 2 I wanted to dive right on in. The other I was holding on to a pole looking at the wave headed right to me doing nothing about it. As soon as the wave touches my feet i wake with a jolt.

  184. I just woke up from a Tsunami dream about 10 mins ago. I was looking at my surroundings thinking what a lovely holiday I was having and I started walking up to meet my two sons and my husband who were on the beach. But before I set foot on it the huge wave struck. A lifeguard came to help me but all I could think of was my kids being on the beach.

    I’m pregnant at the moment. I’ve always had a huge fear of tsunami’s even as a young child and have had recurring dreams of them. I feel total panic in my dreams and even in reality if I see one on the news or in a film. The breath gets taken away.

    I am a worrier and am increasingly worried about how the world is going in a downward spiral so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it.

  185. In my dream I’m at the base of sea cliffs the sky is dark and stormy the wave ( more the whole ocean) approaching is thick black rough and massive. There are dark things in the blackness of the wave . Your right about the deadline , huge one coming up for me at work, feels very overwhelming.

  186. My recurring dream is always of a large body of water. An ocean that surrounds me, or has tried to consume me. Lately it’s been large tidal waves that aren’t a part of the ocean but on dry land. They emerge suddenly, and seem to be chasing me. Threatening to overtake me, and collapse on top of me. However, they never do. It lasts long enough to frighten me extremely, but I seem to hold my composure in my terror of the wave. I am usually being driven away from it in a car in an attempt to outrun it, so to speak it. Eventually it goes away or I wake up.

  187. I’m glad I found this website. Last night I had my first dream of the ocean levels rising and flooding the city. About a month or two ago I had a dream about the end of the world. So these dreams are getting stressful. It makes sense because some things in my life are stressful.

  188. Thank you for this informative article! I’ve had a few different, very memorable, scary tsunami dreams. I am wondering what it means when you are not watching from afar but all of a sudden hit by the massive force of the water?

    I live near the pacific ocean so Im now in fear of tsunamis because my dreams are so scary
    Some insight would be sincerely appreciated to give me better understanding.

    My most recent tsunami dreams: I was indoors in the top floor of a large open warehouse space during the day and my younger cousins were playing around me. There was a moments notice for me to grab on and then water blasted through all of the windows and I was holding my austic cousin between my body and a post, clinging for our lives. The clear and white water carried glass, wood and debris and I woke in panic once the water hit. I could feel the force of the water so clearly.
    The other was a few nights ago. I was driving during the day, fleeing from something I was scared of and the road ended on the beach and I couldnt help but driving right into a giant ocean wave. I was underneath a clear, white giant roaring wave. My husband was watching and screaming from the road. I tried to get out of the car and was still under the wave. I woke screaming and still feel shaken by these dreams.

  189. I have several dreams of tidal waves…either they dont reach me, or they cover me or Im saving /protecting someone from them…but they never ever hurt me…I think they mean that I am aware of danger , i can see it approaching but I am stable & strong enough and I deal with it. I never realized the meaning of the dream before until I read this article so thank you.
    I certaining know that I have stood strong in many situations and I have predicted many things approaching… One never knows whats coming but I do know , I will remain footed for sure.

  190. I get Tsunami dreams all the time. I do have a natural fear of drowning (Who doesn’t?). I have had some stressful experiences (as a child in the pool and as a teen swimming too far into the ocean and floating on the back for 30 minutes waiting to be rescued)
    More than drowning, my fear is being carried away by ocean current way off coast . So, When I hear survival stories about people rescued from rip tides and Shore breaks, it scares me the most. The power of water scares me more than its depth. My dreams are all about swimming too far and unable to make it to the shore or watching a tsunami wave approaching the beach and having no time to run away.

  191. I frequently have tidal wave dreams but my most recent had me searching for my daughter and her children…I woke up extremely distressed (2 hrs ago) and am still coming out of that feeling. I didn’t find them so don’t know if the water had got to them or not….

  192. I live about 200m from the coast and about 10m about sea level. My tidal wave dream is of ocean waves getting higher and higher until they reach the level my house.

    Then I’m inside my house and the waves are hitting my windows and walls and making a huge bang as they hit the house, I feel certain the huge weight will smash the house.

    I’m desperately hoping they waves will stop but they don’t and next a towering wave is coming that is bigger than my house and I’m left feeling terrified that this monster will destroy everything, so I close my eyes as it races towards me, growing all the while,…..but some how the axe does not fall and its as if life goes on in the same humdrum way.

  193. I dreamt last night that I was standing at the window of my old house and I watched these huge waves coming directly to us from about 1 mile away. I ran into my mum’s room and asked her to come and look and we both watched them together. Even though the waves were massive it was actually quite a beautiful dream. Makes a change to dreaming about my teeth falling out, I get that a lot 🙁

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  195. I was on a beach where I usto live when I was younger I was with two friends we were sitting on the sand n having a conversation when we notice a lady what was swimming in the sea was now swimming on sand the a man n his companion who was standing in the water was now on sand then we saw the water was rising n we began running by the time we reach up on the porch of my house the water already got to us bt the wave stop there just we taught it was over we looked back n there was a huger one so before we can get up in run I jump out of my sleep. I wonder what excly does it mean.

  196. Just had my first Tsunami dream last night. I was play fetch on a beach with a dog I have never seen and after I threw a log for him to go fetch I looked out at the water and saw it rising and turning into a Tsunami heading to shore. I took off running for higher ground and that’s where it ended. Good explanation. Crazy drean

  197. I have had tidal wave dreams for about fifteen years. In my dream, the wave coming at me is a thousand feet high and I have the horrible feeling of having no control of what happens. The outcome is completely out of my hands and there is absolutely no escape. My fate is sealed and there is nothing I can do. I had one last night and I realize today that I have been feeling like this for awhile. I have felt like I don’t have a say in what is happening and I have lost some control of my life. I just find it interesting. Maybe it is my subconscious telling me to either take some control or learn to go with the flow?

  198. Wow thanks so much for this helpful analysis after dreaming of a tidalwave last night.i am totally emotionally overwhelmed having t o travel to a foreign country where my daughtrs is marrying a foreigner..I hve so much to do before I go I ve jst met a wonderful man and my emotions are all over t he place….now I will dive right into tht wave and show it I will not be under it but in it!

  199. Thank you so much for this!.. it explains everything and all questions i have, why I’ve been having a reoccurring dream like this. Now ill see how i can deal with this, how can i dive and explore my emotions, and IF i can survive like how u cud survive a tidal wave or tsunami.
    Whenever i have this kind of dream, I’m always afraid, afraid of drowning, that’s why i always force myself to wake up from my dreams!. :S

  200. Thanks a ton. I actually needed to know why i was dreaming of a tsunami so very often. This article helped.. Will try following the approach.

  201. Hi,

    Im Ornella and i had a scary massive tidal wave dream which made me wake up shaking out of fear. I really thought it was the end of the world. In the dream as i peeped our a bedroom window i saw this massive wave so i decided to run as far as i can and telling my family we should go but they refused. I continued to run and could see the tide geting closer. I think of my girl friend and i run to her house and i found her and her son and i hug my girl friend and told her i love her and want to protect to her. I tell her lets run to a double story house and climb to the roof of it and maybe we will survive and she aggreed and came with me and her son. As we were getting away and the tide was so close i wake up with so much fear and literally shaking from the dream. Imediately i sms my girl friend and told her i loved her and that i appreciate her.

  202. I’ve been dreaming about I’m in the shore or in a beach with my love ones then a tsunami comes. In all those dreams I survived the tsunami together with my family. But it concerns me now because I keep on dreaming about it for the 3rd time. Until I read this article and cleared my mind the meaning behind those dreams. In my case, I’m very pressured in life, supporting my families needs. I’m afraid time may come that I won’t be able to give their needs any time soon for some reasons. Perhaps I shouldn’t thing like that, Maybe I should think of the possitive side of my situation. Thank you!

  203. thank you very much now i know what to do and whats happening this was a great explanation.

  204. Wow I must say this is so applicable to me to the point of being eerie. This IS my subconscious. In my dream my dog was swept away which makes sense cuz she got a skunk last night and had it in her mouth. But this dream only represents the beginning of a surge of emotions that I’m bottling up and being overwhelmed. The love part applies too. I will use it as an aid to my inner self to guide me through my feelings of being overwhelmed and face what must be faced. Great article!

  205. I rarely dream but last night I dreamed of a tsunami… i was aware that it was coming as I saw and recognised the signs before the wave appeared… then when the wave appeared, I started running and of course it caught up with me and suddenly i was inside the wave running to keep from it overtaking me… i found myself looking around and thinking hmmmmm so THIS is what its like inside a tsunami wave lol… i wasn’t afraid or terrified or alarmed… i was quite calm throughout the dream… so I’m running up a hill and see a strong sturdy metal mesh fence and instinctively know to jump over it and brace myself for the back lash when it subsides… and then I hear a voice clearly all around me… its the second wave you gotta worry about lol…

    i wake up and think hmmmm well that was interesting…

    i have reached a point in my life (50 this year) where I have decided to do everything I love and make a living from it… perhaps this might be a cause for overwhelment but I’m ready to study, ready to learn, ready to step out of my comfort zone and i dont think that any of what i LOVE DOING is causing me anxiety or worry … I’m already instinctively and intuitively good at what I want to do… ie. music, massage, metaphysics, personal trainer

    any ideas?

  206. I wish this article explained what it means when a tidal wave crashes down on you and you resurface (not lucid dreaming.) There were many others with me in the dream that did not resurface.

    1. Also, I should add that there isn’t anything going on where I feel overwhelmed. Life has been really peaceful lately. There are some big changes coming in the near future, but they are good changes and I’m not afraid.

      Also, there were 3 tsunamis in the same dream. Each one, I tried a strategy to survive it.

  207. I had a dream. It was by the osean, standing on grass my family, friends and kids was around me and on the beach. It was n fun day, then from out the blue, the osean pulled back, and verry big wives come. But in every wive there was about 100 of sharks big and small, with 2 wives i was just looking at everyone getting out of the water, but then the 3 and 4 one come, and all of us was in the water, i saw my brother with one kid in the arm, and 1 kid alone i jumped into the water for the oldes one (6). But all around us was just sharks.

  208. i just dream about tsunami but not near in the shore or something but in the city and im with some of my high school batchmate and some of my idol. its really bother me till now.

  209. the translation really reflects on what is happening with me right now. glad i was able to read this because it really bothers me over the week. i used to know that having a dream involving oceans, waves and boat means someone close to me is gonna die. my grand parents told me that. your site is really helpful now i know wear to go to translate my dreams. thanks and more power.

  210. When i was a child every night for years i dreamed of a huge black water tidle wave coming i would run and it never got me but then id be stuck in a maze like paths with water every where except on the maze crazy dream never forgot it im 45 now and need to understand it please

  211. i keep having dreams of big waves, last night i had one where it crashed into a power station and everything started blowing up in front of me! i don’t ever really feel fear though, more like excitement, weird.

  212. Hi I’ve been having a very repeated dream for a couple of months now it’s where I’m in a tall building like hotel watching massive waves hitting the hotel then there will be a massive one !!! That hits so hard the building starts to fall I’m so scared of what to do its horrible I’m pregnant with my second it was very unexpected and I’m so scared and have so much anxiety about it as I really didn’t want this yet is that what my dreams are aiming at ?? Its starting to really get to me and starting to feel very down about everything

    Thanks jess

  213. For me tidal wave dreams mean death or bad news. The last time I had one was the night my ex husband passed away. This tidal wave was huge, charcoal colour. I was able to get inside a car and somehow I was okay. When I woke up I had the call of my ex passing away. For months before his death I was having dreams of tidal waves from far away, people screaming etc…until this time when I was not able to run from it. I fear water related dreams now.

  214. I was on a beach I could see my wife with my 2 daughters. I see trees in the back round, wild bushes and a beach front house. I look towards the sea and see unatural wave so high it touched the sky. I could see it coming from so far. I knew it had to be a dream because I ran towards my family but before I made it the water swept them away. I could see people in the water. People just floating and screaming. Then suddenly the water went back to the ocean and there was debris everywhere.

    I could not find my daughters. I saw people everywhere washed up on the shore but not my daughters. I only found a baby in diapers syruggling to get up. The wave came back so I grabbed the kid that was in diapers and held on to him with all my life. It wasn’t a wave like the first so that wave dissappeared and I just saw debris everywhere. I don’t know what happened to the kid but I was screaming at the top of my lungs for my daughters. Suddenly I woke up very scared.

    I have never felt scare like this of a dream… I want to know why it happened.

  215. Thankyou this artical is spot on. I have different tidal wave dreams sometimes i dont get hit, sometimes im very close to getting hit but just about get away and sometimes like lastnight i got hit by one.

  216. I have seen tsunami in dream sailing in ship crossing big tsunami waves and running to reach at save point,i and all my family member reached save point,but lost my father in tsunami, even I tried to save him but he cannot make to reach at save point and I cried saying i lost my father,I i lost my father,and woke up very badly from my dream….

    Can anyone predict this dream for me please

  217. I had a dream where I was just swimming in the ocean, when a tidal wave came over my head, I wasn’t drowning, but it felt like I was, and I was scared. I was being swept out to the sea.

    Who can interpret this dream?

  218. This has been a very interesting read for me. It makes sense considering what my fear is, in one particular aspect of my life. These nightmares often wakes me cold sweating and my nights turn sleepless. Then there are those dreams, the ones I try to remain in, as I feel myself waking up. Yes this article helps.

  219. my tidal wave dreams are always always always located at my grandmothers house and she lives near a lake but tsunamis don’t come from lakes..

  220. Hi, I had a weird dream. My husband is standing on the shore and he sees huge and I mean HUGE wave coming at him. But it just stops short and stands there as a wall, never touching him. Then he calls out to me and says “look at this, that huge wave is just standing there” And I, unperturbed, tell him “Oh that is good, isn’t it”? That’s when I realize, it is a dream. What does this mean? Please can you help?

    P.S. If this makes it easier, we live in apartment that overlooks the bay …. Thanks a lot and I would appreciate it if you could help me out here. Love, Lami

  221. I’m 16 and live in Gloucester, MA. I just woke up from what I call a ‘nightmare’. I was with my mom, sister, brother, two cousins and my Nana. We were all having a bit fun that is until they went to the balcony. I’m actually afraid of heights so I dropped down before I could even make it and told them I couldn’t do it. I sprinted up anf backed away to look at them. During that there was kinda like an earthquake shake but I didn’t know what it meant. That is until people started running forward yelling “CODE RED”. I was so scared. I started to run to the nearest place and then later releazed I was separated from my family. I only had my mom and my younger cousin. Let me tell you the wave wasn’t big since it only split in half anf it was low. I then only remember walking in daylight with my mom and younger cousin to see the light damage and an explosion of a tire. That’s where I woke up and felt shakened up..Thanks to your article I feel better. I was actually stressed last week and kinda this week. Also kinda overwhelmed about it too. I had another dream earlier when I took a nap and it was also a ‘nightmare’, it was kinda at my worlplace and there was these eyes in the dark that mad me afraid. I called it a demon. That dream was half scary and half weird.

  222. This is the second time i dream of big tidal waves..not tsunami and both times i was on the top of the hill and i warned my family and everyone to get to safety.i havent felt scared or panicked in any way..after warning everyone i just stare at the waves in aw.i always wake up after the waves settle down.the dreams always feel very real.even the smell of water and everything i touch.

  223. Last night I dreamt I was on this beach… And I was walking along with my phone and a big wave came and knocked my phone in the water. I tried to give it to this lady to hold for me but then the wave turned into a tsunami type thing and there was like this huge sand bank that just dropped off and this huge wall of water was coming. But Then I was at a school…. With my grandma or someone I know I think?? I went back to check on them and the whole school was flooded… I had to go out again for something… Was holding onto a building when more waves came. I got washed away and woke up all busted up! But I made it out and went back to everyone but they weren’t worried at all… And I was kinda dirty at them cause I’d just survived a tsunami and they were acting like nothing happened!! But then I think I had my flying dream where I’m flying higher and higher above all these trees and mountains… So high!

    Random!! Untill I read your dream meaning! Funny because in a couple of months I’m about to meet someone I’ve been talking over the phone with for nearly two years, for the first time. I hope my coming out of the tsunami alive and flying above it all means that all will end well!

  224. This is a reoccuring dream for me, and correlates very much with what the interpretation says. Please, who did the painting in the article? It is awesome!!

  225. My dream was very odd…. I was near the San Fransisco area flying across a body of water in a small plane that my dad was flying. It was layed out like a helicopter on the inside. My siblings were in it, they’re both older than me. I looked over and this waver started rising. My father was struggling to fly over it and we immediately started praying. Right as the wave hit… I woke up.

  226. Nice article thanks a lot. I’ve been having tsunami dreams very often but as you have written, this could be because I’m not employed and the day in which my savings will run out is looming.

  227. Wow that hits home. I dreamt of a tidal wave, watching it approach and hit, the next wave was bigger and full of debris. My best friend was with me. In reality my boyfriend has. Even talking marriage and asked me to move in with him to another state an hour from home and all I know. I’ll have to transfer for work and I’m completely terrified. I think my bestie was there because I worry about her and not being around as much.

  228. Great article, thank you. I wonder if the interpretation is the same if there is no tidal wave, just the water receding from the beach as far as the horizon. But I knew a tsunami was coming and fled to reach a building with an elevator to get to a higher floor. Only I hardly was strong enough to get there. It was as if some counter force within me sort of pushed back.
    thanks again.

  229. Wow! If I didn’t know better, I’d say you are watching me from a distance. This article has just cleared up all the mystery about my terrifying tsunami dreams. My emotions are indeed in a state and I have been avoiding an issue just to keep the peace. So thanks for this. I think I know what to do. Just not sure how and when.

  230. Thanks for the interpretation, its the most detailed one I’ve managed to find online.
    I have reoccurring dreams of tsunami.
    The first I was trying to escape from. I had my back to it and was running with my 1 year old son in my arms. I could see the water rising and we took shelter in a disused building.
    The second I was walking downhill to a beautiful beach with my family. We were facing the oncoming tidal wave and people around us were running back up a long passage walk way but the water was coming from both directions.
    The third only involved me. The water was grey and the tidal wave was huge, the tip was struck by lightening.
    I survived this but I was alone.
    The first two dreams were tropical. The final grey and stormy.
    On all occasions I awoke disturbed and anxious.

  231. I had a nightmare about huge waves too. First the windows of the home were frost jammed and my family were opening it with a chain saw around the edges. I was in my room trying to open mine. We had an extension build and my window opened and the extension broke lose and big wave took it away into the ocean. There were some planks of wood and I had my watch left on the extension, so I contemplated to get it using the wood as bridge. Just then another huge wave took the extension away further, I was glad I didn’t attempt it. Then our home became a huge marble cave with many entrances and ocean water everywhere. We walked in the water. Just then a speedboat came with two unknown people and they went towards where the extension had went deep ocean. After a while the boat came back with huge wave, the two people and the boat were submerged and looked they had drowned. I screamed and after a while they people rose up. I thought they were alive, there were some other people looking to them and then, the people who rose up said ‘Nicola’ it seemed so eerie the sound of it, and the people watching them also submerged into water and rose out. It seemed like a horror and I had to escape before I become like them. What does this dream mean?

  232. Okay, so I had a dream that I was at a wave pool. I knew this guy Ian who I have a crush on was coming. But then I see a huge wave behind me. I don’t know why, but I run into it, and it shallows me! I am in the water, I could breathe because it’s a dream. What does this mean?

  233. I’ve just dreamt of big waves surging in a house that we’re staying. We are all in on the 3rd level of the house. I felt the urges to protect the kids beside me.. I get panic and then after sometime, I didn’t care anymore if the big waves still there..
    Thanks for this article, I’ve just relieved about some, meaning that I read for far this is the meaning that I’m looking for… thanks

  234. Well that explains some things for me. I keep having the dream were I’m always at the coast staring at the big waves coming ever so close trying to pull me under though some small details vary each time. All I can remember is the fear and the quick urge to run away feeling helplessness. The recent one I had was last night feeling there was no escape running even though I had a sibling with me in the dream. I just remember the last part before I awoke, after a hit from a wave he was fine and I felt relieved for him but still I felt it coming after me.

  235. 3 days before the 2004 Tsunami hit Asia, I dreamed of Huge wave engulfing the place where I was standing. I was so scared while seeing the a very huge wave of 50 to 75 meters rushing towards me. But to my surprise, it didn’t hit me. I thought i was just an observer of that event. Then the other night, again I dreamed of the hudson river rising and engulfing the building where I was. It was so dark and very scary, but I was able to run to the rooftop.

  236. Thank u so much!!! Honestly i also have interminable dreams of tsunami and tidal waves and in all of them i am running away n tryn to save myself and others with me n some times i pray to god for forgiveness in my dream,thinking i am going to die. Thanks alot really what a true and meaningful explanation for them.

  237. This made me so emotional. I’ve been having a dream so frequently about sudden rough waves approaching me. Though every time I am watching it approach from the window of a building. The water always hits the building, but I am never hurt by it. Maybe because it IS me? This has put a whole new perspective on them, because I have been going through a huge emotional change lately. A volcano ready to erupt. Thank you so much for this!

  238. Ive had a TON of very real feeling tsunami dreams. First i ever had, me and a few of my family members died and we had to watch the rest of my siblings mourn us. The next one the waves kept coming and then crashing at my feet and i couldnt get away from them. Its like facing death multiple times every time it happens. Its never just one wave. And they get more and more severe as they go. The dream i had last night was that I was with my dad playing in the water, and an enormous wave came and i knew i couldnt get away from it, so i stood there and ended up diving into the wave. And then suddenly i was at my friends house. I got my dad up on the roof of her house and we watched these enormous tsunamis well up and take out this city. And the wave kept getting closer and closer. So we got stuff and start hiking further in. Ended up at the bottom of a dead end canyon. And the mews said we had a crazy story ahead of us. Its snowed like 5 feet of snow JUST on the ocean. And somehow the canyon became the rim of the ocean. And the tsunamis kept coming down into the canyon where all of us were. Cant run from it. I got in like a tub thing to help me float and gave a bunch of them to everyone. We couldnt get out of the canyon, and we were all afraid that the rim to the canyon, with the ocean on the other side, was going to break and drown us all.

  239. Thank you. Within the last year I’ve had horrible dreams about tidal waves. My dream last night was about a massive tidal wave with it seems like people in those black wet suits that surfers use and other debris just rolled into a big hole. But before that I was helping a couple of people on top of a roof.
    When I first had the dreams. I would wake up scared, frightened.
    Sometimes in my dream I will be looking for my children. I would have 1 or 2 of them but there is always one missing or I would have non of them.
    Thank you🙂

  240. Can you help me explain what my dream means to me? We are on an island, on shore, on the right, there is a big wall of water, like a tsunami, but it is standing still, I am not afraid, I mot anxious, I feel peaceful and calm looking at it. I am not alone, my friends and family are behind me. one of my friends ran and jumped into the sea, they splashed so hard I went on to check if they were okay, but it seemed they have turned in a 2-litre plastic bottle of water, submerged under the sea at half a meter depth. I feel extremely disturbed by this sight, I feel uncomfortable, but I do not feel the loss, I feel as I am missing to see something, and I have no way of finding out what it might be.

  241. What does just it mean when u dream of huge waves crashing towards u and all of a sudden there is a huge wall in front of that wave, it stops the wave with ease, there is a sense of calm, relaxation, no fear just a feeling of peace? Wtf?

  242. Thanks for the article.I am really blessed to see this article.Just now ,I woked up with a dream symbolising,I am in a house near to the see with my friends.we slept in the night but when we woke up in the early morning the see crossed its limit and crossed our house and we were in the house and we are in the house.We are all terrified by the scene. The see crossed its limit and also crossed our house .Our house is covered by the tidal waves of see and they are enjoying the situation.Then I got to woke up .Such a terrifying dream.again I tried to sleep.and this time the same dream,but my friends left me after they got to know that there is a thread staying there.i was left alone .Don’t know what to do .Then I woke up.Can you please tell me what this dream mean to my life??

  243. Thanks for this explanation!
    This is exactly what is going on in my life right now!
    Thank you

  244. Wonderful goods from you, man. I’ve understand your sturf previous to and you’re just
    extremely magnificent. I really like what you have acquired here,
    really like what you’re stating and the way in which you say it.
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  245. Hi, Im dreaming a huge waves that is coming to me but in my dream I am in a school building and the waves are just beside of the school building but there is no flood something like that, and it keeps crushing in our building it really is a huge huge waves and one time I get splashed by it. what does it mean? I don’t understand, Im confused pls let me know something about it.

  246. Had different recurring dreams about these in adolescence. Always on a rocky shore with steep cliffs. As an adult I have them sporadically, but the shore is always sandy with dunes. At both ages I can see the large tidal wave/s approaching, get knocked down and pulled under the water.

  247. I dreamt this morning I was on a boat which was nearly on the shore of a river and I needed the boat to go for a meeting, and I could see two other boats anchored closeby and the river was swelling up with huge waves and the boats I was watching were sort of bucking on top of them or against them. Finally one of the large waves swept through my boat and I fell down laughing and got totally soaked (in my dream I was on my way to an important meeting) while two women held me back from being swept away (not that I would have really gotten swept away) and I felt soaked and refreshed and felt I had a new perspective for approaching that meeting.

    I woke up and after this I slept off again and has even more of a lucid dream.

  248. Had tidal wave dreams before moving across the country to join the Army. This article was spot on looking back. The wave was 50 stories high and approaching from a few miles out. I’d spend my whole dream looking for high ground and watching the giant wave.

  249. I had a tidal dream where the wave went right over my head. The wave was so beautiful and bright looking from underneath it. Like I was in a water bubble then I rolled out of bed. Literally. What does this mean?

  250. Hey, thanks for this article! I have been looking for an okay explanation, but this was even better! This article is very accurate to some of the things happening in my current life, including problems in our life that we do not want to accept. This dream has been recurring to me many times. Usually I have time too escape, (a little) but I ALWAYS run slowly. This has happened for years (Literally!) This dream has been going on for a very long time, off and on. It aggravates but terrifies me. I have had this dream in 3 different areas, the first one happening the very most. (Maybe about 30 times in all!!!) I am in a building, right off the bay, and you can see the ocean from there. You will see this grey cloud, dark, but not very dark. The water rises slowly, starting off very weird. But then, you see waves. They start getting bigger QUICK. There is this road, very steep going up. Up there, there is a lighthouse-like building at the very top, with a flat area around it. I end up in a group of people, hurrying up the road to the lighthouse. We go to the very top floor, which has a window, and we watch the water. It goes up very high, but not to the window. It slowly dies down, and my dream ends with the water back to normal. This 2nd dream of a tsunami I have had, (About 4 times)I am at the beach with a few friends and relatives, and waves begin. They go away, but then the water just rises. Later on, we move back a little, because of it rising. But then, waves come. Big waves. They get bigger and bigger, my dream ends once again at the lighthouse with the same ending. This last one was very.. abnormal.. to me. I am going with my aunt and cousin, to a little forest area (It has happened 2 times.) We pass these Redwoods, and see this opening that leads to the river. The river is going sideways. I see waves getting rough and water rising. However, my dream just ends before the water gets to my head.

  251. dreamed of it twice already…in my dream i think i was just in a mountain and the tsunami is so big it covered the whole mountain and i was just watching it coming right over me..feels like its from the movie “2012” a tsunami so big its like the end of the world and i couldn’t do anything about it..i was so afraid and was trying to find a way to escape the towering wave but after that it was the end..what could it mean?

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