When we dream of people we know…

When you dream of someone you know, remember it is in your own mind. So when you dream of someone dying or cheating or hurting you, don't jump to the conclusion that this is literally happening or about to happen.


The Meaning of Teeth Falling Out in a Dream

Dreams of teeth falling out often have a lot to do with confidence, particularly how we communicate, but also may relate to a sense of being attractive... or not. Teeth in dreams often relate to how we think we are perceived - either through our words or appearance

The Meaning of Falling in a Dream

Let me begin by saying two things: 1 - the feeling of falling you get as you fall asleep that suddenly jerks you awake is a biological reaction, and not in fact a "dream." Usually referred to as "Hynagogic jerks" or "hypnic jerks" these involuntary muscle spasms are believed to effect up 70% of the …

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The Meaning of a Pansy Flower in a Dream

To understand the meaning of a particular flower in a dream, we can look at both its physical characteristics as well as its symbolic meanings. Even though few of us will be consciously aware of how flowers have been used as a specific form of communication, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that …

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The Meaning of Police in a Dream

Few symbols are as ambiguous as that of police. Please understand that as I write this, I intend no disrespect to anyone, but in order to appreciate the various cultural associations of police men and women in dreams, I must explore a variety of perspectives (which I by no means assume is exhaustive.) Police are first …

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The Meaning of Broken Things in a Dream

What is the meaning of broken things in a dream? To dream of something broken may lead you to question if there is an area of your life that is no longer serving you well. And should this thing be repaired, left to heal on it's own with rest and care, or discarded?

The Meaning of Being Naked in Public in a Dream

There are a variety of dreams in which you (or someone else) may appear naked: sensual or sexual dreams, and dreams of being free and almost released from your body (perhaps even swimming or flying) for instance.  This article though, is specifically about the kind of dream when you find yourself naked or partially dressed …

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The Meaning of Death and Dying in Dreams

If you do dream of yourself or someone dying in a dream, I would urge you please take a deep breath, sit down and not panic.  The chances are, the death dream you had was a symbolic one. we can see that death is really a moment of transition.  And this is the core to one of the main symbolic meanings of death - significant, often sudden change.