The Meaning of a Candle in a Dream

We have already looked at the symbol of fire with our post on fireplaces, and due to the flame of the candle, there is much overlap in the symbolism of candles and that of fire in general. Like all fires, a candle flame can symbolise the life force, or our eternal spirit. But candles have a very special role in our lives, so their symbolism is also quite unique.

To dream of a single candle shining in the dark can be a profound symbol of hope, of a single source of light amidst a world of darkness. Many candles in a dream can be a sign of celebration, as when we put candles on a birthday cake or light processional candles at special ceremonies. As candles burn down, they can also symbolise the passing of time, and the passing of our own lives.

We also light candles to remember and honour the departed, so lighting candles in a dream may symbolise the recognition and acknowledgment of an important lesson learned, the ending of a certain life stage in order to begin another, or the letting go of old beliefs that no longer serve us.  Lighting a candle in dream may also be a symbol of thanking those who have gone before us, whether it be our ancestors, or others who’s wisdom has allowed us to grow and progress.

We use candles to focus our attention, for spells, meditation or reverie. In a dream a candle can symbolise self reflection, turning inwards and connecting with our divine natures.

Candles are so common in religious and even non-religious rituals as they help us to reinforce our belief that prayer, goodwill, meditation or intent can chase away the demons of the darkness, the things that frighten us, the darker aspects of our own natures, the seemingly unpredictable chances of life and even our mortality. Candles remind us that we can light the spark that ignites belief, insight and comfort. They also symbolise the light which cannot be extinguished, for it burns eternal – the eternal flame.

We can burn candles of different colours to symbolise specific things, such as white for clarity or spiritual purity, red for passion and energy, green for growth and financial focus, gold for success, achievement and even fame, and so on. For more details on the symbolism of colours, please visit the post on colours in dreams here.

Candles of course, as well as spirit, can be associated with love.  We use the phrase “to hold a candle for someone” when we have an enduring love for them.  In dreams, candles can symbolise love of another, self love as we heal deep internal wounds, or even holy love as we focus less on material things and seek meaning from deeper things in life.

Candles in dreams can symbolise our mortality and the life that can be “extinguished”, but they can also represent our eternal spiritual natures. Candles in dreams encourage us to have hope, to believe despite what dark shadows may crowd into our life. In their transience, candles remind us of the frailty of human existence, but also the incredible power of our connection with the divine to restore and heal.

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13 thoughts on “The Meaning of a Candle in a Dream

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  2. Had a dream of an older woman giving me instructions on the lighting of a white candle in a plate of clear water. The candle flame was steady burning and no flicker. I woke up feeling like I missed out on the full instructions from the woman.

  3. My dreams are weird like I’m in my bathroom and I see all these cool crafty candles and Im just looking and wavering my hand over them and they all light up and some of the candles different color. I’m like cool but I left the bathroom and I wanted the candles to turn off and I did. But I want no never mine so I wave my hand again they all light up it was weird like wow I can light up candles. But it was hard focus in on them. So why was every one different colors? And dreaming about candle? Plus lighting them with my mind by wavering my hand ?

  4. I had a dream with. A huge candle it wa about my baby sister getting married to a boy I don’t know and we haven’t spoke in a while and she’s supposed to be getting married on her 18 Th birthday and I’m not happy about it I’m worried about her life is hard out there and she isn’t ready she’s too young I just see so much and she needs to stay at home and wait on the lord chase after Jesus and let Jesus guide her because I don’t believe this is right what’s happening at all and she’s been sheltered so she has no idea I will give her my wisdom and try to stop this in the dream he was a soulless boy with half of his brain missing with five eyes instead and in my dream there was something about abortion I hope that’s not true I just ask for some advice about this thanks

    1. And in the dream I was telling this guy how I feel and my sister I was telling her what I felt and he was acting like a big baby it was not a fun dream very intense emotions

  5. I had a dream of my father who has past on wearing a church uniform switching the candle what does that mean ?? I went through some of the readings it says that person is giving you a peace of mind

    please get back to me

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