The Meaning of Plants and Trees in a Dream

Dreaming of growing things can be a potent symbol of our own inner growth and how we feel about that.  When positive, this can manifest as dreams of flowers, fruits, beautiful trees or healthy gardens.  But when the meaning of plants and trees in a dream is more of a warning, the symbols can include dark scary forests, overgrown vines, or dead, wilting plants.  (While different flowers, fruits and trees can all have their own unique meanings in dreams, I will address that perspective in a  future post.  This post is more about the meaning of plants and trees in a dream in more general sense.)

Plant Dreams

Positive plant dreams can be like other celebration dreams such as running or driving freely, swimming underwater or flying.  This is often a healthy sign that we have learnt some important lesson – the growth, beauty and bounty of the plant representing new found feelings of confidence and self mastery.  If we dream of nurturing a plant or garden, this can be a sign that we are learning to look after our Self, to nurture our own inner needs, be they emotional, psychological or spiritual.  It may also symbolise nurturing a new project or creative endeavour, or even of looking after a child or animal.

To dream of picking flowers or harvesting fruit and vegetables can be a very powerful sign of reaping the rewards for hard-work invested, or of a new sense of abundance that might follow a period in life when you may have felt you weren’t receiving all the support and emotional nourishment you needed.  Planting seeds can be the beginning of a new idea, relationship or way of thinking or behaving. These dreams amy appear when we wish to grow an aspect of the Self into something stronger and more prominent.  Dreams of beautiful gardens can be almost mystical sometimes, and can create a profound sense of peace, belonging and union with nature.  This is a great sign you are likely onto some pretty good inner work, as you discover a place of great beauty within yourself. For some this may even include the heavenly presence of a departed loved one, or be a communion with the divine.  Such dreams are to be treasured!

Tree Dreams

Trees can also be powerful symbols that can represent not only our true Self, but our connection to family, heritage and community – literally a symbol of our “family tree.”  Depending on how you interact with the tree, you can look to see whether you feel supported or not. Perhaps you are trying to climb or sit in the tree. Are the branches strong enough to hold you, or do they feel weak and unable to take your weight?  This might mean feeling disconnected with family or a particular family member, or that the family literally aren’t supporting you in a project or course of action that is important.  Is there a way you can help them see your point of view?  We can see how connected with our past and how developed our sense of home and place is by understanding how strong and deep the roots of the tree are.  If you have moved recently, it is not unusual to dream of a fallen tree, or one that is somehow out of the ground.  This can represent feeling “uprooted,” and that you have yet to adjust to feeling at home in your new place.  Roots can also be a source of nourishment – from the ground the tree draws nutrients and strength. I dreams then, tree roots invite us to look at where we gain our nourishment from, both physically and emotionally. Dreams of tree roots invite us to consider if we sufficiently “grounded,” or have we become a bit lost in our imagination with thoughts, fears and insecurities?

Tree Dreams can also symbolise deep spiritual growth and connection with Mother Nature, Gaia or the Divine. The “World Tree” is a symbol in many religions that connects the heavens with the earth and the underworld beneath us. This tree is a source of all knowledge and spiritual wisdom. It is also associated with the “Tree of Life” and represents the centre of the world, and therefore cosmic harmony and divine order. If you dream of a massive tree that elicits very deep feelings, you may be connecting with a profound spiritual awareness.

Plant Dreams as Warnings

When plant dreams go bad, it can be a sign that something in our life is either out of control, which may appear as dreams of overgrown gardens or wild vines; or it may be a clear message that we are neglecting something important, like the pot plant that dies when we forget to water it.  These kind of dreams ask us what areas of our own personal life are we forgetting about and not caring for?

Dreaming of dark scary forest or wood can have multiple meanings.  Often this symbol is used in fairy tales as the place where the hero or heroine runs away to escape something, only to face a hidden danger.  This sense of lurking danger in the darkness carries over to our consciousness even today.  But in the fairy tales, the hero or heroine either usually discovers a treasure, meets special helpers or else conquers the danger whilst in the forest.  It is important for us to journey into this forest to learn a lesson, win a prize or find a treasure.  In these dreams, the forest can be a symbol of the unknown areas of our own mind.  It is not unusual to dream of dark forests as we begin dream work or other personal development work, as we bravely (if somewhat nervously!) venture into dark areas of our own mind.  But remember, like Snow White found her seven dwarfs, we may find our special helpers, in key messages and symbols to teach us important lessons about our Self.  We need not fear what is in our own minds, for once we journey inwards and start to know our way around, we will find it is not so scary after all, but a place of magical wonder and mystery.

Lessons from Plant and Tree Dreams

Our subconscious mind really is like a garden: nurture it with the attention it deserves, shine the sun of your own kindness onto your sadness and guilt, trim out the weeds of anger and fear, prune back the over-zealous emotions and indulgences, and dig the soil to tend the roots of your own sense of belonging – then you shall have a mind of peace and beauty, with a rich bounty to harvest of creative ideas, inspiration and solutions to problems.

You will know a place in your own mind that is untouchable by others, your own sanctuary where you can find peace, draw strength from, and retreat to when you need to contemplate or heal.

Such a garden bears fruits that nourish and flowers that inspire.  It provides shelter and supports life.

Such a garden will benefit far more people than just the beautiful mind it exists in!

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

89 thoughts on “The Meaning of Plants and Trees in a Dream

  1. I dreamed that the tree outside our house had fallen due to a storm, i didn’t see fall, I
    saw it on the ground and it was uprooted. what does that mean?

  2. My boyfriend talked of a disturbing dream he had last night about trying to plant all these trees for me, because in the dream I think he said that’s what I wanted, but they weren’t the right ones and he got really frustrated by this…what does this mean?

    1. It sounds like he’s trying his hardest to please you in your guys’ growing relationship but maybe he feels that its never good enough?

  3. My dream was about overgrown vines, coming through the house wall and growing through the window frames. It wasn’t out of control but it was alarming. I broke up with my boyfriend 3 weeks ago; we were trying to have a family together and we seemed like soulmates. So it was abrupt and devastating. I can’t find peace or comfort in my life, there’s just a big hole. I don’t normally remember my dreams but this was vivid. I will try to nurture myself through this but it takes time.

  4. Early hours of 5 June i dreamt that I somewhow wanted to plant grape vine but moving around the yard of our rented house, i was surprised to see my wife had already planted a fully growing beautiful one growing round a strong tree and beyond.

  5. I dreamed of carnivorous plants and can’t find the meaning anywhere. Would anyone know the meaning?

    1. Depends on what you saw happening with these carnivorous plants. i.e. what are they interacting with? If by themselves, it may represent a part of you that is sort “biting” you down… Negative self-talk for example.

  6. I had a dream last nighr that my kids and I were at home upstairs. All of a sudden the whole house shook like as if there was an earthquake. I looked down stairs an there stood three tall trees that had grown inside the house. My deceased father was lying on the couch, and I said to him. “daddy did you here that loud noise” he replid, “yes” as if it wasnt a big deal. I began to yell out “thank you JESUS” not really understanding why I said that. The three trees were pretty trees.

    1. Can you please let me know what it means. I had the same dream too but the house was for my causin and after the dream we renovated the house but didnt cut the tree, we only made the tree beautiful.

  7. I had a dream about trees falling from my hair like dandruff. It was like I was a greek goddess brushing my hair and I could see lively oak trees falling from my hair into the clouds. Weird right?

  8. I dreamed of a tree that was so huge it was sky high. It had the richest shade of brown and the healthiest of leaves. I gave this tree my picture and it accepted but rejected any other pic. But sum1 started cutting off its branches but it gave me one branch which only I could have. There was thunder and lightening and dark clouds but no rain.

  9. I had a dream that Daffodils and Irises were growing out of my head. They did not hurt when I pulled them out but it was really weird to discover them there. NO CLUE what is means. ?

    1. I thought I was the only one who dreamt those kind of dreams. I’ve had broccoli, cauliflower, etc, Same. I read it was Spiritual hunger.

  10. Very comprehensive, well interpreted spiritual guidance to tdreams on trees I have ever read. Was a pleasure to read! 🙂

  11. I dream that I was planting seeds in a garden , it felt weird when I woke up but lately I’ve been having alot of dreams and they all seem to have positive meanings I guess I’m on the right path doing the right thing with the right person by my side

  12. The one vision I remember when waking from a dream, is that my legs were hurting from running and when I pulled my pant leg up to take my boots off, I had light green long stemmed pink rosebuds growing out of my leg! I plucked one out and dropped it on the ground and it bloomed! I began pulling them out of my leg by the handfuls and each handful would bloom!! There was no blood in the dream, but it was almost that I could feel the discomfort of the stems coming out of my leg! I am baffled! And a bit disturbed! What does this mean?? Any insight is appreciated. Thank you!

  13. hi, help me please, last night, i ve dreamt i was looking at me in a mirror, and i saw a small green and purple tree looking like a broccoli, emerging of my forehead, it was really strange, and today i feel disturbed…what does it mean? thanks

    1. Hi Pauline,
      I have dreams like this all the time. They are really regular at the moment and, like you, I couldn’t stop thinking about last night’s all day today. In my dream I was looking in the mirror and there were lots of mini (but really heavy) weights sitting on top of my skull. They were slightly hidden by my hair but i kept taking them out and they were leaving dents. It was horrible. A few nights ago there was a tile on my skull-which again I had to peel off and left a dent. When I was about fourteen it was a strawberry growing from my head.

      Have you found any info on what yours could mean.

      Any help you could give would be appreciated as they are really disturbing

      1. Hello; have u any headaches or migraines while growing up? Just a thought that sometimes we have healing dreams and messages from our angels. And in order to get the point across vividly, they tend to dramatize and overly emphasize the part of the body or image that they need to get across to you. I would say that if you are prone to any headaches or migraines then I would take it as a sign to get an MRI or CAt scan of the head. If not; then perhaps there is a spiritual meaning behind this; and sometimes a literal meaning; as in something heavy is on your mind. Or something you are dealing with weighs heavy on your mind. When u figure it out write back!, good luck 👍🏼🍀

    2. I had a similar dream but was oddly pretty calm about pulling tiny plants out of my arms, root and all. No blood, no pain, but a few holes were left in my arm. I feel like I should be more disturbed by this, but I’m just generally unaffected by it.

      1. I too had a dream that tiny plants with white flowers were growing out of both arms. I had a long-sleeved white shirt on, and when I rolled up my sleeves, I noticed the small flowers blooming on the inside of my arms and palms.
        I am more curious, rather than disturbed. Nothing hurt, nor was anything frightening.

      2. i dream pretty regularly that flowers, weeds and other small plants grow out of my scalp and sometimes on my body. I pluck them off but more grow and its like they have been planted under my skin and going to continue growing. Its very disturbing and makes me feel like I have something wrong with my skin.
        Anyone else know what this means????

      3. I had this exact dream that plants were growing on my forearm. basically instead of hair I had little broccoli like shrubby plants growing. In my dream I noticed other people didn’t have this, and had a realization within the dream that this was not normal. I accepted the plants at first, but after realizing it wasn’t normal I plucked them out roots and all. And where I plucked them out there were deep holes and indents in my arm from where the roots had been, but there was no blood! This dream left a big impression on me so that I have been thinking about it a lot. . I like the interpretation some have given that plants growing out of your skin is about personal growth and change and letting go of your old self. Even though I like this interpretation, and it fits me somewhat, I am still left wondering if there is a different meaning for the dream for me.

    3. Like others in this thread, i wondered if anyone has come up with any answers for themselves about pulling plants.

      after some other events in my dream (my uncle gets lost and comes back, we put a big tire in the back of his truck (which he doesnt have in real life), my parents and sister and another aunt are there) –

      one hair in my arm looks long;
      i ask my mom over to help me look at it
      i pull on it
      it becomes a stalk of bermuda grass
      i keep pulling on it, the stalk thickens;
      i get to the end of the stalk and try to pull out the root along with it, but it breaks off;
      the part that remains is like the bottom of a chive, one stalk with several root tendrils
      i know i have little chance of pulling out all the tendrils.
      the hole in my arm at this point
      becomes a black and white drawing of a tick
      and then becomes a moving black and white drawing of going through a hallway, like its a looped gif;
      there remains a hole in my arm, no blood, no pain,
      about the size of a silver dollar,
      and i guess its then that i wake up.

      the next night i have dreams of vines overgrowing through the inside of house walls and outside straight on the ground, and im pulling them out.
      “these are the plants that will replace us,” i say to someone, trying to enlist their help.
      a woman comes in with a backpack canister and sprays at them, like roaches
      they shrink away and seem taken care of mostly
      but she does have to return periodically to spray.
      my friend moves into another spot in the house, and the house becomes like a functioning office.
      i realize there are roots underneath the house which are probably regrowing every time the plants are cut back.
      each time they come back they seem a bit stronger.

      any thoughts, esp. those of you who have had these dreams? The way these plants in skin symbols showed up for you guys are _So_ similar, i thought it might be worth posting here and adding that second bit.

  14. I had a dream I was in a crowd in a glass case. But I was the only one in the glass case. The crowd was around me but They weren’t paying attention. My legs were covered in soil. I was Holding this “ecosystem” it was about 6ft. All of a sudden this tree started to grow under me. I could feel the vines growing around my legs. I could see the mist. The bugs. Then the crown outside the jar disappeared and it was in my own little world knowing that inside this jar it could live forever. I felt worried that the tree wouldn’t stop growing. the tree looked like a giant bonsai tree

  15. Two nights ago I had a dream that I went to the dentist and when he opened my mouth I had a huge stem (about as thick as a brocolli stem) growing behind one of my top molars and the rest of my teeth are gone. Later I returned to have it removed. And now I xant stop thinking about it and its extremely disturbing to me!!! Someone please help!!!!

  16. Hi,i dreamt of a tree cut in two pieces lower part was in the ground and upper part was a little above in air and blossoming.plz help me…it is disturbing me..thank you

  17. I had a dream that I was sitting on a tree with a low branch and I knew I was waiting for someone. When this person came I left the tree and went inside the house with him. I hope you can interpret this one for me. Thanks.

  18. Early this morning, I had a very weird dream. I saw there was something growing inside my left palm and it was painful as it was trying to come out on the surface and I started pushing it out and saw a brand new root, which as soon as it was out, started flourishing into beautiful colors and sparkling. I pulled it out thinking this is it, the pain is gone, but realized as soon as I pulled one out, another one showed up, and I kept on pulling out those beautiful plants I’ve never seen before, my hand was hurting after a while and saw white stuff inside the palm which was creating this plants continuously which got me little scared but I kept on pulling, next thing, my alarm went off and I woke up feeling very strange. Is there anything I should be interpreting? Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thank you

    1. I had a dream of itchy bumps along the left side of my body. I scratched them and then various flowers appeared all over my skin on the left side of my upper body, arm, and hand. I started pulling the flowers out and scratching at them, but they would immediately reappear. This is by far one of the weirdest dreams I’ve had and I can’t make sense of it.

      1. My goodness. Just noticed the similarities in the dream of the post above mine. I also notice that I and the person above me posted a day after the full moon. My dream occurred during a full moon (Dec 6). I wonder if the person above had their dream during a full moon too.

      2. I had a dream last night i.e. this morning Jan. 11, that tiny plants with white flowers were growing out of both arms. I had a long-sleeved white shirt on, and when I rolled up my sleeves, I noticed the small flowers blooming on the inside of my arms and palms.

        The moon technically reaches its full phase tomorrow morning (Jan. 12) at 3:34 a.m. PST (1134 GMT). I thought you might be interested.

  19. I dreamt wonderful thing that was a very good big flowering tree…with variety of flowers ,and some flowers are come down..that time Loard baby krishna looking to me with flowers under the tree…i am very happy that time …what is the meaning?

  20. I dreamed I went to a restaurant and my young granddaughter went to talk to a friend. While I was waiting the owner came and was taking me around to show me these small white gardenia plants and I told her I loved those. She took some seeds from the plant and gave me some seeds in my hand and told me to plant them and they will grow.

  21. I had a dream where, essentially, I was the tree. I felt sick and collapsed to the ground. Burning sensation throughout my body and this rigid pain that held me in place. As I was on my hands and knees these vines and branches just started growing under my skin and sprouting out of my hands and legs. I was also being attacked during this whole dream by everyone in it, save for a few, and the vine/branches started protecting me, then protection turned to indescriminate violence and slaughter.. I couldn’t handle being the cause of this so I proceeded to jump head first into an oncoming car, trying to kill myself. I awoke in the dream, being pulled out of this wreakage by my branches and I could feel them snapping and breaking and after I got out, I just remember wandering for years.. Not really doing anything that stick out just wandering around for years and years. This was all in an hour nap.. I woke up spread eagle on my back in a pool of sweat.. Can you help me figure this out, please?

  22. I dream 3 dry weeds I pulled them out very easily and I put them aside and then I woke up and for some reason I keep thinking on the dream can you help me figure it out

  23. My fiance had a dream he was at home with me and i was showing him some flowers i just bought out in the back yard and they were the same exact flowers he wanted to get for me but i had no idea coincidence??any idea what that may mean

  24. Last night i had a dream something was hurting my heel. I look under my foot and there was something black sticking out of my heel. So i pulled on it and a long back rose came out. But the black that was on it was black blood. I can’t figure out what it means.

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  27. i had a dream that im looking for the exit to take a car but theres a no.of exit and finally i manage to see one and there is a passenger car waiting so go up and along the way i notice its the place i want to go so i tried to stop the driver but did hear me so iwait until where the car goes its a virgin place like far province green trees and theres a river and white horse walking in the watet

  28. Хочется рассказать неизгладимыми ощущениями от событий минувшего отдыха. Прибыл ко мне с Новониколаевска коллега в гости. Первое что он меня сказал, водилось представить его с ночной жизнью столицы. Интим услуги имелись неотъемлемой программой. Я не являюсь шалманщиком в похожих салончиках, отчего спросил у знакомых, куда ни на есть нам двинуться. первоначальный такого порядка совет находился разом присвоенный на вооружение, и мы враз отправились по указанному местоположению. – У избрания предложений растерялись глаза, так как секс досуг были в данном помещении. Поначалу я обычно использовал уличными проститутками , но теперь постиг, почему сливки проститутки Москвы обитают собственно в помещениях, ну или всего-навсего в данном помещении, где мы побывали. Непременно снова загляну сюда.

  29. Plz i had a dream last nit,dat i was relaxing under a big planted red flower tree, wt many branches nd .i ws over warmed i lyk it bt was suprise , a know mother standin beside me sayin she would lyk to plant another one in her buidin soon plz what does it mean

  30. I had a dream that I had a lot of beautiful pink rose like flowers and I was in a field place where people who were ready to plant came to do so and in that field also were grown green grass to the knee length but it was permitted for us to plant our flowers when you’re ready. An elderly or senior woman in my church encouraged me very much to go ahead to plant the flowers but her daughter, from no where came and started yelling that I must not plant my flowers without any reason. So in frustration, I started wondering around and all of a sudden, the wind started blowing me away to a height of the planes and I found myself in between clouds, calling my pastor who was down there at the field praying to come and help me but he couldn’t hear me and in his mind, he knew someone was crying out for help. In the cause of been blown by the wind, there was a very tall tree into the clouds that I suddenly held unto and then I woke up.

  31. I my dream I saw a dress burning. While I am trying to stop the fire the dress was totally burnt. And near by Tulasi plant also burnt.

  32. I had a dream last night that about 20 trees with 5 beaches each were growing out for my back! Each brach moved in sinc with my fingers as Rey moved. What does this mean?

  33. I always read your prayers you seem very knowledgeable I went thru a lot of warfae and I g ot decieved a lot I want to no is it anyway you can lose your soul while you are still alive , I want to ask you how are demons able to get inside of you , and I praid with this pastor for for the true living Jesus Christ to come in would you read the prayer and tell he was referring to the true living God are if you could can you call me at 832 935 1414 my name is Kim

  34. I dreamed that I was in a room and I was trying to dig up and clear an old garden full of roots that were now bulbs. And was chopping them up, does it have anything to do with the death 4 years ago this month of January? what does this mean?

  35. I dreamed that my decrease mother gave me two vegetables of each kind she had and two purple flowers in pots she had what does this mean.

  36. I dreamt that i may have been in my parents old backyard and it had been raining and my left calf was being tickled and when I lifted up my jeans leg my calf and foot was a tree trunk with leaf less branches and I was wondering about what happened and then slugs were on my right leg as I was taking them. My old girlfriend that just retired appeared in my dream and asked me if I was eating right and I told her I need to start eating my veggies again and the dream ended.

  37. I dream that I m planting flower, and plants are healthy enough, I can replanting one of my plant. it not get their color. fully but their root are very color full and their color spreading to leaves and branches.

    but it means

  38. Thanks for your explained symbols i looked for,,,in my dream u speak of the healing place,, the helpers that help us develop and not only become what God made us,,but to extend outwardly,, strong and confident in our being..that’s what I needed to know. I thought that was what my dream was,,and u confirm. Be blessed ,,again thanks

  39. i had a dream where we gathered as a family, all of a suden a tree fall and started given out milk, so l went and collected mine and drank, when l realize that it can be dangerous to me l wanted to vomit it before l now woke up

  40. I often look up my dreams—where has your site been? Wonderful… glad I found it and thank you for your hard work.

    Wooden staircase going down out of a house (there’s much preamble to the dream, unrelated to the garden) with incredibly beautiful red and orange, star-shaped flowers growing throughout the steps. I walk with a woman I’d met earlier in the dream who represents hope. We walk slowly, talking about this and that as we enter a huge field where hay had just been harvested. I comment on the beautiful gardens that surround the house, how lush! I’d better put these things down
    on the hay, I say, so I don’t have to carry them on our walk. (Damn! Cannot remember the items but a newspaper, I think, was one of them (I’m an editor)…) I leave the stuff upon the hay so a donkey won’t shit on it. Dream end.

  41. Last night I had an amazing dream, where my grandma’s yard was all dead. There was a huge tree and suddenly it blossomed, there was apple blossoms and flowers big enough to sit on.
    What does this mean?

  42. I just woke up from this dream, were there was a carnivorous plant hanging on my bedroom wall, and several black scorpions were coming out of it, one of them jump and stinged my hand, I could literally feel the sting after I was awake, then it turned numb for a while.
    Tried to look for a meaning or something to explain the symbolism of carnivorous plant pouring scorpions, couldn’t find it anywhere.

    Can someone please explain me the meaning of this?

  43. I had a dream that I woke up and found leaves and pea pods coming out of the right side of my body, it was the worst experience I ever felt! All I could think of was how to get it off. My mother in the dream ripped them off, they came out easily but I felt so disgusted and scared

  44. Omar

    I had a similar dream but in mine. roots or sprouts were coming out of the top of my feet and my foot was encased in a sort of earthy crust. when i pulled them out there was blood. i felt pain and fear and embarrassed. And after I started clearing them away my feet were fine. I woke and could not go back to sleep and my feet were sore.

  45. I had a dream last night where I left my laptop in the living room. I proceeded to the kitchen and when I looked back in the living room there were 3 pink potted orchids. I was alarmed and went to retrieve my laptop, but there were suddenly more pink orchids so I ran in the opposite direction upstairs and there appeared to be more as I made the way to the top. I love orchids and I have never dreamed about orchids before. However, in this dream I was kind of scared because they kept appearing and there were so many. Any thoughts or interpretations would be appreciated. Thanks!

  46. What does it mean when you dream of fields and fields with planted fruit and vegetables all growing lovely and healthy but all the fruit and vegetables have got bites out of them??

  47. I had a dream were two anime characters help me flowers that are evil and hurt my ankles with a video game character comes in and he is the boss battle

  48. I had a dream that my husband bought rose potted plant ladden with lots of beautiful pink roses and then he bought many other plants too. Please help me understanding meaning if this dream.

  49. I had a dream that I was walking around a big house and as I was walking around the house, I noticed large nests and I thought those are huge nests what kind of animal lives in them, then as I walked away from the house I fell through a hole, but was able to grab on to the branches, when i looked down I realized it was to high to jump, I was scared so I yelled “Help” As soon as I did, this old woman appears right in front of me and says, if you can’t handle it and need help I will get you help. I said, I need help, immediately the the branches began to lower me to the ground, I was amazed and when I touched the ground, I said that must of been heaven appointed she said no, its the story or tale of “Suffice” and boom, I woke up. Please explain that

  50. I dreamt about a small plant growing inside my left wrist percing out trough my skin and I asked my Mom cut it out what she did was slice trough my my bicep around and found out that the plan is already huge inside… so i pulled the whole plant stiched the whoile in my wrist and cut the root of the plant because it’s dirty, then I put it back inside my arm then stiched the wound in my bicep. What does it could mean?

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