The Meaning of a Lost Baby in a Dream

Losing a baby in a dream can create a very unique kind of anxiety. I have already written a post about babies in dreams in general, but I would just like to take a moment to address in more detail the concern I hear frequently about the dream of losing your baby or child.  You may or may not have a baby in real life, but in your dream, you are responsible for a baby that you forget, lose, let slip down the drain or something similar, have to give away or discover was never even yours at all.  These are a little different to actually being pregnant and losing the child before it can be born, which is usually a case of anxiety about the safety of your unborn child, or the fears associated with bringing a new life into the world. Either way, these dreams can cause a lot stress and heart-break, so I would like to hopefully put some worried minds at rest.

Remember, even if you are pregnant or have recently become a parent, this dream is not usually about your baby at all, but about yourself.  To new and expecting parents, these dreams can seem particularly worrying, but there are variety of reasons why you may be dreaming of a lost baby at this time.  Some (but by no means all!) reasons include:

  • Pregnancy releases hormones that drastically effect sleep and dreaming.  Studies show that dreams even change according to which trimester the mother is in, and which hormones are effecting her.  So on one level at least, you know Mother Nature has a hand in all of this!
  • It is not  unusual for pregnant women, especially first time mothers (and also fathers), to experience a high degree of anxiety about the impending birth and the responsibility of parenthood.  Dreams of stressful situations may be a way for the subconscious to work through all your deeply held fears; but more than that, by having a kind of imaginary “dress rehearsal” of all the worst case scenarios (often totally unrealistic) the subconscious mind seems to build a sense of confidence that it can cope with anything.  Therefore the far more realistic challenges of parenthood seem a breeze by comparison, so these dreams serve as kind of pressure valve and enable parents ironically to feel less anxious in waking life. (One study shows that women with high degrees of anxiety dreams during pregnancy actually experienced shorter labours, suggesting there may be a link between preparing or practicing for a smooth birth in your dreams so when it comes to real life, you know what you are doing!)
  • Dreaming of losing the baby when you are caught up in the serious planning required for a new or extended family can be an indication that you feel you are losing a part of your self.  This may be your inner child, that you can re-connect with by having some fun, kicking back and letting go of the serious grown up part of life for a while.  (Try doing something totally childish and playful – blow bubbles, draw with crayons, play on the swings in the park, whatever makes you laugh, relax and remember what its like to feel young again.)  Or it may be that in becoming a parent, you feel you are losing something else important to you.  Maybe you have had to give up a career, a creative hobby or a fulfilling past-time.  Either way, dreams of losing the baby in this sense can be a suggestion to take care of yourself, and nurture something that is important to you as well.
  • Baby dreams may come up when you are having your own family because you are reminded of a past hurt or unresolved issue from your own childhood.  In this case, your subconscious may be asking you to look at what you really feel about experiences in your childhood, and to learn to love and nurture yourself in order that you are fully healed and available for your own children.  You can do this by using a simple visualisation technique, going back to the time and remembering your pain, then imagining yourself as you are now, all grown up and about to give your own child lots of love.  Imagine yourself giving yourself as a child this love too.  Or alternatively, put a picture of yourself as child in the baby’s room.  Each time you see it, and see your own child, remember how much you love them both.  This can help heal your own inner child.  For more serious unresolved issues or extreme persistent anxiety, please see if you can discuss this with some one who can help.)

Even if you have no children, dreams of losing a baby or child can be shocking and traumatic.  These kinds of dreams are common amongst parents and those without children alike.  No matter who has a dream of losing a baby, we can consider:

  • What is the precious thing in our life that we have recently lost, given away or fear we will have to?  What are we missing out on?
  • When as a child did we feel hurt, rejected or unloved?  How is this similar to how we feel now?
  • Where are we neglecting our own needs?
  • Where are we being too serious, and losing touch with what is fun, simple, innocent and enjoyable in our lives?

Dreams of losing a baby invite us to look at our ways of behaving and any old beliefs we carry with us from childhood that maybe aren’t helping us grow anymore.  They remind us to nurture ourselves, tend to old wounds so that we may heal and let go of the past, and not give up what is most important to us.  Just as a baby in a dream can mean a special new project or creative endeavour in life, to lose the baby can relate to our fear of this new project being unfulfilled in someway, of losing our creative expression, or losing the ability to execute the new idea that is so precious to us.  In life, we are often forced to make choices that seem like we must give up one thing special in order to have another.  Dreams of losing the baby help us recognise that the most important thing to never give up on is ourselves.

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88 thoughts on “The Meaning of a Lost Baby in a Dream

  1. I had a dream that I had a baby in the middle of the lobby where I work. Then I got up and went right to my office and continued working. Then when the day was over and it was time to home, I began looking for the baby i had in the morning. My co-worker’s son told me in Spanish, which he doesn’t speak, “You put in the box” . I opened the box and in it was a rag doll baby. I kept telling him it wasn’t. This happened three times until I saw my co-worker and I asked her “Where did you put my baby” and she replied… “i have no idea, I just threw away the mess in the lobby that you left” then I realized she threw away my baby.

    What can this mean? I am not pregnant by the way!

    1. Hi Kary, it might be helpful for you to read my post about “Losing the Baby” (see the drop down menu in categories, on the side of the page.) Baby dreams are very common, and rarely relate to actual babies or pregnancy. The key questions to ask yourself are what is new in your life or yourself? What needs nurturing and protecting in your life at the moment? Hope this helps! Dream Well!

  2. i had a dreamt that my boyfriend mom gave him a baby to drop sumwhr … i met him i offered to hold the baby and i sat on the back seat of the bike

    then v wer talkin and all as he rode the bike ( btw the guy in the dream is my boyfriend)

    wen v reach i realise th i have lost the baby … we start searchin for it everywhr n go lookin in ppls houses …Its a catholic colony n mass is jus over ..

    but v dont find it .. i got scared n woke up

    can u help m me interpret it plz /???

  3. I keep dreaming about loosing babies but a different way each time. I do not have any children of my own, but we have tried for many years and i just cant get pregnant.
    The first dream i had one baby girl and i took good care of her for awhile. i didnt even have a pregnancy. I just simply gave birth to her one day. and then a couple months later another baby girl. i even breastfed them in my dream and everything. But i kept forgetting i had them or forgetting where i left them. i would find them in the closet or at my moms place instead of my own house.
    the second dream i was in college. This time i was single and i had a baby boy. everything was great for a while and then i had another baby boy. shortly after, my husband ( whom i should mention was recently seperated from me. we were close to getting a divorce, but for now we are trying to make it work again) came back into my life and i left college and the babies in my dorm room and simply did other things with my life. a few months later i so desperately missed my babies i tried to go back to the dorm to find them and they were gone. i searched everywhere. eventually i found my first boy but i never found the second.

    why do i continue to have these dreams and what are they trying to tell me?

  4. i dreamt last night that i was in my old house (which burned 5 yrs ago) in there were my sisters and my dad. suddenly i felt a gushing feeling bet my legs (like when i had my water break during my first baby) then i saw blood coming out, then i saw my unborn child in the floor wrap in the placenta and blood……my sisters looked at me as if i was “doing a drama” just overeacting…….in my dream i held the small baby in my hands and it was alive yet dying………..i screamed on the top of my lungs and woke up with my husband trying to make me wake up because i was crying and shouting in my sleep……I am 3 months pregnant now and i really felt disturbed after this dream…..

    1. I know this doesn’t explain the meaning of your dream but when I read this I felt I should reply. How strange. Three hours before you posted this I went into preterm labor. My water broke and there was blood in the fluid due to an infection in the amniotic sac. When we arrived to the hospital because I was only 22 weeks pregnant they acted as if I was a hysterical pregnant woman. They didn’t believe me when I said my water broke even though my pants are soaked. They showed no urgency even after the baby was out they simply looked surprised and continued on as if nothing had happened. My baby was born alive but died in my arms about 23 minutes later. I just find it strange that your dream happened the same night I gave birth to my daughter and your dream had eery similarities.

      1. Wow I stumbled upon this web page because I remembered early in the week I had the strangest dream about my son Jayce who I had prematurely at 19 weeks about 5 years ago. I later went on to have another son named Ty who i gave birth at 23 weeks he lived to be 5 months old and later passed. In my dream I was in my childhood home and there where papers everywhere I was holding Ty and screaming at my sister to hand me the bottle because he was hungry. I sat Ty down to grab the bottle and lost him in the sea of papers that was in the room and he started to cry but when I woke up from the dream I clearly remembered that it was Jayce I was holding but I was calling him Ty…. sstrange

      2. I realize that your post is several years old but I also understand the love you have for your child is endless. I wanted to offer my condolences on the loss of your baby. Though your daughter can never be replaced or forgotten I hope your arms are no longer empty. Many blessings to you and your babies.

      3. My heartfelt condolences on the death of your dear daughter, Samantha. Though years have passed since you shared your story of loss I couldn’t keep reading about other’s dreams and not stop for a moment to give thought to your very real daughter. I know the loss of a child is a pain like no other but I hope you have now experienced the joy of rearing a healthy baby too. Many blessings to you and yours.

    2. I feel that. I always have dreams that’s someone takes my baby from me and I have no way to get it back. It really stresses me out.

  5. I had a dream last night that I lost my baby 2 years ago, and I didn’t even care. It was like it was an object and it was just lost. Later in the dream, I saw a 2 year old child walking around near the building that I lost him at. I picked up the child and he had large dark eyes. I asked him how he survived being outside, and he said that he was eating the blood of other animals. This dream freaked me out in a big way.

  6. I had a dream that this girl & I had a kid, but then she wouldn’t take care of the baby so I took it into my own hands.. I cherished it with all my heart, my neighbors offered to take care of my child while I was at school, then one day when I got out of school early & picked my son up from my neighbors house, we came into my house Then moments later I couldn’t find it, I went to all my family members house, neighbors & they had not seen him! I was screaming for my son in the middle of the rain while It was pouring hard, I remember me screaming where’s my son?!? Jayden where are you!?!? What does this mean? I’ve been thinking about it to much!

  7. I had a dream that this girl & I had a kid, but then she wouldn’t take care of the baby so I took it into my own hands.. I cherished it with all my heart, my neighbors offered to take care of my child while I was at school, then one day when I got out of school early & picked my son up from my neighbors house, we came into my house Then moments later I couldn’t find it, I went to all my family members house, neighbors & they had not seen him! I was screaming for my son in the middle of the rain while It was pouring hard, I remember me screaming where’s my son?!? Jayden where are you!?!? What does this mean? I’ve been thinking about it to much! /:

  8. my family and my neighbour’s family were on our way to churh.i was carrying my neigbour’s baby.then suddenly i was in the middle of thick woods.there was no one and no matter how long i go or how loud i shout,no one hears me.means i was lost with the baby.i had the same dream two nights.i cant forget it.does this have some meaning?

  9. last night i had one of the worst dreams ive ever had and i just cant figure out what it means and it’s still upsetting me. I was pregnant and only about 5-6mths and i was standing there and i just dropped to my knees and my unborn child came out but it was still in the sac and still alive and my husband kept telling me to throw it away and i told him not this is my baby and held the sac and her in my arms and told him i have to protect her i have to keep her warm, i woke up crying and just cant get it out of my head even though i know it was just a dream.. i am not pregnant though so i dont understand what it means.. but when ever some one i know gets pregnant i know they are pregnant before they do and what they are having because i dream of it, could it be about them.. this just scared me

  10. I was pregnant and had started bleeding a few days before going on holiday, i had been to the hospital to see if all was ok, baby’s heart was beating strong, dr said probably urine infection. said to go on holiday and enjoy the sunshine but relax. Away i went, whilst away bleeding got worse and was also experiencing alot of pain. I actually thought my had died, I was scared to go and see someone whilst in another country and wanted to wait till i got home. whilst on holiday, i had a dream my baby had died, i was about to tell the daddy when my daughter came in with my baby alive and well. As soon as i got home i went straight to the hospital, by this time i was convinced my baby had gone whilst away. a scan revealed my baby was alive and well, kicking like mad and waving. Anyway i had another dream i had given birth to my baby and it was lying on the floor still in the sac and i was alone. I then went onto have my baby at 18 weeks, his heart had stopped. I was told the news 2 weeks after seeing my little boy on his scan waving away. If the hospital is right, my baby died the day after the scan was done. Sometimes dreams do mean what they are telling you

  11. I had a dream last night that I was pregnant and I was quite far along to. My boyfriend was excited and I told him not to be cause I knew I was gunna lose it. When I went for a scan they told me that they couldn’t find a heart beat and that the baby was dead!
    When I woke up I felt terrible about the dream, I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since and I feel like I have actually lost a loved one.
    I’m not pregnant and I don’t have any kids, I’m only 20 but I’d love to know what this means :/

  12. I had dreams of me holding a happy baby boy for six months on and off. I eventually did get pregnent and it was a big surprise as my daughters are older but it was a tubal pregnancy. However now, I am having dreams of twins (girl and boy) and I use contraceptives not to get pregnant. I have a fear of being pregnant again. My problem is what I dream usually comes true!!! I had different dreams and most have came true. Should I worry???

  13. I am 31 weeks pregnant and had a dream that I was having lunch with my coworkers when I realized the baby bump was gone. I double checked my stomach to see if there was any fetal movement which there was none till finally I thought in my head that I had lost the baby. Desperate to find out the truth I turned to my coworkers for answers and they just said I might need counseling. I woke up it tears feeling my bump and now I fear something might happen to my baby.

  14. I had my dream early morning I had lost my unborn daughter and my 2 lil boys (age 6 n 4) were being taken away from me!! I would love to know wot this ment as its worrying me

  15. I had a dream last night where I was bleeding heavily and my partner told me to go to the docs as I have the implant and bleeding like that was not normal for me. But I refused to go. I am them riding on the trains to get to uni with my friends when I started bleeding heavily again. . So I went to the toilet and there was a very small grey foetus in the toilet, it wasn’t quite old enough to be a baby. So I collected it from the toilet and put it in an empty bottle, which I showed my friends and teachers, whom where all very supportive. I was absolutely hysterical and inconsolable. I couldn’t reach my partner to tell him what was happening. I woke this morning really quite distressed, feeling my arm to double check I still have the implant and I wasn’t bleeding. I feel like I’ve actually lost a loved one. What does this dream mean or what could it mean? I’m only 21, in a long term stable relationship with my fiancée and I have no children.

  16. I had a dream that I was taking care of a baby. I layed it next to me in my bed and fell asleep. When I woke up (actually woke up in real life) I checked the bed for the baby. When I couldn’t find it I started to panic, “did it fall between my bed and the wall” “did crawl somewhere” “is it hurt.” I got out of bed and started running around my house. I then thought that it might be in the car seat in my vehicle. So I started running to my car outside, halfway there i had realized it was only a dream. I keep dreing about losing babies. They are becoming more detailed.

  17. Had a dream just last night that I was pregnant with both my girls but they were growing on the outside of my moms head. My oldest daughter on the left side of my moms head and was at like 8 months into the pregnancy and my youngest daughter was on the right side of my moms head and was like the size of a 4 month pregnancy, I rushed to the hospital to have them removed from my mother and put back into me then I woke up.

  18. im @ my last trimester and i dreamed of my bby,i have lost my child twice in a row@.second time i saw she was healthy bby,boom within a blink she turned to be a piece piece vorse,what is that?

  19. I had a dream that I was probably two months pregnant. Apparently I was having complications and my doctor told me I may want to abort the baby. I said no, but somehow I ended up in preterm labor that night. He took a scalpel and did an emergency c-section in my room (from my old. House as a child). I was in pain and crying from the baby, but not the procedure. I “woke” up and he told me the baby was gone and that I would have been a terrible mother. I then woke up for real with pain in my stomach (the same I felt in the dream from the baby). I don’t understand any of this.
    Also, I’m a virgin….

  20. Recently I had a dream that I was pregnant and was about to have the baby. I remember feeling anxious because I wasn’t in any way prepared. I did not have a baby shower and I needed things for the baby. In the dream I am not sure if I was married or not. I am not pregnant, married or have a boyfriend.

    Just last night I had a dream that I was out with some friends, and I guess that one of them had a baby with them. I was with the baby in a house. i needed to go to (I guess) the bank for a moment. Then I realized that the baby might have been all alone in the house, so I got out of line and ran back to the house to get the baby. The baby was talking to me. I am trying to remember exactly what she asked me, but it was along the lines of why did her mommy leave her alone, does she still love me? I told this baby girl that her mother loves her very much. Just before I woke up I remembered the baby’s name. There was a baby in my hometown by the name of the baby in the dream who was murdered by her mom’s ex-boyfriend. I recalled this dream upon waking up.

  21. I had a dream on 23rd December night that I am burying my son in the end of my garden. The next day on 24th December morning when we went to see consulant and he told us. That our baby is no more and we have lose him. I haven’t told my wife about this at that time but told her about this recently. The way I see is, my unborn son was giving me indication, that he is not with us anymore. I am sure he is at peace and also know, we love him more than anything in life.

  22. Last year i had an abortion and will always regret the decision. I chose to do it without anesthesia or sedation because i needed to truly understand what i was doing. I am not religious. But to this day, i relive that moment the life turned off inside me and it brings to me my knees. I beg the universe, my broken, altered soul for forgiveness and i do not know if it will ever come. I now have a 3 month old baby. We co-sleep. The other night i dreamt, all night it seemed, that there were two babies in the bed. I breastfed them both, hugged them both… And when i woke up i frantically felt around for this second baby until i realized i have only one baby. In the morning i told my husband about my dream. He told me dreamt his grandpa came to see him. His gpa died last year around this time, maybe even to the date. I am beside myself because i feel like my baby, the one i let a doctor rip from my womb and kill, was in my arms. I cant help but feel like his gpa came to us, and brought me my baby so i could hold it while he visited his grandson. And all this pain, that was put aside in the joy of my new baby, its all been brought back.

  23. I had a dream that I had twin babies and was watching them playing, I felt such happiness when I turned to my husband then back at the babies they both just vanished, it was devastating, hubby & I have been trying to fall pregnant for the past 5years unsuccesfully.

  24. I had a dream that I was with my new Mom friend she was having an all girls party at an apt. She lives in a house. My husband and I were with our daughter first swimming. Then we went to my new friends apt. My hubby left with the baby because then it was an apt on a cruise ship. So he left my friends apt and took our 18 mth with him. I see him at the window dancing I go out to leave and I’m running and then we are somewhere else and he’s walking towards me without our daughter. He tells me she’s missing and to check the bathrooms. I can’t find her I wake up devastated. She’s sleeping next to me. I didn’t find her. Our marriage is weak and my new friend brings me a piece of happiness we have play dates and I’m helping her wedding dress shop. After having my daughter things have gotten worse with hubby. He became less interested in being a parent.

    I’ve been at home with my daughter and I stopped working. I guess I’ve lost my way and I’m depressed about it.

    Please help if you are still reviewing these responses. thank you.

  25. I had a dream that I had been injured and I had a small girl. She was in a with ter puff jacket. Blue. and she was just laying in the parking lot groud. I grabbed her up in with a broken down cardboard box around her. And proceeded to tell at the top of my lungs. “Somebody help me! Please help! Somebody help my baby! I’m begging you!” People were ignoring my plees for help. One lady finally comes over to help. And my little girl was gone. I woke up bursting into tewrs . I was histarical, no joke. (Btw no kids)

  26. I had a dream three times already no not pregnant, but I dreamt that I was at a store I lost my child thinking she was with my mom. I saw she was missing we told the store we went outside to look for her could never find her. Then I wake up, but me knowing its a dream I couldnt wake myself up. I just read your explanation I think it does have to do with me first. I had a great child hood but its stress I may have and need to play more with my daughter my son left me now lives with his dad maybe thats the issue to.

  27. I’m a fifteen yo , been babysitting my cousin (4 months girl) and nephew(8 months boy) on and off for the past two months. The last two night I have had nightmares about little children dying. The first one I don’t remember much but my nephew died in it. The one I had last night some guy was helping out my dad with a car, and he had two children w/ him. 1 was a girl w/ the face of my niece but she looked about 5 or 6. The other child was about 2 w/ similar features to my nephew. I walked outside and saw both car seats on top of the car that the guy was working on and the children about to fall out of them. so I grabbed the older girl and talked walked and talked with her a little and when came back the little boy had fallen out of his car seat onto the concrete face down . I picked him up and his face was just dis colored and the child was silent. Then I went to go do the little girls hair (I do hair too) and came back and the boy was sitting on the edge of the car . I ran toward him and he hopped off of the car and ran in the street and I almost got to him and then he slipped into the suer. i just sat there in tears .

  28. I had dream that I was pregnant, I was so happy in the dream and then suddenly I could feel someone pulling the baby out of my stomach. I woke up immediately and I could feel blood coming out. So I quickly rushed to the toilet.
    It was a strange experience because I felt like I had lost something. Any help to what this could mean?

  29. HI ..I dreamed I had a tiny baby about 6 inches long … I do have a daughter and she is 40 now but it was her as the baby .. I layed her down I thought on my bed with a tiny bottle .. I was cleaning and realized I had a baby and when I went to get her she was gone .. I looked everywhere .. in the garbage . .called a friend to come over . we couldn’t find her .

  30. I have a two year old son who I love so much and well I just woke up panic because I had a dream that I lost him in Fresno I didn’t know the exact place where I lost him. And I was all the way I’m Santa Ana trying to get help to look for him but no one wanted to help me even my mom she was just saying we’ll go next week and she looked like nothing was wrong I also tried going to a bus station and they also denied me saying that they didn’t have bus transportation that I would have to walk all the way to Fresno . Also I had found a picture of a lady with a little boy who looked like my son in the beginning I was positive that was my son but once I went into the lady’s fb page to look at the picture the little boy did not look like my son he had some appearance but not much and I started crying asking for help and no one came and also forgot to mention that my baby’s dad was also in my dream and that he did not do nothing about it as well ? I would like to know if anyone can tell me the meaning of this dream I am very scared 😔

  31. My husband and I recently lost our 3 year old daughter due to cancer she had been battling since birth. We also have a younger son that fortunately out of that 3 to 5 percent chance of him having the same cancer, he was not born with it. Now we’re waiting on our 3rd. He recently had a dream that we went to Mexico as planned in October (our babies due date isn’t till January 20th ) as soon as we landed I went into labor, unfortunately in his dream the baby didn’t make it she (it was a girl) was born dead and with the same cancer as my eldest daughter passed away from. Now he’s even more worried, and I’m just trying to look for a clear answer.

  32. I am welcoming any help I can get! A few months ago I had pregnancy dreams and I soon found out that a co-worker was expecting. But this last dream was terrifying. In my dream I was at the hospital and had a set of boy twins. One was born dead but the other I held in my arms as he died. I begged god not to take my baby from me and I remember saying over and over “you can not take my baby” It felt like I was alone with my baby but I kinda remember my boyfriend being with us holding me and telling me I was okay. I cried for hours and hours. I woke up crying… It was a scary thing… If you need more information on my personal life feel free to email me! Again I need the help!!!

  33. Hi, I am 4 months pregnant and I am having the strangest dreams. Last night I dreamt that a friend of a friend had a child, she didn’t want the child and the child was going to be put up for adoption. I offered to take the child on full time as own, this was going okay until I realised one day I couldn’t love the child. My reason for this was because I knew she wasn’t my own child and told my friend that I had a child of my own on the way. Taking care of my own flesh and blood was all I wanted and gave the child back, much to my friends anger as she presumed I was keeping the baby. She was angry and disappointed with me and could not understand what I was trying to tell her, which was pretty logical. The dream was so real and still puzzles me to know if it had a meaning about my own pregnancy. I’d love to know if anyone has any suggestions as to what this was all about. Weird to say the least.

  34. My dad dreamt that I was crying and he asked me why I was crying and I told him I have lost my child again.But in living life am pregnant and I have already lost 2babies am so scared.please help.

  35. Last night I dreamt that I had had baby. For some reason at the beginning it was just a baloon with a smiley face on it but I had actually believed it was my baby. The knot at the bottom untied and let all the air out and I was heartbroken. I then got a new balloon and even though it wasn’t the same color I still thought it was he same child. Later on it actually became a real baby. I was getting all the new stuff for it like clothes and toys and I set her down to sleep and she just disappeared. I had looked everywhere and could not find her. I woke up and had tears in my eyes as if I had been sobbing in my sleep. this might sound really weird but I mean, it scared me a bit..

  36. I had a dream that my Friends and I and my little nephew and 1 of his friends were just walking but we were walking on train the dream we travel 60 miles, we made it to a store, but the store had a weird name, nothing like I have seen before. But there we met 2 girls.we were asking them were could we find a taxi so we could go back home. While all that was going on my little nephew and his friend were gone and I couldn’t find them anywhere, I was so worried at that point, and when I woke up. Can anyone tell me what it means.

  37. I keep having the same recurring dream and its starting to give me a lot of depression and anxiety. My hubby and I have two kids, Daughter is 4 and son is 3. I have wanted a third for a good year now but he doesn’t. Lately I have been having the same dream that I am sitting in bed nursing a baby, I put the baby into the bassinet and go to sleep. I awake to hear the baby’s cry but can’t find the baby anywhere. I search the house but all remnants of the baby is gone, as if it never was there to start with. I wake up is such a panic, sweating and shaking, I have even searched the house myself to make sure it was just a dream. This dream has now been recurring for a week, and I can’t talk to hubby about it because we end up fighting about the third child. I don’t know if this dream is my subconscious reacting to the feeling of losing the child because in reality I feel I have had that taken from me? I just need these dreams to stop,emotionally it is taking a massive toll. Any ideas?

  38. Good morning..
    My dream was Iike I was taken a bath .i didn’t look pregnant but felt I pissed on my self look down as I was sitting in tube. Felt slimmy. I looked at it it was in a sack I touched it to realize it was a baby I got up and stared to scream for my sister couldn’t open the door at first .but when open I see my sister holding another baby .n I’m telling her the baby in the tube I think it’s dead.she like I got the baby ,I said the baby in the tub look .then as she goes to see I wake up.. What does that tell u ..

  39. I have 2 boys already and I m not pregnant. I dreamt that I had a baby boy and it was a smooth delivery as in real life I had 2 cezerian so in the dream I was surprised that I felt no pain, my husband was the one who told me it was a boy, the atmosphere was like there was an outing or party very noizy I was feeling dizzy and the person who took care of the baby was my sister in law which in real life I love very much. Latter on I started looking for the baby but couldn’t find him but all I found was other babies who were female, I started accusing some people that they stoll my baby and what was wiered that no one cared accept me, I can’t remember if I found him or not. Can you pls give me an indication of what this means.

  40. I was dreaming of having the baby and I never had any pain having her. I saw her coming out of me and they just let her fell in the floor and the doctor pick her up and I can still see her face. After a while I lost her and the hospital cannot tell me where my baby girl is. In my dream I keep on crying and looking for her all over but nobody seems to know.

  41. Hi, every now and then I have a dream about a baby and something usually happens. In my past dream it was me leaving my baby downstairs on the bed and after a half hour or so I couldn’t remember where I put it, so someone would have to remind me. I would go downstairs to the room worried that it might had fallen. The second time I went to check up on her she fell on the floor. When I picked her up, her eyes opened a little then shut closed; and I didn’t know if she was alive or not. Then I woke up. I had an abortion almost a year ago if that means anything.

  42. Im 3 months pregnant and last night i dreamed that i was giving birth . But when my baby was finally in my arms the doctors told me i had 2 babys but one of them didnt make it. But no one would let me see the baby . I was crying going crazy because even tho i was being told that one of the babys died i needed closure . I woke up in tears. It felt so real it was horrible .

  43. I dreamed I was missing a newborn baby boy.
    I was searching & panicking. In my dream I thought it was mine (as I have a 9month old baby) but when I found it he was a newborn & weighed only about 8 or so lbs.
    I hugged him & held him close & was so in love. I remember him very vividly & when I woke thought I wonder what that meant so I researched it, it turns out my grandson was born at 4am this morning!!! I am 3 states away at the moment & had no idea he would be born 2weeks early. I just found out & just got pics via text. He is the baby in my dream! And was 8lbs. I dreamed of him missing while I was missing his birth!

  44. I’m only 16. I don’t plan on having a baby anytime soon but I have been in a serious relationship for a year and a half now. I had a dream that i was about a month and a half pregnant, and the baby died before I even knew I was pregnant at all. Then I was able to see the dead baby in like a hospital nursery. It felt real and In the dream I was upset and in pain. I woke up crying.

  45. I had a dream that I had a boyfriend and we were going to class and all the sudden I fainted in the middle of going to class when I woke up again he told me that I was two months pregnant and that I had lost it but as I was going to go into this place I saw a happy and giggly baby and then 2 months later I went to see the baby’s father and the mom showed me a page that says he had died from sustaining a big injury he got hit with a bat and then I woke up

  46. For the last few nights, I don’t remember the actual dream, but I have woken up in a thoroughly gripping panic that I had forgotten my youngest son and my grandchildren somewhere; I ran through the house searching for them; I barely even recognized where I am, in my panicky state. Both nights my youngest son was asleep in his bed (he is 12) and my grandchildren are at their own home with their father (my oldest son). Weird and disturbing.

  47. I’m a first time mom my baby is about to be 3 months. I had a dream more like a nightmare that I put my son somewhere not sure where and then thought… “why did I leave him there!?” I went back and he was gone. I saw a baby grabbed him thinking it was my son and panicked and put him down when I saw it wasn’t. I saw another parent with there baby grabbed the baby from them only to find out he wasn’t my baby.. I did it a few times with diffrent ppl. Blaming everyone for trying to take my baby only too find out everytime I looked at the child he wasn’t mine. I felt desperate and scared when I finally found him it was in my car in the back seat on the floor. I keeped blaming random ppl for taking my son only to find out again and again the baby wasn’t mine and he was with me the entire time in my car. Could this have a meaning?

  48. Hello, my name is Helen, I had a dream that I gave birth to a baby girl but when I woke up the next day in the dream, she was dead. I’m single and does not have a child.

  49. I recently had a dream that I could hear my daughter crying (she’s a baby in the dream but 8 years old in real life) and I am looking for her. I eventually find her outside in some trees. I grab her and head to go in the house when I turn toward the trees and a man emerges from the trees in a camouflage hooded jacket. The man starts walking towards us….that’s when I wake up super scared….

    The next night I had another dream that I was pregnant with twins and I was going into labor but I wasn’t far enough alon so I was going to lose them. It was so vivid and I could see the blood.

    What do these vivid dreams mean?

  50. I had a dream that i was 15 years old and pregnant for my current boyfriend but it was an”Accident” and i kept telling everyone i knew that it was an accident and everyone around me was saying that is was an
    Accident” and at such a young age i was excepted to be in trouble for my pregnancy but i wasnt. Finally i gave birth (but have no memory of actually giving birth one moment i had a big stomach and the next minute i was cuddling my baby). And i put the baby in its crib to sleep after a few days of having it and my sister put a fan on high next to the baby, and i think it froze to death because when i went to check on him he wasnt breathing and when i called for my parents they didnt seem to care that my baby was dead. So without words we all decided to keep this baby a secret, the next day at school my friend asked me how my baby was doing and i was going to reply but the school staircase began to fall apart so we had to run to get out of the building. Later on a different friend approached me and told me that he knew my baby had died and i was worried that people were finding out and then my dream ended without me ever telling the boyfriend. (my boyfriend was sad at the beginning of the dream but eventually became excited that i was pregnant)

  51. Hello – I keep dreaming about losing a baby girl. I know that she is my daughter in the dream. I have her in my arms in the beginning and then somehow lose her towards the end. I’ve had this dream several times now and sometimes my mom looks after the baby girl in the beginning. I do not have any children, nor do I ever want one.

    1. Helen, I have been researching past life regressions; it sounds to me like your dream might be tied to a past life. I encourage you to read “Many Lives, Many Masters” by Brian Weiss MD. I could bring answers.

  52. I keep having dreams of my unborn son suddenly dying from SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). He looks different in both dreams but it is always right after I give birth to him. I take him home and I lay him down and I leave him with a family member for a bit and when I come back to see what he’s doing he is dead. In both dreams I say “he can’t be dead.” And I start to cry. I feel like I’ve lost my self.

  53. phyl
    I am 66 years and husband is 73. We never could have children but I dream last night someone gave a baby girl. She was three days. I was giving the child a bath and finish and dry her. All sudden she started bleeding all over her head flip backwards has I was holding her. I knew she was dead. My friend was in visiting helping getting adjust of having a child. She called 911 but paramedic couldn’t save her. I named the Mary Louise after both my our Mothers and Louise after friend that visiting me. I was wondering meanings my Mom is almost 91 and last year had a stroke but is able take care of herself by cooking and shop herself. Her name is Mary Lou. Could be telling me something about

  54. So I been having a dream for a few nights in a row already that my baby daddy and I lose our unborn child and at the funeral its just him and I burying it. What does that mean? A lot of people tell me that maybe its just us burying our broken relationship?

  55. Had a miscarriage and had a dream pregnant n my stomach was see through Jst saw my baby waving at me

  56. My 16 year old daughter had a dream last night. In the dream, an African American couple came walking up our sidewalk and my daughter saw them from the window. She opened the door when they got up onto the porch. The man and woman both were crying. My daughter asked what was wrong and they proceeded to tell her and myself (she said I was at the door with her) that their baby had been taken from a store. The father said that they had turned their heads for just a split second and when they turned back around, the baby was gone.

    My daughter then had a vision in this dream, in the vision she was at the store and it was the moment when the child was taken. She was there as herself, watching these parents push their baby in the shopping cart (they could not see her). She said everything was completely silent, she could not hear what the couple were saying while they talked to each other in the store. She then went into the father’s body. She said she saw his hands pushing the shopping cart, she saw the baby, it was as though she was him. She said at that moment, the child’s mother pointed to something on a shelf, and the father (who my daughter was now in his body) turned his head along with the mother to look at whatever was on the store shelf. When the father turned back around, the baby was gone from the shopping cart.

    At that moment, my daughter’s vision in the dream ended, and she was back at the door of my home. She said the parents of the missing child said to my daughter and I, ‘if you can’t help, please pray for us’. At that moment my daughter woke up.

  57. I dreamed I was pregnant, almost reaching the 9 months, with a very big belly. And I stopped filling he baby moving inside, so I went to the hospital but nobody understood the urgency. I screamed that the baby stopped moving. When they finally took care of me, the baby was born already dead.

  58. Thank you. As an adopted child who has himself taken on a step daughter and planning to have a child soon this really helped. My own anxieties (medicated) meant dreams of lost children and infant mortality with mothers I never knew.

    I hope I can be half the parents my mum and dad were to me 🙂

    Thanks again,


    1. I’m only replying to my own comment to say thank you to everyone’s honesty, I have no idea how to deal with this.

      Stay strong, we’ll all get through the this x

  59. i have a new born son hes only 2 months old and i live with him and my girlfriend i love them both to death more then anything the world and latley its been about a week that i been haveing this nightmare that i loose them both in a car accedent like i see the car crash and when i run to try to save them there both dead.. i been haveing this same dream for about a week now and everytime i wake up i wake up really hurt … and confused and like paranoid and after that i cant be able to sleep like i loose my sleepness and i just dont wanna sleep anymore im really scared i just lay with them and watch over them until the sun comes out .. this dream feels insanely real and the pain and hurt that i feel is real i wake up really depresssed and worried can someone please help i really wanna know what this means .. thank youu

  60. I had a dream that my fiance was having a baby and some guy was trying to kill it.. some supernatural guy that id kill and hed keep coming back again..
    In the end i defeated him and she had our baby before we were married

    Whats it mean?
    It was a really realistic dream..

  61. Im dreaming last night that im going to the toilet and when im there a lot of fluid comes out and qhen i look back i saw a whole blood and a baby a half baby boy only a left side. Can you help me what does it means .thank you for reading this

  62. In this dream I found a lost infant covered in mud surrounded by wild cats ready to devour him . As I picked it up and tried walking away , some village women gathered around asking me to give up the child so they could live it there to be feasted upon. There was water on two sides , a setting sun , and at a distance I could see my mom walking away with someone asking me to dump the child as well as I couldn’t keep up with them . My dad came to my rescue , but now the cats were backed by wolfish dogs and the women grew aggressive, the only sane thing to do would be to leave the fucking child but I clinged on to it with my dear life and screamed “have you ever defended something with your whole life that you’d know what I’m going through ” and I woke up .

  63. I had a dream that i had a baby in Mexico , which is weird becuz im from california, a day after giving birth me and mt family, “crossed the border” i came back to California with a blonde green eyed baby, who WASN’T my baby, ny new born had black hair and was kind of darker than me, & was barely 2 days old, i knew cuz i seen him after giving birth, the baby i took home could talk and walk and it looked like he was 2 years old, my mom was taking care of him, i noticed the baby was diffrent from the one i had originally seen & i asked where was my new born , thats when i woke up , i left the baby in Mexico, please help me figure this out , it was a bad nightmare , could you respond to my email

  64. I know this is my guilt speaking to me but back in November I had an abortion for health and safety reasons and today I would have made 5 months. For the past few weeks I’ve barely been sleeping and the past 6 days I’ve been having nightmares of a baby crying and every time I find the baby as I reach for it, it disappears but I still hear the baby crying. As I run across the floor there is water in the floor and I’m wearing a hospital gown.

  65. In my dream, I was in a room with my little two-days old baby girl, she was stunning,perfect, I even felt a love for her after I woke up..well, at exactly the same time, I was with my boyfriend and later we decided to go on a walk together . The baby was in a care of my friend, she told me she will take care of her while we will come. We went on a walk and found a high tower and decided to go on a top of that . We went there but suddenly, there also came my ex-boyfriend with a covered face in mask and with a rope wrapped in his back and in his hand was holding a bomb so he could just jump down and throw that bomb on that tower, to kill me and my boyfriend. But he did not do that.. Somehow, we went home, came to that room where my baby was and found anyone. She had to be kidnapped, maybe by my ex-boyfriend or by that friend of mine who should take care of her as promised… I was hopeless..I went to look for her but did not found her. I asked everyone in that place if they have seen her recently but nobody really cared about that, as if she was some object and not a child of mine. I wanted to make a report that in a broadcast but firstly I had to sign some papers and only after I might have been really looking for her.
    When I woke up, I was feeling so sad of not having find her that I just can not explain that.

  66. I dreamed that after delivery of a baby boy, my initial thought was to give it up for adoption since I did not want to raise the child single parented. Therefore i proceeded with the adoption procedure.

    However, not too long after surrendering my child to the adoption officer, I eventually changed my mind. And when I tried retrieving my child, that is when I lost him. It became apparent that I did not adhere to the procedure and someone else has taken my child away. His name is “Bhai”. “Bhai” is also referred to race that a man I once dated.

  67. Every night i dream about my lost twin baby i never had. I had one baby and lost the other at 5 wks. She comes into my dreams every night. The other night i felt someone holding my hand. A tiny hand. And Now and then i feel pressure on top of me. I even yelled out in my sleep. Does she miss me. Why she keep visiting me. My twin son is now 19. I’m now 64. And i still get these baby dreams. So strange.

  68. Ehat does it mean when dreaming of your friend being pregnant but before birth dies… we caried her onto the table and she gave birth but after birth suddenly woke up… what can this mean

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