The Meaning of Stairs in a Dream

Dreams of stairs, staircases, lifts or escalators are often very confusing, and can make us feel like we have followed a lot of twists and turns in our mind all night, only to wake and realise we have not arrived anywhere!  And this is not surprising, when we realise that dreams of this sort may be forcing us to look at where in our lives we are feeling lost, or preventing our-selves from reaching a destination we think we are consciously working hard towards. Getting nowhere in a dream of staircases may be challenging us to examine where we are sabotaging our own efforts, or putting off the inevitable.  Are you failing your exams because deep down you don’t want to leave the security of home or school and become self sufficient?  Are you putting off the end of a project because you don’t know what you will do when you finally finish it?  Or is it something more subtle, like not wanting to address an ongoing relationship problem, or feeling you are not worthy of success?  Stair dreams may be asking to us to finally take the next step in our life, instead of putting it off and going sideways, or backwards, or around.

Stairs in a dream can also refer to our sense of hierarchy and progress in life.  If you are happily ascending stairs or a lift, this could mean you are confident in the face of graduation, promotion or some other form of success “moving up in the world”.  Or it might mean that you are growing in your own self confidence, experience and wisdom.  If you feel you have been overlooked for a promotion or failed exams, you may dream of going down stairs, like you are “descending” in your social or personal stature.  These dreams may also occur if we feel we are slipping in someone else’s esteem of us, if we feel people are “looking down” on us and we are losing some degree of power and confidence. But as with all dreamwork, only you know the entire story of your life, and it is worth remembering that “down” does not equate with “bad.”  Stairs in dreams going down can also be a symbol for entering our “deeper” self, as when we start dreamwork and start to access our deeper subconscious.  You may find all kinds of symbolic creatures or events here as you journey into your deeper self and start uncovering the secrets you subconscious has kept hidden!

To understand your dream of stairs, look at the condition of the stairs (lift etc) and whether you are going up or down, whether you eventually get to your destination or not and what kind of environment you are traveling through.  Old or decrepit stairs in a dream may invite us to revisit an issue from our past, or something we have been putting off for a long time. Conversely, new shiny stairs may be a new issue or something you have not given much thought to yet.  Also look at floor numbers, this could give you a clue to what the issue relates to.  The number of the floor you can’t get to, or perhaps keep returning to, may be the age when the issue first came up for you, or else how many years or maybe even months ago the event first started. Try to “step back” from your sense of personal involvement, and describe your dream in very basic words, and then list your emotions.  Where does this relate to your life?  What kind of “steps” or connections do you need to take to amend your current approach?  Staircase dreams can seem frustrating and confusing, but they invite us to look at what we are in control of, and how we can take steps to get to where we want to be.

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125 thoughts on “The Meaning of Stairs in a Dream

  1. I have found the dream staircase very helpful and realise that there are several areas in my life i need to address.

  2. My staircases end in thin air. They just stop and I have to jump to find a way to another floor. Or, the latest one about stairs… I was just seeing staircases everywhere. Not on any of them. Each one was different yet all were winding. They showed up throughout the dream and were the most remembered issue of the dream. No other recall from the dream other than the staircases.
    Woke very confused.

    1. If it ends abruptly then that’s as far as your understanding about the situation goes. u seem to be stuck for lack of more understanding…i guess that is what it means

  3. When presented with a choice of staircases in our dreams, it can be like being presented with a range of choices in waking life. The more winding they are, the less direct the outcome of the choice may be. To wake confused from a dream of winding staircases is not because the dream is confusing us, but rather the dream is highlighting how confused we already are! We can try to step back and look at the situation objectively, write a list even. What is choice 1? choice 2 and so on? Then what might be the implications of those choices? How do those implications align with what is most important to us in life?
    Staircase dreams can be about taking action, the question is are we aware of what action we are taking, and will we end up where we want to be?
    – DW

  4. I was coming down the stairs on a shiny black metal staircase holding onto the rail with one hand and holding a babygirl with the other wearing a very classy red dress that fit little loose holding my head up and smiling. I was feeling calm and happy. when I came to the bottom of the stairs there was a small group of people; not crowded at all I saw two ladies who asked what race I was and gave me a compliment later I though about hiring one of this ladies to come and clean the house, then I saw my 3 year old nephew playing with the babygirl and I only saw the back of my mother walking away.

  5. My stairway dream was back at an old job that I really disliked. But the stairs were strange, they were shaky, temporary, chain linked stairs (like I’ve seen for an emergency escape). The stairs were not stable as I was climbing up, they then became twisted up somehow. I could not climb any further and began to descend on some sort of pully downwards above people eating in a cafeteria. When I got to the bottom someone said “I thought they fixed that, I hate when that happens”.

    The setting of the old job is a recurring dream.

  6. my dream with the stairs was actually Very Really pleasant.
    i was with my first love her sister and my brother and we were climbing DOWN very playfully.
    i think i was trying to imress my old friend/love and i was going down the staircase with tricks and acrobatics making my companions cheerfull and impressed.
    i remember she was like woah u r really good at this!

    i was happy ,skilled ,i could do anything i want with the stairs

    i dont remember where we were going etc i think we walked down the stairs more than once cuz it was joyfull.

    can anyone comment anything on this ?
    ty.. 🙂

  7. I was trying to escape from someone or something and I ended up going down these steep, old, winding stairs. I’d go down one set, run through a dark tunnel and find another set to go down at the other end, etc. There was only enough light to realize the stairs were old and rickety, but I wasn’t afraid of them. My only thought was to keep going, to get away from whatever was pursuing me. No indication of what level I was at at any time. Eventually after all these sets of old dark winding stairs, I was running through this long dark tunnel and finally I saw light at the end and realized I was dreaming. What might this mean?

    1. Oh my… I have had a similar dream. Only to run so far away of whatever it is I am running from, I find is not so bad. However, when I get there, I am called to go higher up and even in a dream, my whole body is in fear of jumping, going higher and falling. Even after I awake. To God be the glory. The one who has not given a spirit of fear. Amen

      1. I would like to add that while running away, the whole time I ran down. Easy to say it’s easy to run downwards and away but what about putting effort upwards and forwards? That is the question.

  8. Part of my dream last night envolved me helping my nan down an old broken up stone staircase. This staircase is riddiculosly steep with big drops to the next step and it lead to some sort of underground train system.

    Iv read through your explanation on stairs but sadly im still none the wiser. Is there an explanation to this or am I just having a weird dream?

  9. i was visiting my friend at her dorm. i went into the building and then up the first floor and afterwards, i couldn’t find the second flight of stairs. in fact, it looked like there were a few other staircases but it didn’t lead me to the place i wanted to be.

    so bizzare.

  10. I always dream with stairs, since i have started college, every time, i am looking for something, but i don’t know if i am going up or down, the stairs are not damage ever, they are very plain, sometimes i recognize the stairs. I am never alone when i am dreaming with stairs, but i get so afraid, because when I’m in the staircase i get panicky like something is going to happen to me. HELP.

    1. My dream is similar, but it always starts with me looking for my daughter. Then I run upstairs and all the doors are closed. The first time it was at my home when people were visiting. The second time I was at J Hud’s home talking about American idol. But there were iter kids too.

  11. i had a dream that i was walking along an old cobbled street and there was thousands of stairs infront of me and i was climbing them very slowly, never reaching the top, then i went to a house and walked out the front door and was descending the stairs, but there was hundreds of them again never reaching the bottom.

  12. i had a dream where i was with my grandmother playing softball and i hit the ball and it broke something she told me to run to the very bottom of the stairs and go out there so i listened and i went but i noticed i could of left on any one of the floors but while i was running i skipped a couple steps and the i kept going and the staircases were going down and i had to jump through things to get to the next staircase it was strange cause some were knew and some were old but when i finally got to the end and walked out i was being watched by many many people and there was a rock garden and i was scared to touch the rocks so i jumped over them and continued up a giant hill while everyone was watching me and then i was at a shopping center and then i didnt know where i was and woke up.

  13. Whenever there are stairs in my dream, I always try to go up but I couldn’t seem to. In fact, I just woke up today, dreaming about trying to ascend a complicated staircase in a mall but I fell down.
    One more thing, even if this happens, the next scene of my dream would lead me to my destination. It’s just strange why I couldn’t go up those stairs.
    Can anybody explain this?
    I find it creepy.

  14. Last night, I had a dream I was frantically running from someone, up and down stairs and elevators. It was very scary. I didn’t know why I was running from that someone, but just knew that I didn’t want them to catch me. It seems most my dreams lately are about running from someone…

  15. I dreamt I was in a hotel with lots of old friends from school and my partner i caught him cheating with lots of women in the hotel lobby and I started I running from him and trying to get away I was running up these bright red carpeted stairs but 2 steps from the top the carpet started coming away from under my feet and I was trying to hold on and climb to the top but I couldn’t reach it …

  16. In my dream I needed to get some were and could not I was climbing the stairs up and down finding a wall blocking my way. the stairs where in the basement of a shopping mall

  17. My dream was one I had as a child. In a large house I know ive never been in. A huge house filled with pillows and soft things, soft colors. Nothing was hard or sharp or bright. I saw myself on a small staircase crawling up like you do when your a child and still unstable on your feet and it led up to a hidden room that wasnt square, like an attic room or something? The room was very small and had many dolls and stuffed toys in it. I was also watching myself from a third person perspective. Anyone have any idea what this dream could mean or why I dont have it anymore?

  18. I had this dream, one or two years ago. The dream took place at my old high school. I was looking for my backpack, so I climbed the stairs of my three-story science building. I had a feeling that I would find my bag on the top floor. So, I headed up the stairs successfully to the second floor, but once I started up the stairs to the third, I was transported to the first floor. I kept repeating my process many times, but I could never reach the top. I almost gave up. But then I woke up from my dream when a bag of salad hit me in the head from the third floor.

  19. I always dream about i was in the lift,and the lift always accelerate very fast to the top of building,scary-.-

  20. In my dream my step-sister had fallen down to the bottom of the stairs but when my dad, me, and my brother were going down it felt like a much longer way than when we went up. We couldn’t find it until my sister called to my dad and when we finally reached her, her bone was comeing out of her leg but she was still standing up. The stairs were cement and hard to get down. I was really scared that we were never going to reach her or that we passed her already.

  21. I dream I need to reach someone and I take a shortcut set of stairs where I wind up at the end of the stairs winding upwards so I am in air on the back of the stairs and climbing or crawling on the steps afraid of falling and I have it so many times I know I am dreaming and try to wake up out of it into another dream
    What does it mean ?

  22. I had a dream about stairs, the first stairs was decending which there were 4 gods(which I called them in my dream) then they told me to let them help me guide downstairs so these gods passed my hand one to another.. then when I’m about to reach the bottom, they told me that someone is going to guide me to another stairs(which is ascending this time) so after that, the Final God let go of my hands then suddenly I felt that I was floating in the air and fell on the ground and a Tall person came out of nowhere.(it seems that another Supernatural Human) I only saw his full body covered with full black but his voice didn’t sound scary at all and he told me that someone is waiting for me upstairs to talk about my future.. he held my hand to go upstairs.. then I randomly found myself in my old school with my old classmates, laughing… the person I was meeting up shown up, but then when that person was saying something.. it kinda blocked my ears yet felt that I was losing my concentration and I can’t remember what happened next lol. Very weird. but I would say.. my future plans is like a puzzle, I couldn’t find lost pieces. 🙁

  23. A dream I’ve been having a lot lately is I’m walking up or down a staircase and I miss a step. The feeling of falling frequently wakes me up.

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  25. Wow your article perfectly explained it all. For some reason I was wearing a white well fitted dress with heels and some stairs were straight some following the sides of the building like a big cylinder and I was getting tired but I was very eager to get somewhere. Then the dream ended and then a new one began and I saw a friend from my childhood. I never dream but when I do they’re very symbolic, like this one.

  26. Yesterday I had a dream where my sister and I were playing hide and seek/tag. I found her behind a chair next to the stairs, and when I tried to tag her she tried to run down the stairs. I tagged her and she lost her balance, falling down the stairs. She couldn’t move and she was crying hysterically. I woke up at 4 in the morning confused and I felt like crying. Can someone explain this to me?

  27. In my dream, I am being beckoned to follow my lost love up theses giant, twisting stairs. Everything is bright white and I am trying to follow as closely as i can but he is so fast- so eager. He’s smiling. I feel like he is getting away and I stumble. I look up and he is holding out his hand to me. I take it- and it is the most intense feeling I have ever felt. Asleep or not. It feels like were soaring up the stairs. We stop and everything is clear. He is gone but his brother is there. He smiles and takes my hand and leads me to the middle of the floor. And my love suddenly arrives from the corner of my eye and is there, in front of me. And everything is good. He is about to kiss me- and I wake up. I cried the second my eyes opened. I so wanted him to really be back with me. But he is gone.

  28. As a child I had a recurring dream of going down a circular staircase alone, which ended in the dark bowels of the building. The emotions were fear, wanting to escape. I never knew why I kept having this dream. The dream always occurred in a fancy new office building where my mother was attending to business at the counter, and I strolled off to go down the stair case exploring. I don’t have this dream anymore.

  29. My still dream is reoccurring , I dream that I’m always in a house and it’s always a different house looking in closed rooms. I always come across a room that has four staircases going down. In previous dream I went down those stairs and it led me to a small crawl space where a scary woman lived. Now in my dreams I don’t ever go down those stairs, because I know what is inside waiting

  30. Thank you… This was very helpful… Ive had the same disturbing recurring dream for many years and this has given me a clear and very accurate answer which now makes sense to me. Thanks again. I can now work on the issue.

  31. I have this recurring dream of going down a spiral staircase which is sometimes wooden and sometimes metal. its never ending and I never get to the bottom. while going down I am holding onto the banisters on both sides and instead of walking down the stairs, I jump from the top and at some point land on another step further down, and repeat the same thing again and again. while going down the stairs I seem to feel excited as well as nervous. but as I never arrive anywhere and always wake up still coming down the stairs, I feel really confused when I wake up.
    I understand that this recurring dream may have something to do with my life but I have made loads of changes, but the dream continues, Maybe I’m still looking for something that I have not yet found.
    I want to know that there is an end to the staircase. how can I get there? help!!!!

  32. My staircase dream is a little different. I am at the top of a VERY steep vertical (not spiral) staircase that rises high into the sky. The steps are made of steel but full of holes of all different shapes and sizes. The handrails are either non-existent or so low that I can’t use them. I don’t believe the symbolism of descent has anything to do with regression, but the feeling was more like being at the first hill of a roller coaster and you know you have to go down and there is no turning back. Now I do have a superiority complex, so that could certainly play into it. I start to descend…scared beyond words. I take a few steips, then stop for a breather. Someone is pounding from underneath, but I don’t hear them because I have my earphones on. I realize this and take them off. The sound of the knocking wakes me up from my dream.

    Any thoughts?

    p.s. I have been taking Valium for a dental root infection and my dreams are much more powerful than normal, but it’s fun to go to sleep every night because the dreams are so intense!

  33. Mine either stop completely for have this weird “crinkle” in them where it’s an odd way to get to the next step. The staircases themselves are never circular, but more switchback in styling. Sometimes, I feel stuck and have to figure out the best way to the next landing without falling. Sometimes they are in a HUGE house, very wide, wooden, covered in a runner (usually dark green) or a small, very modern, white, plain atmosphere. No railings, just half walls. No decoration just white. I’ve dreamt that I started down the stairs, but something frightens me back up them. Very rarely to I make it back all the way downstairs before the scene changes.

    I’ve also had them where I was on one staircase, turned down a hall to get on another staircase that twisted and turned back onto the first staircase.

  34. Some dark clothed, masked and hooded person kinda like Dr Doom (but not him) is chasing me and other people down the stairs, they were running down so fast leaving me. I was slow to come down so I jumped. landed ok. but still chasing me.

  35. Some dark clothed, masked and hooded person kinda like Dr Doom (but not him) is chasing me and other people down the stairs, they were running down so fast leaving me. I was slow to come down so I jumped. landed ok. but still chasing me. The stairs were all over the place, nothing but stairs all wooden, some curved some straight.

  36. I climbed first a metal ladder, I did not want to but I was not i fear, coming towards the top I became frightend, there was nothing just white beton and I was supposed to move over onto something else, I could not see that…..very dangerous…. the only way out. I could not see the end of that endeavor. Same dream I climbed very narrow wooden stairs, fixed above a small sea on a jetty. I was very much in fear but there were people climbing after me so I could not go back, I lost my bag, my bicyle fell in the water, I came up and I think I was supposed to climb an a slide.I could not see the end of that either.

    1. ……on the stairs there are no stair rails, nothing to keep from falling, I climbed on my knees.the wooden stairs were very clean polished, stained as cherrywood.

      1. i dream about being in a building or something in front of the ocean then few tornadoes start we run driving a car then back to the same place, and after that going upstairs on same kind of wooden stairs and cannot see the rails for the hands till i give the next step because the light coming from over was so bright white, then more people in front and after me, we arrived to a terrace and then i woke up, i dunno what that means, too many details weird…

  37. I was in a very nice outfit, (heels & dress- which I rarely wear as I work at a cattle company) and I got called into the office. When I got there it was a college court/ gym- I went to go up the stairs and at first they were normal but the further up i got the more of an incline they were. When I reached the last flight they were so steep that my heels kept slipping and I had to grab the railings in order to keep moving forward. As I reached the top I looked over my shoulder and my brother and his girlfriend and some other people who I didn’t reconize were there- they all just smiled and greeted me, teasing about how I had to jump over a gate blocking the enterance to my office. I just remember smiling at them and walking in the office to speak to my boss and then I woke up…. It was all very strange and I woke up feeling exahausted, almost as if I really did climb all those stairs…

  38. I dreamt that I was in a suit and with my briefcase. I was looking for a floor and office and could not get there so I was asking people stationed on each floor how to get there. Then, they told me that the only way was to go down these steps and showed me where they were…but when I saw them, they were carpeted with one railing (I think) and very, very, very high up in floors…so much, that I was scared to go down them, didn’t do it, went back to the station where the people were, and told them that there was no way I was going down those stairs and that there had to be another way. The people at the station were laughing with me when I said it. And, the truth is, there is a really difficult situation I am going through with a client of mine and the IRS. (I am a tax accountant). He is a good friend and I am really trying to help him but I am afraid I may fail him. Could there be a connection?

  39. Wat it if u dream about stairs u going up and down and u feel mad and consern. Wat does it mean

  40. I have never had a dream with stairs in it before, but last night I dreamed that I was at some college or university where there were a lot of other students around. For some reason, I had to get my picture taken, but the only way to get it was to have a permission slip completed by someone in charge; I remember that the person who signed these permission slips was some stupid old man that I had trouble finding. The last thing in the dream that I remember was that I was about to give the whole thing up and forget about getting my picture taken; I was descending a long dark winding staircase when my alarm clock went off and woke me up; I never did reach the bottom of the staircase and I felt really weird when I awoke. Any ideas as to what this might mean?

  41. I had dream that I could not go down from a public staircase because the staircase look creepy and like when you step on it a feeling that I might fall so I stepped back because I was afraid I might fall and then I woke up!

  42. I have dream that i need to go building (Building is too long) root by stair but i am very scare to go on the root. so, I want to come down but not getting any way. Most of the time i see this typw of dream. Can you tell me what it mean.

  43. Asking questions are truly good thing if you are
    not understanding anything totally, except this post presents pleasant understanding even.

  44. I was in a place of all white. Even the sky above was white like a blank clean canvas. From what I could see there were only steps and platforms abd the top and bottom leading to more steps. I couldn’t see much because I was too weak to hold my head up. I was even too weak to stand. There were two people dressed in black holding me up so I wouldn’t fall. They were wearing similar full length coats. It seemed like they were helping me. I didn’t feel like I was in danger.
    All the steps were flawless and shiny. Almost like new white plastic but is seemed more solid than that. I was being pointed towards steps going down. They helped me go down the first step and the moment my feet were flat on the first step. I awoke in shock. I gasped loud and my eyes flew wide open. It was almost like how you feel when you are frightened, the shock of it. But I wasn’t afraid, I was surprised. It felt like a ball of energy burst inside of me. And after I felt extremely light for several minutes. That’s all that happened.

  45. for three consecutive nights i’ve been having the exact same dream. i’m with several other people whom i don’t recognize. we begin on a brand new staircase; it’s spiral, perfectly built with plush new carpeting; each step is fairly wide and very sturdy; we descend with confidence, chatting and laughing the whole way. upon arriving at the second flight, the chatter stops; the people become less-than-friendly and are practically forcing move to move. i panic and become frozen in place. they give me a shove. i grab the side rail and hold firm. they become even more angry but i refuse to descend this flight. the whole staircase is narrow, rickety, and covered with filthy brown carpet. still holding the rail, i back down maybe two steps and take a seat, while leaning as close as possible to the wall. grumbling and glaring, the crowd shoves past me, descend, and exit the hotel (or house) and i’m completely alone.

  46. Initially, I was walking in an area I wasn’t familiar with, though I remembered thinking that I relocated and the area reminded me of home. So, there I was walking, looking for a place while commenting on the surroundings in my head. Like how serene the area was or smooth and wide the pavement was. It was ascending, but not very steep. Then I met with my Auntie, her husband and their 2 year old son. They too, were looking for the same place. We talked a little and decided to proceed to our destination, that was when the stairs appeared. But not very sudden since I wasn’t surprised they appeared it was just I remembered seeing only one pedestrian overpass. The stairs were like a maze to me. The starting points were everywhere and ended in a lot of places. It was transparent and at some point steep. My Auntie and Uncle went ahead leaving me and my cousin. I was planning on carrying him but since there were no handles on the stairs I thought of making him walk, but suddenly I felt frightened of the heights. We were standing on an open ground of what seemed like a four storeys height, then I noticed that the stairs became narrow and glasslike that I wouldnt even know where it was if not for the white paints at the edge of every step. I couldnt decide if I should go since I was really afraid that I felt like crying and I didnt know if I could keep my cousin safe. Then my Auntie returned, I told her to take my cousin with her which she did and started walking but when she noticed that I didnt follow, she returned again and asked what was keeping me. I told her I was afraid, that I couldnt take the stairs. So she took my hands and guided me, while telling me not to look down, but I wasnt used to walking down the stairs not looking so I did and felt more scared. That was when she did a very crazy thing. She held my hand tightly and started running down the stairs fast while pulling me. I screamed of course but soon as we reached a flat surface I heaved a deep sigh and looked at her, not sure if I should be mad at her or laugh. There were still several stairs we had to take but I thought it was easier now since it was like 2 floors closer to the ground. Then my alarm woke me up.

  47. I dream just right today and i was going down the steps….on the right side i saw a girl falling down, and i was still going down the steps but still i dont know but there is afraid on this place bec, i dont know where i have to go bec. Its getting Darker….

  48. I dreamed spotting my father (who died tragically 8 months ago) among the crowd, I tried to reach him but he was disappearing in the mass then reappearing further ahead, he seemed to walk hastily til he turned left going through a dark back-alley. I followed his path just to find that the alley was a dead end, there was just very steep marble stairs with a metalic ramp backing the outside of very tall building, deducing that he obviously went that way I took the stairs despite I couldn’t see their end… As I was climbing the stairs were becoming more and more deteriorated, the steps were narrowing and parts of the ramp were missing from place to place, I felt vertigo and fear but carried on climbing til I reached a point where the stairs were completely broken so no more advance was possible. I turned back and began to carefully descend.

  49. My dream was walking down an old, Chinese-like stairs with my friend. I was diecting her the other way to get to her house. We are not close in real life. The stair was broken halfway and the other half collapsed so we had to walk back on.( we were walking down) I remember I was very scrared and when we finally get to the top, we cheered in happiness. Then I saw a line of students which my friend told me they were the survival of the broken stairs. (The stairs were really high actually). Its been a long time since I have dreams like this.

  50. My reoccuring dream is actually a nightmare. I always have nightmares when I’m too hot while I’m asleep. I am always going up the stairs and they are always normal stairs that go back and forth and there are other people coming down the stairs and there start to be more and more people and they talk to me more and more and try to stop me more and and confuse me and distract me. Sometimes I’m leading children up the stairs or my cousins and the people coming down the stairs try talking and pushing and just being there to help me loose some of the kids. And the higher I go the harder it gets to walk up the stairs. The last time I got midway up the amount of stairs they turned into escalator stairs and water started rushing down them in a pretty high pressure almost to knock me off my feet. So I’m trying to pull myself up through about two feet of cold rushing water, holding on to those black thick side rails, pushing past people, the water is roaring, I think I’m outside by the time I’m this high and each vertical length I finish the water gets rougher and deeper and stronger and the next stair case landing gets farther from the top of the last but I HAVE TO KEEP GOING> I HAVE TO GET TO THE TOP, BUT I NEVER DO!!!!!! What do you think this means, I only know it has something to do with my relationship with my family.

  51. My dream always leads up the same, im in a car driving in a dirt road, suddenly i drift get out and walk into a tunnel. The tunnel has flickering lights and 5 rows of escalators . i always choose the 2nd to last on the right. When i get on it , the lights turn off and the floor begins to shake . and i just hear people yelling , while i hold on . then i wake up.

  52. My mom been dead for almost six months I had a dream that she was walking up some stairs and I was watching as she go there was bright light along the stairs can anyone tell me wat this mean me and my moms was very close

  53. I am married but im seperated and my husband is with someone else, had a dream that i was getting married at a courthouse that had stairs going up, but we didnt go inside the courthouse just to the top of the stairs at the courthouse door and the people put a white walkway on the stairs and i was in a white wedding dress….getting married to someone i didnt know, i knew the guy when i was a little girl but havent seen him in probably 14 years. I also gained stepchildren in my dream. I havent been with anyone in over 3 months

  54. This one is a weird one or me. I dreamt that I was going down some stairs in the back of an abandon brick building, looked like a school. The building was up a hill so the stairs were quite long and they led to a small shed-like brick building. It didn’t have a door, but inside this small brick building was pitch black. Along the steps to the right hand side was a small “creek” flow of water. All the time that I was on those stairs I felt and heard someone behind me. I thought I was not alone, I turned and there was no one there. I didn’t make it to the small building, but on the way up I felt terrified to the point I could not go back to sleep. I heard a voice, don’t know if it was my own, saying “BSIDRI Stairway” or “BSIDRI Walkway”. I have never heard of that term until I just Googled it. BSIDRI is found in a persons name has it’s own meaning in Astrology. I am so confused.

  55. Last night I had a dream I cannot forget. I came across a stairway made of polished wood with golden inlays and four sets of banisters set at different heights. The stairs did not touch the ground…rather seemed to begin about ten feet mid air. I had to find something to stand in to reach and ascend them. The staircase began at an almost vertical climb and gradually shifted to a more horizontal position as I climbed them. They spiraled up and I noticed windows along the way that started off as small and became bigger as I neared the end. At the top was a huge room and as I stepped out of the stairwell I noticed giant windows layer out in a 360 degree formation from which I could see earth from one and different world’s from the others. At the end of the room there was a pale four armed figure who beckoned me to come closer. As I approached I was overcome with a feeling of love and attraction. Then as he embraced me in a tight hug I woke with a splitting headache and in a fevered sweat. I have not been able to get it out of my head at all today. I never read of Vishnu until I had this dream and have to say I am a bit frightened and perplexed. I am open to any and all interpretation. Thanks.

    1. I belive that the dreamer itself is the only interpreter. I belive Your higher inner self saw a other reality. I also had a dream about Ganesh, without, (at least in this life) not knowing her. 🙂

  56. Good day,

    I had a dream last night where I am happily climbing up to the rooftop of my current 14 floor building. I am rushing up and my heart is pounding, I am ecstatic. I am not afraid of the unknown. When I get to the last floor, a door opens to Jesus and I am so elated crying out His name, trying to think of things to talk to Him about. And when I look closer the person turned into another man, who I think looks retarded in his gestures. And I feel slightly disappointed over that mistake. But I still feel so good about this dream. I am happy.

  57. My cousin dreamt me and my daughter was walking down wooden stairs and my daughter was gonna fall but I fell instead and ended up in a coma in the hospital but woke up

  58. This night i had a dream that included stairs. They looked really similar like the stairs to my basement, maybe newer and YES they did lead to the basement. I was there with my friend. I don’t know how, but suddenly she just fell of them into the basement.

  59. My dream starts with me being in the middle of a continuous staircase. Since I am really afraid of falling down steps to my death(not afraid of steps themselves) I try to move away from the ledge where I see a descending spiraling staircase but I keep looking over. It caused me great anxiety and scares me. I get so scared that I’m start to hold onto the railing as I try to get off the staircase but every time I think I get off I’m right back on. I am also having problems in my personal life (school,job, etc.). So I don’t know what it means but that dream/nightmare scared me so bad!

  60. the following dream I’ve had once before, but it’s been awhile.

    I was with my boyfriend of 3 years. We had to walk up a spiral set of steps that for some reason went right in the middle of a hotel. The woman in the hotel room at the top recognized me as if I’ve done this before and was friendly. But as soon as I reached the top, I had to climb an old metal ladder back down. However, the ladder was on the outside of the building and there was a great possibility of falling. I went first. I made it all the way down to the bottom. Was terrified but didn’t pause. But I did lose my flip flop.

    Anyone have any idea what this could mean? The dream didn’t last very long, and I can vividly remember having it before.

  61. I had a dream where I was locked inside a stairwell, I couldn’t seem to get out so I started running downstairs. I felt like I was locked in forever without an exit and like I was running down the stairwell for quite awhile. Once I finally got to the bottom, the door was open and being held by my boyfriend, smiling at me with his hand out reaching for me. That’s all I can remember, what does this mean?

  62. I had a recurring dream dream I found a secret passage way in a house
    with lots of rooms and a set of stairs with loads of doors and different things are
    behind them but the further down I go the darker it gets and scarier then I run up stairs
    out of fear usually but this time I opened the door and then ran up stairs could anyone tell me what this means

  63. I dreamt I was walking in the stairway 1st floor going to the 2nd floor. My emotions at this point were of happiness

    But somehow I kept going to the 3rd floor and met this ghost – a young man “he was going down the stairs as I was climbing up” and as I am busy climbing reaching the 3rd floor it was dark and there was water – water of which I stepped in with my foot. So I headed back.

    My emotions at this point I felt that this is not were I am supposed to be. So I headed back

    Same dream again as I was climbing the stair way found myself in the same floor. But this time as I was climbing up this young man smiled at me and he was walking down. from that 3rd floor.

    Then again I came across a dark abandoned 3rd floor I look around and realised I dnt have to be on this 3rd floor – it was dark and seemed like its been raining hence it was wet and musky on the ground. My feeling at this point was why do I keep going to the 3rd floor whereas I know I was going to the 2nd floor

    I walked down and the 2nd floor had light and a calming feeling. I started singing and that’s when I woke up & this man “ghost” in my dream looked like someone I know but not related to

  64. My stairs are an outdoor stoop with ny neughbir and mom asking me ti cime inti house i refuse then the stairs crack in half and im in an earthquake

  65. Last night i walked up in the stairs near the top there was some broken bottle peace. so i tried to remove that.what is the meaning

  66. I had a very vivid dream. I was traveling but only traveling down. I came to a wooden stair case very long. At first I could see that it went all the way down to a sandy beach. As I was walking down I stopped and sat on the steps for a while. Then a friend of mine with cancer beaconed me to come down. I started again. As I traveled down the ocean started to rise. I found myself determined to reach the bottom so I started to swim in dark almost black water. When I reached her we played volleyball. I played center position. Then I woke up.

  67. My top list of things I often dream of:

    Finding new stairs and a new hallway

    Being stuck in a building that I can’t escape from

    Being on holiday too long

    Being on the wrong bus or train, and getting lost, or accidentally using a train that goes to another country

    Moving house

  68. I was in a race to get to the end of the bottom of the wooden spiral stairs which ended in snow! I was the winner and very happy! Wish I knew what it meant.

  69. I have a repeating dream and it terrifies me. I start in the woods and it is bright and safe and sunny, and I am there with a bunch of other students. for some reason we MUST climb up the hill that is in front of us. As we get higher up the hill, gravity gets stronger trying to pull us back, and the sunlight goes away, once we get high enough, we come to these old wooden stairs that wouldn’t really pass for stairs in the real world because it’s really just flat wooden planks. At this point we can’t even see where the stairs go because it is so dark. Once we try to step on the first step however, and incredibly terrifying feeling rushes over us and we are all thrown back to the bottom of the hill.

  70. I am afraid of climbing stairs in dreams but not in real life. whenever I climb up in my dreams I always slip and try to balance(without falling). This actually make me shake well physically according to the dream. somebody please explain me, the reason?

  71. hi name is DON.. there was this one dream where i was in a very dark environment and there were rail less stairs everywhere going up and down and i am a bit aware i mean i can choose where i want to go freely. i was just going up and down randomly there were short stairs and longer stairs. But there was one stairs leading down to which it seems very long cos i dont see the end of it. it was strange cos down there i could hear everyones voice as if everyone of my family and friends are down there having conversation over dinner. their voices are very clear to me. but somehow i immediately get the feeling to not go down there so instead i took the short stairs to the right leading to a door. as i open the door it was like a second floor room hallway where there are many doors and as you look over the rails its like you can see the lobby with a couch and etc. it was like theres no electricity as it is very dark. i was carefully going through each door, one room i opened, i saw a teddy bear and a rocking chair like.. and a bed. its like a kids room. nothing much so i went out, as i was pulling the door close it felt like something or someone is on the other side trying to pull it open, so i put more force into pulling it close, as soon as i heared the knob click i let go of the knob and rush to the next door. i didnt open it tho and just kind of looked at it. at the end of the hall this one door caught my attention, as it seems like theres light inside, i can see the light thru the door cracks (wedges). i opened it and as i did i saw everyone of my family sleeping, some on floor, someon bed with smiles on their faces. everyone was there. the window is half open and the currains where swaying like there was a breeze of air flowing in (tho i didnt feel any) and behind it was the sun, i realized that the light in the room eas commibg from it. then i said out loud “this is it i found the right room.” i looked back and said to this guy ( i dont remember his face and i also dont recall him with me on my journey thru the staircases, its like he suddenly existed to me when i opened that door) i said come in lets go inside, feels like he is my friend deep inside. i felt comfort and reliefe after that. soon as i close the door from the inside i woke up. Could anyone help me jnterpret this dream? is it possible that this was a Out of the body experience? (OBE/astral projection) thanks..

  72. I dreamt that I was leading a bunch of people up a stairway and the stairs turned into cardboard and although I tried to fix them they fell apart I still made it to the top and told the people I would be back for them and proceeded to go and get someone to show me a different way out so I ran down the stairs and around to where the people were. I shouted as the crowd had grown but then a huge door opened and most of them went outside, the few who wanted to continue in the mall followed me. We started to go up the steps and they all of the sudden got really small- I said I didn’t know what happened as they were not like that a minute ago and I realized that there was someone on the other side of this wall coming down the stairs. As soon as they got to the end the stairs were fine and we kept going up and out to the shops. I have no idea what I was dreaming!

  73. I didn’t have dreams about climbing the stairs or falling down them…. When I was younger, I would always have dreams about me skipping or running down the stairs without falling… Has anyone else ever had that type of dream? Or know what that type of dream means???

  74. My staircase ends with a shed, the staircase itslef is all over the place, it’s white and outlined in black. And surrounded with a blue and black atmosphere. The shed.. honestly isn’t really a shed. More like a different home. (Kind of like the movie Caroline) when I step on the first step of the staircase, it’s thin. Like those annoying stair steps that are short enough to skip three of them (if that makes sense) I’ve had this dream before, when I was seven, eleven, and now only last night. I’m 15 now, and I still don’t understand this dream… but it’s my favorite dream.

  75. i drempt of trying to get up a escalator and falling all the way back down and i fell about 3 times before i was able to get all the way up

    1. I always dream about trying to get up escalators but they are almost vertical and I have to hold on as hard as I can while trying to go up but its so fast I never make it to the top!

  76. I once had a strange dream that I was called into the principals office at school for needing a tardy slip. I had to climb only one flight of stairs to get there, but when I finished that flight of stairs, there was another one. I kept climbing, wondering where I was headed since there was nothing on the top floor when I climbed the first flight of stairs. I finished the second flight, and then my best friend Elena was waiting up there for me. She grabbed my arm, and rushed me up three more flights of stairs, each getting steeper and steeper. She rushed me to a closet on the fifth or sixth floor. She told me I had to run back down the stairs, because it was a false alarm about the tardy slip. She told me that if I rushed down the stairs quick enough, I wouldn’t get caught. I don’t know why I would get caught, I thought to myself. But then, she shoved me down the stairs, and I heard a mortifying scream that wasn’t my own as I fell down and down and down. I woke up instantly, covered in sweat. My mom came up and told me that I was screaming and saying “NO!” And “why?!”… I’m not sure what any of this meant, and I don’t want to.…

  77. I was running a flight of stairs and the stairs just kept going and going. I passed out because I was so tired. Then later on in the dream I woke up and I was at the top of the stairs and there was a big door. I went through the door, and that’s when I woke up from my dream.

  78. I have dreamed that me and my girlfriend going out somewhat we get off vehicle and we on around theee storey building , she leans down to
    Get something holding my hand and i let go hand and she falls from very bug height, i realise after that it was higher when she falls, and i go on floor she is hurt but standing on her feet. I ask apology but she kept crying. And hurt from dream wakes me up.

  79. The staircase is from late 1800’s era…but are hiding behind walls from renovations…only I know the stairs are there..the stairs lead to an attic 2 or 3 stories up.. The stairs appear in different dreams..but it always same stairs and era feeling about these dreams….I always have a feeling of fear to go up the stairs. Like an evilness…

  80. My dream of a staircase seem very confusing. I am supposed to climb towards a principal room to get a permission of watching movie ( funny indeed) I could climb d stairs easily but at the topmost of the staircase I had difficulty but with the help of few friends I succeeded and got out with the permission granted.
    Am so confused what the dream meant. I couldn’t get any clue .

  81. I dreamed about a rapper who was supposed to be my lover in my waking life. We were in a car shop, or warehouse like place. We were walking & holding hands at first, then we would come to a black iron designed staircase. He put his arms around me as we took the first step, checking to make sure that the stair was safe to walk down. We checked the first two steps, with his arms still around me, we proceed to walk down, however, I don’t remember us getting to the bottom of the stairs. The dream changed then I woke up. Basically, I had a Good feeling with being with the rapper-waking lover. Can someone interprete for me this dream & what it could possibly mean?
    Awaiting your response. Thanks.

  82. I was in the middle of a staircase at a cottage we (family) were holidaying at with 1 man asking me to keep going to the top and saying it will be so much better and please believe him and the same man wanting me to go back down saying I shouldnt go to the top.. I dont normally dream bad or sad dreams but this was so scary I woke myself up and got out of bed so I didnt go back to it ??

  83. In my dream, I went to a friend’s house. He just moved to a new house. In that dream, I never saw him and his wife in person. I climbed up the wooden stairs of his house and it’s creaking.

    Later, in other dream, I was outside his house when I heard his voice whispering to someone maybe his wife at his balcony.

    What does it mean? Haven’t dream of stairs for a long time.

  84. What does it mean to dream of invisible stairs?I had a dream last night of having to go up some stairs which could be felt but not seen.So I closed my eyes and pretended I was blind so I could climb them without looking,feeling my way up…Does this mean to walk by faith and not by sight?

  85. i had a dream. i was walking down the stair with this girl tht i dont know whom. she was very frightend. along the stairs there are lots of people watching us with this strange stare. while walking some people tried to block our path but i easily get through them and i was so worried bout this girl so i hold her hand while walking down the stairs. at the end of the stairs there are lots of people partying. i was relieve that id escape from people at the stairs. i was still holding her hand so then we went outside. after that i woke up.

  86. Please elaborate if possible…last night I had a dream I was with my daughter at her recital. ..we were in line to register but then we’re told we skipped part of the line and we’re sent to the end…..after we were through she went separate of me to dress for the recital I’m assuming and I was sent towards the seating area which was a stadium type arrangement. But befor I could get to my seat I had to climb seemingly never ending , steep, almost inverted stairs that made me mentally feel physically exausted and almost futile to reach the top….. I eventually did ,but I’ve never felt or experienced anything even close to this befor…..any thoughts?

  87. Thanks a lot!
    Actually the dream of missing steps in a tall and ramshackle staircase is something I can not get rid of. It is a recurrent dream, really exhausting and frustrating.
    Thanks for the interpretation.
    So I need to make a change!

  88. i had a dream i was going down a set of stairs at golden corral and golden corral dosen’t have stairs but their was a set of stairs missing and their was people going down with me but we had to jump down the missing stairs and it was was weird because their was a old lady who had to jump down and i had to catch her but i didn’t.

  89. The dream I had was of myself and two other women, we had gone to Old Mexico, like Z mission trip, e wee asked to come to this Catholic Church, we entered the sanctuary. , we were met by a man and he said we were to go down to the next floor. It was a very old church, had old concrete stairs with no railings to hold on too. Went down on set, then we had to turn to the right and go down another, the lady in the middle of us when she turn to step down, her high heel slip off, she lost her balance and fell all the way down. , busted her head open, i screamed Jesus, Jesus, spare her, save her , as I got to her she said it’s ok, it’s too late, I’m going home, she close her eyes and died. The other lady was carrying her like a baby . I can see what the woman who died looked like, but the other one I don’t know .

  90. I had a dream that I was building wooden steps over my broken cement steps ouside my house. What does it mean?

  91. I often find myself on staircases in dreams, and almost invariably I get to a place where the stairs are impassible, either damaged, too narrow, or blocked, or I ended up incomprehensibly on the wrong side of the banister somehow with a long way down if I fall, and no way to backtrack.

  92. Looking down a steep majestic staircase, a very pleasant and uplifting feeling accompanied the vision.

  93. i had a similar dream. kept on walking and walking and wasn’t getting anywhere, til finally i got tired of walking. i didn’t want to go no further so i jumped off. it was like climbing a lighthouse. lots of steps.

  94. Just awoke from a dream where I was at top of stairs, ex lover, bow friend was at bottom. I had left a cup of tea midstair. He threw a rag to me. I was upset because I felt that in doing so, he contaminated my tea. I wanted a heartfelt apology from him but he would not give it.

  95. My staircase was endless running up even when l awoke lt was seeing myself still running, in a Labyrinth..what could this all mean..was not out of Breath either:)

  96. I was in an out of control bus at a party, the bus was going really fast then drove down some stairs- it was exhilarating and felt like a fairground ride!

  97. I’ve had these dreams that I’m walking up these floating glass stairs. Everytime I start to get close to the door at the far too, something shoves me off the side and I fall for what feels like FOREVER! After I finally land, I land into whatever couch is in the household I’m in, when I look up I try to move and get up but I’m stuck and when I try to scream out for help it’s like I have no voice and I start to panic but then I wake up in a pouring swear and crying because it scares me so much! What could the meaning of that even be? Why do I keep having this terrible nightmare?

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