The Meaning of Eggs in a Dream

Are you dreaming of new beginnings, or worried about what may break forever?
Are you dreaming of new beginnings, or worried about what may break forever?

With all the festivities occurring at this time of year, it should come as no surprise that images we see around us every day start infiltrating our minds and affecting our subconscious. So if our sleeping mind starts picking up on the symbol of eggs, what can that mean to us personally?
So what does it mean when we dream of eggs?  On the one had, eggs have a deep and universal reference to new life, new beginnings. Eggs can symbolise potential as yet unrealised, new birth yet to happen. Eggs can also refer to wholeness – nothing is more self contained and complete than an egg.
If we dream of eggs, we might consider:
– What new projects or ideas are emerging in our lives?
– What is the unrealised potential we are seeking to tap?
– Where in our life are we seeking, or have we found, a sense of completeness and wholeness? Or what do we need to do to achieve this?

But eggs can have many other symbolic representations. Egg shells are fragile and easily broken. If we dream of breaking eggs, it can indicate that something in our life is very fragile – is it our feelings? Are they easily hurt so that we feel broken? Or does somebody we know feel like that, so we must protect them? Or if it is not feelings, is there a new project starting, or a new relationship, that is still new and needs to be handled carefully before the rough and tumble of every day life is exposed to something so delicate? Or can egg shells be a symbol for a superficial surface, especially if decorated and adorned – could this dream mean that we wish to not be distracted by a pretty veneer, and seek a deeper meaning within?

Broken eggs can have different meanings still. If we dream of a broken egg, is there something we feel has been irretrievably destroyed? Like Humpty Dumpty, not even all the King’s horses and all the King’s men could put Humpty together again. But this need not be a bad thing. After all, we need to break a few eggs to make an omlette. Maybe this is a sign of needing to commit to change that you know you can’t be undone – no-one can unscramble eggs – and this can be a scary thought. Change can be intimidating if we feel there is no going back. But only real commitment can result in positive change for the long term. Or perhaps the broken eggs are not about a change in ourselves, but a symbol of needing to tread carefully – a feeling we are “walking on eggshells.” What area of your life do you feel needs to be dealt with with extra sensitivity?


And yet despite all these symbolic meanings, eggs can have a a far simpler meaning at this time of year due to the prevalence of the images we see every day in media, in shopping centers and other places we go. In this way, eggs may represent all that we love, or loathe, about Easter – they may symbolise family and gatherings and celebration; they may represent hunting, the lost being found, discovering of treasure; they may mean indulgence, decadence, and treats; or they may represent a gaudy fakeness, a commercialisation of a natural process/idea, and even gluttony and greed. Only you will know what you own feelings about the Easter time are, and your own reaction to the idea of eggs.

Regardless of your feelings, to dream of eggs is a hopeful dream. Even if you feel disillusioned by the commercialisation of eggs, or of the hollow emptiness of chocolate eggs, that you know what the idea of an egg is – the idea of a new life, of potential, shows that within your frustrated soul you still seek the nurturance and joy of what eggs are about, and that nurture and joy can be found, once we realise that we need to seek beyond the supermarket shelves and the commercial hijacking of our deeper spiritual and psychological needs.

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42 thoughts on “The Meaning of Eggs in a Dream

  1. Hi Amy, Just discovered your ‘Dream Well’ page. I too am a writer and I want to tell the world about my second book, ‘Eggshells & Broken Dreams. It’s a story told through the yes of a six year old boy who suddenly finds himself being fostered out in a strange house in a remote part of Ireland. It’s a humorous and true story of growing up, when there was no running water radio or electricity and follows, ‘For the Love of My Mother’, which was a heart breaking story, of betrayal, survival and the search for a lost child. There in lies the connection.
    I was that child Amy, J.P Rodgers, who grew up and went to Australia where I worked in the Kalgoorlie Goldfields before making my way to Melbourne, where I worked as a tram driver. But I was always a dreamt of being a writer. My heart ached. Finally, I achieved my goal when my book was published in the UK and Commonwealth, before being translated abroad. Both books are now available through Amazon the kindle store. I look forward to reading more of your work history. Meanwhile I want to wish you well. JPR

  2. I had a dream about an egg without a shell it was hard boiled and it was pink and the Center of it had a baby what does this mean .weird dream

  3. i had a dream about “garage of million million of a eggs and i took one egg everthing felt and broken” can anybody tell me what is mean by that?

  4. my wife is pregnant, date given by Dr. is january 11,2015. Last night I saw in dream that most of the eggs were broken which i bought 4/5 days ago, when is saw those eggs i told that (my sistar’s son- very mischief boy) he broke all of them,Now what my be the dream,Hope this does not point toward newly coming one..

  5. I have literally keep having dreams about humpty dumpty not nights in a row but more than normal. And there is a gospel song that say the nursey rhyme “all the kings horeses and all the kings men couldn’t put humpty back together again. I was like humpty I sat on wall I was like humpty I had a great fall”. And the people in my dream are singing this all in a row passing the piesces of the eggs shell from hand to hand to like a trash heap.

  6. Last night in my dream I saw a cracked raw white egg (twice) ….. An ample part of egg was without shell there was a membrance holding the egg and probably second time the fluid was also comming out of it…
    I have yet to understand what does it mean …..
    So far I only understand the snake hint which tells and exactly point toward my hidden enemy
    but I have yet to fully understand Centipedes,Scorpians,cracked tooth or tooth comming out of mouth and now this cracked egg ……..
    I totally beleive in dream hints there is something which try to tell you something through its own sign language ………. But it takes a lot of time to understand this language …….
    Interpertation of dream symbols can be diffrent for everyone its not general and most of interpertations at internet (usually scientific type) are totally wrong and quite funny ………

  7. last night l has a dream were l was owing someone. when l saw the person l told him wait let me go and get your money…… on my way to get the money l discovered that l was holding two eggs…….then my sister needed help l had to give it someone to hold for me but the person broke the egg… pls what does it mean

  8. I had a dream i was looking at some magazine covers that had decorated eggs on them. I picked up a light brown egg that looked like someone drew a old world map on it on the side of it was written Hope..

  9. hello everyone
    I had a dream, in my dream i was assigned by a pastor to take the praise and worship session in a church congregation.
    The pastor told me he believe in me and that i must be the one to take the praise and worship session
    and an anointing oil was brought he anointing me and then ordered that they bring him an egg and he broke the egg in front of me and use it to anoint me.particularly he did the sign of the cross with it on my forehead. And when the praise and worship session began i was singing
    Heeeeeey my God is good ohh
    and everybody was singing and was looking me in awe that i could really do it.
    And then i was struggling to button my clothe but it was not buttoning.
    Some months ago i also dream’t of seeing seven eggss
    and all were in a basket and the seven eggs were cracked but only one was broken.
    please reply me as i don’t have a clue of what this means
    I only know that eggs means new life or new beginning.

    1. I know in Africa when someone breaks a egg like that it a curse. Think about it no church use eggs to anoint.That sound like witchcraft dream. Reject every negative anointing in the dream.use the blood of Jesus to purify an cleanse your life. The part of the dream of you struggling to button your clothes is not good.You are struggling to stay unexposed.Think about it You are trying to stay covered but you are struggling.Pray against vagabond anointing,struggles.Look all the symbols in your dream an what they mean to you, your culture, and bible.Everyone will interprets dreams differently.I know in Africa egg is used in witchcraft and also by pastors who use witchcraft, and for cursing.Pray my sister for discernment with all people you trust.Even your pastor.

    2. Your second dream.Seven is a number of seven days.I’m not a dream reader but ask God to mend all things that is broken in your life.Ask him to heal the other things in your life that has a crack.Seven eggs your life.You were carrying the basket.There are things in your life and that you carry that are broken and other parts are beginning to get cracks, what happen after cracks? They break.Ask God to heal your life and to mend all the cracks and brokenness in your life.You need to pray hard for healing in all areas of your life.Seven is number of completion.Basket is used for carrying.Eggs equal life.6 eggs got cracks 1 is completely broken.Your life needs healing in all departments.I’m not a dream reader but I all ways understand my dreams. Ask God for discernment.It’s better when you discern dreams yourself.

  10. I had a dream I cracked and egg in a cup and four yokes came out.. one looked like a bad you chicken forming ! what’s this mean ??

  11. I have dreamed about many Large and Small eggs in a chicken’s cage in the yard of one of my Church leaders and in this dream it seems like I was commanding a Son of my minister to take all small eggs from the large and to let the large eggs to temaibs in the chiken cage so that they can produce more and healthy chicks

    And the other one I was walking on the road facing the yard of a pastor of a churh which I don’t attend so I saw many eggs in different area on my left and right side were I try to look at I see eggs and I have a fear of taking them. still asking myself of what does it mean to dream of many eggs.

  12. My dream was beautiful, I dreamed my home was filled with birds, one bird was bringing me beautiful eggs with moons, suns, lakes and trees on the shells in from outside and placing them all around my home. I was bombarded with love from these birds and it was a truly amazing dream. xX

  13. What could be the possible meaning of my dream, Lions attacking my family and when they attack me I hold them and crush their head and bodies one by one.

  14. My favorite pet hasn’t been feeling well for about two weeks now. I’ve been trying everything to make her better, but to no avail. Last night, I had dreamt that I pulled a carton of cracked eggs out of the fridge while making breakfast. This morning, I noticed that her condition had rapidly deteriorated, and I finally made the difficult decision to have her put down. This was apparently a sign that I needed to commit to this change which couldn’t be undone. Thank you for the article.

  15. My dreamed is verry messy i dont know why its happened..its just like this.i was dreamed about i will talk to one person then the 2 man lead me to this person i dont really know who he is..then wen we walked its change im carrying two pillow and blanket its so weird then i leave it kinda like that,then im surprised my dream change again i thought i will go and talk to the person that im looking for but it was my father then i see myself bring three eggs and he told me im “so hungry” but i saw in other side of his place that his cooking fishball something like dat,when i see that pan a lot of oil because it has food deeping on it,again it change i saw my brother drown in big freezer. Im totally shocked and scream and cry even my father and the two person that with me all that time. Then i asked my father what if i kill myself too.. what happend? I woke up and i remember all this bad dreamed..its too scaryand its all weird..I directly search my dream in internet to find out what is the meaning of this dream. Hope you help me to interpret this. Thank you so much.

    1. Ello guys.I have this confusing dream that always comes to me,I dream picking many eggs in the grass so these eggs are many.sometimes I dream putting them in ma pockets and others I hold then go to my home with them but they are not broken or cracked , just chicken eggs.I don’t know what does that mean plz .if anyone know better about this dream can even email me please.

  16. Hello budds, i just dreamed of eating hard , cold eggs i dont know how , where or when but i do know that when i ate obe the shells were collecting in my throat (at that point i was concious ) and could feel the egg-yellow pass trough the shells and go to my stumach , it was very weird and hard to swallow but i tasted the egg-yellow .
    What would this mean? Anyone ann idea?

  17. I had a dream where i Saw a Woman carrying a Baby in my sitting room and iwas looking in admiration as the Baby was eating a boiled egg. I then came close and was laying with the Baby. Please what does rhis dream interprete or mean .

  18. There’s nothing here on my dream I’ve cracked open eggs in my dream every time I crack One open inside the self is black what’s up with that

  19. I have had a dream right now where I saw I had a bag like that of kangaroo and inside it there were around 3eggs and then I ended up seeing like is a sickness because on my right hand I had another 3eggs and I was asking for an hospital where I can get exchanged from the eggs in bag with the eggs in my hand because the eggs in bag had already dirtified it not by cracking but iving there for a long time,After that something entered my soul that in different houses has been interefered with in witchcraft way and it was from there my brothers, sisters and I we angaged ourselves in prayer and fasting in order to destroy every power of darkness,,please help me know about the dream please

  20. Thank you Amy! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your interpretation. I can now say that the fact that I dreamt of dozens of eggs, some of which were broken, it is all positive.
    There will be many life changes, “projects and ideas”, which makes sense because I am a writer. Some will require my sensitivity and gentle approach.
    Either way, I can’t wait!

    Be blessed,

  21. I dream that I found eggs in the container were I keep my water but when i remove them they hatch into to human big men walking already.What does that mean?

  22. I dreamt been given 3eggs by someone. As i carry them. On the way 2of them broke down. I realised that they were bad. What does this mean?

  23. I dream about four eggs two of them were rotten when I boiled them the rotten eggs cracked

  24. I dreamt that my baby was eating two raw eggs but she threw up the second one.
    Why does that mean? I’m scared.

  25. l dreamt picking eggs under cherry tree and be putting it in cloth and want to take it home,on my way a woman collect it

  26. I had this weird dream,it was like my mother was in the bedroom and I was at the entrance to the door sitting. I saw two thieves coming towards the door I fought them but they overpowered me they took the remote for my television and cracked an egg
    I was shouting thieves!!! thieves and nobody was hearing me and it sounded like my voice was gone

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