The Meaning of Food and Eating in a Dream

Dreaming of food is relatively common for some people, yet others will dream of food hardly at all.  Even if the dream is of seeing, trying to attain or having some food, the actual act of eating may not be dominant in the dream.  This may be because in waking life we pay little attention to eating, often doing other things such as watching TV  or working while we eat, so the textures, tastes and sensations of eating are not so noticeable to us, and the visual or auditory signals play a more important role.

When we do dream of food then, it may take on a more symbolic meaning.  The act of eating can play important physical and psychological roles in life.  We eat to survive, but we also eat to feel certain ways, an our dreams can reflect this.

While different foods can have very different meanings for those who dream of them, we can start to understand food dreams by thinking back to when in our lives this particular food may have been important to us.  Was this food a comfort food when going through a break-up?  Was this food something your mother made to show her love, your grandmother made to make you feel better when you were sick, your dad gave you as weekend treat?  This can be our own dreaming mind behaving as mother, grandmother or father, trying to give us a message of love, comfort or being treated, especially if in waking life we have been hard on ourselves, or been having some kind of difficulties.  Dreaming of a banquet or lavish spread can indicate general abundance in life, not just in terms of material comforts, but a sense of having as much as you need of everything: love, time, friendship etc.  Or maybe the opposite is true, and we “too much on our plate” which can imply we need to simply our life a little!  Similarly, dreaming of an empty table, bare cupboards, empty plates and so on can indicate we feel we are not getting the nourishment we need in life, that we are missing out on something that is vitally important to our well-being.  Sharing food in a dream can be a very rewarding feeling, creating a sense that there is something of value we are able to offer to others.  In waking life this may be someone we are caring for, providing guidance, assistance or emotional support in some way.  To be offered food in a dream can be our subconscious mind trying to give us a gift, so if we have influence in such a dream we should try to accept it. It may not be immediately obvious what this gift is, but just as food in waking life give us energy, makes us stronger, provides immunity from diseases and helps us to grow, so too can our subconscious mind “feed” us psychologically.

The phrase “you are what you eat” is especially true in dreams, where everything, even objects, can reflect a part of our own self.  To understand the meaning of a particular food in a dream, it can be helpful to describe it.  Try asking, how am I like this food?  Is it warm and comforting, substantial and hearty, light and refreshing?  Fast food in dreams may be a sign of trying to sustain our self on something that seems easy, but provides little real value.

While we may not recall taste all that often, when we do, it can be helpful to look at how we would describe the taste itself.  Was the food bitter or sweet?  Did it leave a bad taste in your mouth, or was it absolutely delicious?  We can then look for experiences in our waking life that this might relate to.

Dreaming of food can also be a signal from our subconscious that we physically need to eat a certain food when awake.  If we are lacking a certain nutrient, such as fibre or vitamin C, we may dream of vegetables or orange juice, as our subconscious dreaming mind picks up the subtle messages from our body and attempts to communicate with our conscious mind.

Dreaming of food can be a way to heal and care for our selves on may levels.  We may even dream of eating bad food, or something that is poisonous.  This is often a sure sign that some belief we hold, a behaviour we are engaging in, or relationship we have is not good for us and may be even “poisoning” us. It might be time to consider our emotional needs and what is healthy for us.  If we dream of something getting stuck in our throats, there may be some information some one is telling us, or maybe even a story we are telling ourselves, that we find “hard to swallow.” Maybe we need to take a second look.  Dreaming of not being able to finish eating something, or of trying to eat something large can be a sign that we feel somewhere in life we may have “bitten off more than we can chew.”

It is also not unusual to dream of food when we are dieting, as we spend so much time thinking about what we are denying ourselves, that our subconscious mind will go on dreaming about it even as we dream. In a similar way, starving people often dream of food, as the body cries out for what it needs and the subconscious mind can’t ignore it.

While we will often dream of familiar foods, sometimes we will dream of exotic new foods, and maybe even things we have never really tasted in waking life.  This often happens when we are having or seeking new experiences, and our minds are being opened to new exciting delights.

Food dreams ask us to consider what is healthy, what sustains us and how we can share with others.  In waking life, if we start to pay more attention to what we eat, to savour the taste and be consciously grateful for what we have, our dreaming mind will recognise this, and is likely to reward us with dreams of delicious experiences and abundance.

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91 thoughts on “The Meaning of Food and Eating in a Dream

  1. A girl in my dream was eating objects, like containers and pencils and just anything on the counter, and she was ravenous and frightening and out of control. What does that mean?

  2. Someone told me to never eat anything anyone offered me in my dream, because it was a demon or someone trying to gain control of me. I was offered something to eat once in my dream and someone stopped me. Is it different if it’s offered?

    1. otivhia ovie raymond when someone offers u such it means u should be careful, don’t let the good times foul u… eating in the dream is a very serious issues. tackle it now or regret later.
      prayer points for you.
      Every satanic bondage from evil dreams programmed into my destiny, scatter, in the name of Jesus.
      Every sickness introduced into my as a result of evil dreams, die, in the name of Jesus.
      Every dream of failure in my past, die, in Jesus’ name.
      Every witchcraft caterer pursuing me in the dream, die, in Jesus’ name.
      Every satanic dream attached to my progress, die, in the name of Jesus.
      Every dream prison, break, in the name of Jesus;
      I fire back every arrow of witchcraft fired into my dream, in Jesus’ name.
      Every evil dream of the past affecting my life now, die, in the name of Jesus.
      Every witchcraft serpent attacking me in the dream, die in the name of Jesus.
      Every arrow fired against my marriage in the dream, die, in Jesus’ name.
      Every good thing I have lost to evil dreams, I re-possess you back, in the name of Jesus.
      Every agent of darkness in my dream life, fall down and die, in Jesus’ name.
      I withdraw my virtues from the cage of darkness, in the name of Jesus.


  3. In my dream i meg Elvis’ son and we were waiting for him to come. There was all this delightful food but i could not get a seat to eat any of it and later it was all gone

    1. I dreamt my mother came home from one of her friends with muffins given to her by her friend but half the muffins had their tops off. I remember getting a bad feeling about in the dream before when I asked my mom about it she just shrugged. Is this bad?

  4. I dreamt of eating lots of chopped raw onion mixed with a large bowl of tomato soup, I could taste it when I woke , what could this dream symbolise

  5. Eating in a dream is demonic and affects what you do during day time become what you eat in a dream.

  6. Am a student. I had a dream and i was offered food by a junior mate (lady) from my university in my house (parents’ house). The food was highly nourished with milk; tasty. Kinda porridge. She told me to wait when im about to eat so that i would eat with her. But i never waited. When she realized it, she went angry and locked herself in the room and i kept pleading with her to forgive. Am totally confused. Can someone help me.
    I know the lady, but we have never spoken.

  7. Each time I eat in my dreams, I fall sick..sometimes I can’t see the food I eat in my dream, sometimes I eat worms or maggots..wahs does this mean?

  8. i use to play football with my secondary school friend in my dream. pls what is the meaning

  9. Past week I have been dreaming of foods that I love but something always goes wrong. Someone has burnt it or no one at the restaurant will give me ketchup and I keep trying to get someone attention but I just give up and lean over the counter and get it myself. The dreams are so detailed and I usually I dont dream or dont remember dreaming.

    1. it is not a good dream. your spirit is high that is why you were saved. You also need to pray against. pray against bewitchment and pray against those trying to attack you through food and at mid night..

    1. eating in the dream is evil no matter what. seeing dead people also is bad no mater who the person is. eating Parshad could be nice because it is a nice food…but spiritually it is not a good thing. the enemy will make it look nice then fill your spirit man will rubbish. in a year time that person will lost his or her job or die.

      1, pray against evil deposit of darkness, lay your right hand on your tummy and lift on your head and decree Every plantation, any thing given to me in the dream, come out of my body in the name of Jesus, oh God arise destroy who so ever using the night to attack my destiny and also pray according to Matthew 15:13 says “Every plant that my heavenly Father has not planted will be rooted …

      2, pray against death, pray for your self, your loved ones and family. Say affliction shall not come back the second time….

      1. I dream of chocolate but not eating it… I have dreamed of giving food but not actually eating it in the dream it stop there… what this could mean

  10. Someone dreamed where he was chassed by many people and agiant horse altogether.He jumped into the river and the horse followed but he came out without the horse.So the meaning

  11. I dreamed of eating a bun with mix fruit jam. But it tasted sour. I tried many bites but the taste was same and I was wondering why the taste is not sweet. What does it mean?

  12. Lately I’ve been going to the gym quite a bit and watching what I eat, and I’ve noticed in my dreams I’m pigging out on a lot of unhealthy food eg. Cake, pizza, burgers. Is this normal?

  13. My Ex wife ate what I dreamed about I didnt really eat it thats why Im lost to why in this dream i ate of it…

  14. i had a dream about somebody I am madly in love with, I was in a club partying he appeared behind me out of no where offering me food to eat, he said to me do u want something to eat? it is shrimp he said, I reply to him no am not hungry. so he stand behind me asking me to dance with him so I did, it felt so real on intense.. after that he walked in a room, I found my self outside then suddenly I saw some dog looking creatures running towards he club, so I ran off towards some bushes an they started chasing me, I was not afraid so I started saying somethings it was not English tho, I dnt even understand it myself, anyway what ever it was I was saying it prevented them from harming me, immediately I flew up an a wall dnt knw how I did that but I did it an escaped them.. I woke up out of my sleep after that, it was 5:00 pm in d evenlyn so I knew it was not a nightmare. the thing is me an this guy as never got intimate before, we wanted but I keep putting him off because of certain reason, so as am speaking now we or not talking because of that.. I would really love to know
    what does this dream means..

  15. Firstly i dreamt of my present boyfriend sister oiling my hair ..
    Whom I’ve never met .
    Secondly my boyfren is an Hindu whom Im barely dating fr 6 months now .
    I dreamt of him saying I’ll show u my father tomb .
    Is this dream bad for me…
    I kind of getting weird weird dreams lately

  16. A good friend of mine was eating in a very disgusting way and talking to me at the same time. I couldn’t remember what he was saying exactly but i was taken by the way he was eating and talking at the same time. I cant remember what was the food, but he had a full mouth. What does that mean?

  17. Some one put more sweet in plate, but another one came suddenly and took all the sweets from my plate.this is my dream please give meaning…

  18. Some one put more sweet in plate, but another one came suddenly and took all the sweets from my plate. This is my dream please give meaning.

  19. I saw myself feasting on oranges in the dream, licking & sharing to important friends(with my Dad present there) what could be the possible interpretation to this dream

  20. I have had a gastric sleeve weight loss surgery… Lost over 60 kg..
    I dreamed of eating 2 big plates of some kind of meat casserole.. Which of course I wouldn’t ever be able to do..
    I was upset that I had ruined my little tummy. And felt that I would again become the big person I used to be…

  21. Hi
    I am having a lot of dreams about taking food from people. They bring food for me and I take it but couldn’t eat it or you can say have never seen myself eating it in dream. I saw my colleague brought kheer (a sweet dish) for me and I got so happy and take from her but couldn’t eat it. (In reality she brought it for me 3days ago of having this dream which I ate) then after 2days I saw someone is giving me burgers in a packet and again I was so happy but couldn’t eat it. I have seen myself eating grapes a lot in my dreams too. Can you tell me what is the meaning of these dreams?

  22. In my dream I was at a family party except i didnt feel wanted at the party and more of by myself but thats okay i served a plate of food for me and I was didn’t eat till my dad showed up, as I was waiting I made him a big plate mashed potatoes, corn, and bisquets I covered it and just sat down and waited, for a long while then when he came I got excited and said I made you a plate and showed him and told him what was on his plate but he wasnt really listening and just said yeah yeah yo agree with me

  23. Thank a lot for the sight. I don’t like eating but II often dream of food and I got worried a bit. At least I have a clue now..

  24. I had a dream that i was offered food. It was a like some weird dessert. It looked like baby parts. I turned it down because it looked like baby parts. I was at my god mothers house. who i dont talk to alot and have had problems with. I was there and hadn’t seen her in awhile. Then i get offered baby parts. What does this mean. Also my mother passed away in november and her favorite singer was natilie cole. I got love was played in the backround of the dream. I dont even listen to that kind of music. Can any one tell me what it means?

  25. Each time i go to bed with hunger, i eat in my dreams. Does it means i eat because am hungry or there is something more to it?

  26. After I woke up this morning, I was just trying to remember and reflect on my dreams. As I was thinking, I remembered a somewhat vivid memory of me being in my house, pulling out a funsize milkyway bar, unwrapping it, and eating it. No one offered it. I’m not quite sure how it got into my hands. I almost don’t remember if it was pulled from my pockets or thin air; almost sure it came from my pockets. I enjoyed it very much, I savored the chocolate, caramel, and nougat flavors as I was consuming it. Then when I finished it, I ran off somewhere because I had something to do. I don’t remember what had happened before and after this “event” anymore. I also realized that this memory was from my dream since I haven’t eaten a milkyway bar since last Wednesday which was in a different setting. I got curious about it and so I googled for explanations of dream eating and I stumbled here. What could this mean? I doubt it’s some demon mumbo jumbo but who knows? What could this all mean?

  27. In my dream, I had been driving around with children and I was smaller and shorter than them, but I am not that way in real life. They treated me like i was new to the group, but I felt like I needed to show them that I wasn’t like them. That I was smarter… One girl looked like she was apparently an Idol, but looked more like a pricey hooker. (bare with me I’ll get to the food part). I got into a car and my real friends in the dream (not people I actually knew) were supposed to be waiting at school for pickup by us, but we never went. The boy just said he would go back for them. It’s like we were twelve, but I am way past that age. One of the girls with of left for house hunting and the others went in this building for food. I followed them, but the boy stayed outside. There was my sister, but none of the other people I knew and two were eating the rest were not.

    Before hand, there was a guy who put drinks on the table for us…weird colored drinks in paper bowls that were actually washing you’re fingers in. He was acting weird so I thought I shouldn’t drink this. He was screaming at the people where I was going to sit and going off about how offensive it was not to drink what he prepared. For some reason I thought he was racist, but my sister started to laugh…my sister looked weird…as if she had done drugs…(she never has to my knowledge). I threw away his drink and went to go get some food. I got a small plate of fries and this ball things that looked like meatball, but I think were made of grain. And I got a drink slurpie thing, so the guy wouldn’t be so offended. The lady rang up the food and it came to $67 dollars and some change and I asked her if I could get something cheaper….besides the fact that I unfortunately left my purse in the hotel room that I never went too…. I got upset and I was trying to figure out how everyone else paid for their food and why they didn’t tell me I would have these problems.

    When I got upset I could tell that I would never have done or even allowed any of these things to happen. I am a much stronger person and someone working in customer service would have followed my order to let me get something cheaper or take back the food.

    Then I willed myself to get taller and because in my dream I can have powers I tried to get rid of the place that made me feel powerless and it would not go…..

    I’ve been able to write and rewrite many of my dreams. This one was impossible.

    1. I’ve been dreaming about food and i kept saw myself ate i don’t like that,most likely is rice and last night was lasagna with sausage,what does that mean

      1. One more thing, i’ve always dreams of darkness,and my path blocked

  28. Thank you this did help a Lot. I was dreaming of someone else eating Hot wings the ones I had made. Hahah! Some hot kid I like was eating them. It’s a strange dream. And then I had vinpire dreams. A crazy movie played in my mind last night.

  29. Early morning I am being wake up by the dream of food.1 day I saw,I am very hungry and praying to God for food, while I was crying.And I woke up actualy with tears and immense sorrow in my mind. Again after few days I dreamt of some kind of Vegeterian cooked food ( but tasy and good ) ,though I mainly love Nonvegeterian food basically fish. Most of the time early morning I am woke up by the dream of lovely freasly coocked vegeterian food ( that used to be called as good dishes in earlier day of grandmother), but significantly none of the time I AM EATING THOSE, eithor other people are eating those, or I only see those lovely foods has been prepared. I am continoiusly seeing the food-dream for last 20 days ..( at least 7 to 8 days). I am worried , why repeatedly I am seeing this dream !! Can you help me please…

  30. I am trying to make since of this dream i had last night. Me and my ex broke up in December of last year, i am far from being over him (we were together for almost 2 years) Communication between us is like none and in my dream he sends me a text out of the blue asking me if i want some soup. What could that possibly mean???

  31. My wife dreamt of me eating in the same plate with a certain pastor who is not my spiritual father, we were eating porridge without spoons. Please help with meaning.

  32. I got a dream like eating 3 plates of food(rice with some curry) what does this dream mean???pls reply me iam soo scared….

  33. I dreamt I was in aa car resting on the back seat when someone brought me crunchie snacks butbI didn’t eat it. Then again , in the car someone offered me an ommelette with spinach or something green, but I didn’t eat it.Then we drove to the supermarket where I had to be in a line for something , and saw a homeless kid but the bed sheets it was laying on were clean. It was by a wall. Then instead of going shopping we went to a snack bar or restaurant inside it and he was cooking ommelettes too. However I handdled to the worker there the ommelete that was given to me in the car and asked him if he could cook the part that was still raw but he kinda refused so we sat down to eat the food we bought but I didn’t eat again. It’s like I ignored the food.

  34. I have had several weird dreams in the past that i know have significant meanings but i cant figure it out, ill summarize 4
    1) I dreamt an evil king ruled us and majority of us starved, his daughter fell ill and he had to leave the community so i gained access to his store of vulture eggs which i broke and fried to feed the masses
    2) i had a dream i was a soldier at war, and i was behind my colleagues but i had enough time to find rubys and hid them, when we escaped on a helicopter i was the last to get on but I had rubys and the others didnt
    3) I had several dreams about flooding, my house or bath or wherever usually got flooded by very clear water, the clearest ive ever seen in my life
    4) had a dream a lot of different food was infront of my table and people were trying to take the food from me but someone came and locked all of them out

  35. I ate sweets with my brother and unknowingly, we ate worms with it too..

  36. I dreamt I was eating food at a round table with a stranger. I was eating chicken, I kept pulling chicken bone out if my mouth and putting it on my plate. I did this at least five times. The setting was colorful, and cheery. I only talked to the person across from me once.

  37. All my dreams end with me eating a cracker or biscuit. No matter what the dream is, I end up eating a cracker/biscuit, before I wake up. Does this mean anything? Or do I subconsciously crave crackers and biscuits?

  38. Dream of Eating, in thé Dream with différe people, but thé Last ï had vérité writhing this is that ï was in a pastor confiance or so,because ï was told to Come and dit in thé pastor table.

  39. I’m a girl I had a dream like my friend’s parents gifted me something, the gift his dad have me contained Python which later started attacking me by trying to eat and his mom had gifted me a dead liserd as gift,. Can u please tell me what did it mean, what it means if the same dream appeared for my family member also.please reply.

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  41. I dreamt of an apple pie killing my mother with a sort of helplessness attached. I know my mother despises apple pies and finds them revolting, but I can’t seem to put a context on the dream. It felt like I had walked right into a horror movie. I knew what was going to happen, but I didn’t stop it.

  42. My friends mum gave me food(fufu with bush meat soup) for someone, but I later ate the food with my friend and some other friends. It wasn’t a bad tasty though, pls I want the meaning

  43. My friend dreamt of going to a restaurant ie: Macdonalds or something buying a hamburger and the hamburger coming alive and wanting to take control

  44. My mom dreamed of being the only one in a restaurant, serving and cooking, and having only one piece of chicken to serve, that fell down a drain and she had to pull it out to serve. But as she looks around and greets everyone with a smile and they were happy and waiting to be served. There was one old couple eating. The last group to come into the restaurant were the teenagers. She seemed to know everyone.

  45. I just dreamed last night that I was sitting at the table with my family on holiday and had a place full of delicious food consisting of roasted meat, potatoes and salad and a glass of coke which I has specially asked for be from a freshly opened bottle. My brother put a movie on t.v. and I watched it for a bit and when I turned back to the table everything was gone and my family were folding the table cloth already. They said the waitress had come and taken everything away while I was watching the movie and that apparently I had been paying no attention for too long. I got very annoyed because I was sure I’d only looked away for a minute or two and exclaimed that I hadn’t even started my food! I stormed off looking for it and found it in the hotel kitchen, on a counter next to the washing table. I took a fork and started eating it. At some point I realised some of the chopped pieces in the plate were sponge and soap and thought this must be a new technique for washing dishes. I ignored them and finished eating the food which was cold by now, but it was about the principle for me and I wanted to say the food that was promised to me. Afterwards since I was still angry at my family for letting this happen I went out for a walk and went looking for dessert in a nice cafe. I’m the way I got a voicemail from my dad saying it was all a joke and we take turns in joking with someone in different ways. I wasn’t sure whether to believe him and continued on my way. Got into a cool looking place and tried ordering 2 different pieces of cake, after letting an older lady go before me and after being pushed by some dude. They didn’t have the cakes I chose at first but a manager interfered and said they’ll try to find them. The dream ended as I was waiting for my order of 2 pieces of cake to be prepared and listening to another manager talk to a waiter about some other cool place in the city’s shopping mall.

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