The meaning of teeth falling out in a dream

The meaning of teeth falling out in a dream is a complex one. I haven’t written about this type of dream until now, despite many requests, for the primary reason that this is not a dream I have been really familiar with.  I wasn’t sure how to say what needs to be said about this dream, and was worried about writing the wrong thing… and then I dreamed of my own teeth falling out. Which, as you will see, is precisely the point. Dreams of teeth falling out are often symbols of our greatest self-expression.

Dreams of teeth falling out often have a lot to do with our own confidence, particularly how we communicate, but also may relate to a sense of being attractive… or not. If you have had a dream where your teeth start falling out in the middle of a conversation, it could indicate that you have recently said something that made you feel embarrassed, or conversely, that you were in a situation where you felt too uncomfortable to even speak. You may be feeling a sense of remorse, awkwardness or even shame. If you are a person with “no filter” who sometimes wishes you hadn’t said that last thing, you may have this dream occasionally. But equally, if you have been feeling belittled, sidelined or ignored, you may also have this dream. That frustrated feeling of wishing you could just tell that person exactly how you feel may result in dreaming of your teeth coming out – sometimes to the point of actually “spitting them out” as you wish to spit out your words.

Teeth in dreams often relate to how we think we are perceived. One way people perceive us, or seek to understand us is through what we say (or write) – our words. Another way we know we are judged by the world is how we look. Teeth in this sense are signs of health, and youth (people often lose their teeth as they grow older), and therefore associated with vigour and attractiveness. To dream of your teeth falling out then may also relate to how you feel about your appearance, and your sense of “well-being”. If you are struggling with feeling secure about your looks, if you are feeling uncomfortable with ageing, if you have been sick or people close to you have been unwell, you may also dream about your teeth falling out.

But dig a little deeper, and it is not too difficult to also understand that issues around confidence and power are fundamental to losing your teeth in a dream. If you feel threatened, unappreciated or judged, this dream may come up. If you feel you are lacking something that is important to you, or that your work , financial or relationship status is precarious, this dream may also arise. Falling teeth can symbolise instability or fear of loss.

Consider what feelings arise strongest in you to help understand what meaning is most relevant to you. Dreams of lost teeth ask you to consdier, where are you feeling insecure in life? Are you able to truly express who you are? What is preventing you from living a truly authentic life? How much of the judgement you feel is coming from outside, and how much from within? What is it that you really want to share?

The meaning of teeth falling out in a dreams highlights that there is an area of your life that can be improved by stepping into your own power. Dreams of teeth falling out invite us speak our own truth with confidence.This is an opportunity to recognise that ultimate self-love and acceptance are the greatest weapons against judgement and a critical world. By stilling the inner voice of self-criticism, you can start to share your words and ideas, confident that you are worthy of being both seen and heard.

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4 thoughts on “The meaning of teeth falling out in a dream

  1. No it’s mean their’s something happening in your relative or family one of them going to die,
    If you dream that your teeth falling,
    its happen to me a lot everytime i dream my teeth falling, my auntie die my grandma

  2. I had a dream of my permanent falling out and I kept putting them back in. My marriage at the time was falling apart. I think the fact that they were permanent represented my marriage as it was supposed to be permanent. The falling out and putting them back in was me trying to keep my marriage from falling apart.

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