Research: Dreams While Pregnant

Sacred Mother by Cristina Mcallister
Sacred Mother by Cristina Mcallister

If you are visiting this page, then chances are that you, or someone close to you is pregnant.  Congratulations!  You are embarking on one of the most sacred and magical journeys of your life.  At such a significant and profound time of change, it is no wonder that our dreams can also change and become more vivid, more strange or even more frightening.

I would like to be able to provide some detailed and well researched information to inform, guide and reassure expectant mothers here.  In order to do so, I am asking for your help.  If you are currently pregnant or know somebody who is, and you would be willing to share a little information about your dreams, please complete the form below and I will contact you to see how best you can help.

And please check back here from time to time, as I gather more information I will share it with you here.  Thanks so much!

If you have come to this page by mistake and are looking for dreams of being pregnant, or dreams about a baby or lost baby, please check these other posts.

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24 thoughts on “Research: Dreams While Pregnant

  1. I am 24 weeks pregnant and keep having nightmares about my baby dying in my tummy. These dreams are so bad that I am scared to go to sleep and can not stop crying. I told my partner the first time I had one of these dreams and he just told me its not real and to stop being silly so I feel like I cant talk to him about it because I dont want to be told that im being silly, I just need him to comfort me and tell me its going to be ok! I already love my baby boy so much and cant wait to be able to hold him and look after him and I am sooo scared of losing him. I dont know what to do to make these horrible scary nightmares go away. Its breaking my heart.

  2. Dreaming
    My dad shows me a tarot card with a beautiful warm sunset back ground in the corners are native Indians and dreams catchers.the more close I look the larger it gets until I am face to face with a native Indian with two feathers and a dream catcher hanging from his third eye he speaks to me but I’m not sure what he says.

  3. Im 7 wk pregnant and unable too keep my baby due too being on medication which can damage the baby and be dangerous for me and the baby .. so the doctors booked me in to go and have a private abortion … i was guttted when i found out i wouldnt be able too keep my baby … now i keep having dreams ive had a baby girl and she always hurts herself im not there too stop her from doing so but pick her up after shes fell ect. And i hold her close and cry heart broken because shes hurt but she isnt crying just me and then a bad mark comes out hours after and i cry again as it looks horrible and sore … really need too know the meaning of this dream

  4. I am 10 weeks pregnant and have had two nightmares about losing my baby. 1st dream was that fish parts ( fish tale) were coming out of me not a baby but they emotion I had in the dream was that it was my baby. 2nd dream I was on the toilet and felt like I was losing the baby looked down and I had blood dripping out of my clitorus not the vagina entrance I got up cause I didn’t want the baby to fall in the toilet, I was on the floor and my baby came out it wasn’t alive I was holding it crying. I don’t know why I’m having these dreams and am scared that it’s a sign telling me something’s wrong. I gave birth to my daughter 9 jan 2014 she was born sleeping at 38weeks so I’m not sure if it has to do with worry that I will lose another baby or because her 1st birthday is 5days away I’m not sure what the dreams are due to would love any thoughts thank you

    1. So glad i read this, last night i had a dream similar,
      Iam 16 weeks pregnant today, last night dreamt i went to the toilet had bleeding and bits coming away from me, i calmly removed them and put them in the sink, it was fish bits the spine with the skin still attached but no head or tail.i called my husband upstairs to show him i picked them up and turned to him but he wasnt there just a full length mirror that showed me standing there with a very small baby wrapped in a blue blanket and the baby was dead, it looked dead.i cudnt go back to sleep and too scared to go to bed tonight.
      I lost a daughter at 2 days old so thought it might be kind of normal dreaming of a dead baby but it was the fish bits that i found really weird, glad im not the only one!

    2. Hi am currently 33weeks after miscarrying 2 previous times and I am so scared it will happen again. And I had the craziest dream resulting in a baby dying in my dream in the oddest way. I feel so close to being able to hold my little girl now that I am this far and hearing that you lost your baby at 38 weeks hurts me and puts more fear. If you don’t mind me asking how did it happen? And did your second pregnancy turn out good?

  5. I am 30 weeks pregnant & i had a dream about my baby. In my dream,i see a cute and innocent baby boy.he’s cry in i took him close to my arms and he stop crying. I put him next to me as i lying down on my bed. As i want to change my clothes i heard my mom shouting to my baby boy as he is playing water outside the house.weird because in my dream he’s growing up very fast ( at the beggining of dream he is new born baby & after that he at 5 years old ). My dream stop there. I woke up since my clock alarm is ringing. I think i had such dream because im so excited to see my baby soon.

  6. I’m 23 weeks, yesterday I dreamt that my sister was actually my daughter and that my dad and his gf took her to raise as their own, then I got pregnant again with a boy and they took him, they wouldn’t let me see or hold him (I never see the baby in the dream but I hear him and they tell me about him) my dad’s gf also puts up a video of her holding a post it note. Saying it’s a boy and it makes me angry and upset and I cry then I woke up.
    This dream is weird to me as I’m pregnant with a girl

  7. Im 7 weeks pregnant and my most recent dream last night. I was just finishing work offering some food. I had left out and 2 cops come into work and said they were arresting me .. i was confused. Asked why and they said they was arresting me for resisting arrest.. once outside they were being rough with me so i said please stop im pregnant. Then one cop rang someone and i heard the person on phone tellimg her to get tht baby out of me. I tried to run but was confused as id be running away from police but had to save my baby. Then my nephew woke me up. Such a strange horrible dream!

  8. I dreamt i was laying on my stomach and someone’s young child jump hard on my back and i had severe stomach pains. I am pregnant in reality and in my dream. I lost my baby in the dream because if this child jumping on my stomach. I had this dream when i took a nap and 4 hours later i walked to the grocery store and wiped out hard on the ice in front of a store. Im worried i hurt my child 🙁 im heading to the doctor’s. Im 15 weeks pregnant

  9. I’m 22w4d. Last night I had the worst dream of my life. I had a dream I was out with my family at a water park… I don’t know why I was on a ride, long story short I felt forced to be on the water slide after I got off the slide I began to bleed and had huge blood clots I kept shouting for my mom and a doctor and nobody would help! They looked at me like I was insane!!! (I began to cry, literally, my pillow was wet). No one would help me!! I then in my dream started calling my obgyn she said I had lost my babygirl because of all the clots I woke up hysterical!!! And so sad and depressed… I woke up so scared. Its a relief knowing shes moving around in my belly as usual 💞

  10. I am currently 34 weeks pregnant. For the last month i have had the same dream over and over probably about 20 times. i dream that i am very pregnant, which i am currently, and the next second the baby is gone. I am no longer pregnant. i didnt miscarry and nothing happened to my son, its just not a reality anymore that i am pregnant. Very weird. I actually wake up and feel my tummy to see if hes still there.

  11. I just found out I’m pregnant as of yesterday. And that very night I had a dream that I was pregnant and showed a big belly in just a few days in my dream and the father was an ex of mine from 5 years ago whom I no longer have any interests in or even communicate with. I saw my belly through my clothes and was in complete shock that it was so big already and that he was the father. I remember running around with “friends” of mine who I don’t even know in real life and trying to take back a bag of chips the size of me from people who had stolen it from my ex, in which I succeeded. The next thing I remember was anticipating and feeling like I had triplets in my belly but I woke up before I conceived to find out if that was actually the case.

    I have no idea what any of this interprets into and I would love and appreciate any feedback.

  12. I have dreamed of my baby before, and of my sister’s baby whose also pregnant as well, my sister is losing her baby due to a genetic disease.. but every time I dream of her baby he’s absolutely healthy and happy , as I hold him and sway him in my arms he’s smiling with such beautiful blue eyes and that’s it. Last night I dreamed three different dreams in one, I dreamed that I was being chased and hunted down by a man who in the dream I protrayed as a friend a very close friend yet I didn’t recognize who he was, well things went dark so quickly it started as we were in my middle school gym getting fake babies as if for the class, we got some but the whole “class ” continues to get in trouble so it takes it a little bit, well afterwards I live with this so called friend and that’s where things get scary at first it’s a party and then he starts chasing me and being highly aggressive he backs me into a pantry as others watch , he begins torturing me and trying to kill me pretty much he ends up shoving food in my mouth and laughing I get away and try to run home or it’s not even home it’s this weird hotel home thing that’s has these awkward stairs that are hard to get to, but before I make it out he gets me in my dream I’m knocked out and he cuts my back in these werid ways I woke up in an ambulance as they dropped me off at the weird place and he’s beside me laughing I end up getting money from his side of the ambulance and shoving my remaining items in my pocket as I get out, heading up all these turns and twist and finally reaching the top where my room is right there infront of me and there’s a woman offering lessons on cooking or something and below the crazy guy was like I had money for it I want to go , anyways I end up walking into the room and seeing my grandparents so I sit down, well going out I ended up taking the other side of then getting stuck, somehow. Fast forward and I’m being chased and trying to be killed again by a woman in end up getting sliced in my foot and cut up a bit I end up slicing her neck then stabbing her in the heart trying to escape and not get killed by her, I get to the hospital and my sister’s baby is there.

  13. I have dreams that people are taking my child and I can’t get them back. It’s terrifying because I am 15 years old and a first time mom.

    1. It’s Just A DREAM .
      Keep Your Baby Close And Safe And Take Good Care Of Yourselfs . Nothing Bad Will Happen . God Is With You Both .

  14. Okay so im expectimg my first baby and im super excited and nervous. For starters I’ve always had vivid dreams that I remember but
    here recently there just more in detail.. So last night I dreamt i moved back to Pa im currently living in Ga with my finace and grandma.. I lived in pa for 2 years and i hated it. I was very depressed and lonely living with my dad and stepmom but in my dream my stepmom was really nice and supportive(which she wasnt before) so i left my fiance while he was at work and my baby. The baby looked older than a newborn and previously in my dream i accidentally left the baby outside in the cold and then remembered i left him and ran outside to go get him. So back to being in pa .. The first day I was there I went back to high school. I think i was a junior which is funny cause i graduated in 2015 so 2 years ago and thats when I lived in Pa. So anyways I went to school and i cried a lot. I missed my baby and fiance so much that i was miserable there and just cried and cried throughout the whole day in school. By the end of the day i was like why am I here at school i already graduated?? Lol so I left the school. And went back to the house and called my fiance and i was being rushed on the phone to cause i was using some old ladies phone and she was being rude.. So i talked to him and he was devastated that i left and said he was gonna come and see me.. He came rather quickly in my dream.. Considering we we’re 4 states away.. I told him that to in my dream.. So we were talking and he gets a phone call from some girl and starts flirting with her 😢 and i start crying and flipping out and he was like its just my ex like he didn’t care so i stepped outside in shock and was crying and then i woke up with him calling me lol. Hes at work now .. Very weird and kinda sad dream. Im sick of having sad dreams.

  15. I am 9 weeks pregnant. I had a dream that we had just come home from the hospital. I was in house with our new child and my boyfriend was outside on the balcony, smoking a cigarette. I was left alone with baby for quite a period of time, everytime id look up to see if my boyfriend was coming inside, he was still outside. Only this time he wasnt smoking a cigarette he was with his daughter (from a previous relationship). I ignored the jealousy and went back to our newborn who was in my arms, smiling, cooing, i felt so much love. My boyfriend came inside, i smiled at him hoping assuming he would come over to baby and i. Instead he ignored us, and walked past us and into the kitchen. I saw a paper bowl on the edge of the table top, i went to pick it up, grabbing it by the edge, or the rim, and as i did so i noticed it had an egg in it. It tilted out of my hand and fell onto the floor. A rush of panic swept through me and i quickly picked up the egg. Examining it I saw it had a small crack in it. I curled my hands around the egg, trying to keep it safe, i felt. My boyfriend came back from the kitchen, and got into bed. I lie down next to him with the egg in my hands against my chest. The egg was now broken, completely beyond repair. I panicked and cried out, he sat up and looked at the egg in my hands, now oozing yolk everywhere. He yelled at me, what did i do why did I do that. I woke up then and noticed i was crying. I cant stop thinking about this dream I think i may be scared to be a mother for the first time, worried to do something wrong and maybe even worried that i will be alone in this if he gives too much attention to his other child. It’s really bothering me.

  16. Im on my way due date and i dreamt about giving birth to triplets .in my dream, it all went well i delivered triplets successfully . But my mom left one baby in my aunts house because my aunt wanted a baby . But i hesitated i go there at her house crying i want my baby back although i disappointed her . I hugged my baby and it feels like very very relieving although it is a dream .

  17. Hello i just saw a dream that my baby was 1year old and i went in a party when i came back i ask my parents where is my child they called some lady and that lady said “baby is dead” what does it mean i am worried please help me.
    Actually i am 5 months pregnant so plz help me pl,,

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