The Meaning of Passages and Tunnels in Dreams

Passages in dreams can be symbols of our journey into the subconscious itself, or our attempts to reconcile what we know subconsciously with how we live in our waking lives.  Passage dreams may come when we start to do dream work or meditate, or when we have some inner process to begin. … More The Meaning of Passages and Tunnels in Dreams

Big Dreams: Something Special

I have mentioned in various entries that we should pay attention to all our dreams (see “Resist the Urge to Judge”) as they all have important things to teach us, and sometimes it is the very things that seem trivial or that we would prefer to ignore that contain the most valuable lessons.  As we … More Big Dreams: Something Special

Sleep Paralysis: A Special Kind of Nightmare

Imagine the feeling:  You have gone to sleep normally enough, but for some reason that you aren’t quite sure of, you have woken up.  It is dark, but somehow you can sense a shadowy presence, right there in the room with you.  You want to move but you realise you are paralysed.  The frightening creature seems to … More Sleep Paralysis: A Special Kind of Nightmare

Nightmares: Part 2

It is quite distressing that often when we have a nightmare, it doesn’t occur in isolation, but recurrs with a frightening persistence.  As if having one nightmare wasn’t bad enough, but to have them frequently!  It just doesn’t seem fair!  But it makes more sense when you realise why you are having these bad dreams.  … More Nightmares: Part 2

Welcome to the Dream Well!

Hello and welcome to my blog!  I am the founder of the Dream Well, a website that aims to help everyone understand the meaning of their dreams better, and to use the lessons our dreams teach us to enrich and improve our lives.   At the Dream Well, we believe only the individual who has the dream can understand their own … More Welcome to the Dream Well!