What Do Dreams Have To Do With “Real” Life? Part II by Jean Raffa

Following on from yesterday’s post from Jean Raffa, here is the second part that explores how dreams can have lasting significance to our lives. Thanks to Jean for allowing me to share this with you, and kindly offering to answer any questions you may have.

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IndividuationandArchetypeLast time I shared a dream from over 20 years ago titled “Two Snakes in the Tree of Life.” So what did that dream have to do with “real” life?  Dreams ARE real life.  They happen to everyone, even some animals.  They are facts.  We do not make them up.  They come from a place beyond Ego’s control: the unconscious.  Our unawareness of the unconscious does not negate its reality;  each dream proves its existence. When we trust it and explore its nightly dramas, ordinary life is transformed into the greatest adventure of all: living our own myth.

This is my all-time favorite dream and I’m still processing its message. It arrived shortly after I finished my first book about the inner life, The Bridge to Wholeness.  I had quit college teaching to follow my passion for writing, birthed my precious child, nurtured it through months of revisions, and was looking for a publisher. At a time when…

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2 thoughts on “What Do Dreams Have To Do With “Real” Life? Part II by Jean Raffa

  1. Thank you, Amy. I’m so glad you liked these posts. This dream was very meaningful to me, and it’s nice to know that someone else sees the healing value in it! Blessings, Jeanie


  2. My pleasure Jeanie! I really enjoyed these posts, and I think it can be so helpful to see how to actually apply dream work/interpretation in real life so hopefully other will see the value in this too.


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