What Do Dreams Have to Do with “Real” Life? Part I by Jean Raffa

Today and tomorrow I would like to share with you a wonderful example of dream work undertaken from a Jungian/symbolic perspective.  If you have trawled through my posts on the symbols that appear in dreams, but still feel unable to string them together to form a meaningful story, I hope the process outlined by Jean below and tomorrow will be of some help.

There is no one definitive way to interpret dreams, but starting with a breakdown of the key symbols, reflection on what those symbols may mean personally to you, and then a deep consideration of how these symbols may be relevant to your current life circumstances is a great place to start. If you still feel at a loss, you can begin to research broader meanings to the symbols in your dreams. It may be that if you are undergoing a significant life change, that universal symbols are resonating with you as they have with countless humans through-out history.

I hope you enjoy the posts from Jean as much as I did!  Jean has also kindly offered to answer any questions you may have after reading this.

More information on Jean Raffa here.

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Dream Theatres of the Soul – Empowering the Feminine through Jungian Dream Work

Healing the Sacred Divide: Making Peace with Ourselves, Each Other, and the World

The Bridge to Wholeness: A Feminine Alternative to the Hero Myth

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299px-Caduceus.svg[1]If you’ve never thought of dreams as having any relevance to your waking life, I can assure you, they do. This one which came at a pivotal time in my life convinced me beyond any doubt that some unimaginable, unconscious Mystery which dwelled both within and outside me knew what was going on in my conscious life and had something to tell me about it. I’ll share the dream in this post and comment on it in the next.

Dream #843:  Two Snakes in the Tree of Life”. 

Someone is telling a story. I watch from afar as the events unfold.

“Once upon a time a little green snake started his life in one side of a tree.”  I see the snake.  He is long and thin and his underbelly is the color of the inside of an avocado.

“On the other side of the tree lay a huge, old, brown female snake, but the little green…

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1 thought on “What Do Dreams Have to Do with “Real” Life? Part I by Jean Raffa

  1. Hi Amy,

    Thanks for reposting my article on your blog. I’m very honored, and hope your readers like it. I’ll be happy to answer any questions or respond to any comments they might have.




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