Make Space for Your Dreams

In a busy life, it can seem like we have no time for ourselves.  We all seem to have such full lives, every waking moment is taken up by work, looking after the children, cleaning the house, studying, exercising or sports, trying to find time to spend with friends and family.  Squeezing anything else in … More Make Space for Your Dreams

Big Dreams: Something Special

Big dreams are a very special and rare kind of dream. All our dreams have important things to teach us, and sometimes it is the very things that seem trivial or that we would prefer to ignore that contain the most valuable lessons. As we learn to respect and listen to everything our dreaming mind … More Big Dreams: Something Special

A Dream Within a Dream: False Awakening

A dream within a dream can be a very confusing sensation. If you’ve ever had the experience that you get up as usual, maybe go to shower, have breakfast or start getting dressed, only to notice something is not quite right – maybe all the towels in the bathroom have changed colours, there are only … More A Dream Within a Dream: False Awakening

The Meaning of Being Attacked in a Dream

Attacking dreams are not usually about wanting to hurt ourselves or others, but can be about our own unresolved internal conflict. Dreams of being attacked or attacking can disturb us with their violence, but attacking dreams show us a way to peaceful resolution. … More The Meaning of Being Attacked in a Dream