Tibetan Dream Yoga: Introduction

brow chakra
Tibetan dream yoga is a practice in which one aims to achieve unity with the Whole

A different aspect to Lucid Dreaming you may not have come across is Tibetan Dream Yoga.  I have written a brief introduction for “How to Lucid”

Have a read and let me know what you think!  Is this something you could incorporate into your own practice?  Do you have any other sacred dream practices that you would like to share?  And would you like to learn more about Tibetan Dream Yoga and how to implement it in your own life?

Tibetan Dream Yoga and Lucid Dreaming

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1 thought on “Tibetan Dream Yoga: Introduction

  1. I studied dream yoga back in 2007, and have been synchronistically been coming across it a lot lately! 🙂


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