The Meaning of Wild Animals in a Dream (Part 2)

Take a second look - dream creatures may not be what they first seem!
Take a second look – dream creatures may not be what they first seem!

So you’ve had a dream about a wild animal, but you want to understand – why this one in particular?   To understand the message of an animal, try and understand its characteristics and what it may mean to you in your culture.  Does it symbolise freedom, strength, industriousness etc?

But also look for what you may be missing.  Remember, dreams are often trying to reveal things about ourselves we don’t like or don’t want to see, but they also offer us a solution, a way to transform these things into more desirable attributes.

Creatures in your dream may not always be what they seem.  Take the vulture, which you might describe as a harbinger of death, as unattractive and feeding off the fallen.  But Cherokee Indians call the vulture “peace eagle” because it does not kill, and to see the magnificence of one in flight is really a peaceful and uplifting experience.  So do not be too quick to judge the animals in your dreams.  They are a part of yourself, and can have good and bad qualities.   How you choose to interpret and relate to the good or the bad is of course entirely up to you.

For interesting information on “Peace Eagles” and animals as totems, check out this:

For more information on animals as cultural symbols, check out this link:

9 thoughts on “The Meaning of Wild Animals in a Dream (Part 2)

  1. I saw we were in a party and then we had to go to buy some stuffs like milk butter etc, but the road was not easy we had to cross a dangerous bridge…when we crossed it we (me and a unknown maid of our family)see couple of lions and we hide ourselves and reach to my family relatives (whose faces I am not sure I have ever seen but felt like I have known them)so they were celebrating some occasion.So since it was getting late my maid decided to go out by herself and me all of a sudden out of no where I am watching a football match in the ground played by my 2 cousins (whom I don’t know but still feels like i know them)there I guess I saw one or two tigers … I was suddenly saying goodbye to my relatives keeping back in mind that our family will scold us for being late and how to explain them the incident…?! My maid who was waiting for me outside on the stairs I was just going to reach the stairs a huge lion tried to attack me.., I ran towards one room up on top it had a wooden door I locked it quickly and watched from the window.The lion was all over the door roaring but suddenly One man appears down from the room with no weapons as soon as it enters the lions run like cat while the lion was pouncing at my door I was watching my maid from the window, she was about to give up because their were many lions in the upper road and one was very close to her.But that man,without weapon he plays with the lion and like a shepherd in the herd he takes all the lion.As I open the door I see my another relatives who doesn’t speaks to me properly enters the room and I leave after giving them a reply back.The moment we go towards our home we see an elephant coming straight to us but it was being chased cause it looked frightened. Me and my maid try to search for a place to hide we come across a bathroom come toilet which door had no stronger grip the food’s lower part cud be pushed and could see through.Lots of lions tigers go by but again one lion tried to open we got really scared inside but suddenly there was silence and then the Bang on the door gets hard It sounded who is inside open the door…? It was my not so good relatives the couple’s son had to go for short toilet he screams OPEN THE DOOR nearly breaking the door and as we do and explain things to them he first answers back very rudely so did I but when that old lady(May have been late 50yrs or maybe 61 yrs old) she was wearing a shirt pant and a white hairband around her head.She was not pretty at all she says something about my personal family issue which was related or connected to me I got really angry and went straight to her and pushed her and gave her a rude answer back too…Then we returned back as we were on our way I woke up…
    Please now tell me about this dream.


  2. i saw a dream in which i saw many wild animals inside my house. while i was trying to see the tiger somewhere ouyside, it was also insidr the house hidden under other animals. i was not scared of these animals. infact very excited to see them all.
    what does thos dream mean??


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