1. i had a dearm tha me and my boyfriend jason dayrimple always making love althe time not owly tha somtime geting married of me and him have fighting words how badly how we want 2 be with eachother but people keep on geting in the way. so waht can i do about tha because sometime my dearms do come true.


  2. i always having dearms tha me and my boyfriend jason dryrimple tha we alway making love with eachother or we geting married we on the beach dacing with eachother and kissing looking at eachother sometime i have dearms tha we or have figthing word how badly we want 2 stay with eachother but is this 1 girl in the way and i just can’t same get her out of the way but can i do about this because sometime my dearms do come true.


  3. i alway dearm of the man of my dearms his name is jase but thy call him jason dayrimple i need 2 know if he is the man of my dearms


  4. cindy

    The article is very informative.I love to analyse different people,notice their reactions etc.I met a guy at my work place.I was actually very impressed with him.(Intelligence,maturity,etiquettes etc).All of a sudden, it dawned upon me that I have a crush on him.I guess,he sensed my feeling and tried to take advantage of that.Whenever we used to meet,he always wanted to talk about Sex.But in all,he is a nice guy.After few days,the crush expired.But we are still friends.I have observed him very closely.Few days ago,I got a dream of making love with him,which was very intense.When I woke up,I was little upset as there are no such feelings for him.I just consider him a good person as he has many good qualities also.So I guess the love making dream is the possibility that I admire him a lot and want to acquire few good things from him.This article is a big relief.Thanks :)


  5. Dreams are not true, so do not depend on them


  6. clayton harris

    I dream regularly about having se ual dreams with strangers meeting in different locations school, work, the mall and the most recent in branson mo. But the twist is the stranger is always my wife I do not know her in my dream but see her face and know her body. Am I weird? I enjoy these dreams because almost every night I get to fall in love with my wife of 6 years over again.


  7. Archibong Effanga

    i dream making love in my dream to my stepmother and others,what is the meaning?


    • thatz a bad dream. witches r after ur life using ur moda face.


  8. Syre

    A balanced, an informative and reassuring article. Thank you Amy Campion.


  9. Last day i dream of having sex with someone whom i dont remember o saw in my dreams.After that,my penis begun to bleed.The bleeding went on and on as it gets more and more


  10. i had this dream that my husband and my friend was having sex (not that really a close friend but just a neighborhood friend) what does it mean? that will be my first nightmare i guess ;( seeing my husband having sex with other girl. its freaking me out. but the real thought is me and my husband are happy together. living together with our daughter. but i just want to know what does it means. should i start to worry about it or is just a freaking unbelievable dream!


  11. Kathy franklin

    Im engadged and had a dream about him havimg sex with alot younger female freind our daughter had the exact same dream in the same week what does it mean


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