The Meaning of Legs in a Dream

Dreaming of legs invites us to look at what is going on with our basic foundations, our beliefs and attitudes that support our outlook on life, and our ability to move around – either physically or metaphorically.

If legs are important in our dreams we can consider how key phrases might apply to our life.

If we have no legs, or have lost or legs, maybe there is some conviction we hold that we should consider changing our mind on, as we “don’t have a leg to stand on.” Or maybe we feel as out of control as when intoxicated, and feel “legless.”  This could be a good thing, if it is associated with a love interest for instance, which might make us go “weak at the knees.”  Dreams of losing our legs, or having weak legs might even indicate we need to take a stronger stance in some matter and “stand up for ourselves.”

Other phrases that might be helpful are:

  • To shake a leg – see a leg being shaken, or even shaking your own leg?  Maybe we need to hurry up with something
  • To break a leg – usually applied to success on the stage, might mean a sense of having to perform well in front of others, fear of not performing, or wishing someone else to perform well
  • An arm and a leg – if you dream of these two limbs conspicuously together, it might be indicating a high cost.  So what in your life do you feel is costing you too much, maybe in terms of time, energy, focus or actual money?
  • Pulling your leg – is something literally pulling at your leg in your dream?  It might be something trying to get your attention, or it could be a sign of someone having a bit of a joke, not being really serious. Is there something in your life you  are taking too seriously, or somewhere you should look beyond face value at what is really going on?  It might just be a joke…
  • Give or receive a leg-up – this might be the act of hoisting someone up, or being helped, or it could be a physical act of literally lifting up a leg somewhere in a dream.  Is there someone who is helping you advance in life, or are you helping someone else, or could this be even just helping yourself get on with things?
  • Leg of the journey – often refers to the last part, so could encourage us to question something we have been looking to make progress on, how far have we come, and how far do we have to go?

Legs of course also give us mobility, so we can look to how we are moving as a reflection to how we feel about our own ability to move ourselves through life and make progress with our goals and tasks.  Are we running freely, with energy and strength?  Or are we dragging our feet, reluctant to go forward?  Maybe we are part of a group, or perhaps someone has given us “marching orders” maybe implying it is time to either leave or get on with something.

Dreams of legs can be about own confidence and mobility.   When we learn to walk as a baby, we are on the way to maturity and becoming and adult.  Leg dreams may appear when we are learning new things, going through phase of growth and development, where it can feel like we are learning to walk all over again.

But remember, we must learn to walk before we run.  And then when we can run, we can learn to fly…

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27 thoughts on “The Meaning of Legs in a Dream

  1. please i had a dream that somebody is holding my leg and pulling or dragging me out of my bed as soon as i open my eyes i did not see anybody please i m searching answer or help for this dream thank u so much

    1. @ thomas well consider the meaning of something pulling on your leg … and just apply the situations together where it happens in your life .

  2. please i had a dream that somebody is holding my leg and pulling or dragging me out of my bed as soon as i open my eyes i did not see anybody please i m searching answer or help for this dream thank u so much for your help

  3. please i had a dream that somebody is holding my leg and pulling or dragging me out of my bed i fill it and real as soon as i open my eyes i did not see anybody please i m searching answer or help for this dream thank u so much for your help

  4. I had a dream about my dead mother was pulling my legs and at the same time my husband was pulling my arms. I was screaming as they were pulling. I woke up screaming

  5. I had a dream about taking an ex girlfriends legs and she would chase me around like a kids game playing catch me if you can…I would not hide them but put them at a distance she could grab them and then right before she did I would grab them and run again????!!!!

    1. What did you do to your ex-girlfriend? Something bad it seems, and your subconscience is trying to Tell you about it.
      The girlfriend might also be your female side, that you have parted from. And now taunting.
      The female side of a person is the side dealing with instinkts and emotions.

      It is most like both. But the first interpretation seems most obvious.

  6. I dreamed about a deceased person being alive, standing, looking out the window and I rubbed her legs telling her how beautiful they are. She only replied, thank you.
    What does this mean? Then she showed me the room she was murdered in and the blood spatter against the wall that they can’t get clean..

  7. In my dream i was lying down on a bench after running in a few sprint races ( i run track in real life ) and being successful even after a terrible start. While i was lying down i put my leg in the air for some reason and my legs were EXTREMELY veiny and shiny. The veins were even pulsing too. what does this mean?

  8. An interpretation would help please. I n my dream I was on delivery table and doctor performed an ultrasound on baby before it was born and found that baby had no arms or legs.

  9. I looked down and saw both of my legs of only skeleton bones ( tibia and fibula) without meat (flesh and muscles) . I was so disturbed I thought I contracted a disease in the dream . What is the meaning of this dream if you can help . Thanks

  10. Last night I dreamt of not being able to control my car steering. While the car was running slow still it hit someone (female) from side when I thought the car would easily pass & whn I saw her, I had broken her legs/ hands because of the accident.
    What is the interpretation of my dream.

  11. Could someone please tell me what this may mean. I dream that my legs give out and I am not able to walk or run no longer. Does this mean that I may be confide to a wheel chair?

  12. My hubby had a dream where he opened the front door of our house and someone had left a pile of wooden table legs in front of our steps. They are dark in color and not broken. He wakes up as soon as he sees them. What’s going on?

  13. I frequently have a dream about eating a really dry hamburger. And when I wake up, half my pillow is gone.

  14. Today morning at appx 5 am I have seen a dream that I have cut out my both feet and got fried by someone and eaten but few amount I have always then left as usual…Then I saw my new feet coming slowly… sir what is the meaning of it?…..Pl suggest

  15. I messed up my knee replacement awhile back. It kept giving out on me and I fell alot I now can’t ever use my leg. Then the worse happened Slipped and fell mopping floor. I had to get up from my wheelchair my bad leg fell into the spocks on wheelchair and damaged my ankle Its been real hard on me. BEEN having accruing dreams 3 times . Now showing I lost my leg..very worried.

  16. I saw someone telling me that my legs are similar to a certain guy I work with.The other night I saw my leg connected to his leg.the dream can’t leave my mind.what does it mean?

  17. What’s dreaming of my sister’s son with a wound on his right leg and giving him my forgiveness?

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