The Meaning of an Embrace or Hug in a Dream

335255_mother_and_son_softSometimes we have a dream where something really special happens.  A dream that touches us, that makes us feel close, intimate, connected.  Such is the dream of the embrace.

To understand the meaning of these kind of dreams, it can help to understand who it is we hugged, held closely or embraced, and what they meant or mean to us in waking life.  We can ask ourselves if this person represents the mother inside us, the wise older person, the strong brave leader, and so on.  (You can also try exploring the other posts about people to see how people represent certain qualities in our dreams.)

To dream then of embracing this person can be a profound symbol of integrating a new aspect into our personality, of learning a new way of living, a new set of skills, of maturing and becoming ready to play a new role in life.  If we dream of embracing our mentor, for example, it can be an indication that we are finally able to accept not only the lessons of our teacher, but also the responsibility that comes with playing that role.  It may be time to finally stop being the student and step up to be a teacher, or master ourselves.  To dream of embracing an enemy, or person we didn’t like, can be symbol that we are beginning to accept ourselves for who we really are, and forgiving ourselves for the behaviour or thoughts in ourselves that we didn’t really like.  To dream of embracing an enemy can be a powerful symbol of making peace with ourselves.  If we look to what this “enemy” represents to us, we may begin to understand what part or our personality we are learning to understand and accept.

Another lesson the embrace dream may be teaching us are lessons we were not ready to learn from the person we dream of when we first met them.  Perhaps we met a wise guardian in our teen years, but were too busy growing up, testing boundaries and finding our own way in life that we didn’t pay real attention to the wisdom they were sharing with us.  Or maybe this advice came at a time when we were too busy coping with a difficult situation to be able to sit back and absorb the wise words being spoken to us.  But we still heard, and our subconscious remembered.  And now that we are older, and have more quite time, or maybe the message is just that more relevant, that our dreaming mind will remind us of that special knowledge that was shared with us all those years ago.

We can also look at the feelings an embrace dream gives us.  Is it one of peace, forgiveness, love, connection, intimacy, acceptance, calmness, wisdom, fulfillment, joy, nurturing, protection and so on..?  Only you will know what this particular “holding close” dream means, but often it can be extremely cathartic, maybe a closure on a relationship, a saying goodbye to someone we never had the chance to, a saying thanks to someone we wish we had appreciated more, or a realisation of how important someone was to us.

Such an encounter can be profoundly moving.  We may dream of people who have passed away, of loved ones not seen for many years or valued teachers long lost from our lives.  The embrace dream reminds us that valuable lessons will never be forgotten, that those who guide and teach and love us will always live on in our hearts, and that in our dreams, we can always reach and feel the profound connection to those who are most important and life changing in our existence. But more than that, embrace dreams remind us that to learn a lesson we must change something inside us, and that the greatest growth comes from learning to love and accept who we really are.

28 thoughts on “The Meaning of an Embrace or Hug in a Dream

    1. I dreamt of being hugged by two girls who were my classmates in middle school but we never dated or anything and I was not attracted to any of them…… what does this mean?

  1. I’m a guy and this is the dream I had. I dreamt that I was in a crowd of people (high school age). I leaned over the railing to get a better look. Then suddenly I felt hands graze my butt and felt hands grab on to my sides, holding me tight. I looked up and saw my friend Eric smiling at me. I attempted to adjust myself attempting to stand up, but I could not all the way because Eric was basically laying his body on mine and he was holding my waist tightly all while pressing his crotch against my backside. Even when the crowd moved to a different spot, Eric came up behind me and once again placed his hands on my hips slowly moving down to my crotch, grazing it as he pressed his body into mine trying to get a better view. I was worried people were looking. However eric didn’t seem to concerned with what the crowd was doing as he held me tighter. Even when I got out of the embrace to go get something when I came back Eric once more came up behind me placing his hands on my waist against, almost caressing my sides. After this me and a few people ate lunch at our high school, and eric who doesn’t usually sit with sat down near to me, so that when I glanced up from my lunch our eyes met. And we stared into each others eyes for a while. Finally as we waited for the bell to ring me and those at my table stood up, and eric again leaned his body on me placing his hands on my side just inches away from my behind as if it were the most natural thing in the world. 

    Please tell me what this dream means, was this a sign that my friend as feelings for me or is trying to seduce me or, or is this a sign of my own feelings, or what? Please help
    And explain why when in my dream when he placed his hands on my waist I could actually feel it and his hands on me (we have huged a few times so I know the touch)

    1. Harry, do you believe in Christ? This dream is an indicator of defilement. It is a warning to you. Dreams come to us to reveal before hand what is about to happen in the physical world so that you can pray for protection or avoid the situation. pray and stand against the darts of the devil. Erick could actualy be gay in the physically world.. It could also be a spritual husband ( google to understand) is masquarading as Erick. ask God for a revealation and deliverance.

      1. Seriously “eve”? That is simply ridiculous and to throw in the gay and defilement bit….just wow.

  2. I dreamt about someone hugging me in bed and I felt really close to him (I’m a girl by the way) but one thing I could not understand is that I don’t know that guy that I felt really close in my dream and I loved the feeling of being hugged by the guy that I feel like falling asleep in my dream! All I can describe with the guy in my dream is that he wears black and he is a gamer and seems to have same interest as me. So yeah, fortunately, I didn’t fall asleep inside my dream because that might mean I’m going to be trapped (i think?) because we were interrupted by something that I don’t remember. But again, I loved the hug so much that I forced him to hug me again and we were just chilling with a laptop before us and then I woke up.

    Please tell me what this means. I’m curious.

  3. a saying goodbye to someone we never had the chance to know them personally but actually we really like them is the hardest part we can do… ;(

  4. Ok so i had a very cool and wierd dream, frst of all i was in a cartoon world, and i went into this house because i forgot something and ten ten from naruto shippuden was meditating on the floor with her eyes close while i was looking, this other ninja guy who was apart of my team was in the house helping me look,I finially found what i needed and before i left the room ten ten stood up and hugged me, it felt so loving and comfortable, i just stood for a minute and hugged her back. Then i went outside to a car and talked to a random person(in the dream they were my friend), they had a cute baby in the back and i was like look, its a ninja, cool right? (In the dream i was also a ninja btw) and ten ten gave the baby a kunai knive and the baby put the knife in its mouth, but didnt get hurt by it. After talking to the guy in the car me, tenten and the other guy were walking in the night and the other guy in our team walked ahead and me and ten ten hugged again, it felt like me and her were connecting emotionally on a deep level just by hugging, any thoughts on what this means? Maybe i watch so much naruto that in my dreams im a ninja and am in love with a character from the show?

  5. I hugged a monster in my dream, we were escaping from these people and we got locked up so I hugged him and we just sat there then soon escaped.

  6. So I had this dream and the only part of it i can remember is about this guy (i’m a girl by the way) that i met awhile back and we got along pretty well but we had only hung out once and haven’t talked since. In the dream he hugged me and, hear me out, it was like a really tight hug and i just remember him and i like holding on really tightly, if that makes any sense at all. I’m just really confused because i have no attraction to this guy at all, what does this mean? I just don’t know how to describe the hug and i wish i remembered more of the dream. I just know that our bodies weren’t like soft like in real life they were like stonish, if that makes sense. Sorry this is really hard to describe.

  7. Had a dream( I’m a woman)I was in an office like room with 2-exits to the outside. He walks in the front and grabs me by the hand and we exit the side door and it’s late in the evening. All of a sudden he is standing naked behind his truck I’m on top of his shoulder and leaning,caressing his body. He looks up to his left and says, “make love to me” all of a sudden he takes a step back erected and has an orgasm. I see alot of semen like(a waterhole water) alot!! He is a church member I know from church. We then see lights of a vehicle and he tells me to hide in the shadow of the inside of his bed of his truck. What does this mean?

  8. Had a dream( I’m a woman)I was in an office like room with 2-exits to the outside. He walks in the front and grabs me by the hand and we exit the side door and it’s late in the evening. All of a sudden he is standing naked behind his truck I’m on top of his shoulder and leaning,caressing his body. He looks up to his left and says, “make love to me” all of a sudden he takes a step back erected and has an orgasm. I see alot of semen like(a waterhose water) alot!! He is a church member I know from church. We then see lights of a vehicle and he tells me to hide in the shadow of the inside of his bed of his truck. What does this mean?

  9. The only things i remember in the dream was that i was being embraced by a guy name edward that i know and he was embracing me tightly and i was caressing his head with my hands and i was looking at him with an adoring lo ing look (im in highschool and so is he) but i hardly know him what does this mean?

  10. I had an interesting dream last night, and I keep thinking of it. In the first part of the dream, I was at the airport, and I had to travel somewhere but couldn’t check-in since I forgot something home or at the hotel. So I was rushing to pick that something and return to the airport to catch my flight in time.
    From the airport, I took a space car that looked like a skiing gondola, and in that cabin, there were two men and a high school women friend and her kid (note that, I don’t know the boy or if she has kids). I was in a rush, and I keep asking if they know the address of Ritz and I was very anxious. Then the one guy in the cabin is very disturbing, but he leaves. Then all the sudden I am in an apartment, and my father is there drunk, but we have to fly, and I am screaming at him why he drunk. All this time my biology professor from high school and her husband is there and the guy from the gondola. Now, I want to change my ticket and postpone my flight but not because my father is drunk because I want to spend time with this stranger I am in-love, the guy from the gondola. Then I am cutting some tomatoes, and suddenly I am hugging him. I think I am hugging him because I know I need to leave and I don’t want it too. This hug is magical; I feel the power of love and is so relaxing. We embrace for a long time. I am asking what he does for leaving, and he says that he is a musician and is playing one of his songs. I recognize the song, I was listening to that song when in high school.

  11. I had a dream where I was with my crush and his friend at a Starbucks. I was wearing some kind of dress that accentuated my waist. Then suddenly they started to caress and hug my waist. I started to feel uncomfortable and told them to stop and they did. I looked at their faces and they looked ashamed and then I woke up. If you think you know what it means, please tell me I’m curious.

  12. thank you for this information it has helped me in many ways and will help me through my journey

  13. I had a dream last night that i and my ex pastor were embracing each other very close and passion.
    What do this mean?

  14. Dreamt of a girl I knew in high school just giving me a hug. I never had a crush on her. We never dated, were not in the same social / peer circle. I have not seen her since graduation 30 years ago. The hug in the dream, I could feel all my anxiesty melt, and I realized that I had not been hugged by anyone since……….well, it has to be almost ten years… was a good dream.

  15. Hello, just call me Kendra.

    I just wanted to ask what would it mean if one had seen two of her maternal grandfathers, one was an electrician while the latter was a soldier in a dream that had both accepted and embraced her regardless of the physical, psychological, emotional and sexual abuse she went through as a child and teen?

    Also what would it mean if said person would get dreams of being chained to a bedpost and be punched to the back while a voice saying ” I should have killed you or you should have died already” as well as insults like ‘worthless’ or ‘useless’ is heard in the dream while the person in the dream ends up being silent out of fear being hit.

    That’s all, thank you

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