Welcome to the Dream Well!

Hello and welcome to my blog!  I am the founder of the Dream Well, a website that aims to help everyone understand the meaning of their dreams better, and to use the lessons our dreams teach us to enrich and improve our lives.   At the Dream Well, we believe only the individual who has the dream can understand their own dreams completely, because only the individual knows their own history and the context of the life the dreams are hapenning in – no expert can know all that!  But we also believe that with guidance and dedication, all of us can improve our understanding of our own dreams.

We at the Dream Well believe that time time spent sleeping is not time wasted!  We believe the better we understand our dreams, the better we understand our selves, and the better choices we can make in life, and the better we can interact with the people around us.  And surely that is good for everyone!  So in this blog I will be sharing tips and hints to help us all dream well, and insights I have gained from the people I speak to about dreams.  Hopefully it well be of some help to some of you!

May you all Dream Well!


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