The Meaning of Locks in a Dream

arleen-wiese-82Sz6RNRFqc-unsplashTo understand the meaning of locks in a dream, it may seem obvious to look at locks as barriers, something that prevents you from getting what you want. This can be part of what such a dream means, but chances are there is more to it than that. Dreaming of a lock may lead you to ask some rational questions, such as:

  • What is locked up?
  • What can I not access because it is locked away from me?
  • What am I locking up inside myself?

These questions are a good start to explore a dream that involves locks, as locks can be symbols of restriction and limitation.  Locks are used to imprison, to chain up, to control and limit movement.  Where in your life do you feel restricted, or what do you feel must be limited from the view of others?

To really dig into the symbolism of the lock we need to understand why locks are used in the first place.  Why do we place locks on things?  One reason is because we want to protect what is inside.  The essence of a lock dream may not about barriers or restrictions (though some of these elements may indeed have some relevance), but about preciousness and vulnerability.  We place locks on things we value, that we wish to ensure stays safe, or of things we are afraid of losing.

The meaning of locks in dreams may relate to some area of your life you feel exposed or sensitive, and that you feel the need to take steps to ensure you are not taken advantage of or exploited.  Dreaming of a lock may be about being guarded, about feeling that you have something precious that should only be revealed in the right circumstances, with trusted people.  Such a dream may also reveal who these right trusted people are, and when the right safe time may be.

The meaning of locks in dreams may relate to an association with chains and cages.  We can be locked out, but we can also be locked in.  We may dream of locks when we are trying to contain something that should be free.  This may be an aspect of our selves, another person, or even an idea.  A lock dream may be suggesting it is time to release some feelings or opinions that no longer serve us, or that it is time to allow a side to your true self to be set free.  If you also dream of wild animals, this may indicate an emerging of your deeper, wilder real Soul.  If the lock is on a bicycle or some other mode transport, this may be signalling that your means of moving on are in some way limited.

Dreams of locks infer by their nature the notion of unlocking – of keys and secret combinations or codes.  A dream of a lock asks you to consider what is the key to situation?  What is needed to unlock vital information, energy, or insight?  What can you do to free yourself? In most cases a dream will not show a lock that you yourself do not have the key to.  Unlocking something is often about a change in your own perceptions, beliefs and behaviours.

To understand more about the meaning of locks in a dream for you, consider who in your dream is locked out – is it you?  Another person?  If so, what might they symbolise to you? What does it mean to be “locked out”?  Do you feel excluded socially?  Do you feel shut out from an intimate situation?  Do you feel there is some information you need to understand what is going on?  Do you feel a close person, a friend or lover, is not sharing their true emotions with you?

In the dream, do you have the key?  This may mean the answer to your problem is in your own hands.  Is it another person?  Perhaps you need to access different aspects of your personality to move forward.  (See my post on other people to help provide some perspective.)

Dreams of locks ask us to explore what we feel sure about, and what our insecurities are.  They encourage us to understand that we hold the keys to our own freedom, and that most barriers are ones of our own perceptions.  To dream of a lock also encourages us to understand the idea of release and letting go.  What do you need to let go of in order to be free?

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15 thoughts on “The Meaning of Locks in a Dream

  1. This is so helpful, Amy…to many of us, I’m sure. It strikes me that locks are a potent symbol. You spur me on to write a poem about them! Thank you!

  2. Pls help me to interpret my dream. I’ve dream while riding on a bus worth some of my. Classmate then while on the way I saw a tree of a kind with a lot of giant locks hanging on it..

    Thanks to those who”ll see and interpret this.God bless

    1. it means there is a hindrance on prosperity, shining of ur star, ur porpularity
      contact me on whatsapp, text or call 00233249296265

  3. I had a dream were i was using a small key to lock my phone,then i was happy saying to myself that now no one can use my phone any longer without my permission. Please what does it mean?

  4. I dreamt of myself wanting to drink water and the people that I was with said when I’m done I must leave the keys at number 7

  5. Please,I have a dream that I was buying padlock.I went to two shops but couldn’t see anyone that I that dream I ended up not buying anyone..thanks

  6. please help me I saw in dream my frinds mother gifting me a big lock because its a party I am excepted in happy mood .but when I wake up in the moring that dream is killing my head .please help me to get the meaning

  7. Ur interpretations really makes sense.
    This the second time am visiting ur in Ghana,west africa.

  8. hi
    i am an artist. who work on lock and keys.i have taken lock and keys as my main elements.i think we are locked by society,their barrier,restriction are too much on us.i felt breathless in this society with such rules in each and every where.

  9. Can you explain this to me I was in a room like my bedroom and in the closet I saw something that had chains that was really dark and it was all locked out of chains and then when it went to move forward it was like something grabbed it and pulled it back I’m kind of confused on this I would appreciate the help on this as soon as you could

  10. This morning is 16th June, I had a drem last night that I have purchased very expensive big old 2 padlocks and keys from a man and his wife and i was very very happy in the drem that I have finally got the kind of locks…please what is the meaning any idea?

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