The Meaning of Eyes in a Dream

What is your view of the world?
What is your view of the world?

When we notice eyes in a dream, they often seem profoundly striking.  Sometimes we will even wake and remember those eyes as the single most memorable image of the dream.  It can be as if those eyes see through us to our very soul, or as if when we look into those eyes we see something deeper there, some kind of wisdom or insight that knows more then we can ever say.  And yet when we remember that everything in our dream is a part of us, it becomes clear that dreaming of eyes is a way of looking into ourselves.

We may dream of human eyes, of animal eyes or our own eyes.  We may dream the eyes are wise, kindly, and understanding, or they may be startling, vivid and piercing.  Animal eyes may thrill us with their wild power, or scare us with their predatory gaze.  In these dreams it is helpful to try and relate to the animal.  Think, it is my dream, my head, I am the tiger in the jungle – how does it feel?  What are you doing as a tiger?  You may discover hidden strengths you didn’t know you had!

The way the eyes look at us can be surprise us and amaze us.  These dreams are often signs that we are starting to see things in new ways, that we are discarding old ways of thinking for new ones, that we are losing our prejudices to see things as they really are, or that we are learning new things about ourself, new qualities that we never thought we had.

Dream eyes can seem to look right into your soul
Dream eyes can seem to look right into your soul

To dream of eyes is not simply about how we see the world and ourselves, these dreams can also have wider meanings associated with the eye’s abilities to convey truth despite no words being spoken.  We might like to consider such phrases as:

  • To “avert one’s eyes”, as when we look away so as not to witness something horrific or shameful; out of shame, fear, shyness or subordination so as not to meet another’s gaze who we wish to remain hidden from
  • The “scales falling away from one’s eyes” is reference to gaining sight after blindness, and can symbolise when we see something as it really is for the first time
  • To be a “seer” is a role that involves looking into the future or seeing events far away, which in dreams can symbolise a growing understanding of our place in the world, how our actions have repercussions far away in distance and in time
  • An “eye for an eye” can symbolise justice and equality, or it may have negative connotations to some of base violence and revenge
  • To “turn a blind eye” is to ignore something, and in a dream may ask us what are we choosing not to see, that we really know is there, or going on?
  • “Apple of my eye” is a symbol of great affection, something to be cherished, particularly when times are difficult
  • “More than meets the eye” might mean we are only looking at a situation from superficial perspective, and maybe we ought to take a second look and see what we might be missing
  • “Eye catching” can mean something that deserves our attention
  • “Shut-eye” can indicate the need for sleep, rest, or maybe just to slow down and take a holiday!
  • The “eye of the storm” can mean the centre of something, and usually a moment of peace to find respite amidst a stressful, emotional or chaotic time
  • The “eye of a needle” is a symbol of small details, it can mean attempting to force something that is never going to work (like threading a rope through the eye of a needle) or it can refer to an area that you are paying meticulous attention to
Do you see things for what they really are?
Do you see things for what they really are?

Because the eyes don’t lie, in dreams they will often appear to reveal to us something we either didn’t want to see, have just become ready to see, or something that is too profound to put into words.  The language we speak with eyes is universal, every human can tell a smiling eye from a crying one.  We know our deep feelings show in our eyes, be it love, anger or hurt.  We look away when we don’t want someone to know what is really going on inside us.  By our dreams are inside us.  We can not look away from ourselves.

Our dreams may ask to consider if we are shortsighted, in that maybe there is something important we are overlooking, or maybe we haven’t considered all the long term implications of our choices and need to consider a longer term view.  If we are wearing glasses, have lost glasses or need them for the first time, this can be a sign that it may be a good idea to take a look at ourself, our choices and check that we have all the right information before we proceed.  Maybe we didn’t see something we should have.

The eyes really are the windows to the soul, and when we notice eyes in a dream it can be a way of looking directly at our own soul, of seeing deep inside our own subconscious.  Dreaming of eyes can reveal what is really going on, or that we aren’t really looking in the right direction.  But justice is blind, and so too is love.  Sometimes what we know is more than what the eyes can see.

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  1. I dont have really dreams about it but if i close my eyes when i whant to sleep i see eyes 1 of them are totally green (an eye like a dragon but totally green) the rest are like human eyes. The colors are: Red, blue and green and i whant to know what that is

    I see those eyes in the dark and i ONLY see the eyes. Nothing more
    And im a 13 year old highschool boy.

  2. I had a dream that I was kinda floating but walking towards my lover and we were staring at each other and when I got up to him he looked me in my eyes and said “you should dye your hair black” a sincere idealistic kinda way and then we jus stood there and gazed into each other’s eyes until I felt like an actual body jolt and eyes pierced at the same time and woke immediately..freaked out !!! Can anybody relate, explain or jus help me out with this one?

    1. Hi, I’m gonna interpret this, you will know deep inside if this is true. Ask for light to shine on my interpretation but you need to be careful that you pay attention because sometimes dreams are given as a warning…

      Here is my interpretation – actually it seems very clear to me. Your hair is your glory… That’s a fact. You need to ask yourself – why would your ‘lover’ ask you to dye (or change) your hair to black?… Black symbolises darkness (not that black hair is not nice, actually it’s beautiful, it’s more what the symbolism of this change means here)…

      You stare into each other’s eyes, your lover might seem sincere, but you are unable to see who your lover ‘really’ is, his inner heart, motives or how he wants to change you.

      You are unstable, getting carried away (hence the floating/walking) by him, the relationship or idea of love and your feet are not on firm ground.

      Finally, considering you woke up ‘freaked out’ and had a jolt indicates ill feeling. Dreams must always be interpreted in light of how you feel, just how in the above example of ‘eye’ it can be interpreted in many ways according to the context and general feeling.

      I personally believe this dream was a warning to you, in the same manner of how the Bible describes dreams in the book of Job chapter 23 – to save you from the ‘pit’ (or some kind of destruction). You see, God is kind and wants to protect us but part of His law is that people have choices which can lead us down wrong paths with people who’ve made bad choices. Also one of God’s methods of working is through prayer. We have to watch, pray for help and make good choices as best we can and it will work in the long term although sometimes hurt in the short term.

      There are other kinds of dreams of course, but this one I believe, was a warning to you. Pay attention. I can’t see any other way of interpreting this dream unfortunately it doesn’t seem positive but your own heart will confirm that.

      My suggestion if I might give one, is to ask for light to shine so you can see the truth. I pray this all the time about men I’m considering and I find the truth always shines and I get saved from pain before I get too involved. It’s important to protect your heart early until you get knowledge. This doesn’t mean you should fear, no, but when you wait, watch and pray and trust, everything gets easy and the truth sets you so free! Keep your feet on the ground sister and don’t get caught out. Pray, watch and listen. I’ve prayed for you!

      Hope this helps.

  3. Lately I’ve been seeing a pair of human eyes but they look strong and loving and only darkness behind them but nothing is said or not that I can remember anyway but I have had a feeling it means something as it didn’t frighten me or anything just looking for some advice what they think it could be? As it reoccurs quite a bit

  4. Some days ago I dreamt I had a bowl full of really big eyes, and I wanted to save them so I searched for water and salt to pour in the bowl, but at the end I could not find them. I was in a really messy situation, with other people (who were friends), and bombs were dropping all over. After some time, a young guy came, an official of the people who were dropping bombs, and started to give us orders, saying we had to organize an art exposition; but the strangest thing was that he started cooking the eyes and they looked like eggs (I can’t remember if he made like scrumbled eggs or like an omlette).
    Someone have any idea?
    I think is connected with a confused situation I’m living now: I’m in love with two people and I have to choose, but I really don’t know how to do it…

    1. Hi Connie, I am not a specialist in dreams but, I have been told that I have a gift for decoding dreams. Dreams are a gift from God, it’s an expression of one state of mind, it also warm us of what is about to happen. I hope that I could help you in decoding your dream and excused me, if I seems to be redundant by retyping your description, but you are showing a lot emotions and I need to break down.
      1.”I had a bowl full of really big eyes, and I wanted to save them so I searched for water and salt to pour in the bowl”. it seems you are a very giving person and put people first, you are always willing to help those in needs no matter if you know them or not. The reason for you seeking water and salt, was to make sure you kept it sterilized in case the rightful owners to came to claimed them. I also want to mention, the meaning of the big eyes, it’s a symbolism for observing, watching
      for *As for your character you are: optimistic, plan ahead a giver and you care how people see you, meaning judge you.
      2.”but at the end I could not find them”. Sometimes your good intentions have been ridicule for what they are, because what follows in your dream about your formal friends make me think that.
      3.” I was in a really messy situation, with other people (who were friends), and bombs were dropping all over. The word Bomb is chaos, destruction, an ending, this couldn’t be more clear as water. As for your former friends, I not sure what happened with your friendship but this could be a correlation of something you might be experiencing
      with your present friends or your indecisive love life
      a deja vu recurrences.
      I have to say, that Salvador Dali would have been very proud of you creativity. Your dream arrangements, and the correlation of your eyes and eggs shows there is no doubt you are an artist, it’s an expression of who you are.
      Good luck.

  5. I had a dream about being in school and for some reason I had no eyes like you could see were my eyeballs are supposed to be but there nothing in there only skin I’m wondering what does this mean but then they gave me eye contacts they were contacts that looked like eyes

  6. I had a dream last night where my eye was itchy, basically painful. I kept asking this woman to get the eyelash out of my eye. She told me it was an ostrich and got it out. I never saw this “ostrich”.
    A litrue while later my eye felt the same way and I went to rub the eye and I pulled out a decapitated turtles head.
    It really freaked me out. Is there any kind of meaning to this?

  7. I dreamt about a beautiful baby boy with lighter green eyes who looked to be about 7-9 months old. I can still see his eyes every time I close mine… What could that possibly mean? I’ve had dreams about Baby boys three times in a week.

  8. This might be the strangest dream I have ever had. I do dream alot and most often understand some. But am a bit lost and hope some one could help me with the meaning of my dream.

    I had dream of seeing a tiger was so scared and tried to escape but ended up putting my hand in it’s eye whiles it looked at me with the other eye. I managed to drag it into a bar removed my hands and shut the door. It tried to attack me but i closed firmly the door.

    Could someone pls explain this dream to me .

    Thanks betty.

  9. I had a dream that I looked into a mirror and saw that my right eye was completely white. I was scared and could see out of it perfectly. What does this dream mean?

  10. I had a dream that I looked into a mirror and saw that my right eye was completely white. I was not scared at all and could see out of it perfectly. What does this dream mean?

    1. Did you ever find out what it meant? I had the exact same dream when I woke up this morning

      1. Did you ever find out what it meant? I had the exact same dream but i was able to roll it back into place.

  11. Can someone interpret my dream?
    I had a dream where i got up and looked at myself in the mirror, specifically i looked at my eyes in the mirror (they are blue) but in the dream, for some reason my eyes seemed dark or i just couldn’t remember and there was a green spiral shaped figure in my eyes, i already looked it up and it looked exactly like a spiral. but inrl i have nothing like that in my eyes. What does it mean? i read it could be something spiritual or my conscious trying to send me a message, but idk. Does anyone have a clue?

  12. K so I had a dream like a year ago now, but anyway in the dream I approached this guy that i had dreamed about a few times before. He wasn’t anyone particularly special to me, but he kept recurring for some reason. when we faced each other in the dream perspective, imagine it that of a cameraman if you will. I suddenly zoomed in and all i could see at large was his eyeball, blue iris and medium sized pupils and it was both magnetising and universal but brief and fleeting. There was no high emotional charge to it it was just, compelling.

  13. In a dream vision i saw. Vivid blue eyes in q lion. Only wantedcto know its spiritual symbolism.

  14. I recently dreamt of sitting face to face with a man with blue eyes. they were so beautiful. there was something like clear plastic on one side of his face so i took it off. he didnt mind. we stared into each others eyes then he sang to me.

  15. Hi I dreamt of a dragon with blue eyes and he was destroying this place with a sword which was strange. He was actually holding the huge sword that looks a bit bluish and he was swinging it and destroying this place, then it lower it’s head and stared at me and then someone woke me up before I could do anything…. Can someone please tell me what it meant. Thanks

  16. I had a dream that I was met with three gods on the side of a road in the country. I was holding a cobra just below the head. It kept constantly trying to bite me. But, because the way I was holding it, it could not get me. The three gods came, one was focused on the eye or as the eye. Another was focused on the direction or was the direction, and the third took the cobra from me, so I would not have to worry about being bitten. We transformed into this weird vehicle, somehow all connected to each other. They began to drive me to this temple. As we were entering it, they began chanting a dark chant. In most dreams or any other life setting, I would disengage from this, as it was unholy. I went with it though. When we went through the temple and were finished I was back at the road, by the field. There was a large wooden fence behind me. I was wearing a pink polo type short sleeve shirt (not my style), and jeans. I had the ability to speak to animals as if it was to a human. The gods were going to come back for me, for a sacrifice. I didn’t have to die, but I was supposed to be willing to, for something even more. This scared me, since I did not trust them. I left and ran away. Hiding and running.

  17. Can someone please interpret this dream I had? I’m tripping about it. Maybe @Selena.

    I saw myself in a dream, looking in the washroom mirror, my eyes fully white, including the pupils. And the center of my eyes (my pupils) are literally pierced with hair strands. I try to pull these hair strands out but it takes a lot of strength.

  18. i have seen a scary dream of night in my dream while i was sleeping at night. A pair of only white eyes stairing me in the dark and i was very scared ,don’t know why but i was stairing them too and even chanting of my god’s name but the strange thing was my fear was not decreasing and i got more scared and was crying (not in reality but in the dream). Then i closed my eyes and crying continuously. Then suddenly woke up with a total alert mind!

    Can some expert please interpret this dream? M really really very confused !!!!

  19. I dreamt of my dad last night he had been past for 30 years . The dream was so vivid and clear like a sharpening of a camera lense . His eyeswere so blue and sharp and deep . Like Paul Newman but very large light blue. He did not say anything but I reached to touch the skin on his face . Other past friends and relatives were there . I woke up sobbing as missing him and it took awhile to shake it off . I can’t stop thinking of the vivid blue eyes .

  20. Hi, I hope you can help me with my dream.
    In my dream, I was on a boat but its not sailing, it was a modern boat by the way. A girl ask me to wear a coat which was color red and I recognized the coat it was my childs coat, and it fell on the dirty floor with poo. So, I said no, but I did anyway. She want to wear the coat and pretend it was me when the man will look for her. The man arrived but he was on a roof somewhere on the boat, I look up on him and want to kiss me but, he realized I wasn’t the girl, but I saw my eyes have the mark of the eye of huros and it shine. It was my left eye. So when he saw my eye he did kiss me and after that he was following me or in love with me.
    So what do you think about my dream? Thank you 😊

  21. I had a dream about a lot of eyes growing out of my hands mainly my right hand but they were starting to grow out of my left hand also the eyes could see it was like they can see everything but I kind of wanted to get them out of my hands cuz they were growing out of my hands like calluses

  22. Hello. I’m a 13 year old girl, and when I was 6 or 7 I’ve always had dreams of eyes. They would count as nightmares to me. The dreams only included one eye in pitch black each. One was of a yellow eye, one was of an orange eye, and the last one I ever had was a red eye. I haven’t had a dream like that ever since the red eye one. They all ended the same way, the eyes opened and I woke up. What does it mean? Also, I used to have a dream catcher, but I got rid of it for this reason: Instead of keeping nightmares away, it gave me nightmares every single night I slept with it. When I took it down the nightmares stopped. I put it back up a few years later, and the nightmares returned. I took it down again and got rid of it. What does it mean? One last dream i’m curious of: This dream was short, I was in my room, and I have a cross on my wall next to my door, and it turned upside down then I woke up. When I woke up the cross was normal. Please explain what these dreams mean. Thank you!

  23. So, I have a LOT of super vivid dreams that tell of grandiose adventures that I’m compiling and weaving into a series of books. However, there’s one that I keep remembering.
    I recently had a dream where I was not blind, that I could see, but that my eyes were straight white, with no pupils or anything. I was then taking a colored pencil and literally drawing my eyes on, right onto my eyeballs. They were purple, and the process was painful, and drew a bit of blood, but it washed away quickly when I blinked and I continued. There was another presence there, I’m unsure specifically who, but they were neither helping nor hurting, and they weren’t bothered by me doing this. Just wondering what it could mean, I have an inkling, but I’m not one to assume.

    1. I apologize, I should add a comment. I should also say that although I could see, the way I could see was as if I was in third person point of view. I was viewing my life as if I was me, but outside of me. Which is pretty usual for my dreams, but it’s usually because I’m some sort of character, not necessarily *me*, which I was at this point. Hopefully this helps a bit.

  24. I had a dream this morning, I was sleeping outside by some tree stumps in the night with two of my cousins and the sister of one of my exes, we all woke up around the same time and they looked at me, one of the cousins had purple glowing eyes, the other cousin had yellow glowing eyes and so did my ex’s sister.
    The night before I had done some shadow work.
    but what’s I find weird is that I am not close at all to those cousins or my ex’s sister.

  25. Hi i hope this site is still active. I dreamed this day and its so clearly remember my dream. First dream before i false awakening, I dream of a full white eye of the woman with blond hair and wearing white dress like wedding dress.shes look like a ghost. She attacted me. Then i false awakening . I see a boy his eyes turning full white and a second the boy eye turn normal eye again. After that i see woman in the water a black hair with full white eyes. Whats that it means? So scary , i tried to find an answer but i coudnt .

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