The Meaning of Caves in a Dream

The meaning of caves in a dream often relates to the deeper, darker aspects of our own psyche.

This is the dream of deep dark places. The meaning of caves in a dream often relates to the deeper, darker aspects of our own psyche. We may experience this dream as a cave or series of caves, a well, dark underground tunnels, or even a basement that seems to go further underground than normal.  Whatever the form this dark, unknown place appears as, when it does we can be  pretty sure we are entering the realm of the unknown, moving beneath the surface and exploring our subconscious.

Caves and the Deeper Self

It is not unusual to dream of caves or the deep underground when going through any sort of learning or growth phase. The dark unknown can simply be a symbol of exploring something new, but it can often be a far more profound symbol of facing our “deeper” Self.

In our day to day lives, we are often distracted by the busyness of living, of external and material things. We worry about paying the bills, getting the kids to school, making sure we do our job well, what to wear, what to eat, where to go on vacation. It is rare that we find the time to pause, to think about why we are doing all his, what it’s all for.  

Dreams of caves and deep underground places can be a sign of turning focus away from the outside and starting to think about what is really going on inside. This is an essential process if you are to come to know yourself properly, to understand why you do what you do, why you react to things in the way that you do, and what is behind your feelings.

Caves and Deep Emotions

Dreaming of caves may cause a variety of feelings. You may be surprised by what you thought was simply a door, well, or normal basement, only to discover unexpected depths. This may be a sign that you are beginning to discover unexpected depths in yourself.

You might feel afraid, nervous or anxious at this great dark unknown. Such feelings usually reflect the same fear, nervousness or anxiety that arises when considering exploring deep inside your own mind. If so far in life you haven’t often stopped to ask those “deep” kind of questions like “who am I?” and “what is my purpose?” then this can seem a bit scary to begin with.  

The same can happen when first starting dream work. If you have thought for your entire life that dreams are inconsequential, just left over thoughts from a busy day with no real meaning, it can be a bit unnerving to realise that for years a part of you deep inside has been trying to send you messages!  

And yet for other people, dreaming of caves can be exciting, even exhilarating. It can come as great relief, even a revelation to realise there is so much more deep inside, waiting to be explored and understood. The meaning of caves in a dream may be to explore your deeper feelings in order to understand them better.

Getting Lost in Caves

Sometimes in dreams you may get lost in a cave, unable to find your way forward or out again. The meaning of caves in a dream of this kind may reflect an inner sense of lacking direction. You may feel that you are at a crossroads in life and not sure where to go next. the very act of dreaming about cave then is an act of trying to explore your subconscious. Taking the time to be mindful when awake, and reflect upon you feelings with care and patience, may help reveal what your deepest self knows to be the best choice to make at this time.

Getting lost in a cave in your dream may also be a gently nudge from the subconscious to pay attention to your inner world. Chance are there is some valuable knowledge available to you, if you take the time to consider your deeper feelings and motivations.

Treasure in Caves

Whatever your initial emotional reaction to the caves in dreams, it is usually worth facing them bravely. It is often simply your own Self that you face. This is time to explore and the great mystery of who you really are, and who you can ultimately be.

It is no surprise that caves hold mysteries, but also treasures. The jewels and riches we hear about in stories waiting to be found in deep, dark caves can be symbolic of the wealth of wisdom and insight that can be gained from inner knowledge. If you dream of finding treasure, gold or amazing gems in a dark cave, you are likely to be discovering profound new insights about your self that can transform your life.

Caves and the Feminine Aspect

Caves are often considered to have a “feminine” aspect – that is they can represent feelings, intuition and receptivity. Caves can be compared with the womb, in being a place of creation and growth.  

The meaning of caves in a dream symbolise your own potential, the parts of yourself that have not yet been “born” or come out of the dark (of subconscious) into the light (of conscious, waking self.)  To dream of caves means there is a good chance you are exploring your own potential, and may be ready to start a new phase of personal evolution.

The Meaning of Caves in a Dream

Coming to know your subconscious better and connecting with a deeper sense of Self can be fulfilling and enriching on a personal level, but it can also be the start of something even more amazing. As you become aware of how all of humanity also shares this great dark deeper self, you may come to realise that through this place we are all connected. You are not alone. We all share a deeper, common connection. Beyond our subconscious is something that unites us.

And that is one of the most amazing realisations of all.

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36 thoughts on “The Meaning of Caves in a Dream

  1. This was great to find, the last two or three days i have really taken a dive into the bible and have been following this outline on learning to please God, i am following the outline and cannot seem to get enough. As i read the verses i write them down also so i can look back on and then again on note cards so i can start memorizing these verses i strongly suggest this outline to anyone looking to start building a relationship with God. Last night i had a dream about caves, every time someone would hurt me or make me upset i knew i was okay and i went into my cave when it then took me somewhere else. Each cave was deeper then the one before, i felt like a was exploring and it was a nice secret place i could run away. So happy and so excited, God is really working on me and is showing me that I am coming alive inside again!!!! God Bless

    1. Hi Rebecca, thanks so much for your message and I am so glad you found the information here useful! It is so exciting for me when I hear about people learning to explore their dreams, and to not be afraid of what is deep inside us. Please do me let know how your “explorations” get on! As your journey i such a spiritual and personal one, I would not be surprised if you are lucky enough to have a “big dream” at some stage. As you continue to work on your self and your spirituality, I am sure you will be rewarded with many wonderful dreams yet! Dream Well Rebecca!

  2. Thank you for sharing this, I too have been having dream of deep underground vertical shafts, caverns, caves and such. Your write-up confirmed my suspicions about myself, thank you.

  3. After reading many dream interpretations regarding Cavern’s, I find this the most in depth and connect well with it. Last night I dreamt that I was a board a train with a few friends; this train led me into a very large Cavern which was filled with soft dirt. Within the dirt was Dinosaur bones, Paleontologists brushed away at their findings as I with gleam in my eye’s looked around in wonder… the Cavern seemed to glimmer with gold. I felt overwhelmed with joy at my discovery, and longed for friends and family to see.
    I woke to from my dream in urgency to write it down.
    Recently I have been at a place where I long for God to speak more to me in my dreams, as I read scripture and work on my first Manuscript.

    ( Also, I have been a single Mother with 3 kids for almost 10yrs now. I have been very careful with who I meet relationship wise. The first man I gave my heart to was 6yrs after my divorce; he left after proposing to me. 2yrs later I became really good friends with a man and ended up falling in love with him, but he only saw me as a dear friend so I had to let my feelings go…now 1yr 1/2 later I have opened my heart up once more to someone I feel very compatible with….it’s a bit scary, as I feel very vulnerable at the fact that I may get hurt once more if he only see’s me as a friend.)
    Thank you for this wonderful insight.

  4. This made perfect sense, and helped me out a lot. I definitely have been meditating every night before I go to sleep and working on being more aware and conscious. I dreamt about going through a tunnel with a small group of people that later lead to a beautiful cavern dimly lit by colorful lights, possibly reflections from water. There i found many other people walking in a single file line, on a path somewhere, but all as One. I did not know my purpose there, or why I had found this sacred and secretive place. But as soon as I got there, one of my friend who was in the dream grabbed me, looked me in the eye and said “You must turn to God.” And that was the end of it. Now, I am very spiritual and believe in being One with the Universe so this is kind of a conflict for me. I believe in some sort of a God, but not necessarily Jesus or Christianity. Although I don’t oppose the religion either.

    The weird part is, later that day my boyfriend started sending me a bunch of youtube videos and facts about secret underground tunnels that the government has been creating to get ready for 2012 and whatnot. And keep in mind he had no idea of the dream I had had. And then a couple days later, I had told one of my girlfriends about the dream and the coincidence of my boyfriend sending me that stuff. And you will never guess what her the discussion topic of her class was that day… About a guy who experienced going through a tunnel and saw the Virgin Mary. All such connecting coincidences.

    Just thought I’d share that with you. Thank you for your information about dream interpretations (:

  5. This is so true. I dreamt I was sat in a cave and looking outward, on the outside was a rough sea but it felt calm in the cave. There were statues of gods, buddha, it felt dark and calm and comforting looking out towards the outside.
    I have been undergoing therapy by choice and feel this kind of sums up where I am now. I like it.

  6. Hi
    I dreamt I was being taken somewhere as a surprise which had been organised by my friends. I was being taken via rowing boat through a series of large caves which were underground lakes, the water was crystal clear and I could see into the depths but couldn’t see where they led, so I was inquisitive and remember saying to the man rowing the boat “I really want to see what’s down there” and thinking I’d go and explore whilst I was in this mysterious place. I do not know who the man was.
    The last cave was like a cathedral, absolutely huge, dark and mysterious.
    We then came to a little wooden hut which was at the furthest end of this cave and I was told to go inside and my friends would join me the next day but I had to survive the night first.
    Something made me very uneasy and as I went inside, my sense of happiness disappeared and was replaced with absolute fear.
    There were 2 men huddled up together inside what I guess was the kitchen dining area, in their sleeping bags. They were very afraid and I could feel a sense of evil coming from what must have been the living room. There were creatures trying to get us, the men said they’d managed to get away from them so far but didn’t know how they were going to get out of the caves alive…and neither did I.
    I can’t recall exactly what happened after that but do remember trying to make my escape on my own but there was a creature above me (which I didn’t dare look at but in my minds eye I could see it was some kind of hideous looking alien in a human body) which when it salivated on something, the saliva would burn through anything so I hid back inside the hut.
    It’s all a bit vague from there but I recall discovering the recruiting process for these weird aliens and it was quite simply that they chose very beautiful and attractive people to lure visitors to book a stay in the hut…and then they would kill them and feed on them.
    I somehow managed to escape using a boat with both the men and coming back out of the cave into the light…then I woke up.

    Any ideas what all this could mean?
    Thank you.

  7. Thank you for this interpretation! Last night I dreampt of being in a very spacious, underground cave. It was not enclosed and did not have walls or ceilings. It had cliffs and caverns and went on infinitely! It was dark but I could see perhaps from the flash of my camera I was using to take pictures of the scenery. There were also groups of teens spread out like on a tour and my friend Maritza was there which gave me a great sense of security!

  8. it’s a bit hard for me to understand.. when I was 12 I dreamt that I got married to my dream guy (face blurred but blonde hair) in a white cave. There was no darkness, it was bright! Now I am 34 and still single and have no father to give me away anymore.

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  12. Hello, and thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. I am seeking clarification of the last dream I had before awakening this morning. I dreamed that I was walking in a tunnel that was well enough lit that I could easily see my way, but I could also see I was heading for complete darkness. Before I approached the darkness, a funeral hearse drove by. as it passed me, a package was tossed out of the car onto my path. I could also see written on the back of the hearse “OK, Bye”, as it drove off into the darkness. I picked up the parcel and continued on into the darkness myself. as I walked into the darkness, I noted to myself my surprise at feeling no fear. I felt protected. End of dream. I wanted to mention that yesterday, I contacted my estranged sister on facebook. She responded by removing her profile photo and hiding her profile from the general public. I used to be terrified of darkness in my dreams, and up until yesterday, I used to be terrified of my sister. I also used to be terrified of death. any insights would be much appreciated, and thanks again.

  13. Hello, and thank you for helping me interpret my cave dream. Maybe I am the type that reads too much into things, so please let me explain. As a college student, volunteer, and waitress, I have little time for a social life. I have been seeing a “friend” off and on for over a year now, with nothing serious on the horizon. Now, as I am nearing the end of my college career, I do feel myself shifting to a new out look on our relationship. Within the past two weeks, we have actually (though nothing has come of it yet) discussed going out (we always hang out at my house, over a year, and we have never “gone out”), and managed to have very intimate discussions about life, dreams, past and such. also, there was a bit of cuddling. Not that we have issues with physical intimacy, but cuddling was never a part of our relationship before our last encounter.The other night, I dreamed of him for the first time. We were riding bicycles and went to meet his parents who lived in a cave… a full on cave with stalagmites and stalactites. There was even a river in the cave, and him and his parents lived in a home built into the cave. I know this was a cave for sure, and I remember having trouble riding over the uneven, ridged cave floor. Also, if it means anything, the path to get to his/parents home was also difficult, with roots and fallen trees. I was a good rider, and avoided these. Also, the time this took place was the winter, because we had to ride over snow, the kind that is compacted snow, like from the tires when a vehicle drives over an unplowed road and packs it down to a white ice. But when we did get there, the meeting was smooth, and afterwards we hung out with his extended family at picnic tables. I cannot find much info on the specifics of my dream, but piecing it together, I see that I recognize a hard, unsure, demanding journey, and , and then gradual acceptance. I would appreciate it if you have any additional feedback! Thank you so much!

  14. I had a dream last night I was exploring this old type land it looked like i was in a house. but it was dark and had huge rocks around. some guy was with me and he opened the cave door, it was like a hidden door it was a rock he opened. when he opened the cave we saw huge white bright light so bright that I was afraid to go in. the kid went in the others said I wouldn’t go in but the kid said Im going. I do not know if he was a kid i think the guy was a teenager. Blond hair, tall, but he went in and came back out and he had ton of people around his side. I said hey Im going in, so then I did I could not see anything in the light was way to bright. but I was in it but I do not think I could go to the light yet because I’m still here on earth. The bright light was beautiful more gorgeous then the sunlight.

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  17. There are a few ways to dream interpret of course, but the main two ways are: 1. Interpretation of Symbolism from human experiences, transferred into symbol form. 2. Interpretation of Nature, leaving the human out of it, regardless of the dreaming symbol.

    BASEMENT is a structure built by humans and is the lowest level of a house which goes into the earth which offers a COLDER environment, a DARK environment (dark as in no light or lunar, not shadow), and its the space hidden from the openness (of the home or house).

    CAVE without human knowledge when seeking for the ROOT symbol from nature, a cave is an OPENING inside a SOLID environment below the surface. So when we transfer NATURE to HUMAN rather than HUMAN to DREAMING, we have the root symbol:

    Cave is a Symbol of : Me being OPEN in a SOLID (rigid or set structure) WITHING (below my surface).

    Blessings, Phoenix @ The Dreamers Monastery

  18. I had a dream I was at a swamp I was not supposed to be at it was off limits next thing you know there’s a hole that I find and its guarded by a cave opening so its a cave underground that the hole leads to but it was filled with water and there was another hole a sinkhole it was dirty amd had taken someones life I didn’t want to go there so me some friend of mine and a new good looking guy I never met he represented me a little but we started taking the water out of the whole and I was scared and shocked because the water was dirty so I can only imagine what the cave would have been like but I had to go in there and I was in a swamp so the whole place was dirty

  19. I had a dream that I seen something in a cave type of place very dark like I was underground just remembered seeing myself walking with a touch forward to this thing creature and to me it just looked like half man and half horse what scared me was this felt far to real than a normal dream almost like a trance or progression or some sort I cant seem to understand or put my finger on it .

  20. I was hiking With Friends and it was a sunny day it was nice and warm and I can see the wind blowing through the trees and my friends would dare me to jump off a cliff into a lake. I can see where the waterfall was falling but the water underneath looked extremely shallow so I didn’t take their dare and I wandered off into a nearby cave with two friends and my other friends stayed by the cliff as I ventured around the cave. I had no fear it was like I knew the cave. I did however hide from a mine worker that was guarding the cave. He seemed to be walking around the cave making sure no one was in it. We didn’t take him seriously we hid from him like a joke. As we ventured onto the cave we came across a Rushing River. And we’re trying to find a way to the other side and I came across a path over the river that led to is secret spring pool. As we entered the secret spring pool I was the only one that stepped in it and it was three foot of water and it was crystal clear but I did notice that there is to empty liquor bottles embedded on the ground but it disappeared and I noticed that there was amethyst crystals all over the floor and walls of the spring and I reach my hand to the spring floor and pulled out amethyst Crystal as big as a pineapple and other quartz crystals as small as pecans. For a souvenir, I kept a amethyst and quartz crystal and left the spring pool and used the same route to exit.

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  22. i had a dream i was in an a apartment with 2 zombies and i had a gun in my hand to kill the zombies but unfortunately i wasn’t successful in killing it there i remembered it clearly that there were 3 doors that were used to lock myself. while i successfully locked the 2 doors the last one door wasn’t successful i had to fight with the zombies to be able to close it.. after that i wake up in our house i was given a task to train myself for 5 months in the outside world when i was about to set out i had a thought of bringing our car with me my mom knew and she told me to drive the car for the family she wanted me to drive for then to sight see after that i remebered i was falling in a cave i remember it clearly that i was falling in very deep in that cave there were stars in it when i reached the very bottom there was water and in that water there was a lot of stars in it at first i was shocked but i began to swim in it because i was scared of where i was i began to search for people while searching i found many creatures smimming to the center at the center there was a lady with a bird like appearance like a harpy i think but that girl was trapped in a cage but she was giving orders after seeing her i was sent straight to a mall to fight someone who i think is a stuff toy but surprisingly i had a friend who is also a stuff toy who helped me fight using a stuff toy to throw while throwing the stuff toy around the enemy sundenly kick me while i blocked the kick i didn’t feel the kick after that i remembered i was chatting someone about me being kicked… can you tell me what does my dreamed meant? i am curious because my dream was a chain of events that happened within in one dream

  23. This article resonates with me: when I was 10 or 11, many years ago, I had a dream that transpired in a cavern deep in the earth. It was the most powerful dream I ever had, and it influenced my growth and still does so to this day. Like any good story, it had protagonists, adversaries, a climax, and a conclusion. I met people in that dream that were very real to me, though they never existed accept as part of me. Interestingly, the “enemies” in that dream I no longer see as evil, but actually now resonate with, have empathy for, and understand had good qualities as I now embrace multiple points of view as a powerful tool for growth and problem solving. I still resonate with the good guys in the dream as well.

  24. Wow, reading this was amazing for me. So helpful and informative. Confirming what I already felt about my dream and my journey I am on, but you put it in much better words. Thank you for posting this beautiful work. I will be referencing back to your other posts in the future as this post reasonates with me very well. Best of blessings.


  26. Last night I dream that I was coming out of an underground tunnel (vertical) and at reaching the top I asked for help. Then the dream took me on a boat, and I was about to enter a cave and my feeling was abit fearful but at the same time I was unafraid.

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