The Meaning of A Wolf in a Dream

The Many Aspects of the Wolf in a Dream

The meaning of a wolf in a dream will depend very much upon your own feelings and personal experiences. Feared, maligned, misunderstood, yet also worshipped and revered, the wolf is a potent symbol through-out much of Europe and North America, and now thanks to cultural diversity, through much of the world.  Wolves star in folklore and fairy-tales from many generations ago, and still capture our imagination through popular films and television today.

A wolf in a dream may be scary, threatening and vicious, she may be noble, protecting and wise, or maybe something else entirely – mysterious, elusive, wild. To understand the meaning of a wolf in a dream, we can start by understanding the wild nature of these animals, and the very attitudes that society has to them can reveal much about our own wild selves.

The Wolf as a Symbol of Wildness

Wolves in dreams can represent all that is wild and “uncivilised” about ourselves. This can be a scary thing to confront.  What is wild in our polite and safe day-to-day existence can damage, hurt and upset. But what is wild can also free, excite and release. Wild can be untamed and bad mannered, but wild can also be pure and uncorrupted.  

Understanding what it means to be wild to you will help you understand the meaning of a wolf is a dream for you personally. Consider not just how you feel about the wolf, but how do you feel about the wilderness and wild things in general?

Sometimes the meaning of wolf in a dream is to guide you to find your true, authentic nature. This may come up if you fear revealing yourself because of pressures to conform. Other times a wolf dream will be a warning that you are behaving too wildly, that you may be threatening something else that is important to you.

Wolf Behaviour in Dreams

The behaviour of wolves in their native environments can give clues as to why you might be dreaming about them. Do you long to feel isolated of lonely, and wish you were part of a group? Perhaps you seek the support and kindred spirit of a pack. A wolf in a dream can be exploring the role you think you play in society. This can be around themes of belonging or feeling outcast. A wolf in a dream may also be about leadership. Do you feel ready to step into a leadership role? Or do you need to become a better team player and work with the rest of your “pack”?

Do you feel a need to protect something that is important to you? The fierceness of a wolf mother may appear to inspire you to levels of courage you have within, but didn’t realise consciously. Or perhaps there is a threat in your waking life, but this dream is reassuring you that there are protective forces around you to call on.

Or maybe you need to approach a situation carefully, using the stealth of a wolf to get close without being discovered. Do you feel a need to express your true self more freely, let go of inhibitions and howl at the moon? By exploring your own inner feelings, you can start to understand the message of the wolf in your dream.

The Wolf as a Symbol in Fiction

Looking at the role wolves play in fiction, folklore and films may also give insight as to what the wolf means in your own personal dream.

The mythical She-Wolf who nurtured Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome, as well as Mowgli from the Jungle Book, can help us understand how wolves in our dream can be a sign of seeking or offering nurturing, care and protection. This may to a part of your self or to someone else.

The Big Bad Wolf in “Little Red Riding Hood” may be sign of your own wild nature, or it may symbolise a person who is threatening or bullying. Take care and consider if you have been behaving in a potentially threatening or intimidating way to someone else. The wolf in a dream may also be associated with a predatory nature in a sexual sense, so those who have suffered abuse, or who fear some sort of sexual overtones they are not comfortable with may dream of wolves in this way.

The Wolf and Threat

Wolves can appear in our dreams when we fear or are experiencing loss, especially of a material or financial nature. The old saying that “to keep the wolf from the door” indicates security and not going hungry.  In the this way the wolf maybe a threatening symbol, exploring you need to protect yourself and possibly also your family.

Wolves may also appear in dreams when your subconscious has picked up something is not quite right, and is trying to warn our conscious mind that we should be careful of what or who we trust, that there may be a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

Wolves and Spirituality

Many people report their interactions with a wolf in their dream as having a sense of something deeply sacred to it. You may gaze into the wolf’s eyes, it may follow you, lead you, or gaze at you from a distance. There may be a slight sense of fear with it as well, or you may simply sense a profound connection.

These dreams seem to have a spiritual aspect to them, and speak to our long and deep relationship with nature. Sacred interactions with animals in dreams seem to occur when you are seeking something. You may be on a quest for wisdom, you may have suffered a significant pain and seek healing and understanding. Or you may feel lost, and yearn for a deep connection. This dream can manifest as desire to reconnect with our wild, pure origins, and escape the artificial trappings of a modern, technological, capitalist world.

We can also trace our origins back to a time of wildness. And while this time be associated with danger, risk and challenges, it is also a time of purity and sacred connection. The meaning of a wolf in a dream may be to guide you to the inner pure, wild aspect of yourself. It may be there to remind you that you can find the sacred and the meaningful by journeying within. The wold may be guiding you home.

Good Wolf or Bad Wolf?

No animal itself is inherently bad. The values that we assign to them are the result of years of cultural associations. Remember when we dream of any animal, they also represent a part of our selves.

You cannot understand what a dream means in its entirety by looking up a symbolic reference. We always need to go the next step and ask ourselves, “what does the wolf mean to me?” Chances are, it will be as complex, nuanced and subtle as you are…

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  1. I’m struck by the intense historical war that was waged against the wolf by the colonial farmers in America. Stories abound, and strategies included trapping wolves at the peaks of mountains and setting the entire summit on fire. Evidence of this is clearly visible at Mt. Monadnock in New Hampshire where the upper quarter mile of the peak is exposed rock to this day, as the erosion that followed the fire stripped all the soil away.

    1. Perhaps as these new farmers sought to dominate and conquer this strange, wild new country they were living in, the wolf became a symbol of all that was wild, all that they feared. It is a sad trait when we as a species seek to exterminate another that becomes a scapegoat of our own inherent fears. Thank-you for your comment Richard, it is a good thing for us to be reminded of the damage we can do when we seek to control that which is not for the taming, and when don’t respect the awesome yet vulnerable power of nature. Here’s hoping we can learn from those lessons of the past!

      1. i had a dream of a wolf last night. i knew he was there before i seen him. and when i seen him he chased me. i fell and laid there and prayed to god he wont eat me. then all of a sudden he stopped and just looked at me. he smelled me and ran into the mist. but that wasnt the last time i saw him. he came back and not only tried to attack me again but also went for one of my family members in particular

    2. I had a dream on Saturday and I turned into a white wolf and all of my friends were wolves, they had turned in to other animals as wwell like a dragon and we all had the same dream on the same night. I want to know what that means

  2. I had a dream about wolves in my back yard and one manage to get in and start to try to attack my dog and I got up and started to beat the wolf and my dog ran under the bed

  3. I had a dream that it was wolves in my backyard and one manage to come in and it attacked my dog and I started to beat it

  4. i had a dream my whole front yard was covered in wolfs i was in my bed and they were at my window just looking they werent vishes they all were just looking at me.they had beautiful eyes.then the dream jumped to stupid stuff i had about 3 friends come over then it jumped to me and a friend walked to my bathroom and there had been some people had melted in my bathroom and we were trying to figure out who they were i no it was crazy because i hardly ever dream

    1. Listen if you are having a dream of a wolfman if he tries to tell you something listen it dont run from it

  5. I had a dream that wolves were chasing me relentlessly. For parts of the dream I managed to loose them, but when they did reappear, it was almost as if their mission was to kill me. I’m surprised that in my dream I was able to outrun them, which in my mind, in the dream, i thought was impossible while I was running. In the end, one of them ended up catching me and that’s when I woke up. Any insight on what that dream might have meant?

    1. Is there a group of people you don’t like? Or maybe who are mean/rude to you all the time? Maybe when you lose the wolves, it means you forget/get away from those people, and then when it caught you, maybe you remembered about them? Just a theory though, hope it helps! =)

    2. I dreamed d samething…is there a possibility DT u know Muslims…D wolves I dreamed caught me n tight my hands n feet….

    3. I had a dream if a white wolf just standing and looking at me or i was i woke up with such a shock my hart was pounding why would seeing a wolf b so scary didnt go back to sleep did research on dreams about white wolfs

  6. As long as I can remember I’ve had black wolf appear in my dreams, even in random dreams I would catch a glimpse. Mostly and even more consistantly it’s in my dreams fallowing and watching. About 4 yrs ago I dreamed I was i a parking lot and it was after a baby I chased her away and was gone… then returned watching me with a pup of her own…. Now in my dreams it’s closer, but I don’t see myself anymore, I’m watching the wolf… It’s weird and I haven’t heard on anyone with my consistancy…. Any explanations?

    1. Lelia: since I have been a very young child, I have continually had a pack of wolves in my dreams. One happens to be black with violet colored eyes. These are, “protection spirits”, in my dreams. One was almost killed in one dream protecting me from something I couldn’t see. Things in the dream world are not always what they seem. Something may look angelic that is not, (the baby in your dream) other things may appear threatening that are not (the pup). Christanity has a phrase that goes something like, The devil can appear in the guise of a beautiful angel. Dreams are a product of our sub-consciousness turning over fears, anxieties, problems to solve, things we ignore about ourselves or relationships to others, our spiritual natures. They are very individualized based upon the individual having them. In my dreams, I always meet them in the *same* natural physical place in my dream. They are my Spirit Guides in a sense. However, other people view them more menacing.

      Depending upon your personal relationship to nature, the culture you grew up in, family linage, religion- your views on what that could mean maybe different than other people’s. In many cultures, wolves are sacred animals- in others a menacing threat. Many dog breeds evolved directly from Wolves linage. Some people view black wolves as a symbol of doom or death. The colour black, did not become associated with death & funerals until Queen Victoria (who did not look great in white) insisted upon wearing black as a mourning color. Before then, white was the colour of death, reincarnation, transmigration, the resurrection. Hence, all the white in many Christian churches during Easter.

      Wolves are also commonly associated with loyalty, family, community, freedom, independence. In your case, where infants are a reoccurring theme – maybe something new in your life? Questions around motherhood, new beginnings, something in your life that needs to change? Things to consider. As long as they have been in your dreams, made no move of aggression towards you – it maybe that you have collected a spirit guide, not a threatening presence.

    2. i dream of a black wolf, much like you. every dream tha i can remember that wolf is in it whether or not it makes sense or not

  7. I had a very strange dream about wolves last night. Everywhere in my dream, there were wolves. They were hunting/stalking me. I was at a playground climbing on the equipment to get high enough to where they wouldn’t be able to get me. Then I would start running and found myself at a duplex I lived in when I was a kid. I ran out of the house and there they were again. They blocked my car so I couldn’t drive away so I ran and ran. I came across some kids who were walking their dogs and I asked to borrow the German Shephard. They let me, so I started running with it. The wolves were getting closer – never running their full speed. Almost just teasing me. I decided to let the Shephard go because I didn’t want it to get hurt. Then I woke up. But throughout the dream, the wolves would go from being wolves to being people. Back and fourth, back and fourth. I’ve never had a dream like that before. With this dream, I had 2 other very strange dreams but I will not go into those. If anyone has any insight, please let me know. Thanks!

  8. I’m a little freaked out this morning. I had a wolf dream last night. What I am so freaked out about is… this is the third time I had a dream about a wolf. These dreams are so vivid that I can’t forget them. The first time was 20 years ago. The night my fiance died. (many wolves faces, moving hypnotically in color close to my face, it was very, very scary) The second time was in 04′. Shortly before my grandfather died (who was in good health) (I was walking down my grandfather’s street and there was a huge wolf lurking along the parallel adjacent street, every time I passed a house I could see it through the yards, following my direction, looking at me). And now the third dream last night. I was in this strange open field that had a narrow dirt path, with these little houses, the size of a small shed, spread out along this winding path, and they all had been lit on fire, by a dark figured man I saw far out in the field. I was standing on the dirt path, when all of a sudden my little boy was with me. I was holding him in my arms and we were walking down the path to leave… but then we saw a large animal stalking up the path towards us… a HUGE grey wolf. I turned slowly and started walking in the opposite direction with my son clinging on to me. The wolf followed in lurch mode after us and I knew he was coming at us to attack. I told my son to close his eyes because I knew he would eat us. I came upon a staggered wall that I was able to climb enough to throw my son up to a level of safety, then climbed up myself, when all off a sudden the wolf was jumping up and lunging at us with his teeth attacking us. I was able to grab it by his face and with my bare hands broke his long nose in half and threw it down to the ground, dead. Then I started to carefully figure out how to descend us back down the wall… when I woke up. Here I am now on the internet trying to find meaning… to help me not freak out in fear that someone dear to me is going to die, ironically since it has happened twice before.

    1. Hello, everyone, Hello to Cori,
      In response to your dream explanation, actually, one thing that helps me understand my bad dreams is that psychological studies have found that it is possible that we dream to prepare us for future events. I know that this is what you may be afraid of. I want to point out that, in your dream, you took the wild and dangerous creature and broke it’s jaw. i believe that this may be symbolic of your potential to overcome any danger and to protect as a mother. I think that your dream, while being very scary, I’m sure, is actually quite auspicious… you’r inner being and subconsciousness is telling you that you have the strength it takes to overcome any threats. I am no expert, just wanting to console you and give my perspective.
      I hope that this message finds you well!
      Cydney Chase-Bartell
      Student of painting, theater, music and psychology at Bard College

  9. I had a very strange dream last night and i was wondering what is its meaning. I was dreaming that i was in the country-side and i was having a grey wolf as a pet. He was very loyal to be and i was holding him just the way i hold my dog. At one point in the dream he got in a fight with 3 other wolves. He got badly wounded and when i jumped in to save him the other wolves were afraid to attack him because i was there. The same night i dreamt of a white cobra that had his head twice as big as a normal cobra. A man who i didnt see was holding the snake right in front of my face. I was scared of it but i knew he was never going to bite me but all i could feel was his fengs in my body. The man holding the snake was laughing that i was so scared of it. I know that animals in dreams reprezent asspects of your life but i just cant understand its meaning

  10. I had a dream that a wolf in my back yard killed my dog (when I was young), but then apparently I’ve had other dreams, there was a wolf in a story I wrote when I was younger where I went on a date, came home and my parents were angry and upstairs while being grounded, a wolf scared me and answered my question with a question. I also went through a faze of becoming obessed with the little red riding hood versions that have existed in history. Only recently I’m been having dreams of owning vicious dogs, and then wild ones attacking my nice dogs and taking them to the wild while biting me, warding me off.

  11. I had a dream that I was standing with my girlfriend in a forrest on a snowy night and I was just watching wolves hunt sleekly around us, It was an amazing, scary and fascinating dream. Beautiful world. I think i know what it could of meant.

  12. what does it mean if you had a dream that you were the wolf? I remember being very loyal and running around wild. also having no fear and i felt really dark/pure ( untamed)

  13. I dreamt last nighttreat a wolf was howling just outside my living room window. Iooked out the window and saw a wounded black wolf . He had a gapping wound on his neck, with blood spurting out. I went out to him and just knew he wanted me to help. I managed to get some pressure on the wound and calm him down so he didnt loose so much blood. I slowed the bleeding and managed to get a needle and some dental floss to stitch him up. But I woke up just as I was putting the last stiches in. What could this dream mean. I would like to point out that wolves are very important to me I have a lot of wolf stuff in my house and they truly fascinate me.

  14. I had a dream a month ago about a wolf. I was at some mall with my Mom and Dad. My Dad parked the car in front of the mall so we could lode up the car, but then came this wolf. He was a huge wolf like 6-7 feet tall. He was showing his teeth and growling at me. I jumped into the car because he was running and I was afraid he was gonna eat me or something. He cracked that window and thats all I can remember.
    I love wolves, I love to collect figurines, blankets, pillows, pictures, calenders, stuffed animals, anything wolf. Someday I hope to be able to get a wolf or husky-wolf or almost any dog that is wolf or part wolf and looks like a wolf. Ive taken quizzes just for fun to see what my “past animal life” was. All my answers were Wolf. Wolves are a big part of me and who I am. Im not sure if thats why I had this dream…

    1. Not to be so psychoanalytic here, but that relates to your relationship with your parents.

  15. I have this dream about once a week and i cant make any sense of it. i am a little girl, sitting by a lake with my feet in the water, surrounded by a pine forest (the lake and the woods change seasons and go from daytime to night time). then, a black wolf with one ice blue, and one red eye comes out of the woods. he tells me to come with him so i follow him into the woods. as he leads me, i ask him his name, but he refuses to give it to me. as we walk, i see a white light shining out in the forest, and as i get closer, i begin to hear screams of people and growling of wolves. the dream always stops there, but last night i went through the light and all i saw was blood. and yet when i have this dream, i don’t feel scared, i’m more calm than i have ever been in my life.

  16. i have a dream that i only have once a month. since a little girl i have adored the woods but it is only in this dream that the scenery takes place in the woods. it is always late at night and i am always on my own. I walk to the same place every time as if i know exactly where to go. Towards the center of the woods where a large sloped boulder sits; i wait in front of the boulder and a moment later a very large black wolf with black eyes rimmed with silver stares down at me. The unusually sized wolf almost smiles at me before leaping from the boulder to land in front of me. It then circles me a few times, looking me up and down and i follow its eyesight making sure my back is not turned. He stands a foot or two taller than i and is terrifying, yet when ever i wake from the dream i want to go back to it.
    After circling me the wolf stops and sits in front of me, and smiles.
    The dream always ends there.
    please tell me what this means as i have been having this one dream for a long time.

    1. Something to do with your inner-self and state I would guess- being terrified of part of your nature in some ways, but doesn’t sound negative like it is trying to harm u, more that u are just frightened of this aspect of yourself for some reason, but it is part of u and u want to embrace it. Its in the woods too and it looks at u and seems to approve. Sounds positive to me. Sorry, without context its really hard to interpret dreams…actually, even with context its hard as these comments show! Depends whats going on in your life and whats on your mind a lot, but I wouldn’t worry as it sounds good not bad.

  17. I had a wolf dream earlier; the only part I can recall clearly enough to express was riding a wolf like a skateboard, seriously, it was on its back, there were 2 like this- sliding very fast through gravel and I was standing on the stomach of one and we were chasing down [the] enemy…they were working with me, we were a team- it wasn’t a nightmare or scary at all. I can’t remember what/who we were chasing down though, left no visual or memorable register- we caught it, one wolf attacked and had to be called off. Any help?

  18. if u dreamed of a white wolf tht means peace..but if u dreamed
    of a gray wolf tht means confusion

  19. In a weeks time i dreamed of wolves..never seen one and when i googled it to my surprise it was the wolf. the first dream i saw a pack of wolves walking around outside where lots of folks gathered for church. I recall them trying to keep them off the property. I remember being upstairs watching them from window and suddenly a woman at my door with a wolf on a leash. I dont know what they wanted but if they came in i was ready to jump out window. Last night i dreamed wolves were upstairs in my house. locked in a room. i went to get folk to help get them out but noone did but they could see them. i just dont know what to make of this..i just think of wolf in sheeps clothing..i wonder what they want or if its a message i need to know

    1. I dreamt last night of being on my balcony, when a group of people were approaching with wolves on leashes;I went in and slammed the door shut so loud and frightening that I woke immediately from my dream. I was fearful when I saw them and could only think to take cover.

  20. My dream was at a house where the snow was whiter than the clouds and the sky gray. Nature surrounded the house with snow falling from the sky. As I was walking I heard howls and as well felt that something was stalking me but I couldn’t really capture its shape or shadow I just new something was there.
    I felt down on a rock that I didn’t know it was there. When I felt down all I could see is nothing everything went dark. When I woke up I was surounded by white & gray wolves. There teeth where just ready too bite me as I tried too get away it was too late. Anyone knows what could this mean?

  21. I dreamt I saw a decapitated wolf. The funny thing was that I knew it was out there either from a phone call, tv show or radio announcement. Also in the dream my children were playing, my stepdaughter and I were getting along famously, my husband and I were watching a movie with some friends (before I saw the wolf) and I was naked. I was not ashamed of my nakedness (I almost never am). I’m perplexed by the wolf. I did watch an episode of ancient aliens talking about cults that committed mass suicide before I went to bed – I couldn’t watch the whole thing. I have huge anxiety towards death. 🙁

  22. I had a weird dream about a Large Wolf Last Night….I walked up to an opened gate to back yard and noticed A Huge Brown Grey Wolf..I thought to myself..Omg I better get out of the Wolf’s Territory or it will attack and kill me…When I almost got out of it’s territory..It ran around the corner where I was hiding and met up with me..I thought for sure It was going to kill me but it didn’t…Instead the Wolf was very kind and affectionate and he let me hug him…DOES ANYONE KNOW ABOUT DREAMS AND WHAT THIS STANDS FOR…JUST CURIOUS TO KNOW 🙂

    1. I don’t know what this means. But I can guess… maybe… someone’s trying to be affectionate to you, but you keep running away. This is just what I think it means… ?

  23. It was night time and it was me my girlfriend and one of her friends…we where walking out of my school after game im guessin…and my auto teachers where outside so my auto teachers threw a pair of keys and my gf’s friend grabbed them so then I jumped on her back and she got tall real tall…then I slipped down with the keys and there was a wolf standing there growling and tryin to attack us and my Gf and her friend went inside and I stood there frozen as he charged and jumped at me he got right into my face and he disappeared.

  24. I had a dream that a wolf was in love with me n I loved the wolf, but the wolf went away, because it feared that he might hurt me n went away to get tamed. Leaves message saying I love you. I was young in my dream. After many years I return, n find the wolf but am afraid that he might not recognise me n attack me. As I was thinking this the wolf comes, n while starring at me slowly approaches me so I don’t get scared n puts his head on the bed stari at me with love. I get surprised n happy that he still remembers me, and grab the wolfs face n kiss him and than he turns into a man. Ansd tells me how much he loves me n is happy to see, but now he’s married but will b there looking over me.
    Any idea as to what the dream means, I’m married n have a kid, but for a few years have been through a hard time lost my mother struggled money wise…. Any idea

  25. I had a dream that there were wolves searching for a young wolf killer. They found a oink mansion and right when the dream ended… red wolf eyes were staring into the house. I think its weird how we dream about things like this. And Sam’s was kind of like a fable I read. It was called ‘Wolf at the Door.’ A women loved a wolf dearly… but when the women kissed it… it didn’t turn into a man.

  26. I had a dream about two wolves. One with beautiful, bright blue eyes and a sliver gray coat and the other sort of a brownish mix.The brownish wolf was trying to get up a very steep and slippery hill. At the same time, in this dream, I was at work and was socializing with a new employee that I really liked, She had some very strong imaginative powers and was showing me the wolves. Then, she showed me the wolf turning into my ex boyfriend. In the dream, the sliverish wolf was following the brownish wolf and being very mean and cruel and making it very difficult for the brownish wolf to make it up the hill. It was revealed to me how mean and cruel this wolf was to the other wolf and almost bullying and spiteful.

  27. Recently I had a terrible dream about a wolf killing my 1year old daughter shes my only child and my first and ive never had a dream like that it scared me so much I cant sleepall I can see is here little head and her body was mangled

  28. Sara Lakins
    A wolf isn’t just a symbol, for the simple fact that when you truley feel that everything in there power is true.. then what does that make you? I know an answer would be a human, but if it was to completley go with your life, heart, and soul. Then why couldnt a person be able to choose there own faite, yes theres God to do that for you and i strongley believe in him. But your supposed to live your life the best you can, so why not live it your way.. I dont much dream of silly or un reasonable dreams anymore, I can dream of anything i want. Heres the thing that scared me to death, I had a dream that i was building be a house way up someware in the moutains away from everything any everybody and well my sister mom and dad were at my house visting one day and all of a sudden a huge pack of wolves surrounded my home and got in.. well instead of them killing and slashing my family before they had the change i went to the leader of the pack and told him not to do this and just take me instead, and that moment i said that my parents and sister and home dissapeard and the leader turned into a human and told me that i could give you everything you ever need or wanted her, and asked me to be with him.. so i chose him over everything cause i lost my family. He took me to meet his family and asked my hand in marrage and i said yes and fell so pationatly in love with him while he was human anyways, but then he looked at me and said are you gonna be one of us and i said yes but only for you, so the whole tribe and him some how turned me into a wolf and it symbolized me more than anything in this world.. but then i woke up and at the most imaginitive and extravic thinking of things that day and whats funny strange or unusual about it all is that i remember it just like it was real.. <3 feel free to reply Bcause i need some understanding of this.. Thank you

  29. Hi, I actually had a dream, as well, that I don’t remember very well because it was a few nights ago. Well, i dreamt i saw a wolf… it was a regal grey wolf. My memory is foggy now. Anyway, i guess that I would like to make sure that it’s not a warning — that I’m acting too wild. Just in case, I’ve quite smoking. I am a singer, afterall. Good luck to everyone!

    1. I had an extremely vivid dream last night. I was cleaning my bathroom when I heard a large group of people walking up the road when I looked out the window they were all carrying guns and looked quite merry as if the were excited about something. I then caught a glimpse of a beautiful grey wolf, he/she was clearly large however I could tell he/she was also quite young. The wolf was curious about these people and was following them through the trees along the road they were walking. I smiled at its curious nature and went back to cleaning. Then the noise of the people grew stronger with excitement and I knew the were closer. Panic struck me and I went to the window, to my horror the group (approx 20- mostly male) has circled the beautiful wolf and were encouraging one boy in particular to shoot the terrified wolf. I literally leapt out the window and with all my might ran to protect the animal. The boy shot the wolf in the leg and at that stage I was overcome with rage that the people scattered in fear. I knelt down beside the wolf and tried to ease its pain and hugged it intensely as it rested its head on my shoulder. I felt so protective of this wolf. I spent the rest of my dream hunting down the men that hurt the wolf. What has completely shook me about this dream is the intense emotions I felt. I literally awoke crying my eyes out and even when writing this I’m finding it very hard not to cry again when reliving the emotions…

  30. I had a very vivid dream about being in a 2 story house with an opening in the 2nd floor and a slope of snow up to the roof,I was outside at night getting something???there is a big white fence separating me from a very large wolf my wife&kids&an unknown person is telling me watch out for the wolf I wasn’t scared of the wolf except a few times for some reason he couldn’t get to me but I do remember peeking around the corner&he was very large & seemed very real I am going through a change I just got married I was severly addicted to morphine&xanax for about 8 yrs I’m on a drug called suboxone i’m trying to ween off that&that dream really got my attn it’s the most detailed/vivid dream I have ever had I would really like to know if the wolf symbolizes anything to be scared of or face also alot of more positive things are happening to me but I became an addict by medicating myself from anxiety attacks which I feel like its an everyday challenge I’d appreciate some help

  31. I have had dreams about wolf for about 3weeks and every time i go to sleep its one step closer to the wolf killing me and im scared of going to sleep. can you help me? Please

    1. you are likely to fall in to a temptation which indicates a pre warning of something dangerous coming your way this is if its trying to kill you but could mean also the oposite. you cannot be certain because it has not attacked you yet so you dont know its intentions. This will help … before the next time you go asleep grow in practice by trying to make your mindset ready to take control by standing off with the wolf and show no fear show that your the authority over the wolve and will stand you ground no matter what for it is your dream and you are in full control if the wolves leaves you then you are going to be just fine for you have overcome this dangerous temptation but if it approaches you in a manner of which it accepts your comfort and trusts in your friendship you can expect the unexpected greatfullness in the coming time . I give you my word if you stand off without fear it will not bite nor kill you just dont be afraid and you will know your answer good luck if you were or are still getting these dreams let me know howd you go

  32. I had a dream a couple of weeks ago where I was living with some unknown random person and we had a german shepard dog. We heard the warning that a wolf was on the loose in our neighbourhood and brought the dog into the house from the back yard protect him from the threat of the wolf but the wolf never came. What could this possibly mean?

  33. hey all just wondering if anyone can interpret this dream i had which was there were many wolves coming slowly to me and some man was lighting them all on fire with like a flamethrower or sumfing not to sure but they werent in pain or anything just on fire and they running away from me in slow manner like i was defended by this man appreaciate help cheers

  34. Last night i had a dream i was running with a pack of wolves through the city and the pack attacked someone and i just watched. When they were done we all started running towards one of my friends and then i started laughing for a minute and then i howled like a wolf. And thats when i woke up.

  35. I’m struck by what an enormous amount of wolf manure was presented, then commented upon on this page.

    1. I think you NEED to be struck by a little wolf manure. Why is it necessary to leave a comment like this? If you aren’t into the conversation, just leave the page. It’s really unnecessary. Now that I’ve dealt with the manure, I’d like to request feedback. My 5-year old woke up last night crying and saying she had a nightmare in which a wolf was trying to eat her. We have been dealing with a boy in her class who is fighting, hitting and verbally abusing the children in the class. He has been recently removed from the class (due largely upon my insistence) but I think this might be a remnant of her trying to deal with his classroom behavior over the past 3 months. Any thoughts?

  36. Every vivid dream I have seems to relate to a wolf in some way and in fact, more often or not, I am a wolf. When I am a wolf in my dreams, it feels like perfection, like it was more meant to be. Upon waking everything feels ill fitting and unnatural. I am unsure of what this means. All this began when I met a wolf in the wild when I was younger.

  37. I had a dream when i was very young about a wolf in my my room pure white with ice blue eyes it just looked at me i got up and in like slow motion i got up and ran towards it i woke up i never forgot about it…. its been 7 years

  38. I have been having dreams about wolves ever since j can remember.. but in my dreams I am a black wolf.. there are always different scenarios but I am always a black wolf. I’m not quite sure what this means.. but I always think about it?

  39. I had an amazingly energizing dream last night, I dreamt that a black wolf appeared at my feet in the darkness, at the foot of my bed. The wolf began to glow, it was peaceful and kind. It then shook, and the energy causing it to glow floated to me and hit me in the chest. It was healing energy and my back began to feel better. Then as I got over the energy transformation, the wolf was gone. Can you tell me what this may mean? I feel better this morning, I suffer from back issues and the seasonal cold.

  40. I had a dream in the past where a wolf, out of nowhere, was face to face with me, and was showing it’s teeth, and then left, but I had the impression, during my dream, that whatever I was dreaming, I was not supposed to see. This dream was a while ago, so I don’t remember what I was dreaming before he showed up.
    Last night the wolf showed up as a picture. It was one of the pictures where the wolf is alone, and standing on top of the mountain. I don’t remember if there was snow, and don’t know if that would be important to the dream.

  41. I dream that a spider that turned into a snake that was a attached to a wolf and I twisted the snakes head that the wolf was attached to and the wolf head went in a 360.

  42. I dreamt of a wolf one of those furless if that is the words but one without the main. Being attacked by a mongoose. Did not have any worry untill being attacked it felt immediately asif I was attacked. Then this wolf turned as my mind took over as if he could read my mind and killed this mongoose looking animal. Everything was over so quick and after the ordeal it was that I could see throughout the wolves eyes. Colour of this wolf also struck me is a off white to cream colour dog.

  43. I had a dream that I was a wolf and I was searching For my pack. I found them but in the futuer I searched For them in our place but to only find it empty. I had memorys as if my mate was there I went there to find her. All that was left was in ruin. I looked to my left, I saw another wolf but I didn’t know him. So I left my packs old cave sad. Sad because my pack and my mate were gone. So then I became a lone wolf Forever.

  44. Had this dream I was flying as a human had it many times before. Started slow with simple abilities and then I was able to go higher and higher. Was flying in and over the woods and water (the way my hometown is)…dream wasn’t particularly new or unique. I flew lower over the ground and myself became a wolf, running and jumping over brush and running hard. I became aware of this scent. A very strong and powerful scent. Strange, instinctual, raw, overpowering and definitely SEXUAL. I became I aware that I was being chased by another wolf…a male. I was highly aware and excited – not necessarily a sexual but a physical and intellectual awareness – that I was being pursued sexually. I ran faster and, for a moment – like a human thought interjecting at the last moment – was acutely aware that I would be overtaken sexually and that maybe I shouldn’t let it happen – but then I was immediately overtaken and I remember an overwhelming and intense sexual encounter that was all wolf, totally primal, and intensely innate and satisfying and intimate. It was raw, pure sexual energy and I remember, at the moment of being overtaken, he grabbed the fur at this back of heck and I was down and relented. It was aggressive and intense but not human and had no other memorable animal details or connotations.

    I awoke remembering and feeling I had a profound, primal experience but not particularly sexual. I have NEVER had a dream about wolves before. I do not recall ever having a dream about physically being/becoming an animal before. I am not Native American and know nothing about animal guides or totems. I am older and not infatuated by the Twilight series or any Grimm fairy tales. This would be considered out of character for me but somehow, made total sense as it was happening in my dream. It was as primal as any experience I have ever had before in a dream. No, I don’t have a dog fetish!

    Any ideas??

    P.S. This dream occurred while I was taking steroids prescribed to me by my doctor for inflammation. I have experienced vivid dreams while on these meds this past week…but NOTHING like this before. I do not feel threatened by the dream or particularly hell-bent on figuring it out…just curious as to your opinions. Thanks!

  45. hi i had a dream of a beautiful white wolf she was in my back garden i was indoors watching her she trooted up to my back door and ate froom the silver bowl that id left out for her i felt full of love for her and felt peace she was very wild and quick but gracefull confident in my self i pictured hugging her round her neck and could feel her coat on my face as i snuggled in to hug though i wasnt outside in the dream i awoke with a strong feeling of love i wondered if any 1 knows why the food x thank u

  46. Thank you for this great initiation into my wild woman archetype… I bought this book 6 months ago and have not started reading it. I had a lengthy dream about wolves this morning so in my search to figure out its meaning I came across your site. At the end of the blog I see the recommendation to read this… How awesome… Starting today I begin the journey to run with the wisdom of my freedom as a skillfully wild woman… Who runs with wolves…

    Thanks a million…

  47. I had a dream not long ago of a wolf chasing me and my sister’s into the house. Than I turned around and I saw it coming from far away quickly heading in my direction. When I closed the door to the house I turned around and there was the wolf snarling and growling trying to paw it’s way into my house without success. I have know clue what this dream could mean?

  48. I had a strange dream last night where I was a grey wolf, and I was protecting someone that I have never met before from another wolf. Then when I was walking down the street I saw them again!

  49. I had a dream today that it was a all black creature I couldn’t find out what it was but I kept feeding it popcorn it was small it almost looked like a baby kitten but someone else told me in my dream that it was a baby wolf .
    can someone help what does this mean3

  50. I have dreamed of wolves several times throughout the past few years..every time it is the end of the world and they are hunting man to extinction and I am one of the very few and sometimes the only one that can stay one step ahead of them,….I hate having these dreams and the next morning am so exhausted when I do and I feel so alone…last night was one of the longest dreams…i woke several times but always fell back into the same dream. i know last nights moon had a lot to do with that…..i really want to understand why i am having these dreams as they really trouble me

  51. In one of my dreams there were two groups of wolves, one was white and the other was black and they hated each other immensely. They would attack each other and get into very violent fights, however, there was something else that appeared in the dream. Something more powerful than either one of the groups. That thing (I’m not sure what it was) would attack and kill wolves from both sides. Eventually things got so bad that the two groups of wolves decided they had to work together to defeat the evil power. I woke up after the groups were united.

    I also had a wolf dream last night. In my dream, I was sitting in a tree on the edge of a snowy clearing in the forest. My dad and my little brothers were there and I guess we all wanted to hear a wolf howl or see one, so I started to howl. After every howl I waited to see if I would get a response, but the response always sounded like a pack of coyotes. I was about to give up and stop howling when this man dressed in a black trench coat and fedora comes through the trees on the other side of the clearing with a large grey wolf on a leash. The wolf saw me, and started to lung, snarling and snapping and circling. The man calmed the wolf down, tugging at the leash until he stopped. He then turned to me and said that the wolf had heard a broken human howl (I actually think he used different wording, but I can’t remember it exactly). He told me to follow him, and my dad was gesturing at me to go. I wasn’t afraid, so I got down from the tree and followed the man and the wolf. The dream jumped soon after that to me talking to a little boy in a volcano, but the trench coat man was still there… actually, he was in all my dream jumps last night. huh.

  52. what does it mean when i dreamed i kept seeing a wolf, but no else in the could see it? i said in the dream u guys dont c that wolf right there and they said no.

  53. Damn, I just had the craziest dream ever. It was so vivid, as if It was real.
    I was walking through the woods late night and outta nowhere I start having this burning sensation all throughout my body. I fall to the ground and start changing, morphing into this wolf, although it’s not completely wolf, I’m half wolf, half human, and I run to this house and as i arrive, theres a group of people, and the leader says something to me and all the other “pack members” start changing, and they all rush at me and I start killing them one, two, three at a time. Finally the alpha male starts to change but he’s a lot bigger, stronger, and he’s also pitch black, we fight for hours and no matter what I do, he just won’t die, I rip into his heart and finally he dies.
    Can someone tell me what this means? I know this sounds dumb, but I’m serious.

  54. I dreamed of a wolf when I was child of six. My stepfather had left me alone in the house while my mother was at work. I developed a fever caused by German Measles or some other childhood disease. When my mother returned home I was sitting right up to the kerosene heater in my dressing gown. My mother immediately took me to bed with her. During my sleep I woke up & saw a wolf at the bottom of the bed snarling at me. I am greatful I had a she-wolf protecting me.

  55. I had a dream of two wolves. They were really big wolves, one was grey the other was smaller and tan. It was winter time and they were in the woods staring at me. I wasnt scared at all. They were just standing there looking at me. Then i remember being on the side of a road. And turned around and the same two wolves. Were dead lying on each side of the road. Their faces facing each other.& had no injuries. What does this mean???

  56. I had a dream last night that i was at this weird broken down house with my family and some other people.. And three wolves came into the house so i got scared and went into a room. I was yelling at my mom to come in with me but she just stood there. Then the biggest wolf circled around her and then led her to go down somestairs and i was telling her to come in the room with me buy she wouldnt listen.. Then i was trying to get someone to help me get her but no one would listen and then i woke up.

  57. My dream – I was walking with a cat in my arms and a stranger; along the top floor of a old torn up apartment complex. (For some reason I had a tennis ball). I saw one wolf at first and threw the ball – said GET THE BALL. The wolf jumped to the top floor grabed the ball and played fetch. The stranger noticed it was a wolf and ran to hide. I then started knocking on doors to see if anyone would let me in – one lady opened a door with a bloody arm when more wolves came. They approched me and sniffed the cat as I said no! They all entered the open door as I went on looking for a place to hide. I found a small room with a single seat and a latch on the inside of the door – I entered with the cat still in my arms. The stranger then showed up outside the door and ripped the door open- as he opened the door and was getting ready to grab me the same wolf I was playing fetch with attacked him.
    The wolf then sniffed the cat and myself, stepped back as if telling me it was safe to leave.
    I left went to a gas station where another stranger came in a old motorhome. I was inside when he tried to get me to come with him – I said no he got back into his motorhome and was attacked by the wolf that saved me before. The wolf jumped out and gave me a look then went away. I then woke up.

  58. i had a dream last night i was with my two friends by the sea and i suddenly started walking on the water and i got to a stone plank and sat on it but then a big black wolf came running at me and just sat down next to me and i started touching its fur and then i woke up but the weird thing is i still remember what the fur felt like. it was so real. what does it mean?

    1. Nate I may be able to tell you it means that the wolf you touched is some sort of family member that recently passed way and you were really close and you still remember what they were still like or it is your guardian angel

  59. I had a dream where this white wolf with crystal blue eyes was me and I was with this pack of wolves then I saw a vampire and my friend Golden Rain with them and one vampire really caught my attention and his name was Ryan but I woke up and looked everywhere and found out it wasn’t Ryan. And I don’t know where he went but he was real but I do remember him being in the woods watching me and my friends and when I was planning to confront him. He was no place to be found 🙁

    1. I am very sorry to hear that Cat but next time please do not dream that again it will bring bad memories

  60. It’s hard to remember my dreams from the past few weeks! Like suddenly they vanished- though I know I had them. This dream occurred just last night and I probably wouldn’t have remembered it either- had I not seen a picture that jogged my memory. It’s still sort or cryptic. I can only remember that I was traveling in what seemed like snow? with someone else. This person I’m almost certain was a male (I don’t think I know them personally) and there was a wolf following us. Maybe he was the companion of the other person? But I DO remember after some time the wolf came up to me. Maybe I was talking to it? But I grabbed the wolf by it’s face and kissed it! The kiss turned into a french kiss… It was so odd. I heard a gasp from the other male and that’s about it. It’s weird… my lips are still tingling

    1. Hey I had a dream really similar to yours, I don’t remember most of it, but I also grabbed the wolf’s face and kissed it… It was so weird and felt real after I woke up, I could feel its breath… what do you think your dream meant? any thing related happened later?

      1. Hello Marie and Sam you guys have an interesting dream I like them a lot it seems to me that when you kissed the wolf and woke up it was your imagination taking over I should know because kissing a wolf doesn’t feel tingily or it hurts it feels peaceful and it tells you that your safe

    2. I had almost 100% match dream few years back.
      I was walking up a snow covered mountain. I saw a white female wolf following me. I said hi and gave her a play bow (just as dogs do) we jumped around and played and we ended up in a pile of snow laying down. Then we started kissing each other and it became a french kiss.
      I later walked down the mountain to realize that i was naked.
      The kiss felt sureal.

  61. I had a dream about a wolf watching me through my window. I wasn’t afraid it was going to hurt me, it just watched me and it did give me an eerie feeling. It had to be a nice sized wolf to be looking at me through my window and I thought It was a werewolf but no, it was just a big wolf, watching me.

  62. I saw the wolf’s eyes in the darkness, just inside the line of trees in my backyard. I tried to scare him away, but I was scared he was coming into the yard and take my dog. I got my dog in the house and shut the door. The wolf came onto my porch and was looking through the glass panes. I was scared he would break the glass. I was terrified, but I kept noticing his beauty and wanted to take a photo of him. I was not sure if he was there to hurt me or let me love and care for him like I do my other dogs. I didn’t know what he wanted because I woke up. This was not a regular dream. It was like a few unforgettable dreams I’ve had in the past.

    1. Wow Lorie that seems very cool what kind of wolf was it do you remember it? Because wolves are very mysterious so I know how you feel

  63. I always see this black wolf in my dreams, but im not scared of it. the one night it came up to me and when i looked up into its eyes i saw myself. for a few nights after that i had no dreams of it and then suddenly i had the most amazing dream. I was the wolf. I was running through the snow. I could actually feel the snow under my paws and the cold wind in my hair and ears and my heart was beating so fast. I could feel the adrenalin going threw my body as i headed to the cliff and i jumped. As my paws hit the ground i woke up with the same feeling. my heart beating fast and an amazing feeling of being free.

    1. Hi Chantel your dreams are interesting so let me tell you what it meant well it means that when you see black wolf and you look into it you become the black wolf hope I helped

  64. Well you see I had dream that I went out into woods and this wolf let me pet him and cuddle with him but I saw a tree and it had blood on it I went up to the tree and I started crying blood I don’t know why but anyway I went to my backpack and I got out a knife and cut my arms and legs and than I fainted but the last thing I remember is that the wolf layer down and rested its head on my stomach but that is all I remember so someone please help

  65. I dreamt i was a bird flying high and playing around in the air sometimes coming close to ground where there was a wolf and another animal i cant remember. they tried to get me but i always managed to fly high up again. But at the end of my dream my wings seemed to let me down. I couldn’t fling back up and the wolf finally got me. What can that possibly mean please?

  66. I had a dream years ago that has always stayed in my memory and I have often wondered about it. I have had other meaningful, precognitive dreams, that in retrospect, I was able to figure out their meanings. The ‘Wolf’ dream was one of the few dreams I had left to figure out a meaning for. I figured it our recently. In my wolf dream, i am a young child, playing in a back yard of a house (I presume I live there). The yard is fenced, and in the distance is a forest. As I am playing, I am aware that I am being intently watched by a wolf. I sense he is not a friend, yet I feel like he can’t get to me, so I am not afraid.

    Fast forward several years, and I have recently moved to a new city and in an area surrounded by woods. I have a second wolf dream. This time, I am grown up, and I am walking with my youngest daughter down the street in front of our house in the woods, when suddenly out from the woods runs a wolf who goes straight for my throat. I am so scared I wake up and the dream ends. Afterwards, I had an extreme feeling of unease for several days and shortly thereafter discovered that the USA taxes people who do not live in the USA even if they earn all their income outside USA. This is called citizenship based taxation versus residence based taxation which all other countries in the world (except USA and Eritrea) practice. I also discovered a new American law called FATCA that is forcing all banks in the world to report to the USA on the bank account balances of all people born in the USA, regardless of other citizenships they hold. My parents are Canadian born, but I happened to be born in USA while my parents lived there temporarily before returning to Canada when I was a baby; this makes me a US citizen even though I am also a Canadian living in Canada. It also means according to US citizenship based taxation laws that I am a US tax payer, and subject to the FATCA law which is causing huge stress, and devastating financial penalties (due to non reporting, not taxes owed) to US expats and ‘accidental Americans (I’m an ‘accidental’) throughout the world.

    I think that the original wolf dream, as well as the followup nightmare just days before i found out about this threat against me and my immediate family was a warning.

  67. I recently had a dream where I was with younger kids and we started to walk into the forest. I heard I sound and felt something watching me so i told the kids lets go back home as we walked back 3boys walking towards us froze in their spots as I looked up at a house the 3 boys ran away and when I looked there was this gray wolf making eye contact with me. I quickly told the kids to start running back towards the house. As we hit the corner in the middle of the street a white wolf staring at me while two other ones was underneath cars watching me as well, I told the kids hid in the bushes I couldn’t help one of the kids up but their father appeared out of nowhere and helpped I told him stay with the kids while I run to the house and call for help, but when I got to my porch I seen about 8 more wolves sleeping, I tired to move around them but 2 were watching me ready to attack. I stepped on a white wolves tail and it woke up yelling I started to Run to my neighbors house. Now I am frantically banging on the door because the wolves are waking up. Finally the daughter come and opens the door when I run in the house I ran into what seemed like a spa room my mom and neighbor was getting massages oblivious to the facts that wolves are outside. I yelled to tell them about the wolves and that I left the kids in the bushes and need help getting them out as I’m telling the story the father of the kid comes in the house, I yell at him “WHERE ARE THE KIDS?!” As I start to run out the door to them, I wake up. Can you help me because I am very concerned about this dream. I have no children, and the kids I was with in my dreams were my little brothers, cousins and next door neighbors son. If you can respond it will be appreciated. Thank you.

  68. I had a dream with a silver wolf biting my right hand but like if it was playing and I was petting it but there was no wounds or blood and also a silver color cat size of a tiger but not harming anyone.

  69. Consequences of my dreams and at 4th i seen 2 white wolf::
    Below 4 point which i mention is part of my one dream.

    1. I seen my best friend didn’t give me to things: fastrack watch and earphone then i seen crush/riven my money at home and disappointed and depressed.
    Fastrack watch which i think i will give as birthday present to my younger brother and earphone which i need for me..

    2. My uncle didn’t bless me.

    3. then I seen 2 white wolf in my dreams as a pet and they are waiting
    for me.

    4. then i seen miss(our mam) and give me order to inform her about what activity happen in company (i did not agree but did not say in front of her) and i kissed her but there was a person appear whom i know well.

    1. Before i sleep i think about buy new iPhone 5s and find alternative source of earn money.

      So mam interpret my dreams and give me replay.. i am little confused.
      thank you.

  70. I dreamed last night a gray wolf was chasing me and bit my left arm. I ran into a house and a tiger was in front of the door on the outside it looked at me I felt a clam when I looked at the tiger but I slammed the door. Then I woke up. I am wondering if this was a warning dream.

  71. I had a dream about being at my grandparents house … in the middle of no where and me and my family were safe there. next thing i know were in town at a different house.. apartment like, not sure who’s it was. and a pack of light grey wolves were plotting to kill me and my family and in this room we were in i could foresee SO much blood and death! we all get in our cars to drive away but these wolves wanted to hunt us.. and next thing i know i’m being cornered by the leader of the pack (looking at myself in 3rd person) and he’s talking to me aggressively, he’s got red eyes, his fur was a lot lighter then the rest, i don’t remember what he said .. but next thing i know there was a change of heart and the wolf turned his head like he was looking back at something and i woke up..
    it was a really strange / interesting dream.. so im really interested in feedback if anyone has their 2 cents to throw in! ! 🙂

  72. i found my bonded mate by chance where I see the past and our lives not shared verbally are matched in our conversations and my poetry to open past windows of time; i have been with him.I feel asleep after a phone call we appear in a deep great forest surrounded in moist cool mist not in the open fields and he is a black wolf and I am walking beside him and I am a white wolf. Unknowing i begin to walk ahead of him and his body becomes alert and he turns toward me fangs showing, yellow eyes narrow and on guard he snaps his fangs loudly at me. I stop immediately and I see his eyes penetrating looking through the mist in the open fields where i also begin to penetrate with my eyes what the black wolf sees; our focus unites.

  73. Two nights ago I dreamed of a black wolf it was standing next ro my bed its eyes was white then in a split second the turned glowing red and the it srarted growling at me and then it launched at me I woke up after that and last night I dreamed of the same wolf but this time it was staring at me through a window but it was standing upright it walked off then it came back and its eyes were glowing red it just watched me then I woke up if anyone knows what this means please reply

  74. Hey ok I need some help, I’m always having wolf dreams there the only ones I seem to remember when I wake up. The one was me and my fiance found a wolf den and the cubs were in there and then all of a sudden wolves were everywhere staring at us. Now last night I dreamed about 2s black wolves they looks mean yet just stood there watching me. Then the dream switched and I was at the train tracks and the black wolves were there, and there was a grey and white wolf hidding/laying in a tree with no leaves and the black wolves were trying to get it. Then there was these other animals I dont know what they were and they turned on there own and killed there kind. Then again at the tracks the grey and white worlf was on the ground dead, Then my co worker was in my dream and told me that they broke the wolf that was in the tires neck and mutilated it.
    After that I woke up confused and really freaked out. The dream didn’t make sence do you have any suggetions?

  75. Ok first off…yesterday was the same for the most part as any other day. But I have dreams once in a while that stick out and nag at me until I find the meanings. In this one I’m am standing in the middle of a forest at night and there’s wolves all around me. I’m not scare. There just walking around me and a mist starts to roll in. Then a large owl flys out of the mist and lands on the branch above me. They sit facing me…like there waiting for me. Then the owl whoooos and flaps his wing’s. I am now looking to the wolves and I start to change into a wolf. But then I wake up! What do you think this means?

  76. I had a dream recently, about me actually being a wolf in a forest with a light blanket of snow. Strange thing is it felt like I had complete control over my dream. As a wolf I was walking through a forest then I came across a deer in a clearing, it was simply eating. I then attempt to slowly stalk the animal and flank it, so that I was positioned behind the deer. Toward the end of my slow flanking maneuver, I unintentionally step on a twig, making a loud snap. The deer recoiled in fear and as it reacted to the sound I saw a quick puff of red smoke come out of the deer. It seemed like the red smoke was the deers fear. I then quickly chase the deer into the forest, then I wake up.

    It was an extremely strange dream, but I swear to God that I had full control over my dream. I don’t know why I had this dream and why I have such a vivid memory of it. I also believe it is the first dream I had of being another creature. Does being another creature in a dream mean that I may have the same or similar qualities of that creature in real life?

    If anyone has any information about what I may have experienced please reply.

    1. You know if ur mind is strong enough u r actually able to have full control of our self so I’m not surprised

  77. Umm I have a question well more like a request:

    I have this dream when I start of in a forest go true it in total dark end up at the end of it at big field and then out of the blue in first person I look at the sky see shining moon howl and then waking up in sweat. what does that mean?

  78. I have just been wondering about this, its from a very long time ago,

    instead of wolves being in my dream, i was a wolf. well, my whole family was. I had three streaks of dreams in one night, all of them, me being a wolf. one was a good dream, but i cant remember the story. the two were bad dreams. The bad dreams were not really realistic but i’ll just tell it…
    one was my whole family in a car and we were WOLVES traveling to a small place. On the way there, i saw like a creepy face up in the sky. When we reached there, it was more like a small camp. (seriously) and whenever i tried buying from one of the shops, they would either try to kill me or stare at me creepily. thats the first dream. The second, i was also a wolf. me and my friend, which was also a wolf, was in a mall. of course our wolves are not wearing anything, like normal ones, but my friend was wearing a hood and a blanket. it was covering her face. and i was calling her to come to me, but she wont listen. Instead she came to the escalator to the second floor. i followed her and when she reached the second floor, she stopped walking. and when i came to face her, she suddenly disappeared, leaving the blanket and hood behind, which was color red. (not really a scary dream) can you please tell me what those means? and the good dream was like, me as a wolf being in the forest and a free wolf. but i dont really remember it exactly. thanks!

  79. I had a wolf nightmare lastnight. I haven’t had a nightmare in years so this was random. My dog is like my baby so in my dream I let him outside one night but somehow he hopped over the fence and went down into the gully. My husband ran after him but didn’t come back for a few minutes. After i went outside to look my husband was laying flat on his stomach and face planted in the water and my dog was dead beside him. I ran and yelled for help and 2 men in my dream came and picked him up white i picked my dog up but then i turn around and theres a solid white wolf staring at me it couldnt move cause it was hurt. As soon as we got up to the house trying to help my husband i turn around and notice the wolf standing in my hallway cause someone left the back door open. The wolf growles and rans to me and i slam my door but knocks me down and starts biteing me. I yell for help and all i seen was my uncle staring me at, he was frozen, couldn’t move, couldnt help or anything. I was fighing as best as i could but then i woke up crying and in sweat. It was horrible. If anyone could tell me what this means it’d be greatly appriciated!!!

  80. my dream last night was that i turned into a grey/white wolf that i could transform into any animal i saw and that i turned into a wolf to find this old man that was lost and wounded in the forest and the guy i like was scared of me and he was also hurt. i just want to know what it all means. please help clarify this?

  81. It was early spring and the air was cool and crisp. The ground was covered in a light green color of grass and moss. I was walking down a long and wide grass path in the woods surrounded by tall trees. I felt happy and alive. It was a beautiful day and the overall feeling was wonderful. Then, about a half a mile up the trail I see a wolf come out of the woods. a big white wold with tints of gray on his back. He was very large. Not vicious or mean but graceful and powerful. I stand still watching the wolf– Half filled with fear–the other half wonder. The wolf looks at me like he is trying to get through to me. Just stares. I stare back. Then he slowly turns his head away and I wake up.

  82. I’ve had a reoccurring dream of being outside a cabin in the middle of the woods, I head to the door to go in, the door is cracked. I don’t feel the same size, I’m shorter, the size of maybe a 5 year old child. As soon as I reach the door to the cabin, three black wolves are suddenly right next to me. One on my left and two on my right. The one to my left is right next to me, does not leave my side, and the other two are in front of me slightly, all growling and snarling at the door. The door never opens more than a few inches, and the wolves always keep me between them. Then never snarl at me, never even look at me. One weird part. The wolves are never fully physical. Most of the body from below the chest is smoke. I can feel the pressure from their bodies however, and it doesn’t feel like smoke. I have a very strong sense of fear during this. Any help with translating?

  83. I had a dream last night it was winter and I was up on a cold mountain with about 5 huge white wolves that looked mejestic and geat. And these wolves understood me and I could communicTe with them. They wer loyal but were worried because winter was ending and they wer beggining to shed their coats and the wolves wer scared they would turn aggresive towards me. I knelt down and hugged one and pet it and said dont fear for I know you will have control and we shall be in peace with one another forever no matter what.

  84. I dreamt a while ago about a grey wolf. It was huge, I mean like horse sized. It was chasing me and I heard it speak and as it gained on me I could feel its breath. The words were crystal clear, “I will get you!” I reached back with my hand and I shot a bullet into its mouth, and I awoke. I wasn’t sure what it meant but had an idea it had to do with the woman I was dating, she was in the dream also. Last night I think before I fell asleep, it was more like a vision than a dream. The same wolf markings colors and eyes walked straight up to me looking me in the eyes face to face and said “I am coming for you.” I felt no fear just a sense of unknowing, but still cannot figure it out. Any ideas of its meaning? The eyes and words stand out this time, ice blue edges and grey to the pupil and I am coming for you.

  85. I had a really vivid dream the other night that involved a wolf. My sister and I were riding motorcycles and all of a sudden the road became snow and ice covered. As we went along I realized the “road” was a frozen river and in a patch of ice I saw the face of a wolf. I thought the wolf had fallen into a hole and been dragged down river and was now trapped under the ice. I decided to attempt to save it. I pulled my motorcycle up onto its back wheel and bounced it up and down on the ice, breaking a hole in it. As I looked down into the hole I saw the wolf staring up at me. He was sitting on a beach in the sunshine. I noticed there was a little boy next to him who also looked up but didn’t seem to notice me. As I stared down I realized I was seeing into another dimension. The child couldn’t see me but the wolf knew I was there, looking into his world. He was not threatening at all and I could tell he was in no danger so I got back on my bike and left. What do you make of that?

  86. Hey, I had a dream I was holding off swipes from a mountain lion on top of me while wearing my desert USMC cammies downtown Savannah which is not OK ha. He would get me every once and a while and even took a bite out of me. When he took the bite I fainted out. I woke laying on the ground right off q main street not knowing what is going on, I look at my elbow and can see my bone. I started walking and yelling almost at people “can you see me”, they all didn’t respond however I could knudge them and touch them. Finally a lady says yes i can see you, I thought I had died but maybe the others were just afraid. I then pulled my cell phone out and saw a news photo of me laying there with my wife over me in the street. I attempt to call and call and call my wife but always goes to answer machine after rings. While trying to call a gray wolf passes by me. He didn’t pay me any attention, however he did look at me. Then I see my wife yelling my name coming down the street, of course all I could say is ” why wernt you licking up your fucking phone”. That’s it, I woke up to my roommate shutting a door at that time I saw her, I wish I could have had more from the dream. Idk if I died and she died too or if idk. Logically my body would have been taken if killed and I don’t think my wife would have left me. It was an amazing dream though. I’d love to hear any feedback on possible meaning.

  87. I woke up this morning to my phone ringing. I was in a dream sitting on a bench by mysrlf and the question was asked of me am i ready yet to die two white wolfs walked by me then i was asked again the same question then i dont know why but im sure the female came back to me and put her muzzle in my hand . I dok know when a dog does that they are giving u dominance over them. Then they walked awAY . HELP ME TO UNDERSTAND THIS I AM NATIVE BUT ONLY A QUARTER CHACTA

  88. I find it a bit funny about the book titled you left on the bottom there, because I keep dreaming of actually running with wolves and to the point that I turn into one.

  89. I had a dream last night about that I was just sitting next to a wolf with red eyes in my room but it felt as if he was trying to protect me like as if he was my pet but he wasn’t and it ended idk what that means cause he didn’t chase me nor attack me

  90. I dreamt of a wolf in my dream I was scared at first and thought I was going to be killed but a voice in my head told me to trust the wolf and I did so I went over to the wolf and I felt love and caring off the wolf and the wolf hugged me and so did i,i felt the wolf hug me tight and tighter and the we walked back to the forest on the way i saw two small field mice then they had wings and flew away and then the wolf showed me his tribe of wolfs

  91. last night I dreamt of a lava flow on the road looking for some person; i was avoiding the lava flow and suprisingly got enough courage to conquer it. On the other side of the road, i met a wolf glaring at me, i try to let the wolf pass through the other side without going into battle. Right when the wolf reached behind me, i managed to pass through the other side of the road, but the wolf stared back at me and jumped over me, i managed to block his bite and pushed the wolf at the lava flow. and then i woke up 5am in the morning…

  92. I had this dream that has really bombarded me with lots of question that I want answers to, it goes like this…I’m in my kitchen and I am looking outside into the forest and I see a mountain lion ever so slowly and gracefully walking my way than just sits and makes eye contact with me and from the trees a pack of wolves about 5 or 6 come running at the mountain lion and three of them pounce on her and viciously fight her, the mountain lion pins one wolf down and with one bit around the neck ends that wolves life. The rest of the wolves retreat for she is stronger than they anticipated. Like as if nothing has just happend she sits very still in the same spot making eye contact with me once again than slowly starts to come towards me, in panic I checked to make sure the window was locked, the mountain lion stands up on her two hind legs, her massive front paws up on the window frame supporting her balance makes and even closer eye contact with me, and that was it, I wake up. The day before my husband and I got into a huge fight I ended up walking bear foot in the snow to my sisters to stay the night there. I wake up the next day feeling a little more in control of myself but feeling a mile more bitter towards my husband. If anybody can answer what my dream meant that would help make me better understand the situation and what I should expect in the future.

  93. I dreamed twice a time that my future beloved one/love partner is changing into a wolf.
    In both dreams the the circumstances are slightly different.

    The first one is: I am standing on a station with many other girls all dressed up in white. I see there parrents and all of them are crying. Becouse nobody wants to marry us. Everyone is picked up eventually by there partners accept me. Then I look up to the right an see a very handsome men in a beautiful suite. He has al of those pink suitcases just for me. Then I see that my two friends(guys) where looking for me. They want to warn me of something.
    And then I see from above that someone has explode the station. But lucky my friends wher are allive. And they find me at a gala party. I see my future husband talking with some ritch guys and he is also listening from really for away that my guy friends are telling me. I have to get out of here, so we run like hell and my beloved notice that and chang into a wolf and run after us.

    The second one:

    Its not really clear and verry short but I walked with my familly and my brother was teasing me.
    That I had a crush on a guy that was walking in front of us. So I was ashamed that he knew that I had a crush on him becouse he didn’t like me and suddenlty someone is grabbing me trying to kidknap me and my crush is turning into a wolf to protect me.

    I wonder what this means

  94. I had a wired dream…
    I was back in the dorm again with my old friends… having good time by all the passionate that I had lost in these last years after losing my little brother. Actually he was there as well… but kind of younger than his real age when he died. But then in all that fun, image of a wolf starts to appear on the wall of my room little by little. Then I along with my old close friend asked another girl about the meaning… and she told us about a legend wolf who appeared by absorbing the power of the human that they form a link with, and then that wolf will eat them alive eventually. I got back home and talked about this with my mother and older brother; but they didn’t believe me. I was somehow frustrated by them. I know there was someone who will believe me and he is able to help me… and I wished that he was there that time. But even though I knew him in my dream, I don’t know such a man in my real life. Then when I finally could bring my mother and brother to believe me, some stupid man that I knew him in my dream but not in real life, left open the door of mansion… and the wolf was there. I can’t deny that it was the most fascinating creature that I ever has seen… dark gray, big and hairy with glittering red eyes. And I panicky closed the door before he could attack me. But then when I was about to ask them to put me in a coffin if that means to keep myself alive… I woke up.

  95. I dreamed that myself and 2 other people were going down a road and 4 wolves were in the road. A black and white one, a solid white one, a brown one and the other one was like a golden color. I told the other girl that was driving to be careful or she was gonna hit them, well she did end up hitting the gold color one and it broke it’s leg , she didn’t stop and we continued to my home. Once there we were inside but when I looked out the window and all the wolves were coming out of the woods toward the house. Even the injured one. I see their eyes from the distance they are a beautiful Blue. They all got to the house and were just staring at us from the window and I told the girl Look what you done now they wanna kill us!!! I don’t know but we were trying to get back to the truck with the wolves right in the yard. And this was the crazy part a man came out from the side of the house and said All you have to do is give them a thumbs up and they won’t bother you. So as I was going out to the truck I gave them two thumbs up and they let me pass by them… Then I woke up . What could this mean?????

  96. I had a dream last night where I was in the woods and a wolf came up to me. It wanted me to pet it. I got scared and started crying. I thought it was trying to attack me. Then a Native American came out from behind a tree and told me to not be afraid. The Wolf just wanted me to join him. I said but he wants to eat me but the man said that animal blood runs through my veins. I give off the smell of animals. It’s in the way I walk and talk. He said that’s why animals are calm around me. They can sense and see that I’m one of them.

  97. I had this dream I was in the snow running when I fell down I got back up and saw this grey wolf with a scar on its right cheek it went from the lip all the way to its eye when I was running away I heard wolves howling when I saw people my dream was over.If there’s anyone out there that is Native American guidance please help. I’m 14years old Native American half Apache with European I tried to ask my mom and her side of the family about my dreams of a wolf but they won’t asnwer me.

  98. I had a dream with a wolf in my backyard the night after I lost my best friend to a stroke and brain damage. I was in the backyard when a she wolf came running towards me snarling as she jumped over the gate in the backyard. She didn’t attack me she got infront of me as a she wolf would to her pup facing the woods she ran out of snarling at a black shadow. Once it got closer me and the shewolf morfed together as one. I was a wolf snarling at the Demon holding my ground ready to defend myself, I woke up right when the Demon came through the gate. It scared me but my fear went away when I was one with the shewolf. I have no idea what it meant, until now. She was my animal Spirit and ever since she has protected me from evil.

  99. I had a dream last night that I was looking at a side of a cliff That turned into a valley. There was a few rock slides and with each a animal would appear and. Jump out of know where to where others and myself were watching these slides. One was a giraffe, there was a few others and then a wolf. People screamed and ran and the wolf started to chase me. I ran every where. I climbed into a house and s voice told me that I could get away… no matter how high I got. I climbed roof tops, shelves, closets, outside, trees. At one point I was able to burns it’s eyes with a hot pot that was on a stove but it still chased me. It could smell me. Needless to say, my 3 year old woke me up. I’ve never had s dream of animals chasing me. What would you day this could mean?

  100. last night i realy had a strange dream. it was about a wolf, of course, but he wasn’t like killing nor hunting me. you have to know i always saw wolfs as normal, wounderful and (yes) mistirious animals but never as life-threatening. ok, back to the dream…
    i was surounded by beautiful nature and i was flying. i couln’d see myself but i saw the ground far below. than there was a light-brown wolf flying right next to me and he had wings. i mean WINGS!!! he was smiling, like a animal in the disneyfilms does. as i saw him a joy overcame me like we were good old friends playing togethere in the woods and it felt so amazingly peacful. it was realy fun flying with him, even if it was just for a short time.
    that’s the only part i can remember and i’m happy that i have this memory – i’ll treasure it.
    when i think about it i believe the wolf with his white wings was a sign of freedom and joy and happiness, nothing frightening at all.

  101. I dreamed a wolf was looking deep in to my sole and then…..she said “when the wolves howl and the owls wake it will be visable in the sky.” what does it mean???

  102. I had a dream that someone kept hitting my mom’s car while she was in it, because she was mad. After the dude ran off, I turning into a wolf and started snarling viciously at everyone and I was full of anger. I felt very protective of my mom in that dream, even though in real life, I don’t feel very close to her. Could anyone tell me what this means?

  103. hey..I saw myself with a male who was my bf and one girl too..we r in a library..I wanted a book so a teacher came from inside room of lib and asked me the book I want…there was horror in the dream. ..a feel of it..then my psychology teacher came..and gave book and went home with the one sitting in lib…now I was lying down over my bf..this girl I dun no where she went..she was out of lib outside was a big field and in front a road with trees on sides..I cud the door of lib banging..although it was it was not bolted from outside..this door was where lib teacher had sat..and now gone..I sumhow gave me terror of seeing door hitting the wall as if something trying to enter…I told my bf ..he said yeah it shud have been closed properly. he was repeatedly telling me .. let’s go….let’s go . ma’am was gone so that of taking book with me..outside was stormy..I saw this girl piking I don’t know wolfs cub or wat…and three white and gray wolves trying to attack these three told me to hurry seeing this…as I saw people left the field piking one cub each..I knew that I had to pik one too..I piked one it had come inside and this wolf came told me to show him a bread piece lying on bed..wolf started eating it..I loked the door with wolf inside..and ran for a bike on which v three had to go..I sat in bike behind bf and then the girl..v were about to move ..wen my dream broke on hearing a dogs cry outside my house…in the dream this felt like a cub was being cot hold of by three wolves..what does this mean…I m still tensed…I am a believer of paranormal things..and third eye power…

    1. Every night i go to bed i am a wolf in a pack, plz someone tell me what this could mean this has been going on for a year and i’d like to know why

  104. When I had my dream about a wolf all I saw was his face eyes were yellow but it was clamming made me feel at ease protected.

  105. Ive had this dream twice so far within the time lapse of a year. It starts out with me in some remote area heading for my car, then a huge shadowy black wolf with red eyes appears. It stares at me for a moment then lunges at me, ive woken up both times before it manages to attack me though.
    What does it mean?

  106. I had a dream I was a wolf chasing people along path in the woods I recoginize the people but can’t put faces on them then the dream changed I see from a top of a hill the same wolf chase the people then I was a wolf again but I was a different one running towards the people to protect them I can still feel the urge to protect them even now I don’t understand the meaning of the dream and that troubles me help plz

  107. You use a statue from Rome about the mythological origins of the founders of the nation; Remus and Romulus suckling at their she-wolf mother.

    They were raised as, “wolves,” because they were abandoned as children forced to live and survive in the woods. This relates to a Spartan practice of tossing weak children aside by taking them off to far away lands. It explains why Romans so-loved Sparta and often employed Spartan generals to train their corps. These cast aways became farmers who supplied the kingdom in times of war by forced proxy.

    It is not because they were “abandoned,” …it is THAT they were abandoned that they became the strongest men in Spartan history having eventually overtaken Sparta in to Rome.

    That is the myth’s appeal back then.

  108. I had a dream that i was at my g-mas house and her yard is big but it looked different there was to paths and wolves can from each path and there was a puppy the puppy ran to me and the pack of wolves surrounded me and they bout me to there den and they liked me and when i looked in a puddle i looked like a wolf and when they bout me to there den i was a human.Then a boy wolf came up to me and liked my ear and when i wok up my ear was wet.Does that mean any thing?

  109. I just awoke because of an extremely vivid dream, where I had been in my room, at the desk in the closet, and suddenly I heard the call of a wolf behind it, and had to struggle to get it outside of my room, it felt so real and intense I woke up with the covers off sweating like crazy. What makes it more strange is I only ever have one maybe two dreams a few year, and I usually forget them as soon as I wake.

  110. i had a dream of me coming out of school with a person i dint even know and when i got out of school there was a big path of trees and pines and i graved a red bag and i saw up a far a bunch of wolfes and i got scared and told that person to hurry and it was when one in particular started to run towards me and i ran to holding a red bag till the wolf caught me and i fell layin down and he turned into a human and said something weird to me but i cant seem to remember i dont know why but it was a weird dream

  111. I had a dream where the wolf was almost like my familiar but wasn’t one. He was very strongly looking after me. We could communicate to each other through our minds. We were working together but people were trying to get me to do what they wanted at one point I had to ride on the wolf as we ran off into the woods together. The feeling and bond I had with him was so strong that they after the entire day they still feel real. It was as strong as a very very deep love.

    1. Hi PotatoKiller, I don’t usually respond to comments here, but whilst reading yours I suddenly had a bit of a realisation, so wanted to thank you sincerely for that! Stay tuned, as I plan to write a follow up post to this wolf one this week about werewolves and familiars… May you always be able to access that feeling of deep love and always dream well!

  112. I’ve dreamed of wolves 4 times the first was a mother and her two pups she was vicious ran up to my face snarling but I stood her in the face and she backed away with a look in her eye . the second dream wasa male wolf the same thing he was alone I dreamed of the female again just stared in my eyes what it mean

  113. I had a wolf dream, where I was out walking with my mom and two kids. I was slightly separated from my daughter and mom who were walking up ahead. Then about 4 or 5 all white beautiful wolves appeared and attacked. I was able to hide my son, and he was not in danger. But my daughter, they were after her … my mother tried to protect her, but was unsuccessful and I was able to shield her in the nick of time right when the wolf was diving to grab her and he grabbed my arm instead. Immediately without thinking i lifted the wolf up (as he was hanging from my arm) and ripped out his throat using my mouth and teeth (PUUUUKE) and threw him to the ground .. all the action immediately stopped, the other wolves ran away and i woke up in a state of COMPLETE fear … any ideas??????? I cannot stand to have dreams where my children are in danger … I dont have a history of dreaming of wolves, but I have dreamed of being attacked by other animals, bears, cougars, panthers … but this is the first time, I was able to succesfully fend off the animal attackers

  114. I dreamed of a wolf last night.If you may please help me interpret:

    I was in a rather snowy forest,in a very
    open area (meaning I cannot cover myself or come up with some plan) standing about 10-12meters away from me was one huge/massive wolf,it was wide.
    It’s fur was a mix of black and grey,the black was the more dominant color though.
    It had very bright yellow eyes that looked at me the whole time.

    Where it gets interesting is this:

    Both of us were holding the same position the whole time.
    It never approached me all it did was look at me.
    In the dream what went through my head was:Why is it not attacking me? Will it attack me at some point? If I run I’ll maybe entice it to chase after me and be killed and eaten,If I keep staying still who knows what’ll happen to me,It seems too powerful to attack either.
    As I keep looking into it’s eyes am confused on what decision to make,I never felt so careful before.
    The wolf, I couldn’t read what it wanted exactly.Mind you it was bigger than a real wolf unusually big.

    The dream ended with me realising it’s a dream,so I counsciously thought of making the wolf dissapear,it did then I decided to wake up because all became black and I also started to hate my ability of noticing am dreaming,it kills off the full dream I could’ve hand and so the message as well.

  115. I just had a dream that my 2 little cousins and my little brother were playing around having a good time. They were also playing with some girl i had never seen before im my life, she was beautiful. About the same age as me, 18. But as i got closer to her she went crazy, and tried to attack me with a garden tool or something like that. Then somehow a wolf appeared and i remember my little brother and cousins were playing with it, having a fun time. And then when i started to head inside, the wolf started to howl, and then this big grey wolf came walking down the street. I quickly went into the house, before the wolf saw us and started calling my little cousins amd brother to come in. Idk why they wouldnt come almost as if they were frozen in fear. I closed the door and locked it, then went to the front of the house to get to the other side of the house and try and get my cousins to come in the house, but when i looked through the eye hole, i saw my little cousin, the Oldest of them standing there wanting tk come inside. I quickly opened the door, and then the big wolf was standing right next to him, almost as if he was about eat him or something, but looking at me, As if he was his hostage. The dream ended there. Idk what it means because i LOVE all three of those kids. They mean everything to me, i always play with them, joke around, help them with there studies… It doesnt make sense to me. PLEASE get back to me. Im really curious

  116. Hey, I had a wolf dream about 2-2.5 years ago, I was walking in a giant lush forest when I turned onto a dark twisting dirt track, the trees were all bent in to make a sort of canopy of sorts and I felt happy, next thing I know I walk into a HUGE open area with a GIGANTIC rock in the middle of it, there was a big white wolf with arterial blood red eyes just laying on it watching me, then this other big wolf came out of nowhere and attacked me from behind, I managed to scramble away but not far enough, this new wolf was amazing, big and black like nearly double the size of the White wolf. I grabbed a stick to try to defend myself but sadly it didn’t work, I was being mauled by the black wolf until it stopped and looked at me, I thought it was going to kill me but it started licking where it bit only to be attacked by the White wolf which then turned and bit my neck, I felt the bite like it was real, so vivid only i knew I was dreaming so as the White wolf bit down I thought to myself “everything is going to be ok, you’ll wake up but just remember what’s just happened”. Before I woke the big black wolf killed the white one and picked me up, now at this stage I was bleeding out and knew there no coming back from this so the black wolf carried me up to the huge rock the white one had been laying down on and placed me in the centre of it and then…then I woke up, first thing I did was check my neck, I’m glad there wasn’t any blood. It freaked me out all together like, I want to know what it meant it’s been bugging me since, any other dreams I’ve had would be normal except that the big black wolf would be in them, sometimes alive and kinda stalking me other times I’d see it on posters or in paintings…always looking at me. Could someone please tell what this means? I’d be grateful to find out, thanks to whoever sees this and tries to explain it, hopefully someone will see it

  117. It was a crazy dream all i remember was a black wolf eating some donuts that i wanted to eat..i gof afraid and ran away from the wolf. Then i went into a building when i went to leave a girl standing near the door said there was a wolf outside so we both walked out of the building cautious of the wolf..she went behind the building while i tried to go thru the front lawn onto the sidewalk and boom i walked right into a smaller wolf just laying down on the sidewalk. It didnt attack me it even let me run away. That was the last of the wolf then i woke up. I read that black wolves are an omen of death is that true?

  118. I had a dream of finding a black wolf dog hybrid on my walk in the woods at first I waved my arms and shouted to try to scare it off but it just stood there looking confused then I tried just turning to walk away and it started to follow me and stopped when I stopped but I wasn’t scared anymore because I could see in its eyes it didn’t want to hurt me. When it got closer I saw that it was wearing a collar and it said it belonged to an owner in Dubai. So I took it back home hoping to find its owner, I had to keep it in the garage because my father is allergic and I went up stairs to get my phone to take a picture and post it online and I woke up. What does it mean?! Everyone keeps saying its a horrible omen but I don’t think that’s the case

  119. I’ve had 2 dreams this week that I was being chased by black wolves. What does that mean. I feel that it may be bad. Please help. I can’t stop thing about.

  120. I had a dream about wolves although it wasn’t until the very end of my dream where they appeared. My dream started off with me at school eating lunch and then going on a field trip to an amusement park, after my friend and i realized we had no money to go on rides, we left. We started to walk towards a cemented area that had our things, backpack, jackets,etc. Next to that was a park i remembered, i believe it was the one right by my old house and when i realized that i knew my routes and so we started walking on a side walk at the park and in the bushes i could see one wolf i freaked because normally in a dream you believe everything is like real life. So i freaked out and mostly because my friend was in front of me next to the wolf that was hiding like he was getting prepared to attack i told my friend what i saw and we waited in shock and soon a few more wolves appeared and i was thinking… i’m gonna die…this wolf is going to eat my face off…he is huge and grayish black. I didn’t know what to do my friend had an idea she ran forward as fast as she could, shes in cross country so i wasn’t surprised of how fast she went although i’m not as fast so it took me a while to catch up an when i did more wolves appeared and we ran for a long time around my old neighborhood. That’s when i woke up with my heart beating so fast and hard it was like my whole body moving as each beat dropped. I’m confused to what this dream could mean if you have any thoughts i’d appreciate it.

  121. I dreamt of a guy i liked and knew very well, but couldn’t see his face get bitten by a wolf on his side and he refused to look at me and i kept saying id cry forever if he didnt and then i felt something coming towards us not coming close enough for me to see it but close enough for me to feel it.

  122. I had a dream last night where I was sitting outside on the porch steps. My friends boyfriend was in front of me and my friend was behind me. We were talking and when I turned my head I saw a huge grey wolf walking from the side of the house. It looked at me for a moment and when I said something it growled and came after me it attacked me grabbing me by the sides. I was able to get away but through out the dream I was being hunted. I dont understand this dream I had.

  123. I had a dream of wolf. Or man who was turned into a wolf. In my dream, I was with my family and friends(Uni friends and the whole Uni) and my teachers too. It was some kind of a vacation hang-out place or a camp. An old mansion on top of a Creek. A river beside it and a sense forest covering it. My dream was going fine until it switched into showing the story of a man turning into a wolf. Then it switched back again to that mansion where we all were staying. I saw a boy who was looking at me and there was a feeling I had thinking he was the wolf. He vanished and I heard my friends screaming, then I saw all the teachers killing everyone with an axe. I ran up the stairs with my friends following me. They told me to climb the wall which had an entrance hidden up. I climbed it but was only three steps away when one of the teachers came and told me to come down or else “He will make you his.” I’m still shaken off by this dream eventhough it won’t have any impact on my real life.

  124. Ok so I’m 12 and ever since I was little Iv had wolf dreams were I had to protect people from the wolf monster and I succeeded but the worst one I had was when a pack of wolfs came out of a valley in the woods and was chasing everyone one the trail, massacring them ( and hat dream was retailed so it was gross) and I just kept running and couldn’t help anyone and then I was last one left and the wol leaped up at me and Woke up then threw up and stayed home that day I also havedreamswere I’m held hostage by a huge fluffy monster in a skating ring demanding for candy and when I escape he follows me, IT CREEPS ME OUT SO BADLY, can u explain to me what this means?

  125. Dreamt of a huge Majestic looking white wolf. I knew in the dream he had authority of some kind. He wasn’t trying to hurt me, but he was standing on a tree stump with his head held high. I reicived a message stating that God has a gift for me and the the heaven has opened up to bless me with this gift, but I have to accept it. What does this mean? Help?

  126. i had a dream last night i was in this town, and attacked by wolves i owned this mercedes jeep but for some reason it was flipped on the side and pinned on all sides by other vehicles, i managed to flip the jeep back on its tires jump in though the sunroof and broke through the vehicle blocking me, whilst driving i saw the same wolf with 7 more wolves blocking the road ahead, i ran them over, what do you think it means?

  127. One night i was dreaming of some kind of creature had me pinned to the ground i was at my parents house then a wolf came busting through the window and saved me before it had me i couldn’t tell what color it was for it was dark then the wolf ran towards me and put his head under my arm and picked me and started rushing me towards the hallway to the door so i ran out and it ran with me then a pack of wolves came out of nowhere and ran with me as if i was an alpha as we ran then the creature came chasing us one by one the wolves stood and fought as it neared towards me i turned into a wolf then started to fight back we fought as a team as i jumped at the creature i woke up the wolves were protecting me what does this mean

  128. I dreamt recently about a pack of animals. they looked like foxes but were huge more the size of large wolves …so I guess they must have been wolves. i was terrified and lay down on the ground curled up. One came right up to me and I hid my face. Next it layed its head on the back of my neck ( the way a dog rest its head affectionately on your knee) I could actually feel it. Slowly it lifted its head and the whole pack left together. No idea what this dream could mean ….but it was very vivid

  129. I just had a strange dream that I walked outside this house, three children admonished me to go back inside quickly, and pointed at 6-7 very large wolves! I ran inside, and Republican senator Ted Cruz was in the house! I had just fallen asleep after learning Donald Trump just won the Nevada caucus. Very weird…

  130. I had a dream that my friend was trying to break in my house through the living room window and I saw that he was getting in and I ran to the other living room door, opened the door and ran outside and screaming for help until I went up the road and I saw 2 Pepsi cans running down the road towards me, then a black and grew wolf saw me and started to run down the road chasing me, I can hear the wolf breathing loud and fast coming after me, I was trying to run as fast as I can to get back inside the house until I woke up very scared!!!
    God bless me!

  131. I had an overall horrific dream last night but, right after something bad happened, this wolf appeared. I saw it about 4 times overall. I kept calling it a cat or dog in my dream (I have 3 cats and 2 dogs) and saying that I didn’t want to play with it right now. But, I was aware that it was actually a wolf. I was afraid of it but very calm whenever it appeared at the same time. It was the last thing I saw before I woke up. I have no clue what that is supposed to mean.

  132. I really like your site and this post. I looked it up because of the dream I had yesterday morning.

    Here it is:

    First there were dogs with me -wolves were coming towards us to attack the dogs -then children ran the other way to distract the wolves and divert them. The children were with the wolves.

    Then a tiger materialized and came towards me.
    I was afraid but remained still and had faith it would be okay. While still being afraid.

    The tiger came to me. Sniffed me. Then he started snuggling me. I was then sitting on the ground while he snuggled me and I petted him, still nervous.

    As I petted him a few times he turned into a large polar bear. The polar bear snuggled me and I petted him. Still a bit afraid but a little less. I was kind of excited and he was snuggly but very large. I was still sitting on the ground.

    That was the dream. I am now trying to analyze the whole thing. I look forward to any input you may have and look forward to reading more on your blog. Very good information, nice layout, and writing style.


  133. I Dreamed about a Big Wolf/Werewolf at my countryside. I was for no reason laying on the cemented ground, then the wolf just saw me and it ran on me but in “slow motion”?.
    I got really scared so i turned back and saw the door to the house, but then i openned it it was empty! there was nothing but i saw the door again to the house realizing i openned a door that was not mounted to anything…then the dream ends and i wake up at sunday 9:00 AM….
    That was weird…

  134. I had a dream that I was a wolf with my pack of about 5 or 6. There was another rival pack coming into our territory. I was for sure the Alpha, and I gave the order to start an attack as soon as they tried to run past us.

  135. I had a dream last night and the feeling won’t leave me. I had this big dark male wolf stalking me and lurking and even chase me. I’d get away then it would find me. I don’t know where I was. It seemed like apartments. He almost got me but I was on a tense. Then I ran along these fenses and made it to the restroom but he was pushing and the door and to strong for me to push close. I was so scared but then some wolves came to save me, a big brown noble majestic one which in my head was the grandpa wolf and some younger male woles. I was then realized I was trying to get all the wolf pups in with me and close the door while the fought. I just remember loving and holding these baby wolf pups doing everything I could to protect them. I felt as if this was my wolf pack. It was so intense I slept through all my alarms.

  136. Once again Amy and team, thank you for sharing the gem-like gift that is you! ^_^

    Continue to brightly shine your essence—Light and Love—for all of Life (All That Is) to bask in your glowing warmth.

    <3 <3 <3 Barbara

  137. Yesterday I had a dream that I was a wolf. When I tried to jump over a river I actually fell and the strong current began taking me away. After that I remember nothing but somehow I’m sure that a boy saved me so I began following him everywhere as though I was his dog. I fiercly protected him from anything and anyone including soldiers whose necks I literally tore apart.
    Anyone ever had a dream similar to this?

  138. i had a dream that i was in a black room and there were 2 wolfs on oppistie side of me, one was white and the other was black,they began to get closer to me the black wolf looked aggressive and began to show his teeth, i punched him in the face but he bit my hand and wouldnt let go at the same time the white wolf began to come closer as well, he look more calm. as i seen him get closer i tried to punch him with my other hand but for some reason i ennded up grabbing ahold of his tounge. as i had one hand in getting bit by the black wolf and the other grabbing on the white wolfs tounge they began to pull me back and fourth. what dose it mean?

  139. i have had this dream continuously from when i was about 8 not daily but ill have it atleast 2-3 times a year the dream is of a baby crying and when i get to it it suddely turnes into a wolf howling please if someone could make sence of this it would be such a relief as its driving me crazy not knowing why i keep having this dream

  140. I just woke up from a dream that i was walking throughout the woods and i felt as if I was being followed then I started seeing glimpses of a snow white wolf with ocean blue eyes for some reason I knew it was a female and so I started sprinting and the beautiful creature kept following me and I tript on a root and I la yes their the wolf stared at me straight into my eyes and I stared back and then I woke up in a pool of sweat like I had been running like for real and I know a think about running I’m in track and still I’m confused and this happened not even and hour ago

  141. I dream that my back yard was packed with wolves and that someone in dream said they were there to protect the house.

  142. Thanks i dreamed i turned into a wolf
    And my zodacs lucky animal is a wolf
    And after i dreamed that i now have a group of new friends

    1. I dreamed about me being a wolf and howling at the moon and a narrater was speaking everyone had a gun but no one shooted me there was also another wolf next to me then i woke up.




  144. I had a dream about a wolf that was like a lost family member or something but I felt free and I could understand the wolf it was strange

  145. I keep dreaming of a pack of wolfs chasing me and when I stop and turn to face them the leader of the pack says why did you quit running I keep having this same dream

  146. I have recurring dreams of a wolf pack chasing me and I always fall but then get back up in the just in the nick of time and then the chasing goes on again. After about what I would say ten minutes of this I stop and the wolves surround me that’s always when one of the lunges at me and I duck underneath it and then run towards my now visible house. I can hear the wolves at my heels and I always get through my back door and close and lock it just as the wolves are at it and then it ends. This dream is the same every time and it would be appreciated if someone could possibly explain it.

  147. Can you interpret my dream.
    I dream of five wolves.
    Four wolves with different colors followed me while walking alone on the road.A white, gray,ashwhite,brown wolves following me.On the end f the road,a big black Wolf among them is standing there.four wolves turn their back and their tails down.I continued walking because i sense i don’t have to scared.The big black wolf follows me till i reach home.

    Can you tell me what it means,,please.
    Thank you.

  148. I just dreamt that my boyfriend was killed by wolves I cried intensely when I found peices of his clothing filled with blood and fles … Then in the dream I was searching for him incase he might be alive, but I was also determined to kill all the wolves that did this.

  149. I had a dream last night about a wolf protecting me. His name was Hunter and he was about to get attacked by a lion. There was this lion that got out of a iron fence and saw me with my mom and my friend, Ivy. My mom was in the car and I was behind Ivy running from the lion. Ivy made it in the car safely but I was still running from the lion. But the lion pinned me to the ground and Hunter (the wolf) attacked the lion from behind and killed the lion. But Hunter didn’t mind my company. He let me pet him and tame him. I ended up keeping him and he never did any harm to anything or anyone.

    But my question is, Why did Hunter protect me and let me respect him instead of him attacking me?

  150. I had a dream I was at some sort of shop, it was like a pet shop but had crafts in the back of the store, irrelevant. The people in the front of the shop had these two large wolves, one was all black with a little gray in his heckles and the greenest eyes I have ever seen, but not the bright emerald green everyone imagines, it was more of a pistachio green, also irrelevant probably, and he just sat there and stared at me almost statue-like. The second wolf was gray/brown and he came right up to me and was rubbing against my leg and sat down right on my foot with the big dog grin happy dogs get, tongue flopped out to the side and I was scratching his ears and his face and saying how sweet he was but the people from the shop kept looking nervous and telling me, yeah they might be cute but they’ll tear your face off if they get the chance since they’re wild animals. The gray/brown wolf just wanted affection and seemed very happy receiving it, didn’t seem wild in the least bit, and the black wolf almost seemed indifferent to my presence at the same time as being extremely aware of my presence. Any insight on this, I think I have a vague idea what it could be, but I would love to hear other opinions!

  151. I had a dteam where i was walking through the woodz and i cane to a clearing where everything went silent. I heard a growl from behind me and a red wolf stood there with it’s head down and growling as it slowly came towards me. I didn’t feel scared at all in fact i felt safe with it there. Then a hole started to open up at my feet and i fell in then landed on my bed and woke up.

  152. The other night I dreamed of a white wolf and she was inside a fence one minute and the next she was out and right in front of me just staring at me then she howled.

  153. I rarely dream, but, the other night I dreamed I was driving in my car and saw in the distance in a field what I thought was a field full of deer, as I got closer I realized it was a field full of coyote, all of which there were several spiratically placed, the color of their fur was red and they were tracking me, in an aggressive fashion towards my vehicle as I looked on, I did not get out. My dream this same night was then of three snakes I had as pets, one of them was large and I was fearful of him, so I asked my husband to please come help with the aggressive snake, as I thought it had fallen out of the tank and was sitting beside the cat on the floor. I realized there were still three snakes in the tank none were missing and the snake on the floor was large like one of those Boa snakes, and as I panicked for my husband to come help with the extra big snake, I awoke, very strange dream!

  154. I just came back from eating dinner with someone i love but we broke up. Its been rough on me lately and i been depressed and sick. I ended up having a dream that i was living with my family and some other odd characters i dont know of. Now i challenged my dad to hit a homerun and he failed as i went to go show him off and return the ball, i started walking deeper from my house to retrieve it. I started walking in a desert but there was some form of grass on the floor and i seen a wolf it was huge. I obviously was scared so i finally grabbed the ball and start running back along the way i seen a fox like creature so i ducked low and kept moving, as i turned around i seen the wolf start getting really close. As i reached alot closer to my dad i screamed saying that there was a wolf and we all started running into the house including a mysterious blonde girl. Now everyone got in and yet i didnt close the glass door properly so i opened the screen door and the wolf got in grasping to my wrist by its teeth yet it didnt hurt and i wasnt bleeding. Trying to get its grip weakened i remember a weird technique that let my wrist go and shoved the wolf and the mysterious girl outside. But looking at the wolf from the window of my door it looked sad that i left it but in a few moments grew angry and revenge full, like the girl. I often have weird, cartoonish, and eerie dreams but i feel like this does have to do with awakening to my inner self and i need to drag the bad energy out no matter how hard i feel inside. I need someones advixe honestly i never wrote my dreams on a website lol

  155. I had a dream of a wolf coming in to my house she had a pup with her only a few weeks old maybe but they both seemed contempt just lying down like they always lived there and treated me like there owner it was a really nice dream but what could this dream mean

  156. I really need help on a dream I had last night. I was hanging out with two guys and a girl. I knew them except I was only aquentences with them when we were really young and in the dream we are our current age. One of them was getting kind of fresh with me but I remember thinking he was trying to hide his sexuality so I kept pushing him away then I went to tell the girl bout it so I went to pull us into another room and he followed us and got to the door when we did then once inside he turned into a werewolf and mauled my arm. I remember looking up at the ceiling arm raised looking at the damage. Next thing I know we are outside and a hunter is trying to shoot him with this new contraption that shoots a bunch of Spears in quick succession except it goes crazy the Spears go everywhere he stops firing luckily no one got hit cause there was a big crowd. Then the hunter grabs one spear and charges at him stabs him but the spear breaks and the werewolf is fine and then I woke up. At no point was i scared or anything though just shocked. Help?

  157. Hi, I just got a throw back. It could be from a book or a movie, but I think it was from a dream. If it was a dream it was a long time ago. I remember That I was outside a forest, on a grass field. It was dark and foggy. I saw a wolf coming out of the forest, it had yellow eyes. After that I think I woke up and went to my parents and told them I had a nightmare. Then I fell back to sleep and continued dreaming. After that I don’t remember anything except from that the wolf turned out to be friendly. Does this mean anything?

  158. I dreamed I was walking barefoot open field female mama grey wolf ran up on me growling in my face I could feel her breath so scary she had two pup wolves she growled viciously staring into my eyes . I stared back she backed down walked away also I had a 2nd dream a a dark black grey male wolf he did the same thing Ran up on me aggressively growling stared into my eyes then after we connected eye contact the male wolf back off walked away seems to be a spiritual bond .i was born under a full moon on leap yr . I have native American heritage on both sides January 19 bday

  159. This his is how my dream started my sister was leaving for school and after a minute or two she comes back into the house and says there’s a wolf in the back yard. I go over and look at the back porch window and there’s a a normal wolf. Then the wolf goes over to the door and stands it’s self up and begins to stare at me with reflective yellow eyes. My sister than punches the glass to see if that would sho it away but it continues staring. After a bit of time the wolf goes on all fours again and starts to go in circles on the back porch however this time the face is distorted and it looks evil with the same yellow eyes but the month slit is now much longer. The wolf turns around one more time and it becomes a normal wolf but it’s acting playfull now. Similar to a happy dog the wolf startes running and waging its tail and everything seems fine again.

  160. In my dream there was me in my normal clothes ( the clothes that I usually wear ) and a gray wolf standing beside me. But I never saw the wolf just his/hers gray colored fur

  161. My wolf was my friend and it got shot by a random guy in a truck. Anyone able to tell me what that means in particular?

  162. I had a dream, where me, my mother and my little 4-year old brother were walking a dog. Suddenly we noticed a big white alpha wolf blocking our road. I told my family to escape while I distract the wolf. But it was too late for me to run. I stood still, it was best to not make sudden movements. I noticed that there were more wolves coming out of the shadows, about five of them and they surrounded me from each side, staring at me. At first, I was scared, but then I realized that they were no threat and wouldn’t hurt me. The wolves slowly approached me, they were licking and rubbing against me. I patted and played with them. They seemed more like dogs to me. One of them tried to bite me, but I jerked my hand away before he could.

    I saw people, far and near, fleeing in fear when they saw the wolves.

    I told the wolves that I had to go home now and they followed me. On the road home, I also found a small-sized dog with beautiful curly fur. The dog started following me as well.

    I entered my house, I looked back at the punch of wolves and they looked at me with puppy eyes that made me feel sorry to leave them outside. I let them inside my house. Each took a place or room of the house (a territory). The white wolf was sleeping and guarding in the hallway, where I stood. Others were guarding, playing elsewhere.

    There were other people living in my house, they came to me to complain about the wolves because they were scared of them. They told me to chase the dogs/wolves away and I was conflicted because of it.

    I saw my mother and little brother coming back home, they wanted me to help carry food inside, so I helped them. When I came back inside, the wolves + one dog had gone outside from the back door, searching for me.

    I kind of felt relieved- as people in my house were troubled about the wolves. I thought that I could find my wolves later, or they would find me when I went outside. I opened the door and saw another dog, this one was in bad condition, beaten up and dirty. By now, I thought that I was offering some kind of dog helping service, and let that poor thing inside my house.

    The end.

  163. one winter night i gone with some people to hunt ogre and yetys but some volwes appierred and run through me me but they just passed after hunt we delivered meat to my uncle but wolves where there with my uncle staring at me but didnt attacked i just hold my distance p.s (my english very bad i know)

  164. What does it mean when there are a bunch of wolf dogs dead on each side of the road and I am driving fast trying to get away and all of a sudden my at hits one and spins out of control into a wreck and I am left alone to face a wolf in the dark with my bare hands? Then someone comes out to speak to me.. and the wolf and I part separate ways and I’m back in my car going again.. why the dead wolves on every side??

  165. What does it mean when you dream about fighting a black wolf with red eyes….but neither you or the wolf is winning the fight….i have had this dream twice in less than 2 weeks now…..

  166. Okay, so last night I had a dream about a wolf, I don’t remember ever having dreams about wolfs before, and I always have screwed up \, confusing, weird dreams. But this one, I can’t get it out of my mind. I was in the bathroom of my house with one of my bestfriends, and out of the corner of my eye I saw something in my shower.(the shower is on the back wall the toilet faces it and when you go to wash your hands the cabinet mirror shows it. anyway) so I turn to look nothing is there. So I turn to wash my hands as my friend (Myella) Joins me I look up and there he is. He is a silver/gray/white wolf, Beautiful. His eyes are all black and I somehow feel the it was a male. well anyway. I meet its eyes and it just looks at me, doesn’t attack me nothing just looks at me. Well in my dream I scream anyways because hey there is a WOLF in my bathroom. Then my dreams continue.. I don’t see the wolf again but, my other two bffs are in the dream and it just continues on being a creepy dream. But that’s not what weirds me out. I talked to my bff (Not Myella) But one of the other one (Cray.) And we got to talking she had a dream about a gray/siliver/white wolf. and itt attacked Myella in her dream. We talked to Myella she did not have a dream about a wolf sadly. but then me and Cray looked up pics and sent them to each other, the only difference of the wolfs, was hers had a glowing scar around its right eye. So what does this mean? It didn’t hurt me or myella in my dream but attacked Myella in Crays?

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  168. For 2 nights 2 wolves have simply appeared in my dreams usually close to me, I’m not scared of them and they only look at me then run in the forest and they are gone, what does this mean ?

  169. I had a dream were I was being chased by a wolf but I managed to get away. I went home afraid the wolf would come back. After locking myself in a room for a while I went into the kitchen for food and heard a knock at the door, I answered it. It was the wolf so I grabbed a knife and barley stabbed the wolf. As I ran behind the door again the wolf said I don’t want to be killed by the shy girl. Then I woke up.

  170. In my dream I was in snow land surrounded by trees covered in snow and I saw a white Wolf with blue eyes, wearing a shiny blue crystal necklace and she was staring at me then after 5 minutes she came up to me and lied down on my lap.
    That was not it, me and my class went on a 5 days camp to Phillip Island and there was a Wolf farm and we stopped by there and I went in to pat the Wolves and suddenly they all came and lied down on my lap. Crazy huh.

  171. The wolf in my dream was really big and brown. He really looked as if he was looking for something. At first he appeared outside the home I was at, and I tried to crawl through the window to get away, asking for help but my sister told me hes not thinking of you and did not help me. I did see the wolf look up at me but then continued to walk towards the front door while stopping and pooping first on the walk way. Once he was in the house he was looking around, I was afraid but everyone in the house, other women, were not. I was in panic, so when he came my way I played dead and he stood over me for a while. Then he touched my hand as if he wanted to see if I would move. Then he walked away again and I tried to find a different spot to hide in but he found me. And again all the women in the house were going on with their business or just looking at me stupid while I played dead and the wolf stood over me. This time it was sucking on my knee, but I did not move. I woke up because this was strange.

  172. I had a dream this morning about me and a group of friends out somewhere in a forest like environment, there were moose running around and we were just doing our own business but then we stopped by the corner of a small house, it was sort of dark especially around the corner from where we were. I specifically remember asking a random friend (who I have not seen for years) why do you like hunting and what do you get out of it and he said something, straight after he replied (i don’t remember what he said) I saw red eyes in the bushes, about 3 of them and I knew that it was wolves. As I freaked out I yelled, there are wolves there! and all of us jumped up and turned around the corner and the 3 wolves came out of the darkness and pounced us but didn’t attack. It stood there snarling at us but very close. I was half terrified but also half brave enough to roar as hard as I could to try and scare the wolf or show dominance. It quickly glanced at me and roared back after it growled viciously. We went back and forth trying to show dominance after I relentlessly roared louder and louder until my own voice didn’t sound human at all and the wolves face changed dramatically after it realised what it was facing. The wolf decided to try again but I roared even louder and smacked it left and right on its face a few times. I do remember the wolf having a slight distraught look on its face and it looked very defeated/sad. After that, it ran off and I don’t remember much so I must have woken up.

  173. I dreamed of opening my front door and my 7 year old grandson says, “Look at those dogs”, I looked out and I said those are wolves. As I attempted to close the door, one really big one turned and looked at me and the pack started to run toward us. After, awhile we returned in the car, the big on e attacked my grandson, and I ran outside and repeatedly stabbed a couple of them and got my grandson loose. I woke up. Please help me understand this , I’m confused. Never had a dream about wolves???

    1. Ask yourself about your job situation, for starters? or is your grandson being bullied in real life? Thinking of wolves at the door theory. Hey, I got used to snakes dreams. they stopped once I realized ppl in my real life circle were up to no good. wolves behaving badly may mean the same thing but usually wolves are protective. These were attacking Just my opinion. And it all depends on how you feel about wolves.

  174. I dreamt it was night and noticed a reddish brown hair and he was sewed onto a wooden pole as I tried to free it a wolf appeared. As he stepped closer to me he began to growl and he opened his mouth towards the rabbit. I retained the wolf and I freed the rabbit. I took the rabbit and threw it in the field as it bounced off the ground It changed into a bird … ?!

  175. Wearing a long old fashioned nightgown, I was walking thru a field of grass on a large ranch/farm(?) at night, saw our animals were being menaced by a wolf, yelled at it to leave our cows, sheep, goat alone, wolf then turns around and starts chasing me

    Been fighting for custody of my grandson from neglectful parents…awful anxiety from that

    1. Myka, thats self explanatory. the livestock represent the weak. wolf represents the family you are legally fighting. Im no pro but I read your post and it seemed obvious to me. Good luck with that. Im a disgruntled grandmother too. My grandson is moderate autistic. And they just cage him up in the livingroom. they told me he was non verbal. Oh heck no that kid talks your ear off…..repetitively. I visited over thanksgiving. I live 900 miles from them. I read dr suesse and that 4 yr old had 2 books memorised. plus i got up when the kids got up and he told me every morning what was scheduled to be that day. When I packed to leave back south he got himself dressed and packed his favourite things in his school bag and told my son and his wife….”i m going with Meme.” It was heartbreaking, because I really wanted to bring him home. But he doesnt yet understand geographical distance.

  176. I dreamt that I was out either skiing or snowshoeing, and a black wolf walked up beside me. I was initially scared, but then realized it was just walking beside me, almost ignoring me perhaps? My fear immediately faded away and felt comfort.

  177. I have been having dreams about being a cabin in the woods and there is snow on the ground and I’m with friends. The cabin becomes surrounded with wolves and I’m the only one can walk out, with out being grould at or attacked what does this mean.

  178. I never had a fear of wolves perse’. I raised a hybrid when I was 16 back in the 80’s in NH. One of my best dogs. He treated my mom like pack leader, treated me like sibling, along with wrestling, and many other pack tasks. My dad, oh….he peed on his things. Any male teenage friends who came for movie night, they put their sneakers on the hutch, so Nick wouldn’t pee in them. When I was pregnant with my first at 21, he peed in my husband’s shoes, and sat between us on the divan. laying his head on my growing belly. When James was born, in 1990, he denned under his crib and any noise from the infant sent that dog to howling. I didnt need a monitor. As James grew, Nick would play gently, and sometimes knock him over. Kind of like brothers would do. Nick NEVER showed aggression to the baby, toddler. But when I separated from husband, years later. Ex tried to take James, in middle of night. Only Nick was under the bed. Nick leaped, and held ex against the wall by the groin. all in silence. It was ex screaming that woke the house. in order to call authorities.
    So I’m at a crossroads now in later life.25 yrs later. I can continue to follow my degree in law, or follow with food service management that has gotten me through school (second career), and move up to district in a year.
    I used to have snake dreams and come to find out some ppl in my circle were nefarious. Yesterday it was just 5 or 7 wolves. only 1 was pacing for attack. The others all looked like Nick. Friendly curiosity. In my dream, it was sunrise and time for me to go to work or school. I saw them in our yard bout 100 ft away, but I didnt go outside. I wasnt scared to. I was awoken before I went outside. In the dream I was only concerned by the alpha male pacing.
    Nick would pace if he didnt like what was going on. As in my father and I raising our voices in disagreement when I was grown, and same if mom and dad did when I was a teen. Nick was there protecting my mom and me both times and dad KNEW it. Or when my ex and I were severing….I said to him, “come at me, I dare ya” ex glanced at the wolf dog and chose not to.
    A few years ago, I moved in with a man who had a wolf hybrid here in GA. Now, my boyfriend let this one know whose alpha but still a great pet. He got used to me and again in pack mentality I was female and he treated me well. He paced in attack mode when certain ppl came to the house. A few times boyfriend left town while I stayed behind for classes and work. That hybrid never left the porch while I was home.
    So just writing this, and previous experience with hybrids. that one pacing in my dream, I need to figure out and be wary of, and the others are the curious protectors. whats your thoughts on this?

  179. Hiee.. I really don’t know what thus meant but it felt so real. I really want to know what it means cause I can’t stop thinking about it.
    I saw myself on the middle of the road with a guy I’ve never met before. He notices a wolf running towards us and picks me up and starts running. We run quite far until we find a spot to rest. I get these kind of dreams a lot but dunno why.
    Please help me with this

  180. My teen age son had a interesting dream last night of a wolf, but it was half women and half wolf. She woke him up and they were walking on water, she took him to an island filled with green trees and ivy. She made a point to show him the green ivy and the tree’s with purple flower hanging down, she wouldn’t talk , but he understood her. He remember he felt very happy and excited when he was there. I just thought that dream was very vivid and different from any dreams he ever talked about. I am interested in looking to see what this might mean.

  181. Had a dream earlier of a white wolf came into my house party all the company I had at the event was scared out of thier wits lol and I just stood in one spot for a minute. The party started out as a guy brought in a Ice chest full of snacks everyone was eager to eat and took nearly all the food I got at least one bag of chips and one more thing but forgot what it was now, but anyways towards the end of my dream I found a way to escape out the house went outside to safety , it was a beautiful day bright sun and clouds in sky so I flew up high in the sky as I could to get away from those selfish folks at the party n that mean vicious white wolf and the higher I flew I saw one guy with a grey suit n hat on he was happy to be flying away too. I looked down once and saw people just talking not paying attention to me at all still at that house party however I was determined to move on to a new destination much higher and I did.

  182. Hey last night I had a dream. The dream was normal with me fighting off silly muggers but I found myself on a industrial street a few times. The first time a big grey wolf with big kitchen knives stabbed into it’s back shoulder blades along the spine and it came from the right side on the oppisite side of the road. I remember I was sort of terrified of it but them became more cautious thinking if I made a sudden move it will pounce. The second time the same wolf with knives came from the left of the street, on the oppisite side of the road but this time I was cautious as it came walking but as it was almost directly in front of me walking by I started to gain some courage and took a few steps toward it. Help I’m completely lost as to what this may mean!!

  183. So in my dream i just woke from it was funny a bit but also had its scare. My brother josh ended up joking about how my friend david was lonely and ordered him a stripper. I told him how i wanted to go cause the woman looked hot. Then it sort of jumped scenes a bit to I was doing my brothers laundry and david snuck up behind me and I tried to beat him with laundry cause i thought someone i didnt know was coming at me slowly. Then it jumped scenes again to where i was talking to a lady I dont know who had invited me to go out to a strip bar with her and I told her my issue with that is that I do not have a sitter. Then it jumped scenes to me and my mom sitting outside I guess having a drink when I hear my daughter footsteps I looked back and saw her pointing slowly at something. When I looked over it was a large white and grey wolf and it was lowering it head with a thirst of hunger staring at my daughter as it rolled its shoulder like a cat I ran over to my child and grabbed her arm as I yelled to make noise at it to scare it while it was in mid charge the wolf flattened its ears and ran around me where my mom went after the wolf and beat it up cause I heard it yelping as I got my daughter into the closest business which was a bar. As I was trying to go through the door my daughter didn’t want to move so I asked for help but no one moved from thier seats to help they just stared. Once I told my daughter the wolf was coming if she didnt move thats when she stood up and ran to the bar. I told the bartender i was sorry i know children arnt allowed, but its an emergancy and shes like I understand. So she let me and my daughter in and when I got to the bar to check my daughter I look down and my hands are on my pet cat Kodi and he has some drool on him and when I looked over for my daughter panicked she was scared and tired so she was dozing off in a chair while I was still checking my cat for broken bones. The bartender asked me what happened and I told her a wolf tried to attack my kid. She didnt believe me. And I was like yes a wolf it paws were huge I know a wolf when I see one. Thats when I heard the guys in the bar talking low about how it must have wondered in grom the wood on the wayward side. Then a man corrected him and said no from this side and then another guy was like I didnt even know we had wolves out here and the other guy was lile oh yeah I guy breeded them and they got loose. I instantly woke up while listening to my heart racing, immediatly trying to think what that meant. Only thing that keeps coming to my mind was how the wolf rolled its shoulders like a mountian lion. Thats not a normal way that a wolf moves. Can someone help me?

  184. I dreamed last night that a stranger, a man was after me. Another man stepped in between me and the stranger and he said “just keep going, I will take care of this” so I kept running. The man then let a huge gray and black wolf out of a cage that attacked the stranger and tore his leg off, all I could hear was the stranger shrieking in terror and pain! The man then returned the wolf to the cage. What in the world could this mean???

  185. thank you. very informative. its my first time in my dream i was scared i was going to my car at night and heard a wolf i said oh no let me go back in and my eyes fixes and gazed across from me was the woods i seen 1 white wolf running towards me my heart raising i thought Jesus if i close my eyes i will die in your arms but i open, but nothing happen, then i saw the pack come out and next thing you know i was back inside the building like a hotel like environment and the owner or boss was talking to me and introduced 1 wolf and it was like i confronted my fear, it knealed in front of me n that was cool.

  186. I had a dream awhile back. But before i start i am wolf crazy so yeah. i was somewhere and running when i suddenly sat down and my skin ripped right off of by body and there was a black wolf in my place i/the wolf ran for awhile then its like my ripped skin mended over. i thought. and sometimes still think it was just my sub but sometimes not. is it just me am i just a wierdo? i mean i never really had a fave animal then bam just one day i ranomly search wolfs and i am in love. i am just to wolf crazy right?

  187. hi i had a dream recently where i was goingg around to the side of my house and a wolf was there he was black he stared at me and then walked up i stood there frozen in fear he droped some kind of letter at my feet and then he went past me and ran into the woods by my house

  188. For years I have had reoccurring dreams of being in human form but calling a pack of wolves to me. I have no fear of them and they have no fear of me. I trust them. In other dreams either I call to them and they come to me and I transform into a wolf and join them running through the woods. In others one wolf will come to me of it’s own choice and I get the feeling that it wants me to follow. So I do. Eventually again I transform and join them. I also have dreams of flying, and haveing the power to control the elements.

  189. I am single and unmarried.
    I dreamt about a red wolf who snatched my baby girl/someone i cared about(but sure it’s a baby), without my consent and headed back towards the field with grasses in evening on daylight. And when i started to fight back the lone red wolf. I started shouting and saw the baby being hurt and then i fiercely marched towards the wolf which was frighted too. And i woke up

    1. I dreamt of grey tall wolves one female two cubs she charged at me and snarled viscous stared my eyes then backed away we made eye contact like no other Second dream male wolf he did the same

  190. *Little correction to the above.
    I am single and unmarried.
    I dreamt about a red wolf who snatched my baby girl/someone i cared about(but sure it’s a baby), and headed back running towards the field with tall grasses everywhere in dusk daylight where the sun was about to set. And there was someone with me too for the rescue. I started to fight back the lone red wolf. I started shouting when i saw the wolf messing with my baby girl/someone i cared about(baby too) and saw the baby being hurt and then i fiercely marched towards the wolf which was frighted too to kill it. And i woke up.

  191. I cannot find an answer to my reoccurring dreams. I always have either a wolf or pack of wolves protecting me in my dreams. Any ideas on what that could mean?

  192. I have this recurring dream where there’s a group of wolves chasing me through a hotel. Not quite like today’s hotels. It was old, and the doors had intricate designs on them in red. I can only describe it as ‘If a vampire owned a hotel.’ Anyways, sometimes when I would pass a door, it would open and another group of wolves would join the chase. This continues for a while, but I soon find myself in a part of the hotel where the wolves surround me in this circle. This is always when I wake up. Does anyone have an idea of what it could mean? Thanks.

  193. I hed a vision of a wolf with his head tuching mine he had bright green eyes just staring at me no move means no growling nothing just pushed his head up to mine and stared at me what does this mean????

  194. Hey
    I had a dream that I had fallen down due to unknown reasons and a beta werewolf (I knew he was a beta werewolf) came picked me up and took me to my bedroom where he put me on my bed, leaned against my neck saying please don’t scream and that he’s sorry it will hurt and bit my neck marking me as his mate but I never screamed.

  195. Just want to mention I’m 22 years old, don’t have kids and have a bf.
    My dream was me in a house, I don’t know whos. I had a little girl with me and I think she was my daughter in my dream. I was doing something when I realized the lil girl was missing so I ran into a barn looking shack and I saw a big black wolf standing next to the lil girl. She wasn’t hurt or crying but I had fear. Before my instinct in my dream told me to climb down the wall to get her these two wolfs came in, they were light brown. The black wolf bite them and killed them. That’s when I started to climb down the wall and when I looked behind me where the lil girl and the wolf was it came chagrining at me and bit my lower body, all my lower body was in its mouth. I didn’t feel pain or see blood but I heard his voice. It was strong and said I told you, you couldn’t save her. Something alone those lines. Before I ran into the shack my bf (rn in real life) didn’t come in with me but he went to get something or something.
    I woke up as soon he the wolf stopped talking. very scared and confused.
    If anyone can reply please and I guess talk to me about this, that be great.

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