Sacred Dreaming: Seasons and Cycles of Nature

Sheri Howe, "Reverence, Protection"
Sheri Howe, “Reverence Connection Protection”

As we work on our dreams and grow awareness of our inner Selves, so too does our awareness grow of our connection to other things.  On one level, we may begin to notice more synchronicity in our lives, on other levels, we may simply feel more in tune with nature, with animals, plants, the seasons and cycles of the moon.

We can harness this power in turn to enhance our dreaming and our personal explorations.  By attuning ourselves to the seasons and cycles of nature, we can gain deeper insight to the rhythms and cycles of our own nature.  We can use these alignments to helps us find answers or guidance we seek.

In the dark, cold times, just as we prepare our houses for winter by ensuring gutters are cleaned and leaks fixed, so too can we prepare our selves for spending more time “inside our selves” by making sure our bedrooms are clean and clutter free, and our minds equally prepared by meditating and releasing stress and anxiety.

As the seasons change and the weather warms, we “Spring Clean” or houses that have been shut down for months. So too can we refresh our inner selves by taking our reflective processes and meditations outside, to sit in nature and feel the sun on our skin.  Naps outside can reveal quite wonderful dreams at this time of year as well!

As well as directing our personal practices, the changing seasons can also subtly inform the symbols of our dreams.  The closer we become to nature, the more our hearts and minds will open to this influence, and symbols of growth and hibernation, of the interplay of life, death and regrowth will also appear as themes in our dreams.  Plants and animals may begin to make appearances to impart their own unique wisdom and symbolic guidance.  We may even dream of planets, the moon and sun, of metals, stones and other gifts of the earth.  All of these symbols can reveal powerful insights about our own individual journeys and personal transformation.

Understanding the relationships between the seasons, lunar and stellar cycles and herbs, crystals, colours and animals was a specialised knowledge amongst Shamans, and also ancient Pagan and pre-Christian tribes and civilisations.  Much of this knowledge is still available today for those who seek it.  You may wish to simply journey within and commune with nature, using your own instincts to rediscover powerful lost knowledge.  At the Dream Well, we also have an online course that explores many aspects of Sacred Dreaming, including Shamanism, Paganism and the influence of the natural world, as well as ancient Tibetan practices and much more.  If you would like to know more about the course, please feel free to contact me.

Thanks for the image of “Reverence Connection Protection” to Sheri Howe.Facebook: Sheri Howe Gallery


3 thoughts on “Sacred Dreaming: Seasons and Cycles of Nature

  1. Oh I am SO happy I have discovered your blog this day! I have recently posted about my latest dream experiences….and though I have almost always been a very vivid dreamer (who also works to enhance and beter appreciate my dreams) I had a bee come and land right on my cheek today! I am familiar with bee symbolism, but am going to keep looking some more after the recent dreams to see just what the bee may have been telling me!
    Your words fit so well with my concept of “intuitive naturalism”…which is the theme for my blog and really, my life.
    I truly appreciated your article here and look forward to reading more of your wise thoughts. Thank you for blogging and sharing your words with the world.

  2. Thanks for your comment Lelahb39. “Intuitive Naturalism” is a wonderful term! I truly believe that the path to truth and wisdom lies within, but that we cannot ever forget our fundamental connectedness with all things, and certainly growing our love for and appreciation of nature is a vital aspect of this. Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy future posts!

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