News: The Mysteries of Lucid Dreaming

"Down the Rabbit Hole" by Aimee Stewart
“Down the Rabbit Hole” by Aimee Stewart

One of the fascinating benefits Lucid Dreaming may be able to offer is not only to dreamers themselves, but also to the greater world.

Through lucid dreams, sleeping subjects may communicate with a waking person beside them through moving their closed eyes in a pre-arranged pattern.  (This, incidentally, is how lucid dreaming was “discovered” (or at least proved) by scientists.)  In this way, waking researchers may “go down the rabbit hole of dreams” and gather objective information of sleeping, dreaming people, while still remaining awake and fully conscious themselves.

The research of sleep and dreams in modern scientific circles is really only in very early stages, but lucid dreaming offers a unique method to build on our knowledge with first hand and yet objective data.

Of course, with objective science comes the need to set up controls, and so we can expect to see more developments around the reliable initiation of lucidity while sleeping.  The latest neuroscience is looking at ways to stimulate areas of the brain, and while these methods (and associated devices) are mainly in early experimental stages, I expect it will not be too long before we see many more lucid dream enabling devices become available commercially.

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Thanks for the magical art “Down the Rabbit Hole” to Aimee Stewart.

You can see more of her wonderful work here and here

2 thoughts on “News: The Mysteries of Lucid Dreaming

  1. I love all your posts on lucid dreaming – the idea is so exciting to me, especially if we consider dreams from the perspective that they are trying to tell us things we may not consciously be aware of in waking life….thanks for all of the resources! xoxo Amanda

  2. I love Lucid Dreaming 🙂 I induce it to play in my dreams like in some kind of video game, it’s fun to do whatever you want 😀 But Lucid Dreamers have to be careful not to get addicted, there is real life too 🙂

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