The Meaning of a Window in a Dream

Windows in cream can mean we need to look at what our own perception is.

The first aspect that comes to mind when we think about windows is usually of looking out of them.  Windows in dreams can frame a certain aspect or image, giving it importance and perspective.  If we dream of a window, the first question is less about the window itself, and what is it we see when we look through it?  The role of the window can be to draw our attention to a specific dream symbol.  We can also consider what perspective we are viewing from – if the window is high, we may be able to see things from a bird’s eye view – taking in much of the interconnectedness that may be missed from the usual view on the ground.

But windows in dreams can also have significance themselves.  If the window is clean, it may mean that there is an issue in our lives we are seeing clearly, while a dirty window can have the opposite message, and warn us that maybe we are not seeing the whole picture clearly.  Maybe emotions such as anger or hurt are “muddying” our perceptions.  A large window can symbolise a new growth in our perspective, learning new things and developing the ability to see things we haven’t seen before, while a small window may indicate we are only seeing things from a narrow perspective, and perhaps should widen our viewpoint.

To open a window in a dream may be a symbol of letting in “fresh air” – or being open to new ideas, thoughts and ways of doing things.  Closing a window can mean to shut down from outside influences, but if there is a storm coming in the dream it can be wise to “batten down the hatches”, possibly a symbol of an aggressive or unhelpful energy, person or opinion that it may wise to protect ourselves from.

To dream of breaking a window may be a sign that the worldview we once held has been “shattered” by some new piece of information.  This can be shocking and distressing, but with time, even painful information can be assimilated, and our new view on the world developed.  If you have had a distressing dream like this, make sure you seek support and take the time to be kind to your self.  Sudden changes to our worldview can be extremely disruptive, and it is natural to want to take the time to work our how to “put the pieces” back together again.

We use the phrase “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” and if we dream of being in a room full of windows, it can symbolise that we feel exposed, and vulnerable in some way.  There is “nowhere to hide.”  Conversely, to dream of closing curtains in a window can symbolise the need to shut a part of ourselves away from the world, to “hide behind the curtains.”  Dreams such as this ask us what it is we wish to keep secret?  Dreams of closing curtains can also symbolise an end, literally “closing the curtains” on something, such as particular chapter of our lives.

Windows can also have sacred meanings.  We see beautiful stained glass windows in churches, and we describe eyes as the “windows to the soul.”  In this way, windows in dreams can symbolise looking beyond the physical, beyond the body, to what lies within.  Windows are designed not only to see through, but to let light in.  To see light streaming in through a window in a dream can be a special symbol of connection with a more spiritual aspect to life, of “letting the light in” to our souls.

Windows in dreams can also have a special role, especially for lucid dreamers.  Windows can sometime act as “portals” in dreams, allowing the dreamer to be transported through space and time when they step through one.  If you are practiced lucid dreamer, try going through a window next time you see one in your dreams, and see what happens!

Window dreams ask us to consider our perceptions of the world, what we see and what miss, what we let in and what we choose to draw the curtains on.  Windows in dreams remind us that there is an inner and an outer world, and how we see things depends very much on where we stand.

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Do you need to let some fresh air into your life?
Do you need to let some fresh air into your life?

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30 thoughts on “The Meaning of a Window in a Dream

  1. I had a dream that I I left a window open when I saw a raging man in the street with a gun. I preferred leaving the large window open than him shattering it. But I didn’t expect him to climb into the house (I was on a second floor). In the second dream, my family had left the windows of the family car open and it was stolen by another untrustworthy man. I think my new ideas are making me less vulnerable to men…. So by having these dreams, I am cleansing of these old fears..

    1. I recently dreamt that my son and wife were looking out of two separate windows, they seemed to be looking very sad and troubled. I remember an officer taking both of them by the hand to console them. Please tell me the interpretation of this dream.

      1. My interpretation is that you are troubled by what you may leave your wife and children with when you pass from your current life, as in, you’re worried about dying and leaving your wife and son. As someone who is still young, in college, but working on building a secure future for my future family, I can only imagine the pain of knowing what you have already built, love, and are afraid to leave in this world. If you are having thoughts like this in your waking life, you should see your doctor and make sure your physical health is up to par. Our bodies have strange ways of letting us know something may be wrong.

  2. I was dreaming that a friend of mine and I were going to this great show. But we were in there house and we had to get out through the open wondow. And she made me climb through a few windows. The last window we were in a home and we found an outfit for the show for me to wear. It was purple. Then we went through another widow toward the show. We were on a mountain. Looking out at big beautiful mountains. Her family was there she was smiling looking at one of the young women. But it was sunny and green and beautiful.

  3. What if you dream of a human form all in black -climbing into the window after you saw them walking by but they were only able to get their head and shoulders in and turn to face toward you

  4. I can’t find an answer to mine. Of course mine was more of a vision then an actual dream. I keep seeing an open window in an empty room. The window’s curtains are drawn open enough just for me to see a tree outside of it. If I step to close I see this dark presence. It just lurks there, so I don’t get to close. I feel the urge to look out though. What can that mean?

    1. You must be afraid of knowing what is out in the world, being that windows represent your perception of life, what you see in the world. We are all aware of darkness and despair in life. You may want to see this, but you try not to get too close because you know it is tragic and scary.

  5. – I dreamed a window opening and I could see bitterness, streaming sunlight that was drawing me to see, come see out that bay like window. There is a better side to follow, as in rainbow… I have experienced protective dreams, outer body experience, world wide tragedies before it happened, warning dreams in family and world.

  6. I’m having difficulty finding the meaning of seeing visions near real, physical windows while awake or half-awake. Any advice? I’ve had this happen at three different residences now: an apparition of a man near my bedroom window. The very first time, he appeared ‘in’ the window, but all the other times he was in my room, near or heading toward the window. There are other times he has appeared near the bed, having nothing to do with the window, but the frequency of being near the window prompted a friend to tell me I should look up the significance of windows. In the past few years I have also had over fifty dreams about this man and others in his life, and have discovered that this is a real person living in another country.

    My impression is more or less that his spirit may use windows as doors, since the windows go directly to the outdoors whereas the actual door leads further into the building. But I’m still curious if there’s a significance that I’m overlooking.

  7. I had a dream of a really big house and the entire side of the house was Windows and there was a lot of snow falling and tons on the ground it was dark out side and I was walking up a hill to do something with a lantern I have no idea what this dream means but I remember it as if I was still asleep.

  8. I dreamt I was sitting on an oak window sill, facing inward. I don’t know what the window looked like because I was facing inward. It seemed like I was sad about something and didn’t want to look out.

  9. I dream of getting stuck trying to get out of a high window in an empty house I used to own. There is a man with me and we are friends in the dream but I have not seen him in waking life.

  10. I dreamed that I was in my bedroom and the windows were missing. (You know how, sometimes in a dream, the room doesn’t look exactly as it does in real life, it’s kind of warped?) Well, the windows weren’t there and I was looking for them. I don’t think I was frantic, but it seemed like I couldn’t understand why the windows weren’t there, on the wall, and maybe they had been covered up by painting over them.

    So does this mean that I feel like I am too secretive? Or that I feel like I should be more secretive?

  11. i had a dream the window was slightly open, then a few min later closed. i went to the window to find out why it kep opening, then i realized a entity came in. he was old and scary. i do not know why i dream that. im concerned.

  12. I had a dream where I was laying down in an unlit room with my female coworkers, as I was tired from working and class (I work in at a school). Albeit, I do not really get along with them in real life (because I find them ignorant, useless, and wastes of space, money, and time. They are unable to think past the wants and needs they have in life to cater to what the students need at this school) and the youngest of our group, 20 years old and still sheltered by her parents, is loud and trying to play with another coworker in the bed. I get up to ask what’s going on, why is it actually so dark in the room and she responds “I don’t know, , why don’t you check under the bed before you decide to sleep in it?”. I immediately know something is OFF. Wrong. Bad. I try to turn the light on, and she says, “It’s broken and we can’t open the blinds.” I look at the window, and the blinds are closed, EXTREMELY faint light pouring through it (enough to know that this was the window I needed to open to see what was in the room), with a small table/desk and a single chair in front. ‘What do you mean you can’t open the blinds, just open them?” I go to walk to the desk, and its all growing in size to the point I am trying to reach over the growing height of the chair at the blind’s cord. I realize I can’t even move the chair to climb onto the desk. I realize this is slowly becoming a nightmare and I refuse to have as many as I have been, so I use my trick that I’ve used since a child to wake myself up when in the middle of terrifying lucid dreams and as SOON as I woke up, I had to shake myself and wake my boyfriend in order to prevent myself from falling back asleep.

  13. I had a dream where my house windows where stolen. it was by a co-worker. When I discovered who had done this I reported it and this person did not believe me. come to find out they where having an affair. but when I was able to have the chance to take the windows they where not in their original frame and spliced together. I took one out but then found myself placing it down and walking away.
    any ideal of what this may mean?

  14. i had a dream where i was looking out of all my windows but couldn’t get out of the house as they were frozen with ice half way up them all any ideas what this means

  15. I had a dream this morning, in my dream a a black bird with white chest tried entering my apartment and i stopped it and it came again and i allowed it to come in, I went to the kitchen to hide my self and the bird was waiting for me on the kitchen door.

  16. This did put some ease to my thoughts but I’ve been having a reaccuring dream about me in a room with nothing but a window the scenery is normal outside but something is definitely off as in the dreams eventually a man appears in the window and everything turns south from there as the man is always wearing different clothing but it’s always the same man I don’t know what his purpose is but it’s not good as the second I see him I’m riddled with anxiety and I try to scream but can’t make anything out but he just sits there and does nothing no emotion just sits there in one dream someone else was there in the room I saw it as my father but I’m not sure who it was and in this dream I was actually able to make something out screaming for him to help but he does not reply only watches almost as if he was in the same state I was in when I couldn’t talk I have no idea what to think of it but if you know anything about this please tell me

  17. I had a dream that a rock or a brick was thrown threw my window and in the dream i remember getting the phone to call 911 and as i did that i also was calling for my son that lives with me he was in the dream but i never saw him in it I remember taking the phone in my hand and walking up to my broken window to see a rock or a brick on the floor I looked out of the window to see 4 young men 3 of them was just walking around not paying attention to anything the 4th one was standing far off looking at me and I was just wondering what this dream could possibly mean

  18. In a vision while reading my bible I saw a snake among the plants on my window sill. There was early morning sunlight streaming in and the plants were beautiful . It was so beautiful and I was enjoying the sight but then I suddenly noticed the snake and I opened my eyes.
    Can you help with the reason of a snake among the beautiful plants.

  19. i feel like i had a bad dream ,but my mother always comes to me with meaning ,however this seemed more like a nightmare ,, i was in a house i didnt know ,and my aunt was there ,i havent seen her in a long time . we was not talking just moving smalls objects and she had a content smirk on her face , then all of the sudden im in this bathroom sitting on the toilet in front of me is a shower stall and walking over to me is my mother who has passed, she was naked ,caressing her breast , in life was never naked .walking towards me she seemed to have the same smirk as my aunt and was acting strangely, i thought she was heading to the shower ,i asked her ma what are you doing, there was a window there she put one leg over and rolled herself out screaming as she was falling , i woke up in a panic ,, there is something she needs to say or she would not of came to me .

  20. I dream I was on a window sill it seems like I was about to jump off I was scared there were people on the steps below and two people was besides me at the window it was so high it like the people who was standing there was cheering me on, but I didn’t jump it was too high and I was scared so I climb back in

  21. Trying to understand….. dream of being in my childhood restroom looking at the window, it is covered by a thin black curtain. There is no glass in the window, it is an opening and I feel myself being pulled to the window. Somehow I know not to pull back the curtain, it is to stay closed. I am aware the curtain is not moving as it typically would if it were covering an open window. I see the outline of a child’s face at the bottom, the child is watching me. I put my hand out to touch the curtain and a tiny hand reaches out from the other side wanting to touch my hand. I am taken aback by the little hand as suddenly more little hands start reaching out trying to touch my hand. They are little children, I feel emotional, feel this love in my heart and try to touch as many hands as I can though the curtain separates us. I know at any moment I can pull the curtain back to see them, but I somehow instinctively know I should not take this step. I deeply feel a love for these children. They, I believe are curious about me and just want to reach out. It ends with me leaving the bathroom and shielding my daughter from what just occurred as she had been taking a shower while this occurred. I wake up feeling love, nurturing and some sadness in my heart, but mainly touched that I was able to connect with their presence.

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