The Meaning of Obstacles in a Dream

Getting stuck, slowed down or hindered in some way is a very common dream theme.  This will often be expressed by your subconscious mind with vivid imagery, such as not being able to move your legs when you run, being stuck in quicksand, having a great big wall or pile of rubbish to overcome.

These obstacle dreams invite us to look at where in our life we are literally “stuck.”  Are you bogged down with old habits?  Do you have a task before you that seems insurmountable?  If you successfully negotiate the obstacle or start moving again, your dream might be encouraging you to persist with your approach.  Sometimes a good outcome just requires that we don’t give up.  But if your dream ends without you getting out of your predicament, perhaps it is time for a new approach.  While sometimes persistence pays, doing the same things over and over again and not getting results means it’s time for a new strategy.  Instead of trying to get over the wall, try going round it.  If the wall in your life seems to be the increasing workload that you just work longer and longer hours to finish, maybe it’s time to say no to some of those extra tasks, or to start delegating.

Obstacle dreams gives us hints as to whether we are on the right track, and to how to adjust our path if we are not.  The obstacles themselves, be it a wall, mud, fast flowing river or whatever will give us hints as to what the actual problem or issue is we are dealing with.  It might be something practical like work or money, or it might be something more internal, like how you express your feeleings or deal with a certain relationship. Your feelings and actions in the dream will help you understand the best way to address the problem.  When you adjust your approach in real life, look for how your dreams also change to give you feedback whether your new tactics are working.

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