The Meaning of Monsters in a Dream

In our dreams strange and unusual creatures exist. Some fascinate us, some terrify us. Monsters seem to come from somewhere deep in our imagination, and can create a particularly strong impact. We tell children that monsters aren’t real and smile indulgently as we explain them away. But somehow it seems different when we dream of monsters ourselves as adult. So why is it that we dream of monsters?

Things in our dreams are usually symbolic, and very few more so than monsters. Monsters are our very own personal symbols, often cobbled together from different creatures in stories, films and even mythology. Monsters can come from deep within our subconscious, so they may have a very important message to tell us. The very nature of monsters, that they are creatures of imagination, usually indicates we are dealing with something we don’t want to face, or something we don’t understand.

We can go back to the basics of dream work to understand what our own monsters mean to us. We can describe how the monster make us feel, and then look for situations in life where we are feeling the same way. Are we feeling threatened? Harassed? Under pressure? Is this something we are feeling at work, in a relationship or with a choice we have to make?

We can also try the action of describing the monster in basic words as we would to a child. We can look at the colour of the monster and what it it is doing. (see “colours” post.) Is the monster big and overwhelming, or sneaky and sly? This may indicate how we feel about a certain problem or dilemma in our lives. Remembering also, that symbols in our dreams are usually a reflection of parts of our own selves, monsters can be a part or our own personality we don’t want to admit to. Is the monster angry? Maybe there is something in our life that we are mad at ourselves for, and now need to forgive ourselves. Is the monster faceless, maybe even invisible, but hounding us none the less? This can be a problem in life, a behaviour or issue that we are running from. Now it might be time to face the creature that pursues us. Very often a bad monster dream can be about the parts of our own personality we like the least. These kind of dreams ask us to face what we don’t like, change what we can, and be kind to ourselves for those things beyond our control. Is the monster hungry, and maybe wants to eat us? This can indicate we have a habit, maybe even a compulsion or addiction that is “consuming us.” It might be time for a more balanced approach to life. Are we attacking the monster, trying to kill it? This might be an angry reaction to a part or our-self we can’t accept. Maybe we should stop judging ourselves by other people’s standards, and accept and love ourselves for who we really are.  Or it may be a symbol of illness, and our body trying to attack an invading infection or disease that our subconscious mind is aware of. Monsters in dreams can be our fears made manifest, but not all dreams of monsters are bad ones. Sometimes a monster can be harmless, helpful or even amusing. Such dreams may come after we face a scary monster in our dreams, or as we start to confront the problems or concerns we have in waking life. These kind of dreams may help us to understand the transitions from fear to freedom, with the changing monster helping us understand our own transitions. Some monster dreams may be of mysterious, but not particularly worrying monsters. These kind of dreams may indicate a powerful period of transformation occurring, with new skills and outlooks on life developing inside us that we cannot fully understand or recognise yet. We may even be lucky to have a visit from a part of ourselves deep within our subconscious mind, that arise like a creature from the deep to help or guide us at an important juncture in our lives.

The thing to remember with monster dreams, is that they come from within our own minds. If we can be brave and true enough to really face and understand them, most monsters aren’t really so scary after-all. In fact, they may even turn out to be our friends.

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  1. 2:15a – i just dreamed about a female ghost mother type, who was friendly and helpful and loving. and at the same time dreamt about a big bed that was rumbling from time to time, it seemed mainly when someone wasn’t in or near it. and each time someone left the bed it seemed to get angrier and angrier, until the last just before i woke up and i realized something was in the bed or it was the bed…like the bed was possessed or, well not sure…but i warned a woman who was sleeping in the bed to get out because the bed seemed to be getting more rumbly and growly, so the friend get’s out of the bed…”oh shit! oh my god! f@&% this!” and screams down the hall and these HUGE green hands with sharp red fingernails seem to form from out of the bed and covers and the bed is rumbling and growling and as she runs out of the room i’m yelling for her to “run run!!!” i slam the door shut from the outside, but can’t lock it, while it’s banging at the door violently, (the feeling coming from the monster seems to be enraged anger/desperate fear/and utter loneliness and can’t seem to communicate any of this through it’s rage), the door knob seems rather weak and loose, so i run like crazy down a short hallway, and see a little girl in her dress pajamas cowering in great fear to the left if me in the corner near (i think) another bed between the bed and a wall, as i pass her i wake up, heart pounding in fear, breathing kind of heavy full of anxiety and fear. don’t know if i actually screamed, but wouldn’t be surprised if i had. it’s been a long while since i’ve had a dream that affected me so dramatically…any observations would be greatly appreciated, at the moment i can’t seem to figure this one out, generally i’m pretty good about working out my dreams, but this one has me completely lost in it’s meaning…

    thank you.

    1. I dreamt I was in a huge house, a mansion. I was told by my sister, I’ll call her E, to go into the vents with a head flashlight, a football in front and my dog behind. As I went in I noticed a monster, it was humanoid and I only saw it’s face because the rest was covered because it was peeking out the corner. Another detail I’ll add is that the vents were very dusty and I was suppose to clear them of dust and monsters. But the monster seemed human like, black spiky hair, so pale it was white as snow, and tired bloodshot eyes. It had a huge grin and had razor sharp teeth. I am very protective of my dog so I went back not wanting him to get hurt. I wouldn’t go by myself but I’d never want to put him in danger either. I was backing out when my dog leapt over me. It was so terrifying as I watched him run down towards the monster barking. I yelled for him and tried to reach him when finally I let out a scream for him and he came back. I grabbed him by the scruff and made sure he stayed in front of me as we went back, sense the monster was now behind. When we got back I told my sister to get her own tiny dog and lights and football, and that I wasn’t going to risk my dog’s life.

      1. I feel this may represent some issues with your mother. Have you spent enough time with her?

  2. So an animal fusion type mobster arise from the water of a large canal, it was nearly blind or stupid, cause it mainly reacted out of sound. It went to war early on with an army and then somehow hid itself like a shadow.. I was part of that army attacking it, some of us started hiding, it killed many of us and we seemed to momentarilly hurt it. But under the impression it would come and kill one us, so I his. It then went to me retiring to my house, loud footstep s, there it was stalking my house/neighborhood. It would only react to sound and when I slipped up looking at it in the eye. It would roar sending out its attenas to probe the house. I don’t understand it but it could have easily crushed the house and everything in it’s path.

    I then woke up after seeing a hearse go down the street carrying someone we apparently knew during the day. The monster vanished once again.

    1. “I his” – I hid. (Correction)

      Also in between, someone shrunk down to size or hacked? Into my subconciousness..
      Imagine a light bulb shape of yellow energy, with flesh stretching all around it. My soul?
      Whatever the case the hacking was for training to fight the monster. But the hacking was performed on me forcefully, like someone taking my body over.

      That lightbulb soul image in my head is very vibrant even after an hour of waking up..

  3. I’m 18 and I had a dream of when I was little. I’m not sure how old I was. But any way, I was riding in the back seat of the car behind my mother and I was kicking a bag but in the dream I didn’t know it was there in fact it was invisible. It made the obvious noise and my mother’s head twisted backward and she yelled at me to stop kicking whatever I was kicking and I cried because I was scared. Then the road and car disappeared and we were in a library. My mother had turned into a snake like creature with the body of a snake and the head of my mother . She was chasing me and throwing books at me . I have had this dream many times and want to know what it means thx.

    1. Your dream represents that you think your mother wants you to study more and focus on school, and you think that she shouldn’t be doing it so she is made into an evil character.

  4. i had a dream last night about me as a kid who could see these monsters nobody else could see. they were not good monsters and one of them had markings on their teeth that said it will eat me once it woke up. in my next dream it had fast forwarded to when i was in some kind of institute with other kids my age(about 16-15). the hallways were sloped like the walls and their were no windows at all. me and this pretty girl i didnt know in real life but i know her name and i think she was my girlfriend but we had no romantic antics in the dream. we did share a bed together and a dorm room but there was nothing in the room except for a window that opened into a bare white wall. we talked and i do not know what we were talking about but we agreed that the system was controlling us and we had to do something. then we were in the bed and she was sleeping and then i rumbled and a monster came out from under my bed. it had a starfished shape head, itt was browinsh red, and it looked like the defint]iton of hate. it wanted to kill me. then the girl woke up and started screaming. the thing slithered and jumped through the window(wth i thought there was nothing there!?) and dissapeard. later i came back into the room after walking by myself and there was gold bronze spraypaint on the wall, telling me about the killer crill whitch was the king monster i guess. it also said it lived under my bed and the only way to get rid of it was to throw a light at it. then my gf came in and we went to bed. later i woke up and rremembered the killer crill so i shined a flash light at the ground near the bed. aluva sudden dis huge starfished shaped scaly thing with claws as big as my arms and legs like a cat came up next to me and screamed in my face. my gf woke up and screamed. i threw the flashlight at the thing and as it was about to hit the thing, the monster turned black and drippy and its eyes and features dissapeared. then, when the flashlight hit, the spots it touched turned into mini universes. i could see different paralel universes. endless. in the next part of my dream i was walking thru the halls with my best friend from real life. we were talking when we came accross a lab. in the lab was my proffesor. we talked and he told me that i looked scrawny and skinney and gawky. he said to get away before i saw his face turn into an ugly monster. me and my friend tried to escape but for some reason we went down the wrong hall. there was a dead end and we just wanted to get a way so we opened up an elevetor. inside was a red tube going down. my friend said that if we didnt get out that moment that the machin would cut out tongues out. so we went down the red tube.the farther down we got, the tighter and harder it would get to fit down the tube, and the more my friend would tell me that the institute would take out organs out of us and sell us in packages. we bareley managed to squeez down the last of the pipe when we heard a machine behind us, cutting air. we fell through a cieling in an empty hall, landing in a packaging box that said ship to kosovo. later when i woke up i found out that kosovo was a place in real life that is famous for organ theft. but back to the dream. the next scene in my dream, me , my gf, and my best friend have gottten out and we are trying to warn the next batch of kids going in that it is a hell hole and u will be lucky to survive. the kids who i also know in real life, are drugged up and retarded and they cant hear us no matter how much we scream. then i wake up and i have ejaculated in my sheets and that was the end of the dream

  5. I never dream, but for some reason I have been having multiple dreams in the past couple nights. I don’t know what this means, and I would like to know. I have done some looking online and it is said that everyone dreams, a lot of people just don’t remember their dreams. That being said, why am I suddenly remembering my dreams?

    1. when you realize you are in a dream you will remember it. you mighgt also remember your dreams if you have a great nights sleep or if you dreamed lucid

  6. I had a dream last night. I was living in an apartment with my school mates. Monsters started invading our country and would appear mysteriously at random times. Though usually after noon and in the night. It would disappear after it could not find any humans to eat. Many people died. It would not be able to see anything that’s beyond a glass or an object or even if we stayed still. So all of us hid under a glass table or sofa etc. An alarm would sound nation-wide whenever a monster was approaching. It did kind of look like a dinosaur but it came in different forms and sizes.

    It felt like Harry Potter. Only me and some of my friends knew a spell that could get rid or “kill” the monster.

    We hid, and whenever a monster was right in front of us, we stayed very still in hope that it wouldn’t spot us. I then dreamt of a part when my leg was exposed to the monster and it started to put its mouth on it. I could feel it’s extremely sharp teeth. I stayed still, as if I was just an object, the monster moved away.

    The spell that only we knew led to us trying to get rid of the monster whenever we could and we gradually went down to the mall that was below our apartment. People were freaking out whenever the alarm sounded but they knew what to do – to find a spot and hide, hoping it would not find them.

    It was such a dramatic dream and I had it all night without waking up. It felt like a movie and I would like to know what it meant, thank you.

  7. My monsters are like Sirens I guess and each time I come across them is the same place every time. The story is different but the place I come across them is the same. This dream I was at a family reunion, and my grandpa shunned me away. It was dark and eerie as I was walking down the road to my house (this is the same place; the road) a little boy came up to me and said he’d walk with me saying he felt bad about what happened. So I let him. Then I heard music, and it’s the same song I hear, but I can never remember the lyrics just the melody. The boy soon became hypnotized by the voice and was following it. Since I’ve met them the last 2 dreams I was immune to their voices. I tried saving the boy but the only way was with a silver dagger. I left mine at the reunion (silver dagger I received from my first dream) they claimed the little boy.
    The sirens kind of look like the witch from left 4 dead 2 they’re tall really skinny and pale only clothes are a white tank top and white undergarment. One of them is named Hannah (my name) and she has blonde hair that is short with curls (I am brown with long straight hair) and she has bright bright blue eyes that glows. Her friend has brown hair and red eyes, and I don’t know her name. The friend is different each time, but Hannah is the same. They come for me, and I run up to the reunion to get the dagger, but I woke up after that :/

  8. 3:33 am just woke up from another lucid dream this week , this one is different than the others because I can remember absolutely everything from surroundings to how my dream started and ended
    It started when I was in my room with my sisters (weird because I only have one) my sister gave me a beautiful outfit to wear for our trip , we were going to New York to see our family or something , we were going home , but deep in my brain I knew the room I was in is already home , I tried on the outfit before I could finish putting it on we heard an explosion
    We went to the living room ( the night turned to day) I saw smoke from my fire place apparently it blew up , my mother appeared she told me this is what I must expect when I buy an old house , she said I must return my room pack up my things and move back “home” ( but then again deep down I knew this was my home already ) then my sisters and mother left went back into the rooms I stayed in the living room looking at the flames of black smoke until I turned my head to the right , right before my eyes what used to be a wall becomed stairs to two levels , upstairs and downstairs, upstairs was a retro modern addition to my house , I was so excite to see it , I yelled to my sisters to come look telling them we didn’t have to leave anymore because the upstairs level was so beautiful but no one came back to the living room even tho I could hear them still talking in the room
    So I decided I must reach the upstairs level , then i saw that the stair way to the upstairs level was on the bottom floor the only way to get to the strait ways was to go down , so I did I went down and the stairs became covered with pillows ! Yes it was decorated in pillows and couches , (so weird) I was trying to carefully go down without tripping but people (complete stranger) were trying to go down the stairs as well
    Finally when I reached the downstairs level I realized I couldn’t see the upstairs level anymore or the stairs or my house
    I was in a street (nyc street) it was night time and very dark I started walking down the block until I saw a figure at the end of the street , I was a man a huge man sitting in a dog pose , I stopped and stared at w.e this thing was , I noticed it was chained up to a gate , but then it saw me and noticed I was afraid of it , he gave me a big huge creepy smile (like the joker) his teeth and mouth reached from ear to ear , then he starting ripping off his skin trying to bite himself free from the chains , i knew he was coming from me so I ran so fast but he rammed faster I looked back once and knew I couldn’t out run him , so I slid under a parked car ( because theirs always car parked next to the side walks in nyc) but it was too cramped and I could get my whole feet in , I crunched up hoping it didn’t notice as it ran past the car on the sidewalk , but 3 seconds later i was dragged out under the car by my feet , there this creature was his hand slash claws ready to slice my throat , the fear was the worst , the fear was so terrifying, but some how my subconscious reminded me it isn’t real, and I yelled from the top of my lungs “GET AWAY FROM ME” and right before my eyes this monster human man disappeared

  9. I had a dream about those big monsters like in the Japanese movies ‘godzilla’. the beast was attacking my neighborhood while my family and I were having a feast. The feast have ended and at night, me and my cousin just hanging outside the house to just enjoy the night breeze. That’s when the earthquake happened. We hid behind i dont know whose car and stayed there watch the beast appeared. Then it slashed the houses with swords or his tail,, i dont really sees it but it doesn’t leave the place. Then, I was searching ways to runaway when I noticed that my cousin had disappeared. I imagine things that I would do and how I do it. But then, it was all a dead end. It ended with me laying dead because the monster noticed my presence. Then after that, I woke up. It is morning in real life but I was too tired so I went back to sleep. Then I continued dreaming again. I thought it was something else because we’re in like an army base. I dont know who they are but when I look at myself, I was dressed like each of them have worn. An army outfit. Fully loaded gun like a person who is ready for a war. I think it is my group were called first, so I ran with them. Altogether, even though I didn’t even knew what am I doing there. All I knew were there’s this robot-monster like is infront of us and we are all (our group) went inside the robot-monster. But then after that i couldnt remember. What I remember is, half of us, were hiding in bushes in the woods but it was currently being a battlefield between i think, other group robot-monster and another real monster. We were just hiding and watching them. But then, we heard like breath. Heavy breath. Behind us. It was another real monster. We didn’t do anything. Then, it went out from its hiding spot and attack the robot-monster like. Then I woke up again. The dream I had was today. And I was feeling anxious because of the dream. I hipe you can give some opinions.
    I’m 15 this year and I’m a girl. I’ve already read what you wrote up there. The part where I was not confident myself, is likely true. And can you give an advice for me to overcome my weakness ? Thanks.

    1. hi there! so about your dream could it be that you in real life are surrounded by monsters with friendly faces?

  10. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!! I was at a corn maze and a monster came it was very big,it was like a snake but it doesn’t hiss like other snakes.The head of the monster was not like other snakes too.The head wasn’t spoon shaped and the size was same as the rest of the body.This monster is CYAN in color.The monster was trying to eat us the suddenly i was at our bedroom.We were all at our bedroom hiding under our blankets.While the monster tried to eat the other people i secretly tried to escape.But the monster caught me and approached me.We were facing each other face to face then suddenly i knew the monster wasn’t monstrous i felt its friendliness. Suddenly i was an old woman on a wheelchair,the monster also turned to a big human being and pushed my wheelchair as we were going up the woods. I think the monster and I fell in love.

  11. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!! I was at a corn maze and a monster came it was very big,it was like a snake but it doesn’t hiss like other snakes.The head of the monster was not like other snakes too.The head wasn’t spoon shaped and the size was same as the rest of the body.This monster is CYAN in color.The monster was trying to eat us then suddenly i was at our bedroom.We were all at our bedroom hiding under our blankets.While the monster tried to eat the other people i secretly tried to escape.But the monster caught me and approached me.We were facing each other face to face then suddenly i knew the monster wasn’t monstrous i felt its friendliness. Suddenly i was an old woman on a wheelchair,the monster also turned to a big human being and pushed my wheelchair as we were going up the woods. I think the monster and I fell in love.

    1. Hello Amy!Thank you so, so much for replying it means a lot to me.So i look up the articles you recommended.The fourth paragraph on the article of snakes was about moving on from what hurt us and My old friends really hurt me in the past in addition the color meant newness, peace etc. Could it be that my dream is telling me to forget my old friends and move on? But what about the older version of me on a wheelchair that is being pushed by the monster in a human form?

  12. Last night I had a dream that I was in a house built directly into a cave. This cave and the house (both were pretty large) had monsters in it. Behind a vault were various monsters in a separate part of the cave. I killed one from afar with a bow and then the other monsters rushed at me and they were super fast considering they were big and blind/faceless. I got out of the vault barely in time and then went back to main place where this wizard (or maybe a wise man) showed me a water monster that was tame-able and I was afraid to try because the monster looked hostile even though I knew it wasn’t and I ended up leaving it alone. Then I went to investigate other parts of the house/cave and found other water monsters that were contained and went deeper into the house. I found a gate with some kind of lock or clasp holding it closed. I opened it and these “humans” came out dressed in robes or monks clothes came out with straws or something and they closed down the area and came at me (fast walking) and sucked out brain juice from containers that floated and someone who was with me asked “How do they know who’s brain to suck?” and we ran magically opening curtains that they closed with their own magic before hand and when the sunlight touched them they stopped and stared outside before closing the curtains again. I noticed that while we passed the curtains, the windows had eyelids on them that opened as we passed and stared at us. I woke up as I was running from them because my dog jumped on me

    1. Oh, I forgot to mention that when I killed the monster in the vault, I saw it’s health like you would in a video game but that’s he only time I saw the health of any entity in the dream

  13. I live with a religious family, they hate music, and I can’t be free to buy instruments or play one at the house, so I made a water glass instrument, you fell every glass with different levels of water and play on it with a pencil and it makes gorgeous sounds, my aunt is a very mad muslim and she despises music and tells me that I’m going to hell, last night, I dreamt that the water glasses were playing themselves, I was lying on bed, hardly was opening my eyes, and I thought it was mom, however, it was a sudden “but I locked the door before going to sleep…” I was feeling scared, I reached out my hand without looking back (the water glasses were on a table behind me) and I grabbed my phone, then the glasses stopped making noises and I heard footsteps getting closer to my bed stopping right behind my head in silence (you can Imagine how creepy that is) so I thought Should I google something to help me out? nah… I felt the thing behind me looking at me as if I’m stupid, I thought “maybe it’s a demon… I’m not well informed on those but I know they’re scared of this.” I turned on my phone’s flash light and without looking at my back I hold my phone up enough to scatter light all around the room…. no response, really… no foot-steps, no sounds… there was absolutely nothing so I thought “so it’s not a demon? thank… God?” then the thing behind me giggled happily as if it hears my thoughts, I felt frightened and hid my head under the blanket, I felt the thing trying to get me up, but I resisted, and he went away… i was ok for a moment and then I heard… what? water pouring on my floor, did he just… ruin my water glasses… “REALLY?!” I thought, I toke the blanket off and decided to face it, I was really really scared and expecting something big, something to scare me the hell off like these horror movies, instead…. a small… child? he had gray skin, horns, small pointy teeth, and glowing yellow eyes, he wasn’t really scary, I mean his cute face… what really made my heart race and frightened me was his “looks” he looked at me eye to eye, he giggled just standing there away from my bed, we didn’t attack each other he just looked at me funny and I was scared, when I woke up I was so scared I didn’t know reality from a dream and I hid under my blanket instantly… wait, I’m feeling my breath and air pressure under the blanket, seconds later I realized I’m back to reality and that kid is nowhere to be found… weird… if it was just hallucinations from the “you’re going to hell” rants, then shouldn’t there be more… fire, or even fighting and such? or even real “demonic” effects, not scared of light is something undemonic.

  14. This sneaky monster, almost similar to the top photo in this article just chased me down. I remember seeing it running towards me at some distance, then i started sprinting for the escape ‘hole’ which the monster wouldn’t fit into. I almost made it… but it caught me, and eventually started eating my hand.. I was in SO MUCH PAIN, It was so real, and I felt really confused when I woke up

  15. There is a door… a girl keeps saying. You’ve seen the door. On some level I have, There are silver spiky giants and smaller ones everywhere… there is a big white tree. I can’t get there. The big ones are searching me. Go near the small ones and they are attracted to me – chasing me because I’m fearful. My brother is with me, he has gone through.his door of white light and escapes. I decide I want to go through my door, because I am drawn to it, it feels safe … but it could not be…and on the moment I do the monsters leave me alone and let me pass.
    I’ve been gambling a lot recently – it could be an indication to stop? I need to stop and walk through my door to freedom. It was Such a vivid disturbing dream with the monsters, but in some way I am grateful for it, and it ended incredibly positively.

  16. 2:30 am and just woke up from the best yet most terrifying deem I have ever had, it kind of has two parts and is also kind off all over the place. I don’t even remember the last time I had a dream, so yeah it is kinda rare I remember them, especially this well. The first part I was in a place which I can only describe as a shanty town or a favela some place like that, then these military type people come in and just start killing people, really don’t know why so I just run and try to hide and not to much else happens with this. Then suddenly I am in my room on my bed, and a spider came down from the ceiling and landed on my bed a yard or so away, I hate spiders so I tried to grab something and hit it away but couldn’t or I always seemed to miss. I stood up of my bed and tried to turn on my light and then my lamp but they wouldnt work, this was when I turned around and between my bed and the wall in the corner there was this thing crouched down, hunched over, and it then stood up I threw the thing I had that I tried to hit the spider with fell over then woke up and made a really weird like muffled shout noise. After I woke up I really didn’t want to move or look down at the corner where it was. If you want a rough idea of what this thing looked like look up the wendigo from until dawn, long arms and legs, very tall. As I said I rarely dream but whenever I do it is always nightmare, don’t know what this means but it kinda sucks.

  17. Recurring dream I keep having is im trying to secure all doors and windows of a room before they come. Sometimes they get there before I’m done. They seem to always come just as it gets dark out. Usually in my dream I have some time to bolt the doors and cover the windows before they come. Today I was in a dim room with a window on the door. Just as I moved all the items in the room to secure the door they arrived and I could see that they saw me. I broke the door glass and attacked them with a heavy stick
    My son and brother were with me. I then woke up They are either vampires or zombies. Today they were monster clowns.

  18. I have had a reccuring dream my entire life about a almost completely black covered in dirt girl who is so skinny that her skin looks taunt over her face like a stretched drum-skin over the drum-body and she has blonde hair but it’s so dirty and mattered and greasy it doesn’t even look blonde and she has bright blue eyes that bulge out but she doesn’t have a voicebox so ever dream I dream I wake up wearing whatever I fell asleep in and rip open my bedroom curtains and find her there outside the window looking in her entire body taking up the window with her arms and legs bent at weird angles so they touch ever corner she’s so tall and she screeches but it makes no noise mostly she just watchs me and j get scared but sometimes I take control and pretend she’s not there and avoid her gaze but then she gets so angry she starts silently screaming and trying to smash the window and I’ll wake up terrified to open my curtains but the weirdest thing is until recently I hadn’t really openly said she looks like me but she does… Do you know what this could mean?? Thanks for any help – Reoccurringdreamer

  19. So I had this one nightmare that I’ve been seeing for a long time. I see it once every year or few years. And so I’m in my aunt’s house on the second floor in one of the rooms, and for some reason their is murky water and trees and vines, but the furniture it’s still there, submerged. I’m hanging on a vine. Random blurred faces and bodies of people somewhat ahead of me, jumping from vine to vine, and so am I. I can’t see it, but the I just know there is a monster chasing everyone. I slow down cause I am not as fast as the others. Then, clinging on that vine,I look down. I don’t see anything, but I feel like the mouth of the monster is opened and my legs already inside its large mouth. Before it closes its mouth, I force myself to wake up. Whenever I have this dream, I’m always conscious, so I know it’s a dream, and that’s how I end up waking up before the thing eats me. For some reason, even though I can’t see my body cause it is from my point of view not looking at this happening to me, I know I am always a kid in this dream, the same age each time, maybe around 5 years old?

    1. Something happened during your early childhood that has been eating at you for a while. Most likely something traumatic, or something that affected your subconcious. You have yet to be consumed by this, because you are still in control.

  20. i had a dream last night where there was this small, run down building in a field, inside was a vault. I feel like i have had this dream before,because I already knew what was inside of the vault from *previous experiences*. There were a multitude of robots/androids inside, much like those that appear in the movie irobot, expressionless and a little unnerving. Again, I knew this is what the vault contained, and I also knew that if these robots were to be released they could wreak havoc on our world. The details are already fading about this and other parts, but that much is for certain. Anyway, upon opening the vault door me and whoever else was with me found that we could not lock it, and the androids began to advance. There was a voice inside the room, and if I remember correctly a red eye which stated that these robots were undefeatable. However, I basically engaged in hand to hand combat with every one of them inside the room for what seemed like an eternity, and I found that they were not in fact invincible. I then had to track down those that escaped into the house to prevent them from escaping into the world. There were definitely more details and more story but this is the most important part.

  21. I just woke up from a dream that i was about to fight two faceless people but then felt powerless, after i woke up in my dream feeling attacked nd held down while trying to scream to wake my wife up. Then i woke up nd here i am now

  22. I just had a weird dream about monsters. Me and my friend were monster slayers. The monsters were chefs in different restaurants around the country. One of the restaurants turned into my school cafeteria. The monster cook (Not really a chef, it’s a school cafeteria) caught our eye, and so we had to fight him. We were pretty bad ass in this dream. The fight didn’t go as well as it did with the others. The monster took my best friend and my other best friend that magically appeared in the place we were “slaying”. I had to get to class after lunch, but I didn’t. There was a barn next to the school that isn’t there in the waking life. The barn was filled with weapons and potential ones. I didn’t realize that at first, so I just cried in the barn. People started to come in. A guy from my school in real life came in the barn first (He’s a crush I’m trying to get over if that helps someone understand the meaning of this dream). He saw me crying, and instantly knew all that happened. More people came in, some people that I knew, and some people that I didn’t know in real life. We got ready for “battle”, making and taking weapons and armour. We went to fight the monster but it didn’t work. All of sudden we were back in class. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw in the window, the monster creeping around the barn, with my unconscious friends. I think I gave a signal to the guy, and some other people that were out there. I woke up before I could get my friends back. Is there any meaning to this?

  23. I usally fight monsters /demons/swat teams in my dreams .i always win these intense battles though. What does rhis mean?

    1. I had similar dreams like thag before the nightmare i had the other day. This might continue for quite a while until you will get that one dream that will make you feel uneasy just like for me. Now i cant confirm it completely but from my experience its more than likely to happen

  24. PLEASE HELP ME! I keep having dreams of some dark/black monster in my dreams! It attacks me and I have to fight it off in my dreams. The monster is usually in my house when I dream about it. I don’t know what this means and It happens constantly! PLEASE HELP!!! ME!!!!!!!

    1. Do you remember what the thing looks like besides being all dark/black? that might be able to help to understand a little more about what could be happening, i see things similar to what you’ve described so far, both in dreams and in real life, and i know a bit about what it could mean, the thing being color black itself can mean quite a few things, it pertains to pulling, capturing and transforming energy, and indicates an unforgiving nature (to self or others), past life problems, unreleased anger, grief, and even health problems.

  25. so i came to this page because i was searching about dream meanings because i was really curious what my dream meant last night. I dreamed about a little paper doll-like creature was walking on my table and it was just walking back and forth. Then I hurriedly ran to the kitchen and grabbed some salt to throw to that possessed creature, or whatever that is. When i threw some salt on my table where the creature was, i grabbed some more salt on the floor but when i looked again to where that creature was, the table was already destroyed and the paper doll is gone. What was that? That was kinda scary!

  26. Yesterday (2016/12/05) i dreamt of somekind of deamon it had a triangle like head ending up with horns. It had many yellow eyes with no pupils. It had no other facial features except for those eyes. It was tall and hunched over. And when i encountered it in a dream it made deep muffled but loud static noise. And all i felt in a dream was absolute dread. It felt so real that it even haunts me now. It did not try to catch me or something it just lingered around me making that god awful noise. And i never felt such dread in my life even when i woke up i still felt it. And the worst is that it felt reall like it could exist. I dont know what kind of messege could that be. I dont get scared easy neither did i have a nightmare for 13 years and i remember my nightmares. And this one was the worst i had. I did not jump up from my bed because of it but even when i woke up still felt like it was in the room with me. I searched for something similar to it online and ended up here and yet when i write about this the dread is coming back. If you had a similar dream then please share it with me i would be more then interested to read about it

    1. We’re you ever bullied when you were younger? Because that might explain the feeling, or if you have depression that might be it.

  27. In my dream I was battling something I didn’t understand me and a group of other students were chosen by our teacher to go to a war without knowing what we were facing I went and got my sword and bow (that I also own in real life) went to the portal and then the dream cut off .now I was in another dream but still with my sword I was battling some mythic creature it said something about thea which is a goddess or titan and we went into a sword fight she teleported to the other side of my house then killed my cat and I was so enraged I rused into a fight but neither one of us lost and niether of us won and then the dream was over. I was now on some train I think and I was in blue encrypted armor talking to some other people in armor and then someone in yellow armor had spun and attacked us .maybe the one in yellow armor was thea maybe I killed her but help to understand would be appreciated

  28. I had this dream last night where I was in a video game, It was my body but at the same time i was controlling it. And i was in a big city and there are different levels. The first level i don’t remember to well but I think i had to figure out a mystery and there were a bunch of killings. I was also in a boat with a weird family and we were in a swamp. The second level consisted of a bunch of ppl running around trying to get away from this giant creature. There were two. One with ONE HUGE eye and i don’t remember what the other one looked like. and i was trying to get away and trying to hide in buildings and some of the doors were closed and i kept loosing and kept getting eaten. very frustrating.

    I had a dream earlier in the night where me and my bf were at a middle school (we are both in 11th grade) and i was in a dress and he was in a tux and their were a lot of cars around and it was raining but all the cars were stopped and the ppl that were picking us up had to leave to get another car because that one broke and they disappeared. Well me and my bf just argued and he kt saying he didn’t love me and he didn’t want me. we have been arguing a lot and i woke up crying.

    Yesterday morning i woke up from a dream where me and my dad were in a juvenile jail do a walk around and he says this is what will happen to u if you keep acting up. but the thing is all the kids in that jail were crazy. Kinda like a mental hospital i guess. and so we started arguing and fighting and he throws me down and walks away.

  29. I had a dream that a bigfoot like monster was chasing me and some friends but I ended up dancing and loving the monster…

  30. I had a dream last night when I was walking in the city. I was at a trainstation with my friends. The city has one huge building. One moment the sky above the building became red and a maelstrom-like cloud appeared and starting to surround the top of the huge building. That building started to collapse and a giant monster appeared from inside it and screamed. That monster was like a giant human but without any skin. I only saw the muscles and his face was also skinless. That monster reminds me a bit from the Attack On Titan anime series, but this one was much more different. Everyone on the streets started to panic and run away. I was inside the station and the monster started to walk and his foot came right above me and stepped on the roof and the seal of the station collapses and crushed me with my friend with it. Than I woke up in a luxury hotel on the top floor and saw the view of the whole city. My classmate was with me and when we were talking I saw from outside the window explosion en dust clouds in the city what appears that the giant monster ravage the city. I also saw mushroom like clouds if it looked like atomic bombs were exploded and one explosion causes a shockwave and it was heading to the hotel were I was in and my dream stopped.

    Could someone help me to explain this dream I had. It is not described what I read above.

  31. I had a Dream where I was in a cave with Zoe Saldana and Clive Owen, who took me to a celebrity hiking trip, with some other black actor. I saw a cave tiny like a rabbit hole, she gave me a pair of plyers, call them a hack saw, then I saw a disturbed gate on top of it, I move it, and walked into it. The other black guy went up ahead, I saw old food, and packs everywhere. Then I saw an obelisk with bright red light, only to fade in to thin nothingness when it tried to reach the ground, there was gold and silver, but I saw a patricular gemed infested Chalice, that seem to glow, and fade, like molten gold was pouring over it,and getting cold(solidfying) at the same time, when i went to approach it, I heard wails and screams, a horde of demonic type monsters began to feast. The Poor black actor was soon surrounded by The Ravenous, and the Actress Zoe Saldana, screamed “Monster” and ran to the cave, I thought I saw a torch fly towards it, but heard Clive Owen screamed, then shrouding by black, I ran to th exit, with the chalice in my grasp. I do not know if I made as I turned to look back, but saw there was no demons, but the black actor was eating Clive owen as a matter of fact, the Cave had changed him, what we saw was Illusion, I woke up this morning in aught of confusion. I am writing this story in a format i have no idea what, this dream has meaning, please answer i, you must. I really can stop hyming, how weird to write without thinking, by the way I wrote this entire dream story without blinking….

  32. I had this nightmare a night or two ago, so i don’t completely remember some of it, while other parts i can’t remember at all, although some bits that i can remember very clearly are that It was dark in the dream, it was in a 1st person point of view so i couldn’t see what i assume was myself, i was able to hear a female talking as if she was reading a story although i couldn’t see anything that seemed even slightly human, besides some occasional feet or arms which i would guess were mine, i can also remember one of the monsters in the dream very vividly, it was a fox-like thing but it had Lobster/Crab ‘arms’ and claws where the front legs were supposed to be and was completely white with no face besides maybe a nose, it seemed to have been struggling to walk although it could stand up on all fours every once in a while, and instead was using the claws to drag itself around and sometimes it’s back legs to push itself forward. i remember some sort of jelly-like spheres, each was a different color, i believe there was around five and i broke the red colored one but i don’t know why. one thing that confused me the most was that the house in the dream was kind of the same as mine now but all the rooms besides the kitchen were in the wrong places. my bedroom in the dream was where my living room in real life is, the bathroom in the dream was across from where my front door in real life is, i never noticed a front door in the dream, and there is two other rooms in real life plus m living room, but only my room, the bathroom, and the kitchen in the dream. i remember some windows but they were all covered with curtains or blankets that i don’t remember having ever even seen in real life, however the kitchen in my dream hadn’t been changed at all besides being a bit less messy. the fox thing was in the middle of the kitchen, just kind of dragging itself around slowly. when i ran to the kitchen in the dream i immediately noticed the thing and ran back the other way, but then i was back at the kitchen door way and don’t even remember going back over to it, then i guess something happened which i can’t remember because i was just suddenly laying on the ground, then i heard the woman say something along the lines of ‘________ lungs slowly collapse’ and i woke up.

    i drew this picture of things i remembered in the dream, i still don’t know what anything meant though. (please excuse the language in that name, my friend made me the account and i can’t change it without a deviant art membership sadly)

  33. I had a dream a giant white bird with massive toes and claws was trying to get me (I’m scared of birds ) it was trying to scratch Dow. A wall of steal to get to me but couldn’t get me but I felt it still could ??? It really scared me and I don’t know why please help ???

  34. I once dreamt of a clown stalking me. Also about a dark, black, no-face woman who tried to take me to her house(kidnap). I was more frightened because it was a house in my neighborhood. I had these two nightmares when I was like in 2nd-3rd grade? I still remember them both.

  35. So I just woke up from this dream. It is about 6:30 am my time and I am very terrified. In my dream we are at a family celebration. After most of the people go home my brother, my cousin, and my good friend and I are sitting on the porch of my old family home. When I look up in the sky and see a 55ft Black winged creature flying in circles around the house, I was immediately stricken with fear and so was my brother. We stated at it in see. Then my mother and my step dad now separated came from the sliding glass window that leads into the house told us to hurry inside as they had seen the creature from the front yard. Neither my friend nor my cousin seemed fazed by it and remained seated. Despite my protests they would not move I abandoned them. I then received a text message within the dream from my cousin saying “he is just standing in the garden lol” and at that moment I woke up in chills.

  36. I had a dream with a monster that had deep sunken eyes, like Jeff the killer, and he was trying to kill me. But a bear with fur the same color as my boyfriend’s hair came out and attacked it. I think it symbolized his protection for me

  37. I have been having nightmares for the past few weeks. I always wake up not remembering the dream, but last night I remembered some of it

  38. Last night I had a dream where, at night, my teacher had asked me if she would like me to ride in her car and she would take me home, and I said yes (I don’t know why). But she accidentally dropped her pen in the sewer, so she took the top off and hung down from the sides and couldn’t find it. After a while she just started thrashing around and banging against the side. Then she just stopped, so when I went over to and asked if she was okay, she was dragged into the sewer, and after around e seconds, I heard a loud crashing sound. I never saw the monster there, but later on in the dream, I just randomly knew what it looked like. It looked like a short giraffe that was completely black with no eyes, tail, or ears. It’s mouth was indescribable, it was just horrifying.

    1. Creepy. I just had a dream last night about waking through the neighborhood I grew up in at night, then I heard something crashing through a wooded yard, and this black, maybe six foot tall, very simply shaped (at first, all I could make out was a tallish, black rectangle) giraffe-ishmonster came running out into the street. It didn’t advance on me, but I ran a safe distance away before turning around to see it still standing in the street.

      Scared me so bad that I woke up, and was to afraid to close my eyes again for several minutes.

  39. I have now had two extremely similar dreams, I don’t want to call it a monster because it wasn’t a big green thing but theres no other word to call it. Both dreams were at school which is funny because I absolutely hated school. The monster was massive, like as big as two houses and i never saw its face and completely impossible to kill or defeat and no one even tried to kill it, the monster would only come sometimes completely out of the blue and would always kill somone and as soon as it came everyone was to hide and it very nearly killed me, and I remember my second dream with the monster in it i ran away to a car park and hid in a car with two other people and it came up to the car and just before I woke up it was squashing the car with its foot, THE FUNNY THING IS I slept round my boyfriends last night and only the day before I found out HE KISSED another girl whilst we were on a break but I have decided to forgive him. Do you think this has anything to do with it?

  40. i was in my car,although i don’t have one.i was kindda in the desert when i saw two guys with another person. he was crying out for help.and i just ran towards them then found my self upside down and the two guys were pushing me down a deep dark hole in the ground i look at it when something or should i say a human. but it has no eyes and it was smiling creepily at me before i fell towards it. i don’t know if it means anything but i was really angry through the whole thing.

  41. Just last night I had an odd dream. I was in my bedroom, expect it wasn’t really my bedroom. The whole set up of the room was different and everything was out of place. The only reason I recognize don’t it was because of the wall colors. Then all of a sudden the walls changed colors. They changed to the same deep pink that they used to be before we painted them. Expect this time the color seemed faded and the walls torn. I was sitting in the middle of the room on the bed when I saw my younger self (maybe around 6y/o) walk passed me. As soon as she passed the bed, she whipped around and yelled my name in surprise like she was asking to make sure it was her future self. Except she pronounced my last name wrong. I’m pretty good with knowing when something is wrong, so naturally I realized it was a dream and tried to wake myself up. However, I did not do so until after I saw this girl whom looked like me turn into a horrific monster.

  42. Good monsters in my dreams:
    I used to be really scared of the monsters in my dreams, but now I’m not. I see a lot of monsters who I usually become friends with. These dreams are nice to have, because the monsters always listen to me when I have something on my mind. I don’t like talking about my feelings in real life, and I always bottle everything up, so talking to these monsters and having them actually listen to me makes me feel at peace.

    Monsters in my nightmares:
    And then there are the shadow people. When ever I have a nightmare, they are always there. Black silhouettes with bright white eyes. They used to just watch from afar, but then they started to get closer and closer. They never do anything. Just stare. And they make me feel uncomfortable and I usually force myself awake and find it hard to fall back asleep, because I always feel like they are there, waiting for me to come back. I see these nightmares when ever I sleep on my back or on my side, but never when I’m on my stomach.

  43. I’m 14, I love horror movies and scary vids, songs, etc. But only sometimes and I never get nightmares. But last night before I fell asleep, I was watching a video and had this add for a scary movie which was short, so I skipped it as always and continued with the video…i fell asleep. Its 6:08am right now on Saturday 7th October 2017. I woke up about 5 minutes ago to a dream of me and mainly of my mom, my dad and bigger bro was there as well but I was mainly me and her. We drove (father was driving) to a bank, this homeless person knocked on the glass for money, we gave him a few dollars, we drove to another place, he came back again, but this time when he knocked for money, my mom opened the door and a small red human like creature with pointy ears.
    (similar to dopey I think from harry potter, if you wanted to know I don’t usually watch harry potter I last watched a movie about them I think getting the cloak, wand, etc and there was a triangle with a circle and a line in it)
    It climbed on he chair to her hand, then I slapped it off and it fell onto the ground and my mom kicked it outside, after that I saw another 1. I’m scared of what it might mean, please tell me nothing bad is going to happen, we will be going to my deceased uncles home to…fix it, he died a few years ago and we’re cleaning and fixing it so my aunt from the states can come there and live (you know every family has this idiot that wants land and money, yeah, she’s living in the house which supposed to be owned by the one thats coming here in Trinidad soon.

  44. I was in a cabin like trailer, and my mom and sister and even the Sam and Dean Winchester were there too. I snuck away with the boys, because we had a case. We were hunting a Wendigo. It was in a house with many halls, and instead of doors, It was plastic strips. They were the clear ones, much like the ones you see in factories. I had a small silver pocket knife, and a little jar of dead man’s blood. I know now that isn’t how you kill a wendigo, but this is how it happened. We ran into the house, and I saw the Wendigo in the living room. I motioned Sam and Dean to look. It went fuzzy for a moment… Then the fight began. I was running away from it, with only my silver knife in hand, and Dean had the Dean Man’s Blood. I caught me and it held me by my wrists, me facing it. It was hideous. I somehow managed to run up it’s chest, and kick it in the jaw as I flipped out of it’s grasp. It stumbled back, so I took the oppertunity to yell at Dean, to give me the Dead man’s blood. So I could have time dipping the knife in it, Sam shot it a few times. I stabbed it and it died. Both boys were staring at me when I looked over, surprised I didn’t get taken. Then I awoke. I’m not sure what this means, but I really enjoyed the dream.

    I had another dream I was in a graveyard. I’ll make this one short. We were doing a quick salt and burn, till the spirits came and attacked us. Long story short, We were hurt, like really really hurt from being thrown around, but we completed the hunt.

  45. Every night that I dream a big black wolf beast demon with a foam filled mouth wants to kill me and I always fight t off. What does this mean? Apparently I yell, talk, and punch while sleeping. This is a scary fight. Can you help?

  46. I need someone to help me understand my dream. I was in a bus with my mum and my cousin, we were going to my grandpa’s house but the bus didn’t stopped there and we had to walk about two blocks to get to his house, as we got closer to my grandpa’s house I noticed something laying right outside the door. It looked kinda like human, but something keep telling me it wasn’t. We got closer and the thing was dead. We ran inside the house still confused by that thing. Then I looked out the window and I saw a bunch of people with cameras and cellphones gathering around that dead thing. I turned arround to tell my cousin about it but when we looked again the people were gone and there was a van and some men taking that thing away. in the back of the van it said something about a christian organization, that was really weird. the thing is this dream has been making me nervous all day cuz I never dream things like this.
    I really hope someone can help me with this

  47. I have been having recurring dreams about the same “monster,” but multitudes of them. Every night there are different ones. This morning, I woke up at 2:35 and have been awake since. The monsters have a face similar to the aliens from Alien Vs. Predator (as silly as that sounds), but are red and grey, almost like it is their muscles I am seeing. They mainly come in groups of two or three. This morning during my dream, my father and I had run into our garage to hide. The dogs were inside. Just as one was about to quite literally break the door down, we could hear my dog tackle it. In my curiosity I had run back inside to see that my dog had defeated the monster. There was another one, about the size of my cat, that he also took care of. We could hear more upstairs, but they never came to confront us. My dream has occurred so often that it is almost like a story is taking place in my brain- my father, in the dream, is barely even surprised by their presence and knows what to do. Why is this?

  48. I dreamed about these big scaly monsters with humans hands and rats feet and big, strong bodies. They had no eyes, and they had mouths full of long, sharp teeth. If a person was small, they could catch that person and roll them up under their skin to eat later. In my dream, they were chasing people and eating them and smashing through buildings, and they all roared at me but none of them ate me. Does this have any significance?

  49. I just dreamedof a girl with green crippled face and she was standing behind the doors to my friends house she ran away after i saw her whole face ..she was wearing a robe which was torn in many places ..

  50. Had a dream about a dino.trex. not sure what it means but had everyone around get killed. And thwn they tiny dinos came and fast ones and it all went by so fast but i jumped off a building and landed in grass looked up and he stopped then i wokeup

  51. i had a dream where i was in a house and we heard something in the back so me and a couple of friends got a flashlight and looked and hwen we looked around the corner we saw this creature laughing and running into another room… the creature was as tall as the ceiling, black and skinny it wasnt a human and it was literally as skinny as a rail and it had the head was like this> \

  52. I had this odd dream, it started out great. I had become famous somehow after starring in a video with a group of famous you-tubers, these guys are people I look up too, so it’s like a miracle. Even offering them some advice. I ended up famous as mentioned before, and I was at this store that had some shirts with me on it and I didn’t like it. I hated it. The only thing I liked was now I had the money to buy a valentines gift for someone, and I was being rushed as I hesitantly bought a Winnie the Pooh Pop figure with the said person’s two friends. Well me and said person’s two friends were making our way down a street when they excused themselves. One running to away to the bathroom apparently, and the other had gone missing earlier. I saw an old blueberry phone on the ground, which I assumed was the friend who had ran to the ‘bathroom’ had owned. A man came outside a house and asked if I was okay, and needed help or directions. But it was creepy. Really creepy so I said no, and lied that I was talking to my grandpa to get to his house. The man was persistent so I started running till I was in a building’s elevator thing. When I got in the man from earlier and two other men had came in, and long-story-short raped me. After that happened, someone found me and helped me escape to this area very similar to the store I was in earlier but eerier. I was frightened but I kept my cool. Afterwards, I was still famous, and apparently no longer attended school so I was driven to my private lessons during night time at a house two ladies lived. That was when the first monster came in. I heard a ‘thump-thump’ constantly, and started panicking and I could also see another monster known as the Wendigo out in the woods. The house was all made of glass, like a modern urban style, except for the attic where I was sent two. So turns out the classes were a lie to cover up for some paranormal class shit. Because I found out the reason I became so famous is because you could see a creature chasing after me in the video. They ladies pulled out this thing that looked like sage, but it wasn’t, I don’t know what it was but I asked if it was sage and they said no. They pulled out this nasty looking thing, that looked like a plain yellow Brunswick stew. The women told me to eat it so that I smelled like death, and wouldn’t be attacked because the monster would try to find me by smell and would confirm it was me by the fact it could see the date I died in my past life. A scene flashed then of what my assumed past life was, showing a women(me I guess?) and man in a car, being chased by this thing. It changes shape and leaves like a faded image of something. We were going really fast in a car, and there was a railroad up ahead. Well, no trains ever went on this railroad. I don’t know why I knew that, but I did. So I was surprised when I had crashed head on with a train going full speed in the middle of no-where. I was then pulled back to the house with those ladies, and they told me to be still. I asked what would happen if I didn’t get attacked tonight, and they told me to shh and I got another vision of this young teen mom with her toddler daughter in a cabin. The daughter wanted to go and play with ‘Smokey Bear’ and the mom obliged thinking it was her daughter being silly. The daughter then disappeared outside, and was just gone. There was a cutting noise in the background and then I woke up from the dream.

  53. I dreamt of being chased by a creature with a crow like skull with long legs but it had no arms. it was kinda skinny and it did not have any eyes. it only used a small shet around its waist. it chased me down a corridor with alot of turns, but the walls around me where like the walls in a hotell. while it ran after me it screeched alot. it was clearly hearing where i was going by sound.

    I do not remember anything after this.

  54. i dream double big door and i dream monster head and then eat my friend.. so what is meaning of my dream?

  55. The monster I keep dreaming about is really gentle and we always end up kissing and sometimes when that happens I don’t want to wake up because she’s very beautiful

  56. The monster I keep dreaming about we always end up kissing but she’s really gentle and really beautiful when I dream about her I never want to wake up.

  57. the rake, ‘the rake’, the creepy pasta myth, in the dark looking after my drying clothes when i see his pale skin and glowing eyes. almost saw me, so i hid under my window,
    When i check again, he took two children, a boy and girl.
    Then i woke up

  58. I can’t see the monster In my dream, but I know it’s there. And I can’t feel any emotion. I feel nothing, my heart is beating like I’m panicking but I But don’t feel scared and nervous. What does this mean??

  59. Lastnight i dreamed i was in an open field and the weather was beautiful and i was at peace. I turned around and there was a tall ugly monster staring at me with big red eyes. I was petrified and woke up scared to death. What could this mean?

  60. What doesn’t mean to dream about you, seeing the private parts of a lady u know and the one you don’t know?

  61. (It’s not that I am scared or anything… I just really want to understand this dream)
    I walked into a Hobby Lobby, and I was getting ready to turn into an aisle when I saw a boy I once knew. When we made eye contact I ran away as quickly as I could. About a few minutes later, another boy appeared out of no where and he tried to grab me but I threw down this heavy object that gave me some time.
    But somehow I ended up getting trapped. So the boy I used to know started talking to me, smiled a spine shivering smile. He told me that there was this game that if you play it and die from something in there then you will die in real life.
    At this moment I realized I wasn’t really me, in my head I was screaming no… and I was about to say no.. but the girl who I was said “alright” like she was being told to do homework. That’s also when I realized I was lacking color, I really couldn’t see anything but grays, white, and black.
    So when I started the game, I appeared to be in some strange level. It sent shivers down my spine, and I finally saw some actual color. The color was red. And it was everywhere. I met up with this huge group of boys (the two from earlier are included).
    All of a sudden I started running, there was this deep fear rising in me that I’ve never felt before. I don’t know how long I ran or how far but I soon made it to a door where I was being chased by these tall monsters. Too tall for me to see their faces, but at the same time I didn’t really care, I just wanted out. Now understand this, you were supposed to survive yet you had no weapons. All you could do was run like a bat out of hell.
    Finally I reached another door and quickly swung it open. There, I was sucked into an abyss and I ended up on a slide. Quietly I slide down halfway where I heard something.
    It was saying “I’m going to kill you. I’m going to eat you.” The words dug into me and I could hear its smiling. This fear… it was too much. The voice was that of my mother’s. Then I felt a thud. The monster was on the slide. Another thud! I felt it’s presence at the bottom of the slide.
    Some effing way I was knocked off the side of the slide. I caught a glimpse of it. It was all black… I couldn’t see the face… it was a four legged monster… and so very huge…
    I got my ass up and ran. Like hell I was going to stay around. It chased me, shaking the ground with every step it took. All of a sudden, something bit my leg (in real life, one of my cats stepped on me). The monster towered over me.

    Now this is what I don’t understand. My dream fast forwarded to a month later. I was living a boring, colorless life once more. And BAM surprise, I got back into the game. Stuck at floor one once again.

    That was the end of my dream lel.
    (Sorry if my grammar and spelling turned out bad)

  62. I had a dream about big red scary looking monsters and they were running about a house. I was running about in between trying to find where my family was hiding so I could save them. But I think in the end I jumped out and window and ran for help. I also had a dream I’m sure someone was hurting my hand, my hand that was broken by my ex. What can this mean ?

  63. I had this brief nightmare in the morning at 7:00 am.

    I was in my bathroom, I was looking in the mirror and fixing my hair. I was trying out this new hair style and I was quite happy with the way it looked. Then I noticed something in the corner of my eye. Something tall and white with long whitish hair was edging towards me. In my mind, I was really confused as I didn’t know anyone that looked like that. I felt it grab me and I had my back against it. I was screaming in my head and I felt like it was saying something but I didn’t understand it. I knew I was in a dream so I forced myself awake. I felt paralyzed, I couldn’t move and I had goosebumps all over my body. When I tried to wake up, I entered this weird green looking, distorted version of my home and then I woke up.

    I was too scared to go back to sleep for a while.

  64. I had a dream last night. I was in a underground cave with three other people. One of them looked familiar. I dont remember what the hell happened. But the two people I was with were laying on the floor. I dont know if something knocked them out or if they were dead. I remember running until I jumped onto another platform. I turned around and saw a black figure with white eyes. He was wearing rough clothing. Still remember him as I’m typing this. Freaky shit. I remember going to the beggining of the cave? The person who seemed familiar was sleeping. I woke him up and said something to him. Whenever he woke up I don’t know what it was. But there was something else down there chasing us. Could anyone please help me interpret this dream. As soon as we started running I just woke up. The room we were in looked like some old classroom Ig. Nothing about this dream makes sense except it something straight out of a nightmare.

  65. I have had a dream multiple times that I’ve wondered if there was a meaning to. I don’t know if it quite qualifies as a monster, but I’m on a large square or circular green platform, and there is something chasing me. I never saw what it was, I was just terrified and running from it. I always run until I run off the edge of my platform, and go into another dream or wake up (usually wake up.)

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