The Meaning of Loved Ones in a Dream

Dreams of loved ones can be confusing
Dreams of loved ones can be confusing

Dreaming of the ones we love can be very confusing and at times upsetting.  We see their actions played out in our dreams and think somehow we are getting an insight into what they are really thinking or feeling.  But remember the things you dream about are usually aspects of you.  So your husband or wife or significant other in your dream is more likely to represent the qualities of yourself that you see in them – often qualities that are buried quite deep in us, as many partnerships are external ways for us to address what we are missing in our waking lives.  Dreams of loved ones invite us to look at what characteristics in ourselves we feel we can’t access.  If a partner is cheating or hurting you, look for where in your life you might be lying to yourself, or denying yourself the emotional support you need and deserve.  Remember before accusations fly or doubt creeps in, that it is far more likely you are letting yourself down in some way, than your lover is.

Parents in dreams are often related to our need for nurturing, support, wisdom and guidance.  They will often contain good advice for a particular issue in your life, so listen for the messages they offer.  Parent dreams are often about addressing any areas of parenting we lacked growing up, and now need to fulfil for ourselves.  They invite us to grow up and become responsible for our own development.To dream of children can often be about our own inner child or more literally our conflicted feelings about parenting (for example, how much discipline versus how much love?)  But dreams can work on multiple levels at the same time, and if a parent dreams of their child in distress, I would not suggest ignoring this – you may have picked up a subconscious message that your child is unhappy or unwell in some way, and can’t express it.  So do look into it with sensitivity, but also look to your inner self as well.  The outside world will often reflect our inner struggles and triumphs in surprising ways.

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