The Meaning of Driving the Car in a Dream

Dreaming about cars and driving is a really rich territory to start understanding some of the fundamentals at work in our lives.

The first things to consider are:

Who’s driving?  Who is actually at the wheel in your dream?  This often indicates who or what is controlling your ego or conscious mind.  Is it you?  Then you are probably making conscious decisions about your life.  Is it some one else – your mother, father, teacher, boss?  Then look at how you have let their values and beliefs in life become your own.  So, you may have learned from your mother that a good woman should always pay attention to how she looks, or your father that a man must prove his success through a good job, and this belief is now “driving” you.

How do you feel about who’s driving?  If you are happy, relaxed or exhilarated, that’s great! Even if it’s not you at the wheel, you may be letting your subconscious or intuition drive you, and this part of your self is helping you get where you want.  If you aren’t happy with some one else driving, look for how your beliefs may need to change.  Maybe your mothers excessive concern for appearance is making you eat unhealthily, maybe your father’s drive to work harder and harder means you never spend any time with the family.  If it’s you at the wheel and you can’t control the car, look for where in your life you feel you don’t have the control you want, or where you need to steer your life in another direction.  Or maybe you are trying too hard to control thing, and need to relax a little.

Do you get to your destination, or do you get lost, break down or crash? A safe arrival is often a reassurance we are heading in the right direction in our life, but look for hints that might help us get there faster, or more directly, or more enjoyably.  Maybe your dream is saying to slow down and enjoy the scenic route – instead of rushing to a certain goal, maybe you need to enjoy the process!  Dreams of delays, crashing or being lost can indicate you need to take a look at your present course of action and see what needs changing.  Crashing can mean literally working so hard that your body “crashes” – this is a clear sign to take some rest, or slow down.  Crashing can also be related to your emotional state.  Maybe you have been in a relationship that has come to a sudden end, or you know one is about to (maybe deep down, but don’t want to admit to it,) or maybe you fear the relationship ending and feel “out of control.” Remember this is not a prophecy of what will happen, just a reflection of your own fears and subconscious beliefs.  Being lost in a car is like your soul being lost.  Doing dream work can help you find the direction you need to go. Dreams of cars and driving are often rich in symbols, metaphors and signs.  Do you see a green light?  This could be telling you to start the thing you are waiting to start.  Are you driving in the dark without lights?  This could mean you feel in some area of your life you are “driving blind” without all the information you need to make decisions.  Are you on an open highway?  This could mean you feel free and optimistic about where you are heading in life.  Or it might mean you are feeling lonely and seeking the company of a town or people.  Are you stuck in traffic?  This could mean something in your life is frustrating you and preventing you from reaching your goals.  Or maybe it could be an opportunity to get out of the car and walk, to try a new approach.  Only you know where this applies to your own life.

Car dreams ask us:

  • Who or what is “driving” us?  What beliefs and motivations and behaviours?  Do we want to keep them or do they need to change?
  • Where do we want to go?  Are we headed in the right direction on our life?  Do we need to change course?
  • How do we want to get there?  Do we need to slow down or hurry up?  Do we need to take a more scenic route, or stop and pick up something or someone that we may have lost or forgotten?
  • Who can help us get where we want, to achieve our goals?
  • What warning signs (often literally road signs) do we need to pay attention to?

While having a dream about driving can highlight where we feel distressed, confused or out of control, by making small changes in our life we can take the wheel of our own destiny, and drive our own lives forward with happy confidence.

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86 thoughts on “The Meaning of Driving the Car in a Dream

  1. i often dream of having to take over the steering wheel because the cars still moving and nobodys driving it, ive had this dream quite a few times but in different scenarios but not sure what it means!

    1. Hey I had a dream like that just a few nights ago. I was actually in the back seat of my own car trying to get into the drivers seat because there was no one driving and my car was out of control on the highway; but every time I tried to pull myself forward the car would swerve or bump something and I would be knocked back. I think the feeling I most remember is how tired my arms felt from trying to balance myself and how dizzy I was. Not headache dizzy, but front of your head, heavy between the eyes, floating feeling like when you stand up too fast. I felt like a leaf being blown all over the place with every tiny jolt of my car. It was unpleasant to say the least. Oh and I have no idea if it makes any difference but it was very bright outside in my dream. I could tell it was around early to mid afternoon but I couldn’t make out any of the other cars when I would look out my windows. I could hear the sounds of trafic but it was just blindingly bright out and smoggy as if it were a super foggy day but the sun was shining really bright. I think that was more venting than helping but at least you know you’re not the only one who feels thrown by your dreams. 🙂

      1. The bright ligh…the time of day. All that has to do with what you do for a living. Do u have a job that wears you out by mid day??? What are your eatin habbits? what is causing you to feel tired during this time/esp your arms. The person driving (or not) could be someone you lost in your life, figuratively or literally. Ask yourself if it is okay for them to continue to guide you or ask them to let you take control so you can move on. What ever the reason, they may be the one’s wearing you down???

  2. Oh this makes so much sense – except what does it mean when you are too scared to find out who’s driving? I had a lucid dream last night that I was in the back of a dark car with no lights and I could not see the driver. The car was speeding down the road and suddenly I went tumbling over the back seat (over and over). I was so scared that I woke myself up. I think it’s fairly obvious that I feel like my life is out of my own control – why would I be too scared to know who is driving though?

  3. I keep on having dreams that I’m driving a car really, really drowsily and can’t control where I’m going because I’m so sleepy I cannot even keep my eyes open. I’m scared.

    1. I’ve had that dream a couple of times now. I’ve rolled into the back of a truck once. the other I was stopped at a traffic light, the light turned green but I couldn’t open my eyes. 🙁

    2. Most of the time, the dream of deeziness is talking of too much highness every day and the need to cute down on some ilicit drugs to be consious of oneself during the day and take charge of your activies that could permit your growth.

  4. I had a dream that a pregnant friend whom which I couldn’t see her face to see if I really new her I just felt like I did in my dream, got hurt and my mom and other people had to take her to a hospital there was no blood in the the pregnant lady was in a car on her way to the hospital.and I was in a car with people I didn’t know and my mom was driving I felt we were going wrong direction the road was ugly I was frightened then it reaches its end point and there’s nomore road we stuck in the middle of water and can’t go back ..Someone Help what does this mean?

  5. I had a nightmare (decidely, but it was a cool dream) where I was driving a bus (empty) on the road near my workplace. My point of origin wasn’t clear, nor my destination–but I seemed to be leaving. It was raining, and a flash flood started. Like a tsunami, a wave of water rushed up and carried cars. Everyone panicked. The cars smashed into one another and drivers were scared out of their minds. The landscape of the road changed. Instead of the two ways of traffic being level, like in reality, a grassy slope divided the two directions of the road. Also, there is really a neighborhood across the street from work, but in my dream it was all water as still as a lake. Another grassy slope connected the road to this water. The front of my bus took a blow from the water and turned me sideways, then I got traction and continued turning the bus to drive away from the chaos. I couldn’t help but hit cars that were all crashing into each other. I was the only one not floating it seemed. Then my back tires got lifted by another rush of flooding water and my back end started toward the lake–or, the large body of water. I had to ditch the bus as it was being half-way submerged slowly slipping in wet grass. An Asian woman had two boys and approached me asking in broken English if I can take them to the bridge. I told her No. I started to do something to help myself out of this ordeal, then I woke up.
    I’m not happy at work, mostly because of the 4 times I’ve discussed a raise with my boss–I’ve only received one raise of $0.50/hr, bringing me to $13.25. I’ve been here for 3 years. It’s more than a little despicable and insulting. I know I screw off, blogging on sites like this while at work. But c’mon. lol I can’t pay my bills, and I have no money to take girls on dates. That, or I’m too preoccupied with being broke that I can never enjoy myself.

  6. I’m not sure w̲̾͡н̲α̲t my dream means. Last night I dreamt that my 2yrs 8mnths old baby girl was driving c∕̴| car. My husband and I was sitting in the back seat, I’m not sure of the outside surroundings, but I think it was evening time coz the weather was dull. I remember trying Ŧø press the brakes with my feet, even though I was in da back seat, but in the dream it felt as if I had thought her how Ŧø drive but now that she’s driving, I was feeling scared like she’s so small Ŧø be driving. I’m not sure if the car stopped at any point. My dream just changed Ŧø some of my other family members being in trouble. But in my waking life, they are not really in trouble. Please tell me what this dream means.

  7. This is actually true I’m in a state in my life were I need to just leave all the things I was doing before and to start building my future.

  8. Ok, so here it goes: I thought I’d share my dream too. For many many years I have dreamt about a car that is out of control. Although I am not in the car aware that I am in control of it; somehow driving it and its not going well! I have also dreamt about crashing a car. seems that the car is speeding off at 100mph and I am either in another car or somehow around and trying to control it to no avail.

    Today for the very first time I was actually in the front seat driving the car. I was using gears etc (1st time ever.) My friend was in the back saying she was ill. I was driving us home I think. Although I couldn’t see the road (all the time) I was driving quite smoothly and enjoying driving. When I became aware that I was driving (I do not drive and have a great fear of driving) I was unable to see the road. The steering wheel was blocking the way and I just couldn’t see over it. I adjusted my seat but felt uncomfortable and still couldn’t see.

    I got to.a road (near my imaginary home) Precious rd?! and parked the car (although I did roll over the pavement and guess where the bend in the rd was as still couldn’t see and friend was now directing. It was the wrong road. I wanted to reverse but couldn’t/didn’t. The police went past. Pheww nit for me! Carried on driving then got onto a bumpy dirt track. Did not recognise (almost like another world) There were police pointing guns standing sideways on side if dirt track. They ignored me. Too scared to reverse as who they were waiting for was obviously behind me. Run out? Jump out? Hide? Talk to officers?

    Cut to: two or three men (one was Rolf Harris I think?!) They were going into river to hide. They were going into a trance. I am out of the car. A giant eagle is boss and clearly in charge of the people. Two very blond haired men who look like a character from Lord if the Rings (brothers I think) are told one needs to sacrifice the other. One brother has a sword and tries and can’t do it. Are the brothers me and my friend? I feel a bit distressed so I wake up!

    This is beyond bizarre and whilst I do have vivid dreams nit like thus. I’m usually able to interpret the messages in my dreamers but with thus one I am a bit uncertain. I don’t was sci fi or fantasy films like LOTR so have no idea where the last part came from?!
    Any thoughts I would gladly appreciate!

  9. Please someone help me interpret this dream, first night i had a dream i was driving a car and felling happy about it during the day, the second night i had a dream i was driving a car with some girl friends at night and they were surprised that i could actually drive and i was still feeling happy about the fact that i could drive.. In real life i don’t know how to drive yet!

    1. Seems like you feel pressure to get your license from your friends and want to accomplish getting it. Maybe fear is stopping you?

  10. So I just had this crazy dream. All I remember was that I was in a parking lot, I think I was waiting to pick up someone (it was night time). And what lookef like some punks were 4~5 black people sitting on the curb hanging out. One of them said something to me, thinking they are going to start shit with me. To we hich I replied, “its ok my cousin is black too”. They then trief beating me up but i finally beat 2 of them up , invluding a girl, and i rsn back to my car and took off. The cops were called and i barely escaped them as i headed for the highway. But this is the part i dont understand. I kept sdjusting my seat to try and see better. I was a little low so i raised it and then i was lookoing through a magnifying glass that was on my dashboard. And the road and everything was too small to look at for driving safely. So i raised it up one more time, looked back to ser if any cops were chssing. Then looked foward again and hsd to dlam on my breaks to avoid slamming into the back of a truck. And then i woke up.

  11. I am usually pretty good at getting a sense of what my dreams are trying to tell me. This one just seems to be really hard for me to interpret, though: I am in the front passenger side of my car. My fiance’s ex wife is driving the car with her feet from the back seat. She is sitting in the back seat with her legs stretched over the driver’s seat, steering with her feet. She is drunk. I warn her that she is going to get pulled over, but she totally dismisses me, and then drives past a cop and just laughs.

  12. This Could Mean an event in Your life whereby she’s somehow tied to Your Relationship through your fiancé. It may happen they have a child together and she’s using that child to get between the two of you. You may think your fiancé is having control on this situation but he isn’t ,his Ex is Driving You (You n Your Man) In a way You both don’t see and the passing through an officer without being pulled over symbolizes You’re the Officer but You not doing anything with her behavior and she laughs because she gets things done her way ….hope it helps 🙂

  13. I have the same dream every few years where I’m driving through a city not at a necessarily fast speed. I come up to the intersections and they always have red lights. No matter how hard I press on my brakes I can never stop the car in time and I feel very anxious. I end up just going through the intersection and running the red light. I can see the road in front of me. Sometimes I feel there is a passenger with me. I never crash and I never get pulled over by the police.

  14. I had a dream where I was looking at clothes in a store,don’t remember how I got there-I walk out and I see my Dad,who has been dead for 25 years,pull away in our old green station wagon.I kept yelling”Dad,where are you going?Wait for me!Don’t leave me here!” But he can’t hear me.I run along side and all the windows are open,and manage to throw my jacket into the car…and I’m yelling”Dad-wait!Why won’t you stop?!”-and he won’t even acknowledge me.Then I see a woman in the passenger seat who looks like my sister.
    She died 2 months ago.

  15. I dream that my dad is driving and we all sit inside and we stuck in a traffic and we went inside a truck which carry vehicles. That truck carry our car inside with us.. But we did not go any where coz we get stuck in a traffic jam.

  16. Dreamed I was in the back of a fast and agile car driven by a wealthy stranger but there were old friends of mine also in the car (soccer/skiing/party friends). The driver was on empty roads with curves and hills, driving so dangerously fast I thought we would crash or overheat the engine but that didn’t happen. Not a comfortable feeling in the backseat, but I remember how much I was impressed with the car’s ability and wanted a similar car (like a BMW and Porsche combination).

  17. I had a dream I was very young again and driving my new Mustang down south. I was worried my mom would be furious to learn I had driven so far alone. I also wanted to stop at Stucky’s to get some pecan rolls for my uncle.

  18. I’ve been having a recurring dream where I start out driving my car …….. everything is beautiful and serine …..then I leave the car some how and begin to drive it remotely, the car is empty now .. at first things go smoothly but then the car goes faster and faster as I go around a bend I slowly lose sight of what is coming and where I’m going .. I’m still driving but without knowing what is coming and the miles become greater and greater between me and the car……always fearful a\t the end I’m going to kill someone with the car…………..very disturbing as I know I’m dreaming everytime I have this dream!!

  19. For the past 4 months , i dreamed i was driving a car, by myself . i’m lost and i cant figure out how to get where im going. I’m driving and i see streets, signs, roads,freeways but i cant seem to to figure out how to get to my destiny. I feel lost and confused .i often dream this, what does it mean???? .

  20. I’ve been having this kind of dreams probably 4 times in a week already. 4 dreams, same car. 2 of them i was driving at night and the other two at daytime. I wasn’t lost or anything, i was just driving around and then back home. Does it mean that i need to get away from what surrounds me and like get a breather? I dont even drive. Lol

  21. Wow this a good psychological anylsis of what I may have been thinking in my conscious mind. I was driving in to constructions that was not finish.z

  22. Very interesting description! I have recently dreamt that I was in a car, driving ( I do not have a driving license in my real life, I am afraid of driving). So in this dream, I was driving, very suprised I am not afraid of doing it, in control of the pedals. On the road were wholes, I was avoiding them and there was a big one, i thought I will brake the car, but I jump over it or something like that.

  23. I had a dream… I was about to go home and I was feeling happy but a bit shy because I was wearing my pajamas… Anyhow I got in my car and started driving… The road was clear and I couldn’t believe that I was driving my own car… While I was driving, my car was getting smaller and smaller… I got confused why it was happening but I kept on driving happily…

  24. I had a dream recently that I was driving a car, happily on an open highway and there were rings on my fingers, I was sitting very close to the steering wheel as though I was anxious to get to my destination. What does stand out mostly is that I had one silver ring on my left hand and one on my right, which both hands on the wheel were very close together on top of it. My hands seemed to be the point of reference because they stood out and also the rings! As I looked enthusiastically towards my destination another large silver ri.g appeared on my pointer finger. I was happy and liked that it was there and also the look of the rather large silvery round ring 😊 I believe that’s where the dream came to an end. It seems I am finally looking forward to my destination and future in non dream state! So this was represented in my dream? Also, the rings are questionable. I was recently abrubptly thrown out of my boyfriends, which was a 4 year crazy abusive relationship which felt like I was living in a hellish maze with no way soe point I thought the only way out would be him killing me. Domestic violence is very misunderstood and obscured in our own minds while we are living it!! I know all too now I believe after being confused since early June 2014, I’m finally on a better road to undersanding I’m important, I’m not going to be abused or treated inhumanely, so NOW I have taken the wheel!! Listen are BETTER THAN THAT!! TAKE THE WHEEL AND DRIVE!! That’s what hurts the abusers the most!! I know now that I was co-dependent..I’m finally on the road to recovery!!

  25. I just woke up from a dream where I said good-bye to a girl that I’d like to be an official couple with. While driving to pick up my step brother and go home, it was raining. I was texting her while driving. I asked her how w/e she’s doing is going and she said great, and told me to enjoy the drive and be safe. I randomly passed my step brother on the street and took the next road to the right. For some reason on this street my backpack was on the side of the road and driving by it cause the water to soak it. I got out and it was heavy, but I put it back in my car. Then at the end of this street there was some weird gate/auto shop. I also got to see what car I was driving, it was a smaller compact car, red, mazda. I don’t own a car like this. I have a blue civic. Anyways once I drove to the mechanic shop, I woke up. But I was inside and dry… I don’t totally know what the meaning of this is. Can anyone help me out?

  26. i dreamed i was at the Er and they gave me a place to go park and a room i was to stay in for the night i came out about 20 minutes later and couldn’t find the car anywhere i asked a woman in the stay next to me had she seen any cars get towed and she replied no no one has towed a car from here the city was chaotic and it was getting dark and i felt unsafe, when i did go back to the room they gave me to stay in there was a man in there, but he never tried to attack me or anything, i don’t understand afterwards i got up with a migraine headache this is the second crazy dream I’ve had this week

  27. Very interesting!

    I had a dream that I was at a race track, but because of some kind of malfunction we were on the wrong side, and needed to drive the F1 cars round the corner (on real road with regular cars) to get to the correct track. I spent the whole dream queuing for my turn to get my car and drive to the other track. While I was waiting,a small room appeared off the side and my ex boyfriend was making out with another guy in it. Then my uncle text me to say that he and my aunt (who was apparently staying with us in the dream) had just taken on a new foster child – they don’t foster in real life – and that I should look out for him whilst he was with us. I never got in the car.

  28. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one. I don’t remember entire dreams very often, but I do know that I continually have recurring dreams where I lose control of my car. I’m the one driving and when I come up on a traffic stop or an intersection I lose control. My brakes go out and I can’t stop the car, so I swerve, often clipping other cars in the process. It’s a feeling of absolute terror, but I’ve never wrecked the car. I always wake up before I do. I’ve been having similar dreams for atleast 2 years now. I used to be terrified of driving, but I can comfortably and safely drive now. It just seems that any time I’m in a car while dreaming I can’t control where I’m going and I crash into other cars. I wish there was a way to stop these dreams because I can’t interpret them and I always wake up terrified and with a sense of helplessness.

  29. I had a dream I went to work with my mom as we work in the same building (which we do in reality ) and stole her car and drove away with it and got lost somehow ended up in a water park walking and asking a random man for directions this is not the first time I drove a car in my dream but I’ve never gotten lost….does that mean something?

  30. I dreamnt my ex boyfriend was driving his car with his feet and i kept yelling at him to use his hands. After awhile of yelling i got mad and got out the car he followed me out the car and the raim started to fall on us.. maybe this dream means he wont let me goor something cause he told me he wouldnt let me go no matter where I go

  31. I had a dream I was driving and I turned to close to flight of stones stairs and down I went ,what does this mean thank you

  32. Hiya, just this night I saw a very strange dream and maybe I can get a little knowledge about it because I could not find an answer anywhere else.
    So here it goes, I can’t remember the beginning but I was at home and it was night, really dark, and at one moment I rushed down the stairs in my underwear which I ducktaped on me (hilarious right?) and after that I got into a car (not sure of colour or which car) into driver seat but the car started by itself while I got in and I had no control over the car, it was paranormal activity, the seatbelt tightened and everything just worked on its own after that it started accelerating and as I slammed the breaks I woke up and couldnt sleep for like 2-3 hours, I was terrified.

    Also a little backstory, like 2 or 3 weeks ago I also had a dream about a car, but there was one unknown person too. First we were at some place with his and mine car, then out of nowhere my car was gone, disappeared to thin air. After that the guy told me that it’s at a workshop, being repaired and gave me a lift there and said he would wait for me. When I finally reached to the “workshop” there was no car, it was just a farm with pigs, chickens, cows etc. After that I started running back to where the “guy” dropped me off but he wasn’t there, and then I started running full speed forward toward an intersection and then I woke up.

    If someone could help me understand this it would be a great help! 🙂
    PS: I have also made big changes in my life as I have taken on a road to innerpeace (meditation) and self-knowledge (reading a lot of books), quit smoking and drinking and also practising an insturment.

  33. Hey, I had a dreamed last night. I dreamed that I was practicing learning how to drive. My dad was outside keeping an eye on me if something ever happened to me. Everything was going fine and then all of a sudden I jumped out of the car, the car was still moving as i jumped. I turned to see the car and it turned over and crashed. After that i went towards my dad, and he was pissed at me for what just happened. I’m curious for the meaning of my dream, if anyone can explain to me what this means, it will be of great help.

  34. I was (in a car?) behind a dark blue Prius. A man’s arm is hanging out the driver door. He is about to turn left, going home. There’s no traffic.The license plate says “Buick 1972”. (Year I was born.) I’m guessing that he bought the car at a Buick dealership, and that he lives up on the hill in a wealthy neighborhood.

  35. What would it mean if you were driving and (for one reason or another) you stopped the car and discovered it was on the edge of a cliff, and that it was slowly falling off?
    Its not a car crash, so I’m not sure whether to interpret it like one

  36. I had a dream last night. I was driving my fiance’s car with both our kids but he was not there. My family wanted me to take them to my parental home and I told I’m not going home but to my fiance’s place.

  37. I was in a car and trying to turn it round, it started rolling back , my brakes didn’t work and i rolled backwards couldnt see out of the back windows and rolled in to a deep hole in the ground

  38. Hello.. I just had a dream… I was driving .. My bf with me.. We reached a place with a lot of kids or teen agers… The I don’t know where to go out.. I cannot see exit.. And I’m driving wrong because my vision were not clear.. I cannot see … Three times my vision gone… Then I ask my bf to drive coz I cannot.. He will drive but first he cover himself with white cloth and gargle with water… (Strange)… Then he drive… Then I woke up oh. Its just a dream…. And again I woke up… It is also a dream… I’m totally awake…. Can you tell me the meaning of it…

  39. I dreamt that my job was cleaning out garbage compactors at the market. Some of my co-workers were people I’ve worked with in past jobs and a celebrity. While we were cleaning there were less and less people as time went on. Now I’m wearing a bikini top and a diaper. The celebrity is wearing a diaper. We are both filthy. He wants me to go back to his place to get showered but I refuse to get in his swanky sports car. He says it’s just a car. He waits around for hours trying to get me to go home with him but I continue to say I didn’t wanna soil his beautiful car. He gives me a clean sweater to wear but I still don’t get in. More time passes and we are picking up coins we find on the ground. Our boss comes out to see our progress and I get caught up in a pool of clear warm water and chicken grease? I help someone from drowning. I’m all clean now except for being greasy. I’m wearing a nice new bright white bikini and the celebrity now fresh and clean fully dressed in a suit is still waiting for me to get in his car to go home with him. I still refuse. He sits waiting and I go back to cleaning. My boss says to go home because we’ve worked too many hours today. The celebrity and I are walking through the parking lot and he puts a jacket around my shoulders and we walk. I don’t know who the celebrity is, but I know he is famous because of my co-worker who went to school with him and all the people watching us wanting to talk to him and take pictures with him.

  40. Hmm it appears like your website ate my first comment (it was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum
    it up what I had written and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog.
    I too am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to the whole thing.
    Do you have any tips and hints for rookie blog writers?
    I’d definitely appreciate it.

  41. This was whilst I was still awake! I felt relaxed whilst driving through trees! Then as I started to drift of I was’t sure who was driving though I still felt chilled out!
    The nyt before there was water I di’d’t want 2 go through,,, settled water obviously rainfall! Am trying 2 make sense of all this my email is
    Kind regards Jewel

  42. I keep on having this dream about a classy woman in an expensive car; green in colour, offering to give a ride. i say yes and she drives while i ‘m at the passenger seat. she looks calm and confident in her late 20s.she’s a total stranger.we talk a lil bit trying to know each other.she drives perfectly well on a highway and i’m really enjoying, then suddenly she veers off to the wrong lane. I panick but she keeps saying ‘dont worry’ with a striking calm face.
    everything turns back to normal and we continue on the highway before it ends and start afresh every night. never had any reccurrent dream before. is it something i should be worried about? first what does it mean?

  43. i dream of driving a big white car i won it somewhere(SUV) i was happy and relaxed but i was confused where to go, i wanted to go home and show my family my new car but the other side of me wants me to go to work but my boss will want the car if he sees it what does it mean?

  44. I dremed of myself driving my coiusin’s car,its like he was teaching me to drive,but in that dream I seemed to know how to drive!

  45. I most of the time get this dream where my mom is driving me and my sisters and she gets off to get some stuff from the store and leaves me nd my sisters and all of a sudden the car starts and then i try to drive the car (im the eldest) and i always end up saving them. I got the same kind of dream a lot of times. what does it mean?? is it something good or bad? plz reply.

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  47. I dreamt of my daughter and I in a car with two steerings; one was normal, the other was in a clock-like form. I controlled the main steering while my daughter controlled the other.
    Please help, I’m confused here.

  48. pls I dreamt i wore white canvase in seat infront of big car droving out with spead and the road was very tied I know got my self dat I carried people at that car I just limited my speed coz of accident please! what does it mean?

  49. Fifteen or so minutes before I woke up this morning, I dreamt that I was driving my car on a dark road, with my daughter sitting in the back. Suddenly, there was a red truck with a 30 something year old white, blonde male driving next to me on the right side of my car, and he almost crashed into us. He was screaming something and sounded drunk. Then the sky turned a pitch black color (so black that I couldn’t see anything at all) and my car started driving super fast and I didn’t have any control to stop it. I tried to move my hand and reach out to my daughter in the back seat, but I couldn’t because I was paralyzed. So, I tried to tell her that this is the end of the world and we we are going to die and wanted to hold and hug her, but then I woke up. When I suddenly woke up, my right hand (the one that I was trying to use to reach out to my daughter) was numb because I had it tucked in between my legs. Sometimes, the brain comes up with some silly scenario when your body feels in distress. I rarely have nightmares or bad dreams.

  50. What if in my dream I’m the only on in the car. Sitting in the back passenger seat and stretching my arms over the driver seat trying to drive. I am driving, it’s a little crazy and I have major anxiety while driving. What does this mean?

  51. What does it mean when your relative cautions you to park your car carefully as you are hitting the back of you car on the wall while parking in a dream?

  52. I had two dreams involving me driving a car. I live in central Canada so in both dreams it was incredibly icy. In the first dream I was in Wisconsin because of road trip to see my boyfriend’s family. My boyfriend was on the passenger side and his half-brothers were in the backseat. I was trying to park the vehicle close to the curb to go into a person’s house for dinner, but the car would slide constantly because of the ice and me anxiously moving forward and back. By the time I woke up I almost felt sick from the repeated motions in the dream. I think that dream involved my fear of a failed relationship, fear of unhappiness, and fear of starting a family and worrying about things running smoothly.
    Second dream involved me driving alone in my city in Canada and I was basically sliding into other cars and going through stop-sign intersections and felt anxious. I wonder if its about me living my life with fear, or letting criticism run my life. I have a feeling that the car dreams also involve my battle with ignoring God when I feel like He’s telling me to make changes for the better. Realistically the dream could be about my hatred of winter driving as well.

  53. I never remember my dreams. But when I take a short nap I dream. And i remember. Today i was in a farm. I hurd the animals and I seen sheep horses bunnies squirrels. And these animals were doing tricks 4 an upcoming show I guess. I was walking around in dirt maybe a little muddy not too much. But then all of a sudden this man came up a handsome man I guess told me to get in the truck and he was going t theo teach me how to drive a standard. Now my dream. Very interesting and exciting and this man taught me how to drive a standard vehicle. The feelings that I have towards this man was like I fell in love or maybe he was my husband or something we were close but I don’t know. So I drove on a long wide open road. I didn’t look familiar to me. Towards the end I felt overwhelmed that somehow we ended right back in in the parking spot and then I woke up.

  54. I dreamt I saw myself helping my Ex lover making ridges while he plants yellow flowers.

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