The Meaning of Cheating in a Dream (Dream Sex Part 2)

Dreaming of seeing someone else making love, especially if that someone is our partner, can really test our ability to be logical and objective.  So you know by now dreams are all going on your own head, then why do you feel so worried and hurt?

The first thing to do is take a big deep breath and a reality check.  Nothing is more sure to poison a relationship than suspicion and lack of trust.  The next thing to do is look at why we are dreaming about our partner having sex with some one else.  What can this mean?  Well, I will say it again, but it can mean many things depending on what is going on in our lives.

To start to understand what this dream may mean for you, try listing down all the feelings that came up for you in your dream.  Did you feel hurt, betrayed, angry, depressed?  Did you feel detached like you didn’t really care?  Did you feel resigned, like you were somehow expecting it to happen?  Next, look at where in your life you may be having these feelings.  What do these feelings remind you of?

If we remember that the person in our dream is really just us, to see our partner cheating on us can mean that in some way we are cheating on ourselves.  It could mean we are lying to ourselves about our true feelings, or that we are ignoring something important, hiding it away like an illicit affair.

Dreams of seeing our partner with another can lead us to question:

  • What in my life am I hiding that I should really bring out into the open?
  • Where am I denying myself the love and affection I crave?
  • How am I cheating myself out of something I really deserve?

Dreams of cheating can be a sign that we aren’t letting all aspects of our personality be together in a happy and harmonious way.  Seeing our partner make love to someone else reminds us that we need to be involved with all aspects of who we are, and invites us to address the parts of us we ignore.  Remember as well, just as the partner you see in your dream is a part of you, so too is the person they are having sex with a part of you as well.  The question then, is why do you feel so detached that you have watch other parts of yourself together, and yet keep yourself so distant?  What are you watching but not participating in?

Dreams of witnessing a betrayal can also be a reminder of past hurt.  If you have felt let down or abandonded, cheated on or lied to in the past, you may fear the same thing happening again, which can cause these kinds of dreams to surface. But if we overcome our own insecurities and fears, we can create an atmosphere of love and trust, where relationships can thrive.  Insecurity and doubt are no foundation for a happy life!

The most important things with dreams of seeing your partner with someone else, is not to imagine that this is really about your partner or the person they are with.  That other “someone else” is you too.  What is it about that other person that in your dream your partner likes?  How can you be more like that?  The “other woman” or “other man” in your dream can be a symbol for characteristics you wish to hide from your self.  These kind of dreams invite us to become the other woman or other man.  Write down what qualities they have, that will help you separate the person from the symbolic meaning.  Maybe it’s time to embrace those qualities you are ashamed of, or let go of a past hurt and enjoy the present, and your relationship, for what it is, here and now.

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39 thoughts on “The Meaning of Cheating in a Dream (Dream Sex Part 2)

  1. me and my husband have been happily married for 2 years with two children. so it just so happens that i have to travel abroad for business reasons, we’ve been separated for almost two months now. i have had recurring dreams where i have been watching my husband have sexual intercourse with someone else, all in vivid detail. in fact i would always wake up crying. should i be worried ? should i mention this to mu husband? i’m worried that he might get angry and accuse me of not trusting him. any suggestions?

  2. I’m not so sure I understand this….I dream of my husband having sexual relations with another woman and she is this skinny gorgeous woman…and I know he looks at all these other women that are way way thinner than I am and younger than me….I hate to admit this n=but he had an affair with me while he was still married….from what he and his girls say..they are better off not together…ugh…I am soooo lost and hurt and confused… 🙁

  3. I woke up 2am today having a very2 bad dreams, in my dreams my husband found another girl and since were apart he offer that girl a marriage looks like he buy the girl cause my husband ask her to marry him and his gonna give $850 for the girl to marry him and then they got married in america while were still married here in phil. I clearly saw them both having sex I saw and hear how the girl moan how her body curve cause of the pleasure she feel while my husband eating her I saw my husband also how feel so satisfied I saw every position they and after I see the smile in my husband face after what they did.Then I sent a hello message to girl in fb cause I knew her but she doeant know me then we open up the topic about husband and sex what hurts the most is she sent me pictures of them having sex and what she sent me is the same on what see. I woke up crying and my whole body is shaking so I call my husaband in skype but he is not answering my call it takes several times ringing but he is online and he sent me message wait and then his cleaning his laptop,pissed me off cause I’m in a bad dreams then he is not answering the call makes me think like crazy because its been 30 hours were not talking or chatting we ignore each other even were both online we are always arguing its been seven months now since he left me and go back to US. Any advice please! Send me email at thank you.

  4. Me an my boyfriend have been together for two years an we have a son. But I’ve been dreaming of him having sex with not just any random stranger but with my sister. An it wasn’t just once but three times. I wake up crying next to him not knowing what to do. She’s younger then me skinner then me When we’re all together he’s always agreeing with her or taking her side an giving her encouragement i’m just lost for word’s at what to say to him now. He trys hugging me an kissing me but i cant stand he’s touch because i still have the image of him an my sister together. We’re supposed to be getting married soon but i can’t marry him feeling the way i do. I’m so close to calling it off i can’t take this hurt anymore. Please help me from doing something I’ll regret.

    1. I know exactly how you feel. I have exactly the same dream at least three or four times a month. I always wake up sad, angry and now I’m paranoid. also a bit weary of my partner. He always compliments her and asks how she is doing but always say’s he’ll never go there. He even wants her to sing at our wedding. Even if the dreams stopped, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to trust him around my sister. I need alot of help.

    2. sounds like you have resentment towards your sister and reservations about your wedding. maybe subconsciously your working through them by combining the issues that stem from inadequacy and nerves. i recommend opening up about it directly to your sister. or you could be picking up on the fact that your husband shows her favor over you by taking her side all the time. right or wrong your husband should only side with you. him not doing so may be a sign of his interest towards your sister. tell your fiance it needs to stop and you need him to distance himself from her and tell her the same so you can work through the issues instead of you going crazy and it ending with a failed marriage. if they really care about you they will stop. if they dont you have your answer but you must open up the ugly truth to your sister that you harbor resentment towards her and why. then talk to you fiance and again another ugly conversation about it as well and how his behavior is feeding into the problem and not helping it.

  5. thanksomuch. i actually have a book of symbols but i want to umdertsand more. the meaning is really true. i have a past hurt, being lied to by the same man that is my husband now. he really loves me and that is past but im still afraid to trust. and trust to myself. i think i should go now in different direction. i will face the fear and trust again. because when u love someone there is no nothing to fear. like the song saiys “love is battlefield”. LOL. thank you so much.

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  7. This helped me out a lot it made me feel really good an relieved I think it’s more of insecurities An trust then anything!

  8. Dreamt boyfriend was watching Anna Nicole Smith Mow lawn he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. Obviously she’s very beautiful does that mean I don’t feel attractive about myself? I feel like he doesn’t think I’m attractive or what? We got into an argument about it because I was feeling insecure and very jealous in the dream..Also very insecure in dream What’s the meaning?

  9. My husband I been together for 3 years and have 3 beautiful boys. On November 20, 2016 he told me to take our kids and myself and get out because he was moving his new girlfriend in that he knew for only a day and half. I was shocked, hurt and betrayed. He went to call the police to have us removed from the house. I did everything that a wife and a stay at home mom was suppose to do. I made sure the house stayed clean, I made sure that our kids are taking care of, I made sure meals was always on the table, I made sure that I satisfy him in every way even When I was tired, physically hurt or I didn’t want to do, I changed everything about me that he didn’t like like cracking jokes, talking to my friends, talking to my family that didn’t even like me, I gave my virginity to him, I never talked back even when he yells at me. I aready knew how he was getting cheated on, lied to and physically abused by previous relationships before he even knew me. I knew something like this was going to happened, the cheating part. But not kicking our kids who was 11 months old and 3 weeks old out of our house. That week I was asking can we all go out because it is nice and warm house and I have been in the house without going anywhere every since I gave birth to a set of twin boys. He keep telling me, he would leave and not even come back home until 1 sometimes 2 in the morning. That night he called called the cops he told to the cops that I was beating on him and cheating on. Which I I never did. The cops told me that I had to leave with my kids. So, I did. No shelters didn’t want to take us in. My family didn’t want to take us in. So, I stayed outside at a park for 1 day and a half in the freezing cold with a 11 month old boy and a set of twin boys who was 3 weeks old at the time. My husband then ran into me when a strange was offered us a place to stay at his family house and a stay at home job. He told me that he is no longer with her. That when he came home his game systems, t.v’s, his tools, my jewlery, his jewlery and his money that he stash in his safety box was gone. Our kids pictures, our kids birth videos, wedding photos and his mother ashes was thrown and burnt in the fireplace. And she left her medical papers behind and on them its says she is HIV positive. I was mad about my kids photos and our kids birth videos, but the rest I did not care because Karma is a bitch. He had our kids sleeping outside. Looking at him made me feel very disgusted. He begged me to take him back and come home. I didn’t. I told him no. He punched me in the back of my head. The nice gentleman pushed him off of me and called the cops. I took the nice gentleman offer. The nice gentleman brought the kids and me everything we will need and took me to the doctors to get me tested for sexually diseases because I told that I am breastfeeding. Everything came back negative. Today is February 9, 2017. I got a three bedroom house and today I will be looking for a family mini van. I am still married to my husband and in a middle of a divorce. Yes, he see his kids who are 14 months old and 3 months old now. It’s supervise by a social worker for only 2 hours on Monday’s , Thursday’s and Friday’s. The judge ordered it because on paper it tells how he kick the childern and I outside and how he punched me in the back of my head in front of the kids. He begged me to talk to him. So, I did. He begged for me to forgive him. I told I already did because If I ended up getting involved in a serious relationship, I don’t want my partner to pay for your mistakes. My soon to be ex husband asked me, am I still in love with him. I told him no because my respect, trust and admiring you as man gone out the window because what human being and man would kick his own childern outside in the freezing cold at 12 midnight, tired and hungry. Then he asked me will I ever give him a second chance. I told the devil himself got more of a chance then he do because at least I know what the devil wants, your soul. But, eveytime he comes over to see his kids, he always bring me my favorite flowers with a card and a piece of jewlery. I just put then in the basement and leave them there. And leaves me feeling bad. I second guess myself on everything. I started doing stuff that I wasn’t allowed to like talking to my friends and family, cracking jokes, giving back to the poor and exercising. Doing these things that I love doing leaves me feeling guilty as hell. Like I should be punished for doing these things. I started going to a mental health therpist for it. I talked to my therpist yesterday day. He asked me have I ever thought about giving him another chance. I told him yes even when I told my soon to be ex husband no. If I ever gave him another chance I want to be friend first for a year or two because he needs to earn my trust, respect, loyalty, stop yelling in our oldest son face telling our son that Mommy is whore because I talked my best friend who is a different sex, Mommy don’t love you, Mommy don’t love Daddy, you are going to be just like your fucking mother, your Mommy is going to have you raped by different men when I do a simple mistake like forgetting to take the trash out to the road, forgetting to feed myself because I am so busy with the kids, cleaning, budgeting, etc., he needs to accept me for me, then slowly dating each other and If I see a red flag popping up I will call it off. But I got more bad memories than good. But, thank you, my soon to be ex husband for showing me what a bad husband is like so I can find out what a good man is and thank you for wounding my heart and our kids heart.

    1. Seriously? He’s an asshole!!! Don’t you ever think of going back to him. You fell under the spell of his control and are still not aware you are under it. Please, if you love your kids, have some respect, stand up for yourself, and never speak to him again. You sound like a victim of abuse and his personal servant. You never have to change for a man, if the man loves you, he loves you for you, if you become what he tells you, you stop being you, which is who he fell in love with. And he can take out the fucking trash…motherfucker!

  10. I am a 72+ year old man and we have been married for almost 51 years. Here for the last three weeks she is having dreams that sound like she is having sex in her dream. She moans, lightly talks and sometimes you can make out what she says. She says please and many other things which sounds like she’s talking to someone. She even moves her buttocks while making these noises. She keeps telling that she’s not going anywhere and I have nothing to worry about. In real life she says that she don’t need sex but helps me if I need it. She used to really like it back in the early 90’s. She did have a hysterectomy and tells me that is the reason. I just want to know if she really means what she’s telling me or not. She is a real great woman. She has never smoked or drank and is a real religious woman. She is 71 and really is pretty, I think. Do I think there is an issue or am I letting my mind over load? I really would hate to ever lose her over something like this.
    Help me set my mind at ease.

    1. This is adorable. I am sure you are the only man she’s ever been with, or close to it. We are not conscious of what we dream and therefore, it’s not something she’s doing purposely. So if random dreams about having sex are happening, let her enjoy it. You really have nothing to worry about. Haven’t you ever imagined sleeping with someone else? Imagining is not hoping, or wishing, its just like imagining you live in your neighbors house instead of yours. And just because you imagine it doesn’t mean you want it or would ever buy that house. In fact, your house is probably better. We are creatures of thought. The mind is working consciously or unconsciously 24 hours a day. Of course its going to come up with different scenarios. Imagine if you had to write a neverending book, eventually you would have to come up with some weird stuff to keep writing non stop. DO not Worry! If she didn’t love you she wouldn’t have put up with you for 51 years. Congratulations!

  11. My girlfriend went away from me without any explanation. I was literally destroyed, I thought about the worst. after all the unsuccessful tries, I had to try the service of Dr.mac@yahoo. com and after i used service, my girlfriend returned home to me in sorrow and pain, apologizing. and every thing happened just the way as Dr Mack promised and everything worked just in 3 days, Dr Mack is really a truthful Man and so powerful and he is the most powerful Man that i have ever met, he is the only the Man that can help you get your Ex lover back and fulfill your heart desires, This is amazing! True story of my life!!!”

  12. Thank you this makes a lot of sense to me it’s true I’m insecure about myself and know what he wants of me this made me think and want to be what I know I can be and what he want from me

  13. I dream about a lady visiting me in my house ,we were talking a man shows up both my visitor and the man went into one of my rooms and had sex, before I know four women shows up, he had sex with all four of them. i was dumpfounded.Then another man walked in and took him by his hand and they started to leave then I woke up.

  14. hi.. i had this dream, my dream husband and I will be married in church finally (we were civil wed.) but in my dream i have a substitute bride..instead of me in the altar with my dazzling yummy husband it was another woman (i know we know that girl but it’s blurry). i was in the guest seats with our 2 babies..i can’t be in the altar coz no one will take care of our’s like the wedding coordinator doesn’t want me there..what a bummer! i am in a such jealousy and angry, irritated, annoyed, my heart is so heavy at that moment..what’s the meaning of that dream? anyone please? i’ve been crying when i woke up, well the wedding’s stopped in “i do part” but they did not get there..they did not say’ll kill!

  15. soooo, i have been with my current girlfrind for just over 2 years and this girl just started my work and we get along great, always have a laugh and joke, we are into alot of the same things and have spent hours talking about them, so last night i had a dream that lasted quite a while. at first i was out running with a group on a track. (i have wanted to get back in to running) and then i see this girl from my work with us, so we are running with eachother talking away. we take a break and my mate of 6 years appears and says to watch what im doing as i have got a GF i tell him nothing will happen, and then the dream skips to a part where we are standing watching someone talk to the running group and she is standing behind me. and i put my hand to my waist and meet her hands she the claspes her hands in mine and i put our hands round me at my waist and turn my head and we end up kissing. then we start our run again. this happened throughout the dream. it was always out on a run i would meet her and we would end up kissing or something. i came in to work today and instantly seen her and the dream just popped back up. she’s very flirty with me always touching my arms shoulder legs ect even know she knows i have a girlfriend and we have spoke about her. should i tell my GF ? and what does this mean? theres poeple i work who have asked me if anything is happening between us because we are very close friends.. but i dont know what to think.

  16. if you dream your husband or partner cheating or left you for another woman or partner be very cautious about it ….it is true! l had a dream my husband left me for another woman and it so happened that he was working abroad at the time of my dream, when he came back home his attitude changed towards me and l got suspicious so l looked through his phone and camera and noticed pictures of the woman he was having the affair with and calls to her too ………..dreams don’t lie!

  17. Wooow its so great interpretation.I am helped I was worried nd hurt due to the dream I had but now am ok. thank u very very very much.continue

  18. Brilliant, this is not asking us to change but to relax and be true. It’s all about the person we see in the mirror. If love is reciprocal we should let our guard down and be true.

  19. I had a boyfriend for two years he was already married. But he loved me alot. N now he left me for no reason n went back to his wife.
    I did wrong to her n wrong is happening to me. But he is no loss.. M too depressed

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