The Meaning of Being Headless in a Dream (or Decapitated in a Dream)

Is there something in life that is making you lose your head?
Is there something in life that is making you lose your head?

What a strange and bizarre dream to dream of a headless body, or head without a body!  Sometimes these dreams even seem more strange than disturbing, as if you are somehow separated from the feelings of this dream.  Sometimes though these dreams are more horrifying, and may involve attacking, fighting or decapitation.

If there is someone headless in a dream that makes you feel a bit surreal, distanced, or separate, this could be a good indication this dream is showing you that your head and heart are not communicating properly.  This might mean that your head is controlling your heart, or your heart is controlling your head.   Try and see where in your life you feel disjointed from your feelings, where you may be trying to be too rational and not letting your emotions flow.  This often happens when we are afraid of letting ourselves feel for fear of pain or humiliation.  Or conversely, maybe your emotions are running over board and you need to stop and take a moment to think about things.  Your dreams may be suggesting you pause and consider where your intense feelings may be taking you.  Maybe you have been behaving so irrationally that you are “losing your head.”  Dreams of a head separate from a body can be a signal your mind and soul are not in balance – one may be dominating the other.

If you feel disturbed or upset this dream may have a different meaning.  Like attacking dreams, if you dream of decapitation, it could mean an area in your life where you feel vulnerable, criticised, or self critical.  To dream of chopping off someone’s head, when you remember other people in your dreams are simply reflections of your self (see “Other People“, “Loved Ones” and “Baby Dreams“) may be an attack on some kind of belief you yourself hold.  Is there somewhere in your life you feel you are getting “ahead of yourself”?  Have you become so overly ambitious that you are sacrificing things that are really important to you?  Maybe you are neglecting your health or those you care about in your efforts to “get ahead.”

The head is the top of our body, so in dreams it may be a symbol for the top or pinnacle of something you are striving towards.  It may relate to a “head of state” or a “head of a company.”  Ask yourself why this dream of being headless or decapitated has come up for you now – are there issues of dominance or ambition in your life?  Are you unintentionally preventing yourself from reaching the success you wish for?

A dream of headless body, or dream of decapitation may be asking us where our in lives our emotions and logic are not in balance, and invite us to rejoin the areas of our life that seem separate or disjointed.

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  1. Someone was trying to kill me with a knife, I took one also from the kitchen but stabbing the body and cutting his stomach didn’t do anything so I had to decapitate the subject lol.

    1. Knives represent mean/harsh words…the stomach represents feelings and joy, necessitating a decapitation means you need to seperate thought and feeling probably…to make a clear distinction

  2. my mom was dropping me off at school and i was walking and instead of taking the sidewalk i went through some parking lot and i saw my friend and i decided to hide and scare her and all of a sudden were i was going to hide some guy came out running towards me and decapitated me and i woke up

    1. the dream means that we are not listening and obeying your mothers wishes, and considering her concern’s watch listen and learn.

  3. I dreamt I was in a kind of sandy village, it was abroad somewhere the people were friendly but I was aware in the dream that there was an attack somewhere and anyone I smiled at smiled back but then I’d walk off and when I got back they’d been decapitated, I remember realising it was people I was smiling at or talking to who were the ones who got decapitated and I felt quite down and guilty, anger began but then my girlfriend woke me up

  4. This is the second time I’ve had a dream where I’ve lost my head. The first time I had it, in my dream, I microwaved my own head and then tried to eat it. I felt terrified throughout the whole dream The second time, which was last night (5th Dec, 2011) I was burying my head, and the whole time I felt anxious that someone might find out what I was doing. I don’t know what this means, Am I losing my mind???? =/

    1. Do you feel scared in your dreams? I often dream insane stuff but some how they never strike fear :/ I was eating my leg in a dream once as I decided it looked like a ham shank!

  5. I had a dream last night that I was making a habit out of pulling my head off my shoulders whenever I took a shower. I would clean between them and then put my head back on. I remember feeling weak. I went to a doctor’s house to see what was wrong with me, and why I kept doing this. The doctor introduced me to a man whose head kept falling off, and they stichted it on. Unlike me, the other man with the head problem had worse side effects, even with his head on, he continued to be weak. He told me to pick up a heavy pan from the counter, and I remember struggling with it. He said that if I kept taking my head off, I’d never be able to pick up things like the pan. The doctor gave me two handfuls of pills to take, and told me I was going to have some serious nerve damage, but the pills would help. I remember it took a long time to swallow all the pills. Then I woke up.

  6. I dreamt I saw a man decapitated across the street by another man from inside a trolli. At first sight he was basically in ,many pieces with his feet in the air. His entire lower half was severred and his foot was lying on the ground away from him. Everyone thought he was dead but a woman walked by from the street and rushed towards him. The woman raised the man on his now two feet and there was a redline of blood across the mans body, also he looked pretty dead in the face almost like a zombie but not quite gruesome. For some odd reason I gave everyone tons of gum to chew so that we could apply it to the area where he was chopped in half.

  7. So.. I was in the kitchen looking for something to eat. I looked in the fridge and found a bag of fish. I looked inside the bag but instead of fish there were heads of babies. They were a rotten pale green color, and they looked like they were silently screaming in pain. Can anyone explain this??

  8. Also I’ve been having alot of dreams lately, at least 3 or 4 dreams every night for the past 4 or 5 days. Usually I almost never dream

  9. I also remember another dream from a couple years back that still bothers me. I broke my leg and went to the doctor, but instead of fixing it he set it on fire and melted it. And it felt real!!

  10. Reading this really opened my eyes…. Just now I had a dream that scared the hell outta me! I was at work (on lunch) talking to some girlfriends of mine when this lady ( who look like a man) ran off with my purse! So I ran after her and didn’t find her until I asked a man if he seen a woman running, and he said yes…he pointing to the restroom where she was and as soon as he did so she opened the door to let her girlfriend in… so I kick the door and took my purse back! I laugh at her cus I only had lipgloss, and my military i.d in it… so I walked back to where I was eating.. look around and there she was with a knife! So I got an even bigger knife and chopped her head off.. thinking I was done, her friend came at me with a bigger knife and try to chop my hand off but she failed and I cut her head off as while… if im not having crazy dreams like this im having dreams about my grandmothers who passed away last year…. I just want some peace in my life Lord!

  11. Last night, my dream involved decapitating a pair of cheetahs. They didn’t pose any threat to us, I wasn’t doing the decapitation and I couldn’t see it, but somehow I knew that those were what was being decapitated. I remember thinking (or saying) “it’s not necessary, why are you doing this? They’re no harm to us!” but to no avail. Luckily the dream moved on to something else, but I remember feeling distressed/ scared.

    1. I dreamt I came across my sons head – on the floor – he was crying and I felt he was dying

      In my dream I felt despair – my other son was with me . I bent down and cradled his head

      I woke up – it was awful – i have no ideas what this could mean – both my sons are grown up

  12. I had a dream last night about decapitation, there was a dead male who I have never seen before and I’m not sure where I was except this property that I was at has been the base for a number of my dreams – Anyway this dead man was in the front yard and for some reason I cut his head off and his arms and legs, I remember very clearly sticking a scouts knife into his neck and cutting off his head.. Then I put everything at the front door of the property and proceeded to call my partner and tell him “It’s okay and I won’t get in too much trouble, I only tampered with a dead body.. 12 months max jail time..” then when the police turned up I told them someone put it there as a threat to me.. This kind of violet dream is totally new to me and I am not in the slightest a violent person – So I wonder what it all means?!

  13. Last night I dreamt that I had to babysit my younger sister who has down syndrome. I was telling her to eat her food but she wouldn’t eat it and I was getting really annoyed with her. Then my childhood friend came over and wanted me to hang out with him. But I knew that he was trying to get me away from my sister so I told him no. Then a while later he knocked on the door again, but he had a toy of mine that I lost when I was a child and I wanted it back but he ran away with it so I chased him down. When I finally got my toy back I had a feeling that something bad was happening to my sister so I ran back home and when I got home my sister was decapitated and there were photos of her decapitation all over the room. It was very frightening and I feel guilty having that dream. Can anyone tell me what this means.

  14. Last night I had a dream that I was at a mall when someone came up to me and said that there had been an accident. So I went to check and see what had happened. Then I found a plastic bag on the floor, and in it was the head of a child. I didn’t know who this kid was, but I picked it up and went to search for the body. I didn’t feel scared, nervous, or anything! I was really calm about it. I never found the body…

  15. Kerry

    I woke up on the sofa in my living room, where my 2 year old daughter was playing. I then noticed my partners head of its body, I couldnt take it in, tryed to put it back on. His head was asleep, i thought it was a joke. My dauhter said she had plugged the lamp in and it shocked his head off. I had recalled her saying she had tuirned it on while i slept as i am a light sleeper. I started to panic and realised it was real. Called 999 and a big black funeral car arrived and took him away. My neighbours came out but just stood there, They didnt really know what had just happened. I broke down on the floor with my daughter in my arms!

  16. I dreamed I was sawing my friend’s face in half. She was in pain so she told me to bear down more. It was horrible!!!

  17. I watched a young boy saw through his own head. He just kept going until the head was hanging off by the neck, then he collapsed. I remember feeling horrified and frozen in place. I kept thinking “NO don’t do that, why are you doing that?”. As his head fell to the ground, I woke up.

  18. I had a dream that everyone I walked on my porch there was a dogs head on my porch and it went from puppies head to big dogs head I was just puzzled!

  19. i had a dream last night that i cut off Lord Voldemort’s head because he was attacking my friend.

  20. This dream is really disturbing………….i was watching a man (my view was from inside the microwave) who smashed his own head, put himself it in the microwave, and his head blew up. My mom and i screamed of disgust as i turned away towards her shoulder. When i looked back at the scene a new born baby came out of the vagina (and yes i know it was originally a man). i don’t know if it was dead or alive. The end. I am sharing this dream because i am completely sickened by it and want to get the thoughts out of my head. On another note: i am going to say some of this has to do with some jaw pain i am having from my spacers between my teeth.

  21. I can’t find what I’m looking for I had a dream that I was on a river and saw a little girl in a black and red dress with blonde hair standing next to a cross stuck into the ground waving at me and as I pass her so I turned around and all of sudden I’m standing in front of this little girl so I start following her and we walk over be hide some shed and next to the cross and suddenly she stop turns around looks at me and her head falls off….. but I knew she was already dead/ghost from when I first saw her what I she trying to tell me / show Me??

  22. I didn’t dream of being headless, but that my skin stretched thin and opened up at the widows peak area, and didn’t think too much of it other than I knew I had to be careful to keep that area clean.

  23. I dreamt last night that there was a man laying on the ground next to a snake pit. His head was lying decapitated next to his body with a phone up to his ear. He was calling a cab?lol I started talking to him, asking if he was ok and he answered yes. He said he should be ok for a while since the head stays alive for quite some time after being decapitated from the body….weird.
    Also, within the same dream, I dreamt that my grandfather died (which he did not in real life) and told my best friend. My friend turned to me and said that my grandfathers spirit will stay on earth until he settles everything that is unfinished in his life.

  24. i dreamt i was in a place where an evil man ruled and i heard he was after me. at one point i see him walking towards me and i ask him to place his head down on a pedestal in front of me after which i karate chopped him in the neck with my hand and his head came rolling off. afterwards i began to fly up to escape his followers who now all wanted to imprison/kill me but it was really difficult to escape.

  25. i dreamed of having my head chopped by someone but i see no blood. i am still well and though my head has been cut-off (in the dream) it still in place. Well i hold it in place and i’m very much alive. what does that mean? can u send a reply through my mail please?

  26. I dreamt that me and some other people where in a very small room with an indoor roller coaster. The ride had just started and everyone was so excited although it was such a small ride. There was a weird noise like something had broke and everyone jumped off the ride. I turned around and the guy two seats in front of me was laying on the ground with his head chopped off. No one screamed or cried…everyone was just in shock and began to get sick from the scene… It was over quick, but I can’t get that site out of my head!

  27. My dream was scary my three children 6, 3 and 2 were swimming with 2 other kids I don’t know I was distracted by a message and turned around for 2 minutes and when I turned around I couldn’t see my 2 yr old boy I started to put my arms in the murkey water not worried to find his body to find he had no head no one cared I only panicked to find his head u never cried and I love my children to death but I don’t know why he was headless or why I never cried

  28. I dreamt that my cousin came over (unknowing she was pregnant before she arr When she arrived i saw she had a belly. Then instantly she began to have labor pains and screaming for a doctor. In this large house, in new area, there was no iea of a nearby hospital. She was trying so hard not to push, but in the event of squeezing herself and not allowing the baby to slip out, the baby came out and I saw the baby’s head roll on the floor and the body laying next to it. I saw no blood, but puffy smooth flesh. I remember visioning a website stating that there was little survival to babies like this. i then placed the baby’s head with the body in an effort to save it I guess, and upon doing do a doctor walked in and at this very moment the bent his/her toes down and up once. Slightly curled them down then up. Then I remember visioning an older child (maybe 15 or so) with a very swollen head and practically paralyzed because he survived, but hs physique would forever be different.

    what does this mean

  29. In my dream I was carrying my headless body around very sad and my head kept falling out at random places And I’d quickly hide it. My family knew but noone else did. People kept trying to get me to go to this party and I kept sayin no. I’m so confused!

  30. In my dream, I was with my wife and we were enjoying the hot summer day. I felt the love and wonderful time that I was having. The most disturbing part was that my wife did not have a head. I am currently single and having a hard time with life and part of troubles is being single or being alone.

  31. I dreamt that my mom asked me to take a baby (nephew?) down the stairs. I told her I can’t and really didn’t want to do it, but she insisted. When I did as she asked, the baby slipped out of my hand or I got distracted and the next thing I saw was the baby rolling down the stairs and then I see the baby’s head falling off….Then I panick and try to revive the head or baby and see its head in a jar filled with water… O.O Any thoughts? What could this dream possibly mean?

  32. I dreamt that I was geting executed with four others we wher tied down and those men had thier eyes closed I had them open the man choping the heads off look scary but I wasn’t afread I was the last one to get decapitated right when he cut off my head I closed my eyes and I felt wierd and I could still see but then it went dark and I woke up I feel strage and I don’t dream much the dream symbol kinda makes sense but I am confused lol

  33. In my dream, my mother and I were at a park, and I was hanging out with my friends, feeling a bit sad about something, and then my mother started to walk towards a “restaurant” with a suitcase she automatically had for no reason, and I ran after her asking why she was going into the restaurant, but she didn’t reply. We were in a line, and she was about three people in front of me, we were going up a spiral staircase and the walls got skinnier and skinnier (There were a few windows, outside was like a twilight color which someone behind me said was pretty) until there was nothing but a wall in front of us with a hole in the middle, so we had to crawl through a very uncomfortable crawlspace, which got a little smaller, but by the time I could come out, the camera view was in the big room it led to and it was a guy behind me in my place, the floor was like this: O
    and the two dudes that were behind me rolled a little, (I thought there was a door you could use to escape, but you had to get up immediately after you fall to find it) and so they went to the far left of the floor, and something that looked like a huge version of the blade part of a guillotine came down and chopped their heads off and some of their limbs, it didn’t bother me because when they got cut up they looked like animated characters sorta, but the screams sounded real. I’m just glad I didn’t have to see my mother get chopped up.

  34. I dreamt that investigators came to my house asking questions about a head that showed up at a prison, sent by me. Apparently in my dream this was protocol but the investigation launched because I sent a mannequin and a human head that was lacerated. The investigators had a camera in my house and recorded conversations I had with my brother about me trying to cover something up. As the detectives walked in my house is when I saw one of the cameras they placed. I looked at the detective who was getting ready to read my rights is when I woke up drenched in sweat.

  35. Wow…. I just woke up from the most craziest. Dream… I had dreamed my sister went crazy and missing and I looke for her and she was just a head floating and she kept saying she didn’t want a body she hated it so she chopped off all her bones and loved it. And kept following me floating. It scared the living crap out of me..

  36. I keep having a dream where I am fighting someone and they just keep coming until I eventually decapitate them. I don’t recall feeling sad about it. A little disturbed maybe. I have a lot of change going in my life. Lot’s of insecurity. Maybe this has something to do with it.

  37. in my dream…a girl ran into the street and she ran into a huge truck tire, thus cutting her head off…she was also pregnant…and i saw it all happen…

  38. I dreamt my husband, his niece and I were camping by a river. Woke up in the morning with his niece floating on the water, beheaded. I was really upset in my dream, we ended up bringing her to the hospital. We walked in to the room where she was on a bed, her body was covered by a sheet but her head was out and her eyes were still open. I ran out of the room, fell to the floor crying. What does that mean? I’m really bothered by it.

  39. Today I woke up from a dream where I was in a forest and I encountered a table. As I got closer to it, I saw that it has a blade thing that looks like it’s for decapitation. I just had a feeling that this torture device was meant for me or my loved ones, and I didn’t want to know what would happen next, so I woke up.

  40. can someone explain my dream? it wasn’t in the Elizabeth time or anything like that i was just hanging out with friends and then someone came charging at me with a machete and i closed my eyes and i felt the sharp pain in my neck until the end and after that i just try to keep my head on my body but i felt like every move i made it stung really bad so i couldn’t move because it would hurt it was really scary when my head was being cut off it felt weird how i could somehow feel the knife cutting through my skin well anyways i was just worried/wondering why i had this dream.

  41. Recently I’ve dreaded making a certain life decision which is necessary to make economically. I have other choices, but for employment it’s really the fastest one (and my major in college), though I’d rather do something else. It’s pretty set in stone that I’ll follow through, but I do dread it. Last night I dreamt that I was in the backseat of a car and that the driver’s head had been cut off (I didn’t see the action, it was already headless when I looked). Naturally I freaked and tried to touch the base of the shoulders, but the body was still moving like nothing was happening. Then I woke up. 🙁

  42. Had a dream of being on a bus with a weird greyish blonde or dirty blonde-haired green/blue-eyed young woman and similar-looking mostly or all female triplet children, one of them placed a wool bag on my lap that upon opening it showed similar-looking possibly aged male or shaved-headed female head that was impossible alive and moved around a bit before I calmly placed it back in the bag and ran.

    few things I noticed:
    1) Dream kept returning me to the family in both public and home setting despite my best attempts to escape.
    2) A few of my friends were with me though either never intervened or simply disappeared.
    3) They anticipated my escape a few times

    1. Hello Have you ever had this dream or similar dreams since? I have had three dreams that had a weird grayish blonde/ dirty blonde green/blue-eyed young woman in them. I saved her life in the first dream and the second I had to keep and eye on her, the third dream I was her. It was very weird in deed.

  43. I dreamed that I Severed my exes head. I put it in a plastic bag with the lower body and then freaked out cause I didn’t know where to store it. His body just lay there as I freaked out. Then I was at the police station giving a testimony of why i did it.

    side note: in reality I just went through a breakup where my ex broke up with me but he still calls and says he wants me back after leaving me. I’m still angry. The dream seemed so real that I’m still in bed the next morning and don’t want to find a bag with a body in it, in the living room so I’ll stay in bed till I get up the courage. It was just a dream is what I had to tell myself.

  44. I dreamed my three boys were playing. One of my twins was watching a cartoon with me in the living room and suddenly my oldest and the other twin came running into the room, my oldest was screaming and then I saw why.The twin that ran in with him was missing his head it felt so real, and I was horrified sobbing and screaming trying to get his head back on. His little body was flailing around the room. Then I woke up sick to my stomach and sad. He is okay thank g-d but that dream made me feel awful.

  45. i Had a dream that my neighbor who is 18. we got in an argument and he started coming at me aggresivly and i grabbed a chain saw and cut a piece of his head off at an angle… i woke up crying because im not a violent person but it felt so real

  46. I had dream last night where i this big metal thing came and cut my head clean of then i walked around away from my head but i could still see I looked back my head was on a red soft looking blanket i saw my face i looked dead and i saw blood on my neck i could feel that my head was gone please reply.

  47. i dreamed of slaying monsters for their gems of power, and my daughter’s mother was in my way and i decapitated her with a bread knife. and my mother helped me hide the body

  48. I had a dream that i was gonna get a air brush tattoo but the artist didn’t listen to me so I was like to them “I’m gonna go”. So this lady and a men comes chasing me to get it done and all of a sudden there is blood mixed with dirt and water is flowing out of this big as container, and that lady and men all of a sudden got there head chopped off and bleeding. The lady was still alive while her head was chopped and was rolling her eyes to the side and lookung at something. Then I woke up…

  49. I probably wont get a response, but I’m too curious not to try. My dream was of a small group of people searching a mine shaft, recording everything on video. Along with many other disturbing things, one of the people turned a corner and found a half eaten/decaying head. One side was fine, but the other was either eaten, burned, or something else aweful. In the ruined eye socket was a video camera. When the person turned around to see what it was viewing, they freaked out and tried to back away but realized they were in a dead end and something was coming for them. What he saw was a body, mostly eaten and decaying with the most painfilled, horrified expression. It’s arms had been secured behind a post and sat on its knees. I woke up soon after that, but fell back asleep and the dream continued… that part stuck out the most to me though…

  50. I was being follow by someone and for a second I thought I had lost him.
    Other character in my dream recognized me and called the man that was initially following me.
    I ran and hid in a house with two or three kids then, the man saw me let himself inside held my head over a window and made a small cut in the back of my neck. I didn’t feel as afraid as I felt helpless.
    The mother of the kids came behind this man as he was still holding me over the window and with one stroke decapitated him. The head went over the window and I was left looking a a body with no head. I was surprised at the lack of blood and even more surprised that everything was so real.
    When I woke I remembered every detail.

  51. In my dream I was studying with my husband and had a teacher ir tudor prepping us for a test and we had red in the news of a.celebrity being decapitated. So or teacher gets us back in focus for our test and leads us into another room and when we are in there I hear drums beating and look to the side to see a knigt on a horse with the long pole type weapon the one with an ax like blade so he begins to gallop towards me and as he does I pit my hand in a forceful stop position in front of me and begin for speak the prayer though I walk through the valley and before I get any further he aims at my head while coming towards me on his horse, then I stop yell me husbands name and my head goes flying. What does that say?

  52. In my dream I found out my partner was cheating and I cut off the girls head that he was cheating on me with. I have had my suspicions about this girl in real life but haven’t had any real truth in it. In my dream he also never spoke to me again because I did that, and my family members all hated me and I felt like I was alone in the whole world (as you would if that actually happened) and I was so so scared of what I had done. I woke up having to calm myself down saying thankgod that was just a dream, it felt so real!. I was in bed with my partner when this dream happened….?

  53. I had a dream, I saw my father (deceased) in my dream and he just keep walking and then i went out to hang out with my friends, and ive seen someone’s reflection of a complete body, then when she walked towards us i’ve seen her headless what do i do i’m so freaked out right now

  54. I have had a total of three dreams in which I am decapitated. All are completely different situations and look as though they came from different genre movies. The first I wake up in some dingy wear house where I am strapped onto a metal conveyer belt. There are these giant robots with buzz saws for hands that are decapitating other who are strapped down while I am waiting in line for my terrifying turn. In the background there is a huge screen that displays some authority figure telling everyone that he is doing this for the “greater good.” Then my turn comes. In my second dream I am in a Japanese tea house. All the lights are off and I am with a group of kids in the middle of the room. In front of us is a pale geisha woman sipping tea. After she is done she points to one of the kids in the crowd. He starts crying and pleading with her “Not me! Please not me!” and she changes her mind. She then points at me. I am scared and plead with her like the other kid thinking that she might choose another (although I don’t know why I am scared at the moment), but she shakes her head and insists that it be me. I walk up slowly to the deadly silent geisha and lay my head before her. She takes out her katana and slices my head off. The last dream I have had about being beheaded starts with me being in the back yard. I get in the pool to finally figure out that my back yard is a safari. A tiger gets into my pool (he is wearing swim trunks don’t ask me why) and I start to edge away from him. I look to the door into my house only to see that it is covered by a tree with a jaguar on it. I look back to the tiger to see him right by me with a knife (yes a knife) and he cuts my head off. If you have read to the end of this I give you two thumbs up. You are an amazing person and maybe you can tell me what the hell my problem is.

  55. Please help!
    I am having a hard time understanding my dream. I was dreaming of someone trying to kill me and others. I was standing infront of the man who was trying to kill us, when a large wave came behind him from the ocean came up and decapitated him. Then I ran into a car with a woman who had two children with her and the water started coming in the car I remember thinking we are going to die before I woke up.

  56. I had a dream that I was in this old time kind of medival but I had the same family and we loved in this massive castle on a shore. We all wore big dresses and stuff and there was something about vampires but I can’t remember. There were loads of people around in my house. my dad my mum my sister and my dads girlfriend it was bizarre as also there was random people called ‘ family ‘ I was in my bedroom and at the time there was loads going on about being beheaded then I was looki out at the rocks and my mum was down there. I was shouting ‘be careful’ then basically she slipped and her head came off I was so upset but I didn’t show any emtion. I just kept acting like I was fine. Then we all ad to deal with this death and my dad starti laughing and I told him off. Weird

  57. Hello, Im writing because I just had a disturbing dream last night. My father just pass away on January 1 at 5:05am while resting in bed of a massive heart attack unfortunately. Yesterday about 4:00am I had a dream that I was walking towards my fathers coffin in the funerary and as soon as I take a look at my father body the only thing that was there was his head on top of his legs both of them were chopped off but there was no blood as far as I remember. I dont know if this is a good or a bad sign of something. I been asking to my dad for days now that the only thing that I really want to know is for him to let me know that he is ok wherever he is. I am not a religious person and I only remember my dreams once in a blue moon unless of course they are really strong like this on last night. Can someone please let me know any ideas of what this dream mean, more less thank you very much.

  58. I dreamt that my brother was trying to rip off my head – he’s younger than me – each time he’d grab me he’d try to take me to some sort of bathroom, this dream kept reoccurring until he finally managed to grab a hold of my head and rip it right off…

  59. I just had a dream that I threw a booklet at my son just being silly and it knocked his head off. But then when I went to pick him up he was so tiny I could fit him in the palm of my hand, like a little plastic barbie doll size. I was terrified in my dream and I kept trying to put it back on and do CPR… I was frantic! My son is almost 2 years old and he is sick a lot and has breathing problems… What does it mean???

  60. I dreamed that I begged my mother to cut my head off. (I really wanted her to do it and get it over with.) But when she was in the process of being unsure, I changed my mind quickly since I thought about how PAINFUL it would be even though I knew it would be quick.

    “There’s a lot more to life that I can accomplish.”, I thought.

    Anyways, I felt VERY relieved that I made the correct decision!

  61. Im really terrified with what i dreamt just minutes ago. I was standing in some strange property and just a distance away from me i saw two men fighting. They were like construction workers. The man was punching and boxing out the other. Then i saw in my dream that i was holding my phone so i open it and start taking video so i can post in on fb later. I continued watching their fight thru my phone. It was really horrifying because i saw that the man who was punching the other pulled out a machete and started beheading the other. Then below them, i saw two guards (theyr like a big company of some sort). They were scouting the place to see if anyone saw the situation and could possibly be a witness against them later. I was really really scared i run inside and hid somewhere in a kitchen. Then i was afraid of posting it on a news or social website because i was afraid they will kill my family.

  62. Last night I had a dream of my friend from another state, get shredded by fan that was hanging on a wall above a door. We were in school and she was in class and they were all playing a weird game. Idk what it was but I don’t think it was even a real life game..I had seen the fan and quickly walked out of the room. My other friend was outside crying on the wall (near the doorway). I just stood there and watched in horror as my friend (who is crying) slammed the door shut. Through the side window I saw the fan drop onto my friend’s desk and shred her whole head and partial upper body. Everyone was screaming and being covered in blood. They came out into the hallway and looked shocked but not sad..Then my arch enemie came in and started to talk crap about my friend and was like turned into the “leader” or something because everyone (including my other friends) just started to listen to her and follow her around. Right now I’m just scared that something is actually going to happen to my friend…I woke up crying by the way..please tell me what the hell did I just dream!

  63. I dreamt that a man had put my head in a tight leg chokehold, and started cutting my neck with his knife, I realized that my neck was being severed, and said “no” but I couldn’t fight him off, and he continued to cut away at my neck,

  64. I opened this link becz just few minutes back i got up dreaming of somewhat same stuff..i dreamt of fighting and confronting with a headless man in my bathroom when i went to pee..and when i got bsck to my room i heard insane chsntings..cockroaches and lots of earie noises but i cnt remember the entire was almost like real…like i was in sub concious mode as while dreaming also i cud see the light parrot green curtains insde my bedroom

  65. I was just chilling with my other family members and then hear of all these people running and looking back at a park up the hill. I went to check it out and there was a body on the ground with the head missing. Later on in the dream it was as if I was filming the guy being beheaded. He was of brown complexion just like me but skinny. He had curly hair and was screaming NO No no as his head slowly detached and the tendons, veins, and bones got crushed by a machete. I felt sad and helpless as this guy screamed but thing is I could not hear a single sound. I woke up and my heart rate was about three times the normal rate. I couldn’t go back to sleep.

  66. In my dream me and my elder bro were in a kitchen that ive never seen before.My brother was trying to chop my head off,i fought back and with a help of wire i took his head off.

  67. I had a dream where I was looking at my headless (dead head). I stood there and looked at my head been buried and skin vanished in the surface of the earth and only skull popped up. And someone said that’s how you die. And I saw something like heart with a red light.

  68. In my dream there was a chopped off head of a girl, in my bed, I was scared and didn’t know what to do, then when someone came into my room I tried to hide it under a blanket, they still noticed, and said it was my turn next… I was so terrified…. I woke up shortly after…. The dream was extremely weird, I don’t remember all the details…

  69. in my dream i saw a group of men slice one guy head with sword .. and then i move out from that place.. after that i saw a headless man driving jeep ..

  70. I dreamt that I was taken into a church with 3 other people to be decapitated. There were 3 coffins there waiting for us. The first 2 people were killed then a tall very large man walked in with a very elaborate blade. I was engraved and had a carved wooden handle. He told me he was going to decapitate me and did I have anything to say? I asked if I could tie up my hair and lie down flat on the floor. Next thing I knew I was walking along and I saw my shadow with no head. I walked into a very calm lake, the water was so warm and still and I felt relaxed and swam strongly to the other side of the lake and got out.

  71. I dreamt my boyfriend dropped me off because he was concerned of my safety. On our way a guy was holding a machet I saw a headless man on the floor everyone was headless. My boyfriend started to reverse. In the course of this action, the guy with the machet started chasing us in an attempt he tried slashing our tires. While all this was happening we were praying in the car.then, my boyfriend got angry and tried to get out if the car to fight I pulled him back telling him the devil is in the guy with a machet so it is pointless fighting him and then I woke up praying.

  72. I dreamt of being at work at a supposedly staff party, but when I got there, there were decapitated cows lying on the field, which was more hilly than it is actually. I was trying to watch my step in horror. My daughter was with me and I followed the head of my school in disbelief as he told us that we would just move the party a bit further. Scary dream!

    1. Thanks Lauren for your interesting dream. Did you notice that in the dream both the cows were “headless” (decapitated) and you also followed the “head” of your school?
      Where in your life are you “following your head” (as opposed to your heart?) What do cows mean to you? This may be a clue as to where in your life your thinking self is not connected to your feeling self… Once we remember that dreams are usually symbolic, and the things that frighten us are often just aspects or our own self or life we are learning to come to terms with, hopefully it releases some of the fear. You may find some of these links helpful too:

  73. I had a dream I was in the back seat of a car,3 people in the front seat. My husband was in the middle.I knew the driver but can’t then now.I know he deliberately ran into a huge pile of logs. He crashed and to the logs and they came through the windshield of the car and decapitated my husband’s head which flew over seat and landed behind my back. My mom was put in the hospital on New Year’s Day and is now in hospice so this may be an emotional dream.

  74. So many people having dreamed of heads off, this is fascinating. And scary too. Here’s mine:

    It was about my 6-year old niece but she was around 3 in the dream. I was in a two storey house, that I have never seen either in real life or in dream, I was staying in that house with some members of my close family (I could not tell who, just members of the close family) and we are downstairs. At one point I hear my little niece screaming and starting to cry as if she just hurt herself badly. She’s upstairs so I run up the staircase and I can hear her complaining that she’s lost her head and when my eyes begin to reach the floor level I can see her lying on the floor but her head seems OK. She says something along the lines of “she dislodged her head”. And as I continue to run up the staircase and my head rises above the floor, I see that her head is indeed detached from her body and rolls like a little bowling ball near her body. No blood, no nothing. The sight is so horrifying that I am instantly ejected out of my dream and wake up in a panic.

  75. My friend dreamt that I was in her garden talking to her neighbour who my friend does not like . I was all dressed in black what does it mean

  76. I got in a fight and the other person decapitated me, then I put my head back on so I could play pool. After I won I sewed my head back on and then two alien space ships landed a few hundred yards away outside. I recorded them with my phone and one of the aliens saw me and rand towards me with a gun, we talked and ended up being cool with each other then I woke up

  77. In my dream, I was a child again and playing with other kids. We were decorating a Christmas tree and decided to play a game of hide and seek with one of the ornaments. It was a sphere ball with jewels. We all took turns. When it was my turn, I hid it on the ornament on the back the tree thinking that it would be an easy place to find it, but no one could. Eventually one of the kids, a little girl, got mad and came behind me and started to decapitate me. I woke up feeling as if my head was half chopped off. Thoughts?

  78. I dreamed of a saint statues in my home wearing black but without his head only the body !!! What does that mean can u please explain it to me !! M scared

  79. I had a dream this morning that my uncle was holding my 6 month old baby’s head in his arms & said shush he’s sleeping. It was like something from a horror film i saw my baby’s decapitated head blood & still open blue eyes & all & i swear it was the most terrifying nightmare i have ever had. What does it mean? Plz i need answers so bad!

  80. I had a dream this morning that my uncle was holding my 6 month old baby’s head in his arms & said shush he’s sleeping. It was like something from a horror film i saw my baby’s decapitated head blood & still open blue eyes & all & i swear it was the most terrifying nightmare i have ever had. What does it mean? Plz i need answers so bad!

  81. Hi,

    I just woke up from a very disturbing dream

    My child and the other one were playing and running, and they were suddenly on top of the buliding… I was there watching doing something (maybe gardening?), so I check kids with one eye open …

    And than suddenly the other kid was running and I could her child’s laughing and giggling .. so he was runnig for a ball and it came of the builiding throuh fense.. so is he (he fell through the space between fences).. he wanted to stop him self from falling so he tried to hold the fence with his foot and I was there watching wanting to get up and run to help him.. but I couldn’t it was to late he fell..

    and than I cam downstairs, and I saw a boy sitting on his knees and holding this boys who fell head..

    I than wanted to remove this boy from the body.. and than suddenly I was asking myself how will I explain this to his parents?.. than I woke up..

    I am very stressed, please any advise or interpretation on this dream is much appreciated

  82. I had dreamed my daughter crossing back and forth across the road slowly and on the way back a big truck came and she just ducked down and after it passed she was laying on her back and her head was off of her body away from her laying on the ground, it was horrifying and I woke up bawling and cannot get sight out of my head…..still crying days later….I was standing there and could not do anything but wait for truck to pass over

  83. Yesterday I dreamed I decapitated myself in order to sleep. The whole dream developed under a red/sepia filter. At the next day I had to reattach my head to my body and at noon I had to decapitate myself to sleep.

  84. In my dream I chopped my own head off, washed it at the tap and sewed it back on and all the time it was off I felt completely normal, like nothing had changed

  85. In my dream, a giant, (think unreal Hollywood blockbuster sized or Godzilla sized) Alligator bit the head off my grandmother whose been struggling with Alzheimer’s for (no lie) going on 12 years now…while she was in the care of others. It appeared my mom was unphased by this but I was devastated. It was quite terrifying as my mom and I both were still trapped in this Romanesque plaza that was flooded allowing the alligator to move freely and it was still on the loose looking for its next prey. Oddly enough, I managed to escape for a bit to Fenway Park, a place I’ve never been to before but always wanted to go to to see a game. I caught the last few moments of a game before I was back in the flooded Romanesque plaza, this time my grandmothers head was attached but she wasn’t herself, it was so odd. Any idea what some of this could mean?

  86. Maybe 3 weeks ago.. In my dream right before it happened I was arguing with my friend and was getting ready to go meet with someone my friend didn’t want me being around. I started walking off and realized I left my phone turned back so I can get it before he tries to take it. I grabbed my phone and noticed this huge guy running towards me. With fear I started running as fast as I could to get away. He caught me by my leg and the impact of the fall was so hard my head ripped off my body. I didn’t wake up immediately I was able to see my body where I fell and my head a Lil more than a foot away. I was dead. Feeling disturbed confused and complete shock and the question why did he kill me?. Once I felt the emotions and realized that it was the end I woke up. It haunts me to this day

  87. i have dream> i am headless and i am inlove with girl i’m very sad beacuse she is gone but i’m still headless in my dreams..after wake up my body feel warm and tired… plz help …

  88. I dreamt that I cur my own head off, then proceeded to stand up and look down at my decaptitated body. Not sure how I managed to stand up without a body, but I was able to see my lifeless corpse on the floor and I was still very much alive in my head.

  89. when i was younger, i had a dream about a man kidnapping my parents. he took me down this weird hole and as soon as i got down there, there were several severed heads of my friend’s parents. i have no idea what was going on, but when i woke up, i couldn’t move.

  90. Last night I had a dream where I was at this show, it was a fashion designers competition and I was in the audience. The lady presenting her dress brought in a huge mannequin. She stood there while everyone gazed at her dress, the head of the huge mannequin started to slowly fall off when she turned around to look at it. After the mannequin head hit her, she stood there for a couple of seconds and then her head slowly sliced off. Her head was on the ground and her body just stood their. There was no blood no nothing and I have never seen this person in my life.What does that mean?

  91. i was being chased by people that wanted to kill me and i tried to run away by getting into my friends car to drive off and then a guy ran over my head with his car.

  92. There was a woman practicing something against a wall, with a knife. She would practice on the chalk drawing of a person on the wall by quickly stabbing the throat horizontally and then in swift fashion moving the blade up and down as to separate the head from the body in one motion. She didn’t want whoever was about to receive this to feel any pain, I assumed. She wore peculiar clothes that I can’t bother to describe because I haven’t even the vocabulary to, it was alien-like, and a mask that covered her eyes. There was some cut in my memory about the events of this part of the dream. I found myself holding the blade and her next to me covering her eyes, crying while a man was held against the wall I’m assuming to receive my blade. In somewhat cold blood, I tried to cut into his throat but it went into the side of his neck and didn’t pierce deep enough. My strike was weak (well, naturally. I’ve never practiced severing heads before and this woman -as appears from context- had chickened out at the last moment, possibly because he related to her in someway or was her lover). He screamed in pain and fell down to the ground in agony. I moved quickly to correct my mistake, held his head with my left hand, and severed his head with the knife on my right, not in one strike but rather in few determined motions, like cutting an orange. His head stopped moving the moment I severed it, but his body kept writhing around for a while, and then it stopped. And I looked at both the severed head and the blood gushing out of his body through his neck. I woke up at this moment because I was terrified.

    I don’t feel that any of these interpretations really fit my current life situation. What in the world could this mean, if anything? I dreamt of death and blood in the past but most of it was directed at me. *I* was getting stabbed, shot, beaten, killed. I’ve dreamt of killing someone only once before but as a consequence I was stabbed and woke up after losing consciousness from blood loss or something. This is the first time I dreamt of something this graphic. It was bone-chillingly terrifying.

  93. My dream is that is 3 of me. And someone kills two. Someone is stabbing then emit a knife And just standing there in shock !!! What

  94. I would really like some clarity, so many possibilities I feel like my dream could fall under.

    In my dream, I was a kid again, fighting with my moms new boyfriend I just met (not a real life familiar face), he now had my room and when I yelled for my mom to help he taunted me, so I punched him in the face, ended up fighting it what was supposed to be my room. While fighting, I ended up securing him by wrapping my arms all the way around him (I’m remembering now that I felt the strength of my adult self during the fight), squeezing him really hard, when suddenly a headless ethereal body formed behind him and started taking his breath from his body and killing him. I remember fearing I was going to be be blamed, I tried to scream for help, but couldn’t get the words out, finally I faintly got out the word help, then I felt strong enough to yell help, which I said kind of loud as I was waking up at that point.

    If the person who writes this stuff is certain they may have answers for me, please I urge you to respond I will be checking and waiting, and I will listen to what you have to say.

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