The Meaning of A Wolf Who Wants to be Tame in a Dream


Today, we continue our journey into the wild places, but consider the idea of the wolf, and what if she wanted to be tamed?

I have written a general post on wolves, which is certainly one of the most popular posts on The Dream Well. It seems many people resonate deeply with the wolf symbol, so I think it is certainly worth exploring in more detail here.

We must never never forget the power of the Wolf (or indeed, any wild animal.)  They exist in our consciousness as such strong metaphors for a reason.  Few of us have reason to actually fear real wolves in this modern age, but in previous generations both in North America and Europe, our ancestors lived close with these animals, and while they were respected, they were also deeply feared.  Wolves are clever, powerful, cunning, persistent animals.  Their wiliness, persistence, strength and ability to co-operate mark them out as distinct from other predators.   If we dream of such an animal who wishes to be “tamed” we must remember, that taming does not mean losing this essential freedom.

So what does it mean to dream of a wolf who actually wants to be tamed?  We need to start this inquiry by taking a moment to reflect on what dreams of a wolf mean.  Wolves or a wolf in dreams often represent our wild nature, that which is free, uninhibited and at one with nature. They can symbolise us at our most uncivilised, and therefore most pure.  They represent our need to belong, as to a pack, or they can symbolise a threat and something we are afraid to face.  What then, does it mean, if this wild side wishes to be tamed?

“Taming” in itself is a fascinating concept.  What does it mean to “tame” a wild animal?  No wild animal can be really tamed against its will.  The idea of taming really means that the animal we once perceived as a threat will no longer do us harm… so long as the conditions of our relationship remain in place.  At its essence, taming is not about behavioural control, but about trust.  It is never possible to truly tame a wild creature, it will always remain inherently wild, that is its nature, its true self.  If we violate the conditions of that trust, we can be assured the creature will quickly return to its “wild” ways.  But a creature can appear to be tamed if we have earned its trust, if it will allow us to interact with us in safe and even playful ways.  There is always a mutually beneficial relationship in such situations – there is of course the breaking down of barriers and the authenticity of the interactions, but before this occurs, there are often much more basic, simple rules laid down.  In order to tame a  wild animal we may offer it food, shelter, protection from harm.  A creature that wishes to be tamed may seek protection, nourishment, sustenance…  If you dream of a wolf who wishes to be tamed, you may be seeking to trust your own wild Self.  Are you feeling you are making decisions others would view as wild, or reckless, but which you inherently believe are for the best for your self and family?

To think about a wolf in a dream who wishes to be tamed, we must put ourselves in the position of the wolf.  Why do we seek this interaction with a human?  What do they have to offer that is worth relinquishing, even temporarily, my wild and free nature for?

Often, the most most obvious answers are the most basic.  A wild animal will befriend us when we feed it, or give it shelter.  An animal who is hungry or threatened may be willing to become less wild for security.  In a dream of a wolf who wants to be tamed, this may be a sign that we have been doing it hard for too long, that we are willing to start accepting the kind hand that wants to help us.  But we have wild natures, and becoming “tame” may be uncomfortable.  We are naturally cautious when accepting “free” support (food, shelter, emotional support or otherwise) fearing it may be a trap to lure us into a world we do not wish to be a part of.  It is one thing to accept help and a free meal, it is quite another to give up the wild wolf ways and live in a cage.  Dreams of being tamed may lead us to question compromise, and what we are prepared to give up in order to receive what we desire.

A wolf who wishes to be tamed in a dream may be sign of weariness, a symbol of being alone in the wilderness for too long, of having felt alone, unsupported and having to rely on the basic instincts of nature simply to get by.  Wishing to be tamed may symbolise  a need to let down our guard, to stop viewing the world as a hostile place and to be able to relax in a safe environment.

In my post about the dream symbol of the wolf or wolves, I referred to the role of the Wolf Mother.  This is a very strong and special symbol, associated with the foundation of Rome, upon which our current civilisation is based.  The Wolf Mother challenges our ideas of the wolf, for on the one hand she is the wild, fierce animal, but on the other, she is the nurturing protecting mother.  In our current society, we have very few symbols of a strong, fierce, kind, supportive, nurturing mother – though most of us would be familiar with the concept.  If it is a wolf mother in dreams who seeks to be tamed, this could be a sign that the She Wolf wishes to come in from the wild (for a time) in order to focus on her primary care, her offspring.  In waking life this may be actual children, or a special creative or personal project(s).

In dreams, a wolf who wishes to be tamed may be a symbol of the wild nature wishing to come in from the cold, of seeking support and trust in order to relax into a more domestic and harmonious time.  Any wild creature that wishes to be tamed in our dreams is usually not a sign of weakness, but a sign of seeking trust.  We may seek that trust from another, but at the most basic level, we need to trust ourselves.  We need to trust that we can live an authentic and free life, but still provide the basic material needs we require to be comfortable.  To dream of a wolf who wishes to be tamed can be a symbol of reconciling our opposing interests, our desire to run wild and free with our need to nurture and protect something vulnerable within ourselves.

A dream of a wolf who wishes to be tamed is is a very positive sign, it is our wild nature reaching towards our conservative, domestic selves and saying “I want to work with you, I want to befriend you.”  Integrating the wild with the safe is a wonderful symbol of personal growth and reconciliation.  And have no fear, the “wild” is never, ever truly “tamed.”  We just develop a bond of trust with it.  What is wild will always remain, forever wild….

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From “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

….”What does that mean–‘tame’?”

“It is an act too often neglected,” said the fox. It means to establish ties.”

“‘To establish ties’?”

“Just that,” said the fox. “To me, you are still nothing more than a little boy who is just like a hundred thousand other little boys. And I have no need of you. And you, on your part, have no need of me. To you, I am nothing more than a fox like a hundred thousand other foxes. But if you tame me, then we shall need each other. To me, you will be unique in all the world. To you, I shall be unique in all the world . . .”

“I am beginning to understand,” said the little prince…

“My life is very monotonous,” the fox said. “I hunt chickens; men hunt me. All the chickens are just alike, and all the men are just alike. And, in consequence, I am a little bored. But if you tame me, it will be as if the sun came to shine on my life. I shall know the sound of a step that will be different from all the others. Other steps send me hurrying back underneath the ground. Yours will call me, like music, out of my burrow. And then look: you see the grain-fields down yonder? I do not eat bread. Wheat is of no use to me. The wheat fields have nothing to say to me. And that is sad. But you have hair that is the colour of gold. Think how wonderful that will be when you have tamed me! The grain, which is also golden, will bring me back the thought of you. And I shall love to listen to the wind in the wheat . . .”

Photo by Grégoire Bertaud on Unsplash


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Are you seeking to develop more trust with your wild nature?
Are you seeking to develop more trust with your wild nature?

21 thoughts on “The Meaning of A Wolf Who Wants to be Tame in a Dream

  1. I dreamt I was at a dinner party alone and this guy kept harassing me. I stood up for myself repeatedly, and through physical force but he wouldn’t stop. I finally asked for help but it was time to leave that part of the party. A walked away with two older women. It was late in the after noon. Next scene it’s almost completely dark and we are walking in a feels next to the woods. First we see a coyote who runs away then two wolves come running out. We are all afraid. One had stunning blue eyes. When I looked at it I knew I shouldn’t be afraid but I wad because it was a wild animal. It followed me home and kept trying to get in my bedroom. The whole house was open and couldn’t be locked up and it ignored several of my family members (who I dont live with) to get to my room. . I locked the door but it could still jump on the door. Im holding the old lock closed but it can unlock it anyways. We are face to face and I’m afraid, but party of me kneed I shouldn’t be. The wolf is like an excited dog trying to get me to pet it. And it’s eyes, that blue. I am afraid for my cat in the bedroom so I don’t let the wolf in. (I have a cat but not how he looked in the dream). I woke up after I looked back to the wolf. I was scared when I woke up.

    1. Something in the guy is reflected by you, are you running away form yourself?! Isn’t there something in the guy’s behaviour that reflects something you are uncomfortable in yourself with? Have you ever did said harassing yourself towards somebody else? Maybe it is time to make peace with your own self, needing nurturing and demanding affection. It could be your shadow self asking you to pet it, and make peace with yourself for also wanting and needing love.

      Blue eyes, now blue is the power of the Throat chakra and communication with yourself, the divine and others – or understanding of yourself and others,and seeing yourself in others to develop empathy and compassion.

      Cat? A symbol of your feminine side, are you afraid that if you pet or entertain your shadow self that you would lose your feminine self? It is precisely the contrary that would happen. Maybe you see your feminine self as a cute and innocent kitten, fearing your shadow or wolf self to get near it not to taint it, but is that your true feminine self? I doubt it.

  2. Hey let other people have their own ideas of who and what they are we don’t need to doubt the personal signs of others, no that’s like teasing them which is rude. The wolf is 1 of the animals I understand the clearest. I hate how harmful hunters have treated these social wildlife souls. On stuff like unbalanced money and being teased or deceived during life, hey people that’s similar to the rude stuff we’ve done to the wise helpful, and loyal wolves. let them live! If you understand enough science and religious things at the same time you’ll have an easier time seeing how people and animals really do have similarities in mental and emotional health. hunters have made this situation of hurting wolves totally ghastly or that’s how it feels in my heart, I love the wolves, please let the wolf packs live in peace again, please, especially the ecosystem the wolves are important. and I’ve had both crafts and dreams related to wolf stuff. It’s that I’d give the wolves sympathy indeed but I’m not sure hunters are listening the truth at all.

  3. I like what you have said. Would you consider helping me understanding my dream? “Taming” the wolf was a close correlation. ..but not exactly. In my dream I played myself as a woman, but i would turn to purple if i shape-shifted. This wasn’t a goofy dream. In fact it was very raw, and passionate. I had a mate. He was strong and dreamy. We were deeply infatuated when i learned he was a “ware wolf” (again-not campy or weird like teen wolf). My dream setting was in a very big home, my parents’ (however i personally did not come from a wealthy family) . There was a silence to our interactions as humans, as if i was about to say ‘good bye’ to my soul mate. He, as a human, took the precautions to have an small tunnel built in the back of the house with a thick glass door, so every night he could be a wolf and roam free. This was a precautionary measure to insure my safety. But I only longed the deeper to be with him. He would have my parents set the alarm (for the house) before he left. Then we would look at each other through the glass door until he fazed completely. We longed for each other. All the while a “voice” (maybe “of reason”, but there were hints that this voice had examined all possible outcomes and spoke firmly but with compassion) was saying, “there is no other way, you can never trust the beast. As a wolf he will revert to his wild nature and you could be hurt- even if you shifted into a wolf.” I remember the longing (sexual and companion) and the image of the wolf sitting in front of me on the other side of the glass. His eyes tame and longing to not be a wolf so he can unite with me and not have me in danger anymore.
    Then the dream took me to a strange road in an unending hallway, where i was in the back of a moving vehicle. The 2 men upfront were pleasant, and wise. And they were dressed like the “observers” in the TV show Fringe. They were driving me past all the “endings” i would encounter if i tried to change my love, myself, or risk my safety. They all led to death.

    My best guess, and what seems to register as being the most accurate explanation, is that my wild raw passionate ‘self’ is restricted in order to preserve my real ‘self’. I am making a choice to preserve and protect my marriage, family structure, and my talents. And the cost is that I have to lock up my deepest longings, most passionate desires, and connection to wild and raw instincts to do so.
    I love my husband, my job as a high school teacher is fulfilling, I am a Christian and love my church family, my family has its ups and downs like most do. But I feel wild sometimes. I feel like i want something that isn’t offered to me in this life. I struggle with feeling satisfied. I’m not terribly unhappy with myself, a little overweight but haven’t needed to buy new clothes. I would like to have more ‘relations’ with my husband who serves me, but doesn’t need ‘it’ except 1 time a month. I’m in my 30’s he is in hi 40’s. He works two part time jobs, and loves me deeply with such a loyal patient kind forgiving and deep love. Any thoughts?

  4. I dreamt of facility? Im not sure it also looked like a park where wild animals were being kept. I found myself in a big cage with an ostrich that walked around and then he sat down on the ground in front of me. Then, I remember an alarm started to make a really loud noise and I started screaming “A coyote is inside!” and then sombody shouted for me to check on the guard. When i did find the guard, it turned out it was actually a massive black wolf he had orange/brown eyes. At firs he was asleep but he woke up and kind of just standed in front of me. I started crying really bad and the wolf growled and started chasing the coyote. I woke up just as he slammed the coyote in a wall.

  5. I dreamt I was walking home and that there was a white wolf in the path. I was afraid of it getting closer but I kept walking home anyway. As I got closer my heart started beating faster but then the wolf got on its hind legs and started licking me and being friendly.

  6. In my dream , it was winter , in the wood, I was alone in the wood,.A wolf showed up , a white wolf, standing and watching me , in, the trees behind him were a female wolf with her pup, she stayed back . He just stood and watched me for a long while . I spoke to him and asked if he was hungry. I threw him and his female and pup some meat I had . They all grabbed it and ate.The she wolf looked at the male for a few min., and turned and left , taking the pup with her. The male turned and looked at me . Then went down on his front paws , with his butt in the air and started to wag his tail. I went to my knees and gestured for him to come to me. He raised up and ran to me , knocking me over. He put both paws on my chest and laid on top of me , nuzzling and licking my face. I felt as if he had come home and I was so happy to have him with me . I felt that at that moment , my life was whole again . That I would never be without him .I still feel him with me . The sensation is very strong..

  7. Amy,

    Thank you so much for sharing this very helpful reading, which brought together more pieces of the mysterious wolf puzzle.

    Continue to Be an invaluable gift to self, humanity, Mother Earth, merging worlds, and beyond.

    Your wonderful existence—all that you lovingly do, and all that you amazingly are—is highly appreciated.

    <3 <3 <3 Barbara

  8. i had this dream about a white wolf, everything was happening in some kind of an apocalyptic grey environment where people were hiding in caves , and in one of this caves was my family too except for me , i was all out there in the fields and disaster together with this big white wolf that was protecting me . he followed me everywhere and protected me i eve took him with me in the cave when i went to meet my family . then somehow everything ended and better days came this wolf went away and had a family of her own and gave birth to 5 little wolves and i went to visit her it was a sunny day and i was happy to see that . I had this dream weeks ago but i remember it every day and that strange feeling it left me with

  9. I had a dream with a wolf protecting me from lions (who wouldn’t approach me as im walking with the wolf) and guiding me through a dark path then after I made it the building and went inside the lions came out and a attacked someone’s dog in this dream I can hear my grandmothers voice but not actually see her , she passed Dec 3rd of 2016 im desperate to interpret this

  10. I have 2 recurring dreams since I was a teenager, I am now 48, both involved wolves
    The first, I am laying on a blanket and I see a wolf walk towards me and lie down next to me, I am not afraid and the wolf feels familiar. We both fall asleep and wen I awaken the wolf is now a man with no face, just a blank…the familiarity is still there and I fall asleep again only to see the wolf walk away wen I wake up.
    The 2nd involves a bus I am riding and a road thru a desert wit telegraph poles and bus stops along the way and many hills. At a stop a wolf boards the bus walks down the aisle and sits next to me, I am not afraid and feel the familiarity of the first dream. He rides wit me for a while and then gets off later

  11. You have given me much to think about….my dream was only seconds long. I was walking by a deep pit with one or two people at its edge looking in. Below, I saw a mean ravenous wolf with horribly mottled fur who appeared to be quite sick and had been abused. When it saw me it snarled, made three attempts to escape its prison, while one woman screamed for me to not let it out. It raced at me and then stopped a foot away. I put one hand on its head, gently petting it and it changed completely. It turned into a huge, well-muscled wolf with a beautiful coat of gray, black and white. It then stood quietly looking in the direction I was travelling, my hand resting gently on its head. The dream was all of 30 seconds but touched me deeply. My life has been a nightmare for the last 1 1/2 years and I recently was forced to quit my job of 12 years, due to safety concerns. I am now being forced to remake almost my entire life. I will be making some quiet time to journey back to that location and speak with him/her very soon. Thank you for your insights here. Namaste

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