The Meaning of a Star in a Dream

Stars in dreams can have wonderfully profound and positive meanings. Stars can represent our highest ideals, our spiritual Self, our loftiest aspirations and most inspiring goals. Stars can symbolise illumination, the ability to see through confusion to what is most true and real. Stars often relate to optimism, faith and new beginnings. We use stars atop our Christmas trees, we wish upon them to make our dreams come true and we get them in our eyes when we are filled with awe and wonder.

Stars in dreams can mean that we are achieving our goals or are inspired to set new goals.  But stars in dreams may also mean we feel we are “shooting for the stars” and that those goals are unrealistic.  Catching, touching or in some other way interacting with stars could be a sign that even those most far fetched plans could actually be achieved.

We use the word “star” to refer to our heroes of film and music, and in this way we can start to understand how a “star” can mean a person.  Is there somewhere in your life you are shining brightly, performing in an outstanding way or attracting a lot of attention?  Or is there some situation you would like to?  Stars in a dream may mean confidence and success, like being a “rock star” or “movie star.”

While stars can mean achievement and success in the material or physical world, stars are often incredibly spiritual signs.  Stars are used by many world religions, so if you dream of a star then look to your own religious beliefs to see if this could be a holy message.  Perhaps the dream could be reassuring you you are on the right path, or that you are actually closer than you realise to the divine.  Even if you are not religious, stars in dreams can be a sign of becoming more enlightened, or of developing a deeper sense of connection with the universe.

Stars in dreams can come when we are seeking ideas, inspiration or guidance.  Stars in dreams can come when we need hope or encouragement, they can inspire us to pursue our dreams, to follow our hearts, and to become the person we really wish and ought to be.  Stars encourage us to be real, to take a chance, to be open and to try new things.  Stars remind us too, that dreams really can come true.

When you wish upon a star your dreams come true!
When you wish upon a star your dreams come true!

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23 thoughts on “The Meaning of a Star in a Dream

  1. I dream of a square moon shining so bright with a star in the inside. though it was evening i found the place like a sunrise. and i am wondering why our seashore have so many ships docks and the place is so amazing i have never seen before.

  2. I had a new idea and was wondering how I can make it happen. Right before I sleep, I realized I didn’t add this new idea in my new moon manifestation ritual so I thought to myself: As long as I visualize this idea, it can be manifested. Then I dreamt of seeing a falling star, out of the sky that was so soft, glittering and so gentle. I made a wish that my new idea will come true, but I was having a bit trouble finishing my wish. Then a 2nd star fell, and I was able to finish my wish. I felt a great sense of assurance, like being universally supported. I was just wondering what it meant to be able to wish upon a falling star in my dream.

  3. I dream in a three star Dreaming with GOD .
    MAsaya ako dahil kahit sa panaginip lang nakasama ko at nayakap ko ang GOD binigyan nya ako ng pag asa para mabuhay para mangarap ng napakataas .Kaya ako ngayon ay umaasa na matutupad din ang pangarap kung maging Star .Maraming Salamat Panginoon .
    Tatlong Bituin
    ang pangalawa ay tatahakin
    ang pangatlo ay tagumpay .

  4. I had a dream that I was talking to God. I ask who are you and it said God, I asked again and it said God, which took my breath away. I said please allow me to speak and at that moment I was able to speak, then he placed his hand on mines and said “ask for what you want “, so I asked for health, prosperity, blessing and He looked at me as to say the He knew that already, then He said “what else do you want?”, at that point I looked upward to the night sky which was filled with bright stars and then I woke up. Would like to have some insight on the meaning of this dream.

  5. Im dreaming last night.. i only see a star bright line symbol and black background..what is that

  6. I dreamt of stars without numbers, some are near and bright while others are distant and not so bright. Lots of stars, as if i’m in one corner of our galaxy pointing and gazing at them. I wonder What could these mean?

  7. i have dream of showering of stars over me ,its beautiful and unbelievable lights of stars…..what that means ?

  8. I just had a dream maybe 30 minutes ago about being in a strange place and seeing a bright yellow star that was a circle divided into thirds with a small hole in the center. Once I saw it, I saw all types of new and colorful stars after and was trying to get others to watch the sky with me as I was in awe of our beautiful new night sky and it seemed others were in awe as well. As morning came, it looked like whole planets were setting in the sky and I was trying to take pictures of all of the amazing things I was seeing. The last picture I took was of 2 planets setting over a cat. Then it was the next night and I was with my dad and my step mom and I wanted to show them the new night sky as it was still beautiful. I was especially wanting them to see a cluster of stars that possessed many different colors and sizes. They were amazed and had set out a picnic blanket behind my apartment building. We all laid on the blanket and watched the night sky and fell asleep. In the dream I woke up in the same spot to someone trying to use plyers to pry my hand off of a beer can and saw three men trying to steal my beer. I stood up and woke my dad and the three men prepared to attack us and one had a knife. I pulled out the knife I usually carry on myself and had a terrible time finding a proper grip. They began to attack and I was slightly injured but when there was a pause in the fighting I was able to find a grip on my knife handle and when the fighting resumed I was able to take down the other man with a knife and send the other 2 attackers fleeing. Then my step mom said “you’re dad said we were too exposed.” Next, I saw the attacker that I had taken down huddled in down in patio stairs at a neighboring apartment and he said to me can’t you see you broke my string.” The dream shifted and I was now at the headquarters of the Denver Broncos and my dad was the coach. He was supposed to get fired and I talked with the owner and convinced him to not fire him and give him a salary increase. There was a celebration and I was given 4 different types of burritos from Taco Bell. When receiving the fourth “Frito Burrito” I was incredibly excited and felt very fulfilled as if this is all I wanted. Then I woke up.

  9. hello dreamwell thank u for the message.can u plz answer my one question….ihad one question that i always feel an intense connection to the supernatural and i feel that my destiny is related to supernatural and that i am not normal……and then i had this dream where i saw a sky filled with beautiful pink stars and unusual pink strange shooting stars………plz reply to my question…….am really in need of the answer

  10. i didn’t know where to write this so am posting my comment here……. i had a dream where i had supernatural powers……..and i had a look of pure , ethral bliss on my face and i made a huge blue light ball with my powers what does it mean……….what are my dreams trying to say………..plz reply fast

  11. I had a dream where I was an animal living with my best friend who was an animal in a tree. And I see the moon with a star behind it and ask my friend do we get it now or later? (Reffering to the star and he said later) and so we invade the wicked witches tower and get the star. and I’ve also had this dream before.

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