Reverie by Aimee Stewart

Welcome to The Dream Well!

At it is simplest level, this site is to help you understand your dreams better.  There is a detailed “Dream Dictionary” you can use to begin these explorations in the drop down menu to search for symbols in your dream alphabetically.  You may also search for any topic or dream symbol using the search function.

But just as dreams have many layers of meaning, so too does this site have multiple uses. Here you can also explore different aspects of dreaming such as Lucid dreaming, Dream Incubation, Sacred Dreaming and many ways to work with dreams, intuition, synchronicity and imagination.

At its core, understanding dreams is about transformation.  The Dream Well is to help you in your quest for greater self understanding, and to assist in applying this knowledge in waking time for profound and enriching life changes.  For it is only when we act upon what we know, that real change occurs.

To this end, I also periodically offer specially tailored courses.  To stay up date with new courses and other special offers, please sign up for the newsletter.  I hope you enjoy the site, and may you Dream Well.

I also welcome feedback and would love to hear what else you would like to see on The Dream Well, any improvements, or simply tell me what you like!  Please either leave a note in the comments below or contact me directly using this form.  Thank you!

Thanks for the image: “Reverie” by Aimee Stewart



  1. Very concise explanation.
    Every questions that I would want to ask was already in line for answers.
    And very clear. Thank you.


  2. I had a dream of my father lying on the floor and his head being seperated from his body lying at a few distance apart from his body . what does this signifies plez tell


  3. I keep having a dream of being shrunk and put into a simulation of another world. The shrinking process is not there I just know it. It starts of with me entering a door and walking into a reception that I am required to register into this other world. I leave and re enter but now I’m in a hall with other humans that are now in this elf like world. Another old woman registered who was a rabbit before being a human and is now registering to be a small person? There are 3 places to go in the dream. One I think I went into in another time I dreamt this but this time j entered two. The cinema room I think where you sit in a square with chairs on either side and put on goggles to watch something and some of my two real friends are there and are ignoring me with some other kid I don’t know. The other door is the corruption. After I asked my friends to come with me and got declined I went in to be followed by a short haired boy. The corruption is cool as heck in every dream I have of it. There is a chain link fence in front of two guard towers connected to each tower and this tower is indent of the walkway you come in by. To the right of the fence is a flat tower and behind that are fences of houses going right. There is a staircase in the middle of the flats and chain gate. I always try to climb this staircase. Looking into the gate there is a giant black metal created with a long neck in the horizon. This thing is like bigger than the sun. It scans the area in front of the gate to stop people getting into the stairs. I always get past the lasers but someone in this case the boy sets them off and I have to jump away from the stairs to brace for a middle that takes a short time to hit. We make it alive and are running back when the guard towers belonging to the good guys begins to shoot at us. I was sure I died but somehow I managed to inflate my suit? And use it S a decoy even though I was in it? I live and get back inside. The main general shows me a giant new mech coloured white. I think I have a special connection to it as all I do is feel it’s head. It looks back and I give it some Discs that it eats and plays song. I eventually get told to leave now or aomething and I’m in the generals car driving back to the world. This is when I loose grip and wake up and now I wrote this. It’s happened so much but not in a row sometimes like every month or year. I never get into the mech and explore the corruption which I think I’m supposed to do. Anyone else had a similar dream?


  4. I had a dream of seeing a doctor dragging a headless woman though the hospital she had tattoos all-over her body and top of her neck where the head supposed to be was sewed up and he had a rope around the neck dragging her Andi did not scared or afraid


  5. I had a dream of being on vacation and watching from the shore on bleachers with other vacations these giant tidal waves come toward us. There were surfers on the top of the waves and they enjoyed fall off the top and diving into the water below. I wasn’t afraid but just amazed at how huge they were. Every now and then one would crash down and water would come a little bit closer to the audience but nothing life threatening. Just moved up higher on the sandy hill.


  6. I’ve been having this dream more than once where I would run through this school that I didn’t recognize. I ran though it and I would go to a certain hallway and get to a room. There was a small square hole in the corner and I would jump through it. I would fall into a very small space, barley any room to move and I had to climb up and the to the side. When I crawled out i got to a room that looked like a bathroom. Every time I get to this room I transform slowly, more and more into a man. Its strange because im a girl and I have no intention of changing and when I was in the space I began to freak out but I had to control myself and try not to think about if


  7. I lost a four year old baby in a dream, the baby is not even mine.I tried looking for her but i ddnt.The only thing i found was her right shoe and her favourite toy, but the shoe was not her size they were a size of a doll.Pls help


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