Guest Post: The Potentially Incredible Future Of Lucid Dreaming

"Mind Changer" by Leah Saultnier
“Mind Changer” by Leah Saulnier

Guest post by Stefan Zugor

I don’t know why more people aren’t excited about Lucid Dreaming. Perhaps they don’t realise the potential Lucid dreaming has to change not just individuals lives, but to actually change the world.

I’m going to paint a little picture of a possible future. A future where people live without great fear, doubts or problems. A world where there aren’t any wars, conflicts or poverty. A world full of inspired, creative and loving people. Impossible? No.

It’s entirely possible through Lucid Dreaming. And no, I’m not talking about everyone living out their lives in ‘virtual worlds’ while they’re sleeping, I’m talking about Lucid Dreaming bringing real and massive change to our society and the way we live our lives in general.

What the world is like now

So before I can describe the future world, (or at least a possible future world) I’d like to describe the world as I see it today.

The world we experience is largely a result of our perceptions, beliefs and mental attitude. We see what we ‘choose’ to see. It’s important to realise that, but that’s the topic of another post.

Importantly though, these perceptions can be influenced by the systems we are part of and the world around us. We live in a society ruled by fear. A key source of this fear is the media. We are exposed to graphic and fearful stories and images every single day. Turn on the news, and within 20 seconds you’ll see something scary or negative – another shooting or stabbing, or unemployment rates at a record high. This type of information dominates our awareness.

In addition, many people live unfulfilled lives. We go to school, to college, get a job working for someone else (unless we create our own business) pay taxes and work for our entire lives and then die, running around our little ‘hamster wheels’. For many that’s a rather bleak system to be a part of. Stress and fear makes us unhappy and unwell.

Okay so moving on rapidly from that rather dull and negative view of the world today, let’s look instead to the future. A real, possible future, involving Lucid Dreaming.


What the future could be like

Imagine a world where instead of a system dominated by greed and fear, we have a system where people do what they love and are rewarded well for it. You get up every morning, do something you LOVE doing, and get paid more than enough to keep you happy, healthy and well fed. The people around you are doing their thing and getting paid for it as well. They’re also aware of their entire lives, what they’re doing and where they’re headed.

People meditate every morning. People can SEE and FEEL what’s going on around them. Instead of being dominated by systems designed to exploit the negative facets of humanity, we’re working together to build better systems.

Lucid Dreaming can open peoples’ eyes in a way that is vital for the world today.

People now exchange their time for money in jobs they hate and then complain about it, adding further stress to their lives, then go out and get drunk and try to distract themselves from the problems of the world even further.

If everyone started to Lucid Dream and more importantly ‘raise their vibrations’ and raise their awareness then the world would be vastly different. It would be such a monunmental shift that I can barely describe it with mere words.

Imagine for example, if everyone in the world starting tomorrow did the following –

  • Ate real, natural food
  • Meditated every morning
  • Exercised
  • Started breathing deeper
  • Did what they LOVE
  • Showed compassion to everyone around them

What would happen?

The world would change completely. Pharmaceutical companies would crumble to the ground as people would no longer need medicine that focuses only on treatments because people could heal themselves. The companies that make lots of money from preying on people’s fear, greed and simple ignorance would just fade away.

What would be left is a beautiful world of healthy happy human beings who are self aware and evolving as a species. We’d be on our way to a new type of civilisation. Maybe if we all had a brief moment of awareness we could look at things like war, terrorism, violence and exploitation in a different light…

We might realise that we’re creating the world around us, not just experiencing it. If we stopped spending the money, time, effort and focus on war and terror, we could achieve things like interplanetary travel much much faster.

Now you may be thinking that this is a world of fantasy and has not very much to do with Lucid Dreaming at all, but that’s where you’re wrong. I’m going to connect the dots for you now.


How Lucid Dreaming comes into play

Think of the following problems –

  • The media inducing fear in us
  • People settling for jobs they hate and think there’s no way out
  • Stress being caused by everything around us
  • People arguing over petty things
  • Spending tax money on destructive and pointless wars

What’s the main problem here?

People just aren’t aware – of themselves or in many cases of the problems around them, and of the fact that they can change these problems! The difficulty seems to be that the people who want a change are often in the minority, and their voices not widely heard. Instead the media wants us to talk about things like ‘Twerking’ and what Kim Kardashian ate for breakfast.

Through Lucid Dreaming, we not only increase our awareness of our true selves and what’s going on around us, but we alter our consciousness. We’re literally changing our vibrations and our energy which has real impact to change the world around us.

With Lucid Dreaming you can remove fear, eliminate anxiety, treat depression and recover from PTSD, but it’s just not widely used for those things…yet.


Solving problems

Imagine that everyone in the world who is involved with discovery or ‘problem solving’ suddenly gained the ability to practice and work out problems when they’re asleep. Imagine if, say, every scientist in the world could consciously work on their problems in a dream: equations that they just can’t figure out, things like the cure for cancer and other diseases.

These problems could be worked out by our immensely powerful subconscious mind in a Lucid Dream. It’s been shown that Lucid Dreaming allows us to look at things in a different way, when our expectations and memories are taken out of the picture, we experience a ‘higher’ intelligence. It’s almost as if it’s coming from somewhere outside of ourselves.

Imagine the powerful and profound breakthroughs we would have in just a decade if every scientist, mathematician, biologist etc started Lucid Dreaming to work out their problems. For example, we could have a biologist walking through his dream and literally running into the cure for AIDS.

Now of course, I’m just painting a picture here. I’m not saying that Lucid Dreaming can instantly give you the cure for AIDS. I am saying that it can open up your eyes and your mind and allow you to use your own intelligence in a more powerful and efficient way.

It’s also simple logic that if you have 10 scientists all spending the same amount of time trying to work out a problem, and another 10 who spend double that time working on the same problem, the ten spending more time on it will reach a solution first.

In the case of Lucid Dreaming however, not only are you giving people the ability to spend more time on problems, but you’re also experiencing a ‘higher’ intelligence and a different, more enhanced way of thinking about problems.

Being creative…

In much the same way, imagine a world where all the poets, writers, musicians, artists and engineers could consciously design and create things in a universe they control and direct, a universe with no laws of science or restrictions like gravity, time etc.

What beautiful things would they create?

What amazing and intricate songs, drawings and ideas would emerge from the minds of these creative people if they were to start Lucid Dreaming?

How realistic is it?

Well, the truth is very realistic, but it won’t happen if you just read this and forget about it. That’s why I’m making a huge effort to get Lucid Dreaming in front of as many people as possible. Change will come from massive action on my part and the more people that read about it and start opening their eyes and raising their vibrations, the more change we’ll see.

What can you do?

The best thing you can do right now is just to start Lucid Dreaming and improving yourself. Tell others around you and be a shining light, raising the energy, mood, and vibrations of everyone around you. Also sharing this article will help!

"The Butterfly Keeper" by Leah Saulnier
“The Butterfly Keeper” by Leah Saulnier

Author Bio – Stefan Zugor is a personal development blogger and long time Lucid Dreamer. You can find more about him and learn to control your dreams at How To Lucid Dream.

Images by Leah Saulnier “the Painting Maniac.”  Find her work here: and here: Facebook Page

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