Dream Symbol Meanings

By Amy Campion



  1. I had a dream that my dead father was picking me up from school I believe middle School and we started driving towards the house and we got to the beginning of 212 and 🔥 fire balls started falling from the sky and he was projected in the sky saying no, go back, we can’t go that way. Also dreamed about my mom coming to save me and I couldn’t get out of the house some how she got in and I got out by time I realized she was now inside of the house I was trapped in I seen her through the window and a woman walked up behind her and chopped off her head. I really need help understanding what this means these two dreams has been on my mind for the past few months and it is driving me insane not knowing what this means.


  2. I had a dream I was being attacked by a stranger, I think he was going to rape me. I was calling out to my boyfriend, who is my boyfriend in real life to help me cause he was standing right there. He didn’t help, he ignored me and walked away as I fought off my attacker. I was punching him in the face. I think I got away I can’t remember the rest.


  3. I recently had a dream that I just don’t know how to understand or interpret sim pretty good at guessing why I just had the dream I had but this one has me stuck.. . well. One is my dead great grandmother is alive again (she last in 2011 at age 97) and sitting in her chair, and when I was down stairs the house was empty and my mom was putting things back to where they belong ..I went up stairs came back down and the entire house was filled with pumpkins. Big, small, ripe, rotten, cut open, seeds being cooking or already baked and getting eaten, and my mom was picking the pumpkins up and I think giving or selling them to people at the side door of the house, but that door let to the side yard where wasn’t all that convenient for people to walk to .. like house turned into a pumpkin patch down stairs and my grandma was just looking around at them like she was happy to see how great her pumpkins turned out..( she never grew pumpkins While she was alive or at least while we lived there, many other things but no pumpkins) & ( we lost the house about 6 months after she past away to a foreclosur, and the house was her, and in the family for 150 years built by her dad and his friends and horse drawn carriages put it up in the hill where it stayed -she was the second oldest of five girls and was born in 1913. if your thinking horse drawn carriages? ) so treat that basically all of it but I would love to hear what you may think it means


    1. This seems to be a liberating dream for your Mother and Great Grandmother.
      It feels to me that in the past there has been issues that have been a secret in past generations.
      I think the pumpkin vine represents your family tree. Has your mother been working on some personal issues or working on the family tree? It feels like your Mother has had a breakthrough. Maybe a secret has been uncovered or she has a better understanding of herself and would like to share it with everyone. Maybe she’s not sharing it directly but if you are willing to come around the long way or indirect route she can help share what the family has to offer.
      Your Great Grandmother is pleased and proud of her family.


  4. Dead mother comes in a dream, I am talking,eating and chatting something with her. She is spending time with me as regular we did in my past.
    Dreaming about dead father, sleeping with me as like i was sleeping with him when i was kid.
    I am sleeping with my dad and on bed i pooped. I am finding solution to clean the bed sheet, running here and there.


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