Can you help? Seeking Experiences of Sleep Paralysis



One of the most concerning and even frightening areas of dreams and sleep is Sleep Paralysis and Hypnagogic/Hypnopompic Hallucinations.  Those who have had this experience can attest to how terrifying it can be, and how much it can make us question our own perceptions of what is real, what is dreamed, and what lies in between…

So, if you have had an experience of sleep paralysis, hypnogogic or hypnopompic hallucinations, or anything that you feel resembles these phenomenon, such as a night visitation, a presence while you sleep, being unable to move or speak in bed etc – please, I want to hear from hear you!  I am seeking first hand experiences to help me create a guide to identifying and managing these experiences.

It doesn’t matter if you had it once and never again, if you have had repeated episodes, or even if you found a way to combat or welcome these experiences.  I am interested in everyone’s story.

Please complete the form below.

I am hoping that sharing these experiences will be beneficial for all, and I will of course respect your privacy and anonymity if required.  My final outcome is intended to be a guide for those who have these experiences, for while I know it can be reassuring to know you are not alone, it would be even better if you had more information, and felt equipped to manage these episodes with strength and confidence.

In addition, all replies will also go into the draw for a FREE full length dream interpretation, as a gesture of my thanks.

I hope to hear from you soon!  And dream well….


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4 thoughts on “Can you help? Seeking Experiences of Sleep Paralysis

  1. I’ve had oodles of those experiences from childhood right on through to middle age. I’m happy to help, if I could get some help interpreting a dream I had last night, regarding tunnels. I left a comment on that blog posting. Thanks, 🙂

    1. Hello there, thanks so much for your reply. I would very much like to hear more about your experiences, and am happy to help with a dream interpretation  as well. I can give you a basic analysis if you send me through some info on your dream. Please let me know: – basic story of the dream – your over-riding emotions – any major symbols that stood out, anything that seemed “wrong” or something memorable – any causes for anxiety, worries, major transitons or challenges you are facing Thanks so much.  Kind regards and dream well, Amy

      Amy Campion, Founder The Dream Well

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  2. Hi Amy! I never had Sleep Paralysis myself, but heard from my closest friends about their very intense experiences. And I used to know a person who was very much into Gnosticism. When I just read your article I’ve got a thought that what you describe sounds like mini “Death”. Do you think the effect could be very similar to what Gnostics do like separating their souls or spirits from their bodies and kind of looking to themselves from outside the bodies. They describe that usually when they practice such a thing they find stranger spirits awaiting for their souls on the other side. Do you think this Sleep Paralysis may be of the same nature as what Gnostics practice? Only occurring in a very unconscious level? All this I know from a guy who was practicing this and sometimes was describing what he feels or sees when on the other side. It just sounded to me very familiar.

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