Big Dreams: Something Special

Big dreams are a very special and rare kind of dream. All our dreams have important things to teach us, and sometimes it is the very things that seem trivial or that we would prefer to ignore that contain the most valuable lessons. As we learn to respect and listen to everything our dreaming mind has to say to us, like a shy wild animal that we seek to befriend, gradually our dreams will come out into the open, revealing themselves to us and sharing their secrets. All dreams can be helpful. All dreams are valuable. 

But that does not mean all dreams are the same. As we learn to work with dreams, to pay attention to the small, the shadowy, the vague and elusive, we enter into a realm of mind that is far from small or vague. We enter our subconscious. And the subconscious is vast, expansive and awe inspiring. When we enter our subconscious we can commune with our deeper self, our higher self and sometimes something even more.

Sometimes amongst the dreams of driving the car, running away, of friends, family, animals and other strange scraps and obscure fragments of dreams, we are lucky enough to have a “Big dream”. You will know a Big dream when you have one. They stand out from other dreams as the sunlight stands out from a candle. Big dreams exult us. Big dreams inspire us. Big dreams fill us with awe, wonder and reverence. 

These kind of special dreams often defy any attempt to describe them, as mere words seem so inadequate to capture a sensation that seems to transfuse our very being. These dreams may create a sense of travelling through space, of flying to heaven, but even more than that, you may feel a sort of expansion, as though you become one with the universe, as if your body dissolves or the boundary between what you think is of as “self” versus what is “other” kind of fades away. Big dreams seem to connect us with something far greater than ourself. This dream may not have a story, characters or even a sense of place. It could be that even describing the feelings that you have in this context does not do justice to the sensations you experience in a Big dream. You may associate special dreams like this with the cosmic, galactic, infinite, eternal, universal. You may feel that this was a spiritual dream or a divine experience. 

But as amazing and as exhilarating as they are, Big dreams are not for the chasing.  Even the most inexperienced dream worker can have a big dream. They are not the preserve of any dream elite, they do not come because we practice, or because we apply discipline or method. Big dreams can come to anyone, anywhere. They are a gift to all humanity. Big dreams allow us all to be visionaries, mystics or poets. They may come when we seek, when we are called, or when we are in need. Or they may simply come for reasons we will never entirely consciously understand.

You may have only one big dream in your life, or we may be lucky enough to have several. But when you do, you can be sure you will remember it. Big dreams stay with us forever. It is no understatement to say that big dreams may even change your life permanently. And for that we should be eternally grateful.

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2 thoughts on “Big Dreams: Something Special

  1. Hi and thank you for this enlightening post! I have a special attraction to big/huge domes, and most of my ‘big dreams’ include seeing majestic, imposing, breathtaking architectural wonders from above or sometimes from the side. Most of those buildings are graced with a dome, or sometimes the style is just very rounded and harmonious. I think, for me architecture (that I normally understand NOTHING) is linked to this “big feeling”, this expansion of self, effacing boundaries between the “small”, “unimportant” self and the vastness of the universe in its complex beauty.

    Domes are known to channel energy in spectacular ways, and maybe you know that one feels this energy affecting you when you stand below such a graceful piece of art. Domes are also half-spheres, a sphere often incorporating the universe, the world, celestial bodies, even the human soul.

    Have you ever had a link between big dreams (I really like how you call them!) and architecture?

    One of the most disappointing things that ever happened to me is to become aware of being in a dream state while having a big dream. It sometimes steals the magic, ruins the fluidity and the spontaneity of the dream… I cannot understand why so many people aspire to have more lucid dreams, to me, even if I “manage” them creatively and successfully, the effort I have to consciously put into the dream matrix is disillusioning and … just not magical, I feel the dream if fabricated, “fake”, “made in China”, not “original” anymore 😀 I know that sounds silly but I actually prefer having “normal” dreams I remember bits of than consciously controlled, “fake” ones. I guess lucid dreaming is more for people who “like to be in control of their lives”, whereas people like me love synchronicity and enjoy things that come “to them”! It’s a more passive way of living live, maybe, or maybe I have a lot of curiosity about what might come next, as I trust God’s choices, He is wise and makes perfect plans, we can see it anywhere we look 🙂


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