My name is Amy Campion. I started this site over ten years ago for reasons that were not entirely clear to me at the time, but driven by a deep intuitive urge to write about dreams and an absolute conviction that exploring our inner worlds, reflecting and attempting to understand what drives us are essential to human growth . Since then The Dream Well has been viewed over 12 million times!

As a wearer of several hats, the unifying themes in my work (and life!) are to build awareness, develop connections, enhance meaning and create positive change with companies, communities and individuals.
My background is includes a Theatre and Communications degree, Strategic Planning Post Grad, work as Brand Marketer in Corporate world, Consumer Insights and Researcher, Futurist, Consultant, Editor and Writer…
I am driven by curiosity, a need to better the world we live in, to connect and help the people within it, to create and to live meaningfully.

May you find deeper connection and meaning here at The Dream Well.

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