Remembering Dreams: Address Low Level Anxiety

I just wanted to share this post I wrote a few years ago that I think may be of help to some of my newer readers. Do you find mindfulness helps with low level anxiety? What other tools do you use?

The Dream Well

Relax!  Is it time to take a mental break?

By now it should be starting to become apparent that we can’t work on dreams without working on our self, and vice versa.  Our dreams are a product of our mind, and all that we think and feel, and consequently say and do, comes from what is going on in our minds.

As a result, the common stress and anxiety that we feel day to day can have far reaching implications.  If we think of our dreams when we are happy and healthy as like clear, vivid, full colour, high definition film or TV, then dreams when we are stressed or anxious are like trying to watch TV when the aerial has gone, or when static interrupts the channels.  It as if we can see something is going on, sometimes we can make a vague picture, or understand the odd word, but we can’t grasp enough of what is going to…

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