Enhance your dreams with the “Black” Moon (Updated from 2014)

Arthur Loureiro Study for 'The spirit of the new moon’ 1888 (detail)
Arthur Loureiro Study for ‘The spirit of the new moon’ 1888 (detail)

Tonight we have a special and quite rare celestial event.  In the world’s Eastern Hemisphere, he moon will be new for the second time this month, making it a “black” moon (as opposed to the “blue” moon which is the second full moon of the same month.)*

I am particularly fond of new moons.  They can symbolise potential, new beginnings, growth that is yet to happen, the stirrings of change and the planting of new seeds.  The new moon, or dark moon, also relates to the subconscious, to the deepest and furthest reaches of our soul.  As is often the case with the mysterious and the unknown, people may project their fears onto this moon, associating it with “dark forces” and negativity.  The new moon is indeed dark, but it is the dark of the great mystery of sleep, the subconscious and of things yet to be revealed.  It is the dark of the earth, where seeds germinate and push out their first brave roots and shoots of growth.

We can pay attention to how our dreams change as the cycles of the moon change – are they more reflective and introspective at the new moon, and more expansive and celebratory at the full moon?

But we can go further than that and align ourselves with the cycles of nature by attending to our inner work in harmony with the cycles of the moon.  At the new moon, this may mean taking time to reflect and journey within, perhaps through meditation, writing, active imagination or shamanic spirit questing.  This is an excellent time to reflect on what you wish to let go of, how you can be the change you wish to see.  New Moons in general, but black ones in particular, invite us to journey within – to explore the darker corners of our own inner selves.  But this need  not be a frightening thing, at this time in particular, we are supported in this journey, it is a deeply positive and enriching time.  It is a chance for healing, for moving onwards, for breaking past patterns and reclaiming our own divine wisdom and strength.

At this time, you can also prime your dreaming mind to provide a specific dream.  This is a good time to incubate dreams to solve long held problems, for insight how to let go of ideas or behaviours that you have outgrown, or to seek advice on starting a new project or creative endeavour.

If you feel so inclined, the Black Moon is a wonderful time to add rituals to your dreaming practice.  You may wish to try:

  • before bed, lighting a candle and focusing on the flame as you clear your mind ready to receive dreams, or as you formulate a request for a specific dream (please remember to blow it before you fall asleep!)
  • meditating before sleep to clear and “empty” your mind, to encourage your subconscious to be like an empty vessel, ready to receive
  • writing your dream wish on paper or cloth and tucking it beneath your pillow
  • writing down the problems or blockages you face in your life, then burning the paper or flushing it away before sleep, symbolising their release and clearing the way to move forward
  • journalling to help resolve confusion in your own mind before sleep, this can trigger new insights and lead to deep resolutions
  • calling on your spirit guides, totem animals, guiding angels or ancestors to send you a message through your dreams
  • changing your bed sheets, cleaning your room or burning a cleansing incense to symbolise change and new beginnings, whilst making the physical space you sleep in fresh and clean for healthier sleep
  • contemplating a crystal, sacred item or special personal item before sleep to help align your mind to it’s special qualities and prime your subconscious to dream about them

The new moon is associated with black, but also white – this encompasses the ambiguous nature of creation that comes from “nothing” into “something.”  The new moon is also associated with the number one, with bells (or gongs), and herbs wormwood and vervain (herbs that can help relax and take us to deeper parts of the psyche!) so you may wish to incorporate these into your dream preparations.

Whatever ways you choose to charge your dreams this night, be sure to write them down in the morning.  Black moons are full of mystery, and the clues from your dreams for the new chapter ahead may seem ambiguous or obscure right at the start.  But revisit what you wrote when the full moon comes, and see how the new light of your awakening lends greater meaning to what you dreamed in the early dark…

The new moon is like the dark universal womb where new life can be created and new growth begins.  From this black and sacred space our secret, awesome, magical selves can arise and reveal themselves in the light of the waxing moon, until we grow into fullness.  With a black moon, this energy is enhanced and the creative forces even more powerful within us.

Tonight, your dreams may reveal more than you had expected.  Focus inwards, pay attention.  Your dreams may help you achieve your most deeply held hopes and visions, they may help you move past obstacles, and they may even heal you.  Tomorrow will be a brand new day…

*The Western Hemisphere does not see the moon rise until Saturday morning, the 1st October – so that means the second new moon, the Black Moon, will be a  month later…) 

(In 2014, this was also true: In addition, the moon will be marginally closer to the earth, making it appear larger to the human eye and hence a “super” moon.)


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